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Travelin’ Man

Former RPI defenseman Jacob Schuster, who completed the required NCAA 4-2-4 transfer rule, is now enrolled at Northeastern for the second semester, and eligible to play.

Schuster, a 6’3”, 210 lb. native of Hopkinton, Mass., is a 2/5/85 birthdate. He’s well-traveled, too, as Northeastern will be his sixth team in six years. Last year, Schuster was at Waterloo (USHL), in ’04-05 he played three games at RPI, in ‘03-04 he played for the Walpole Stars (EJHL), in ’02-03 he played for Cedar Rapids (USHL), and in ‘01-02, he played for Lawrence Academy.



Brunswick Still #1 in Div. II

The Brunswick School holds onto the top spot in this week's USHR Div. II prep poll. For the full poll, click below.

Jan. 29 USHR Div. II Poll


Avon Tops USHR Div. I Prep Poll

The Avon Old Farms Winged Beavers are the new #1 in the USHR Div. I prep poll, taking over the top spot from Taft, which lost two in a row.

There are plenty of changes in the poll this week, with two new teams nosing their way into the top ten. Of the eight teams carried over from last week, not a single one kept their same slot. Some of the changes are dramatic as five teams moved up, and three moved down.

Seven of the teams are from the West, and three from the east, the same as last week.

USHR Div. I Prep Poll -- Jan. 28, 2007



AJHL’s All Stars Set to Go on Sunday

The Atlantic Junior Hockey League’s all-star game will be played this Sunday, Jan. 28th, at 2:00 pm at Holy Cross.

In addition, the Metropolitan Junior Hockey League will be hosting its own all-star game. That is set for 11:00 am, and that, too, will be played at Holy Cross.

Here are the rosters – 55 players in total. 

AJHL North Roster

Forwards (14): Dan Rautenberg (Bulldogs); Jake Gaffey (Bulldogs); Tom Derosa (Cyclones); Tony Resendes (Cyclones); Andrew Letellier (Jr. Pirates), Jack Nolin (Bulldogs); Andrew Stratham (Cyclones); Max Miller (Express); Andrew Wilcox (Express); Mark Anthoine (Jr. Pirates); Kurt Reynolds (Jr. Wolf Pack): Mark Hanscom (Cyclones); Jordan Samuels-Thomas (Jr. Wolf Pack); P.O. Michaud (Jr. Pirates).

Defensemen (9): Paul Arnott (Cyclones); Ryan Boucher (Jr. Pirates); Chris Labella (Leafs); Ryan Guerin (Bulldogs); Ian Flanagan (Bulldogs); Kevin Miller (Bulldogs); Jeremy VanBuskirk (Cyclones); William Pescosolido (Express); Zack Carriveau Jr. (Pirates).

Goaltenders (3): Nick Broadwater (Jr. Pirates); Ross MacKinnon (Jr. Wolf Pack); Andrew Ross (Bulldogs).

AJHL South Roster

Forwards (17): Patrick Cullen (Nationals); Patrick Moriarty (Bobcats): Eric Steinour (Eagles); Eric Tufman (Flyers); Michael Cacciotti (Rockets); Jerry D’Amigo (Senators); Jarrett Gold (Bobcats); Oscar Von Sydow (Bobcats); Nick Peterson (Nationals); Anthony Fitti (Little Flyers); Matt Gillen (Rockets); Ryan Holley (Nationals); Graham Fallon (Senators); Scott Birnstill (Bobcats); Andrew Burke (Flyers); Andrew Preston (Jr. Wolf Pack); Tim Coffman (Leafs).

Defensemen (9): John Carlson (Rockets); Bill Day (Nationals): Michael DeMayo (Bobcats); Herschell Emerson (Senators); Justin Porpora (Bobcats); Rich Ernyey (Rockets); Brent Fallon (Senators); Andrew Panzarella (Nationals); Robert Etts (Bobcats).

Goaltenders (3): Erick Cinotti (Rockets); Doug Danzi (Bobcats); Kevin Bendel (Senators).



Miller Time

Berkshire School PG defenseman Kevan Miller has committed to the University of Vermont.

A 6’1”, 195 lb. native of Los Angeles in his third year at Berkshire, Miller has size, mobility, good puck-moving skills, and makes good decisions.

“He’s also a great athlete,” Berkshire head coach Dan Driscoll says. “He led the soccer team to the New England finals and was the leading goal scorer. He’s a character kid and a pleasure to coach.”

Other schools in the picture for Miller were Union, Northeastern, and Colorado College.

Miller, a right shot, is an 11/15/87 birthdate.


Brunswick #1 Again in USHR Div. II Poll

There’s virtually no movement in this week’s USHR Div. II Prep Poll. The same ten teams are featured – and all except two are in the same slot as last week.

Wednesday’s Vermont Academy at Proctor game could change that, though.

Jan. 22 USHR Div. II Prep Poll



Taft Tops Div. I Poll

The Taft School tops the USHR Div. I Prep Poll again. And while the same ten schools as last week are making up this week’s top ten, there have been some changes, with Cushing and Belmont Hill among the gainers.

Key games Monday afternoon are Westminster at Avon, and Choate at Salisbury. 

Div. I USHR Poll: Jan. 21, 2007


RPI Lands a Shooter

6’0”, 180 lb. LW Patrick Cullen of the Washington Jr. Nationals has committed to RPI for the fall of ’08.

With a 30-25-55 line in 34 games for the Junior Nationals, Cullen is the only ’89 among the Atlantic Junior Hockey League’s top 10 scorers.

The AJHL is not a heavily scouted league, and Cullen was pretty much an unknown before a strong performance at July’s Select 17 Festival in St. Cloud, Minn.

That’s where he started drawing college interest, and USHL interest, too. Three or four USHL teams have been trying to get him to the league this season. Look for Cullen to be a high pick in this spring’s USHL draft.

A well-rounded offensive player and a strong, powerful skater, Cullen is best known for his shot – he can really fire it.


Taft to Appeal NEPSIHA Ruling

The NEPSIHA Board has ruled that Taft’s 2-1 overtime win over Belmont Hill in the Lawrenceville Christmas Tournament on Dec. 16 will be considered a tie for purposes of seeding for the NEPSIHA Tournament.

In a nutshell, the game is being considered as a tie because the overtime session was played NHL style -- 4-on-4 – and NEPSIHA follows NCAA rules, i.e 5-on-5 and no shootout.

The overtime goal for Taft, off the stick of Jesse Root, came at the 2:27 mark.

Taft will appeal the decision.

In an email to USHR, Taft head coach Dan Murphy wrote:

“First and foremost, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Pat Dennehy and the Board of Governance as educators and as coaches.  Pat and the NEPSIHA Board of Governance have put a tremendous amount of energy forth in dealing with this issue; I am very appreciative of their efforts.  They have made their decision, and I do not agree with their ruling.  We won the game under the rules and conditions of the Lawrenceville Tournament.   I ask my players to "give me their best" in all facets of Taft school life, and I owe it to them as a team to appeal the decision. With the support of my Athletic Director David Hinman, The Taft School will appeal the decision to NEPSAC (New England Prep School Athletic Committee) in the coming days.

”In closing, in no way, shape or form is this issue a distraction for my team; they are an extremely resilient group. And, this issue will not tarnish my admiration and relationship with the individuals that have made the ruling.”

OK, here is the background. As we mentioned above, NEPSIHA uses NCAA rules when it comes to overtime. However, in tournaments you need a winner at every step of the way. In this year’s Flood-Marr, for example, Hotchkiss won the title game over Salisbury in double overtime, playing 5-on-5. If Hotchkiss had scored within the first five minutes of overtime, it would have been considered a win for Hotchkiss. But, once the game passed the five minute mark of OT, there could be no “winner” as far as NEPSIHA seeding is considered. For both Hotchkiss and Salisbury, that game is a tie.

Of course, in that game, there was no controversy: everyone knew the ground rules going in.

The controversy in the Lawrenceville Tournament revolves around the fact that there had been no real discussion among participants as to what would happen if the game went into OT and, playing 4-on-4, a goal was scored in the first five minutes.

The discussion came after – and that’s where things get sticky.

NEPSIHA president Pat Dennehy is also the head coach at Choate, and his team was in the tournament as well.

”Lawrenceville sent out the tournament rules in early October, as they do every year,” Dennehy said. “However, this was the first year they made a rule change and no one really read it. Lawrenceville did not make a bullet point of it and we assumed things would be the same. If we had known about it in advance, we would have had a discussion.”

“The night before the game,” Dennehy continued. “It (the rule change) came to our attention at the banquet. We should have decided right there what we would do if the situation came up. But we didn’t – and I take some of the blame for that. There was some light conversation along the lines of “hope that doesn’t happen” -- and then the conversation moved on.”

Afterward, it was left to Dennehy to come to a decision. He consulted at length with NEPSIHA board members Mike Walsh (Proctor), Bill Troy (Cushing), Steve Dagdigian (St. Sebastian’s), and incoming president Josh Brandwene (NMH).

“We had a lot of long conversations about it,” Dennehy said. “We really exhausted the issue.”

What made it doubly hard for the board was the fact that they were working on arriving at a decision after the fact.

”Usually,” Dennehy said, “if there’s something different NEPSIHA coaches would get together and come to an agreement beforehand.”

”It’s hard to look back and say how we would have come to an agreement before the fact. Unfortunately, we missed that opportunity.”

Dennehy talked to a lot of people in the game, and studied the NCAA rulebook closely.

Dennehy pointed to Rule 56-B in the NCAA rulebook, which, when discussing OT, says a “standard” overtime period should be played if there is no winner after regulation. “It doesn’t specify 5-on-5,” Dennehy said, “but the NCAA rulebook doesn’t say that regulation should be 5-on-5 either.”
”I think that everyone understands where Danny is coming from. It’s a no-win situation. If it weren’t for seeding for the NEPSIHA tournament, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

”I think it was the safe decision. I hope it doesn’t affect anything (in the post-season). With our luck it probably will.”

“We as coaches dropped the ball,” Dennehy added. “I wish Lawrenceville had made it more of  a bullet point so it would have been prominently brought to our attention.”

”We’ll live with the decision we made. I felt it would have created more upheaval if we had gone the other way. What we came up with was the easier decision.”

As for Murphy’s point of view, Dennehy, who is good friends with the Taft coach said, “He’s upset. He’s fighting for his kids. If I were in his position I’d be doing the same thing.”

Look for the whole OT issue in tournament play to be on the docket at the spring coaches meeting. We’ve always wanted to see wins in tournament games count as wins – no matter when in OT the goal is scored and no matter how many skaters are allowed. It’s simple, and simple is good. Another option would be to disregard tournament games when it comes to NEPSIHA seeding. We’re against that because it would both devalue the tournament games and shrink the statistical sample that postseason seedings are based upon. And yet another option would be for NEPSIHA teams to simply decline to play in tournaments that utilize a 4-on-4 overtime.

No matter what the ultimate final decision is, something good will come out of all this, in the sense that things will be clearer in the future.



Sislo to UNH

Green Bay Gamblers 5’11”, 171 lb. forward Mike Sislo has committed to UNH for this coming fall.

Sislo, who made his final choice from between Wisconsin, Minnesota-Duluth, Mankato State, and UNH, is a former Superior (Wisc.) High School player who joined the Gamblers last season for his 12th grade year, but has really blossomed this season.

A right-shot RW, Sislo has a 16-9-25 line in 31 games. He’s the fifth-leading goal scorer in the USHL, and is #1 in the league in shooting percentage.

”He’s an unbelievable young man,” Gamblers head coach Mark Mazzoleni said. “(UNH assistant coach) Scott Borek said he was one of the most impressive young men they’ve had visit there in a long time.”

“On the ice, he’s really blossomed this year,” Mazzoleni added. “He’s a tremendous skater. He feels and understands the game well. And he shoots like an NHLer. From mid-November to now he’s really come on. UNH covers our league so well, and they just jumped on him. He’s great for that program. They like the skating game – and he can finish. I think UNH got a high-end player.”


Glass Commits…

Noble & Greenough junior forward Andrew Glass has committed to Boston University for the fall of ’08.

Glass, a 5’11”, 180 lb. left wing from Wrentham, Mass., made his final choice from between BU and Harvard. Other schools in the picture were BC (for ’09) and Providence College.  

This is Glass’ third year skating for Nobles. As a freshman he posted a 7-15-22 line, and as a sophomore his numbers were 15-24-39. This season, he has a 2-3-5 line but has been in and out of the lineup a couple times with injuries.

A native of Wrentham, Mass., Glass is a smooth skater who moves the puck quickly and accurately – and he keeps his feet moving while doing so.

Glass was ranked # 110 in last week’s NHL Central Scouting mid-term rankings of North American skaters.


Marshall Decommits…

Glass’ classmate at Nobles, Matt Marshall, has decommitted at Northeastern, and is again available for recruiting.

Marshall, who was relatively unknown last season playing for Hingham High School, committed to Northeastern, where his father is an alum, in the early summer.

A 6’0”, 185 lb. right wing, Marshall is an excellent skater for his size.  He entered Nobles this fall, and his stock has shot up quickly. Marshall was ranked #39 in last week’s NHL Central Scouting mid-term rankings of North American skaters. That makes him the second-highest ranked prep school player, following only Westminster defenseman Tommy Cross.

We expect Marshall will wind up at another Hockey East school, perhaps one inside Route 128. He’ll certainly get attention from many quarters.

Marshall has been slowed by injury this season, but still has a 6-7-13 line, which makes him Nobles’ third-leading scorer, trailing only Josh Franklin and Nick Resor.

By the way, everybody is using the word decommits/decommitted in these situations, but there is really no such word in the English language – at least not yet. And uncommitted isn’t exactly accurate. It would, however, be correct to say that Marshall reneged on his Northeastern commitment and is now uncommitted. That's the usage we'll use next time this kind of thing happens.



Maine Native to the Black Bears

Portland Junior Pirates (AJHL) 5’11”, 182 lb. forward Mark Anthoine has committed to play for the University of Maine Black Bears, starting in either ’08 or ’09.

A 9/6/90 birthdate, Anthoine was one of the better players at last summer’s Select 16 Festival in Rochester, NY. He’s a strong two-way player who scores goals and competes.  

A native of Lewiston, Maine, Anthoine played a year of high school hockey at St. Dom’s before opting for the junior route, where he’s blossomed with the Pirates.

Anthoine narrowed his college choices to Harvard and Maine. He made his decision after watching Maine’s 6-5 home loss to BU last Friday.

In 30 games with the Pirates, Anthoine has a 28-12-40 line.


USHL All-Star Teams Announced

The teams for the USHL Prospects/All-Star Game have been announced. Rosters are below.

The game will be held on Tues. Jan. 30 in Waterloo, Iowa.

The Des Moines Buccaneers had the most players selected, with seven. Cedar Rapids and Waterloo each had five players selected.

2007 East Division All-Stars

Goaltenders (2): Alex Kangas (Indiana); Matt DiGirolamo (Waterloo).

Defensemen (6): Kevin Wehrs (Cedar Rapids), Mike Phillippi (Indiana); Vince LoVerde (Waterloo); Dan Lawson (Chicago); Derrick LaPoint (Green Bay); Blake Kessel (Waterloo).

Forwards (12): Tommy Wingels (Cedar Rapids); Josh Turnbull (Waterloo); Sergio Somma (Green Bay); Steve Silva (Green Bay); Garrett Roe (Indiana); Andy Miele (Chicago); James Marcou (Waterloo); John Kemp (Indiana); Danny Hobbs (Ohio); Jacob Cepis (Cedar Rapids); Pat Cannone (Cedar Rapids); Robin Bergman (Cedar Rapids).

2007 West Division All-Stars

Goaltenders (2):Jerry Kuhn (Sioux City); Matt Dalton (Des Moines).

Defensemen (6):Shane Sims (Des Moines); Jeff Petry (Des Moines); Nick Petrecki (Omaha); Tristin Llewellyn (Tri-City); Chad Langlais (Lincoln); Colby Cohen (Lincoln). 

Forwards (12):Corey Tropp (Sioux Falls); Steve Schultz (Lincoln); Ben Ryan (Des Moines); Calle Ridderwall (Tri-City); Matt Read (Des Moines); Rich Purslow (Des Moines); Aaron Palushaj (Des Moines); Max Pacioretty (Sioux City); Jesse Martin (Tri-City); Dustin Gazley (Sioux City); Phil DeSimone (Sioux City); Carter Camper (Lincoln). 


Kessel a Wildcat

6’1”, 210 lb. RD Blake Kessel of the Waterloo Black Hawks (USHL) has committed to the University of New Hampshire for the fall of ’08.

Kessel is the younger brother of Boston Bruins forward Phil Kessel and, while he doesn’t have his brother’s skating skills, he does have his brother’s ability to see the ice.

Last season, he led his midget team, the Madison (Wisc.) Capitols in scoring with a 33-47-80 line in 62 games. He has very good hands and stick and is a high-end puck distributor.

”A lot of schools were interested – seriously interested – but no one really followed as hard as UNH,” said Waterloo head coach/GM P.K. O’Handley.

A 4/13/89 birthday, Kessel was rated 72nd in Central Scouting’s Mid-Term rankings, released last week.

Kessel, who has a 4-10-14 line with a +7 in 29 games for the first place Black Hawks, will be appearing in the USHL All-Star game Jan. 30.    


A Key Recruit for Harvard

Deerfield Academy junior forward Alex Killorn has committed to Harvard for the fall of ’08.

Killorn, a first-year player for the Big Green, is a 6’0”, 161 lbs. left-shot center. In 11 games, he has an 11-8-19 line.

In the NHL’s Central Scouting Rankings, which came out last week, Killorn was ranked 64th among North American skaters. He’s a young ’89, with his birthday coming on September 14th, making him eligible for the draft by just one day.

Last season, the Montreal native, who was drafted by Shawinigan in the 2005 QMJHL draft, played for the Lac St. Louis Lions (Quebec Midget AAA). He also played on the Quebec team that won the World Under-17 Hockey Challenge last January, playing on a line with Angelo Esposito.

Killorn, who has size, and will fill out more before he gets to college, is a rangy center with very good vision and an excellent shot.

He had a ton of college attention, from all the Ivies as well as BC, BU, UNH, and others.


He Hung In There

Sioux City Musketeers (USHL) goaltender Jerry Kuhn, who 15 months ago wasn’t on anyone’s radar and was just looking for a place to continue playing junior hockey, has committed to Western Michigan (CCHA) for the fall of ’07.

Kunh, a 5’10” 3/20/86 birthdate from Southgate, Michigan, played midgets for Victory Honda before moving onto the Mahoning Valley Phantoms (NAHL). Then, last fall, he was added to Sioux City’s roster. In 29 games, he had a 2.86 GAA and a .916 save percentage.

This season, he has helped lead Sioux City to the top of the USHL’s West Division, appearing in 23 games and posting a league best .933 save percentage.


Germain a Friar

New Hampshire Junior Monarchs (EJHL) forward Matt Germain has committed to Providence College for this coming fall.

A 5’11”, 195 lb. left shot center from Quincy, Mass., Germain is a 4/6/86 birthdate who is currently fourth in the EJHL in scoring with a 15-35-50 line in 30 games played.

Germain, a 2005 grad of Northfield-Mt. Hermon and the younger brother of Yale junior forward David Germain, becomes the fourth Monarch to commit to PC, joining forwards Ian O’Connor and Austin Mayer, and defenseman Eric Baier.

The Monarchs sit atop the EJHL with a 27-3-1 record. 


Brunswick Holds Onto Top Spot In Div. II

The Brunswick School, by dint of a 6-5 OT win over Vermont Academy on Saturday, holds onto the top spot in this week’s USHR Div. II poll.

Div. II Poll – Week of Jan. 15


Rhinos Top USHR Div. I Prep Poll

The Taft School has taken over the top spot in the new USHR Div. I prep poll, released tonight.

One thing that is becoming apparent is the fact that there’s quite a difference – a gulf, really -- between the west and east. Other than Cushing, there is really no eastern team that, based on the numbers (especially strength of schedule), looks like a contender. That could change, of course, but may not. No matter what, there will have to be a fourth team from the east. Right now, though, the east doesn’t have a fourth team that deserves to be in the playoffs.

Jan. 14, 2007 USHR Div. I Prep Poll


Cushing’s Jacobs Announces Retirement

Longtime Cushing coach Steve Jacobs has made official what has been rumored for a  while, announcing to his players tonight that he would be retiring as head coach of Cushing after the season.

Jacobs, who has been synonymous with Cushing hockey for 22 years, took over a program that played in a cold off-campus rink in Gardner, Mass. and turned it into one of the top prep programs in the country, twice winning NEPSIHA Div. I crowns (1996, 1998).  times.

Jacobs began his coaching career 30 years ago, working as an assistant under Peter Van Buskirk at Hudson (Mass.) High School, which he had attended as a student prior to a PG year at Choate. Jacobs was on Van Buskirk’s staff when Hudson High won the 1978 Mass. Div. I state championship. From there, Jacobs moved on to Algonquin Regional High, where he was an assistant for one year. Jacobs first head coaching position was at Marlboro (Mass.) High School, where he was behind the bench for six years before taking over at Cushing in the mid-80s.

In January 2005, Jacobs earned win number 500. When it was pointed out to him that 500 wins comes out to an average of 25 a year for two decades, Jacobs replied, “That just means we’ve had great players here.”

In Jacobs’ 21 seasons, his teams have never had a losing campaign, and in all but one season have reached the final eight. Twelve Cushing teams have reached the final four, and five have reached the title game. Two Cushing teams have won prep championships, in 1996 and 1998. The Tom Poti-Ryan Moynihan-Bobby Allen-Joe Exter led team of 1995-96, which went 35-1 was the best Cushing team we’ve ever seen, and one of the great prep teams of all time.


We’ll be updating this story, with quotes from Jacobs and more, as soon as possible.


1/12/07 Updated

Almeida Returns to Action Tonight

Boston College recruit Barry Almeida, who suffered an off-ice eye injury last summer, received medical clearance yesterday and will be playing his first game of the season tonight, suiting up for the Omaha Lancers (EJHL).

The Lancers, playing at home against the Sioux City Musketeers, are in need of a little pop up front -- and Almeida needs games to make up for lost time.

Almeida, the EJHL MVP last season, hasn’t played a game in anger since last March, when his team, the New England Falcons, was eliminated in the league semis. Almeida has been practicing with the Falcons all fall.

If Almeida, a 5’9”, 170 lb. left shot center, had stayed with the Falcons he would have only been able to play 15 more games plus playoffs. The USHL, which moved to a later early October start date this year, is only now at the halfway point of the regular season. Omaha still has 29 games left – and then playoffs.


An interesting sidebar to this is the fact that New England Falcons hockey director Lincoln Flagg and head coach Mike McLaughlin gave Almeida, who would have really helped the Falcons down the stretch, encouragement in making this move west, urging him to take advantage of this opportunity, and helping set things up so he could graduate with his class here in Massachusetts. Flagg and McLaughlin told Almeida that, if the Lancers have success in the playoffs, Almeida could get 40-50 games under his belt, and be ready to excel at Boston College in the fall. 

Flagg and McLaughlin put the player's best interest first. The spirit of Gary Dineen lives on. 



Young Biega To Harvard

Salisbury School leading scorer Michael Biega has been admitted to Harvard and will join older brother Alex Biega there this fall.

Biega, who has a 7-8-15 line in 10 games, is a 5’11”, 190 lb. native of Montreal, Quebec. A 5/28/89 birthdate, he’s eligible for June’s NHL draft.

A left wing, Biega has been playing on Salisbury’s top line, with center Brian Gibbons and RW Paul Carey.

Last year, on Salisbury’s championship team, Biega had a 16-20-36 line in 28 games. This is Biega's third year playing for coach Dan Donato.

If you're a Harvard fan and haven't seen Biega, Salisbury will be playing Holderness at Harvard's Bright Arena on Sunday Feb. 28 at 1 pm.


EJHL All-Stars Announced

The New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs and Tri-Town Ice Arena in Hooksett, NH will be hosting the 2007 Eastern Junior Hockey League All Star Games on Monday Jan. 15 (Martin Luther King Day) at 1:00 and 3:00 pm.

In addition, the Empire Junior Hockey League All-Star game will take place at 10:00 am, so you get three games for the price of one. Tickets are $5 for high school students and $10 for adults.

If you need driving directions, please call the Tri-Town Ice Arena at (603) 485-1100.

For rosters to the Empire League All-Star game please scroll down to the Jan. 4 USHR News. 

Game One – 1pm

Northern Division

Forwards:  Nick DelGallo (Monarchs), Matt Germain (Monarchs), Paul Thompson (Monarchs), Denny Kearney (Monarchs), Jonathan Dulude (Glades), Nicholas Downer (Glades), Christopher Downer (Glades), Mike Sand (Warriors), Todd Bartelson (Warriors).

Defense:  Thomas Pizzo (Monarchs), Eric Baier (Monarchs), Matthew Campanale (Glades), Jimmy Powers (Glades), Matt Miller (Warriors), Augie Hoffmann (Warriors).

Goal:  James Mello (Monarchs), Nicholas Eno (Glades).

Southern Division

Forwards:   Jake Klancher (Selects), Joe Melnyk (Selects), Jack Day (Breakers), Larry Willard (Breakers), Furman South (Breakers), Joe Brock (Bandits), Jeremy Tejchma (Bandits), Brian Yanovitch (Bandits), Blake Page (Breakers), Paul Scola (Stars).

Defense:  Kyle Richardson (Breakers), Chris Brown (Breakers), Mike Levendusky (Bandits), Billy Ozanick (Bandits), Matt Davis (Bandits).

Goal:  Scott Darling (Selects), Stephen Parry (Falcons).

Game Two – 3pm

Northern Division

Forwards:  Steve Moses (Bruins), Jake Coyle (Bruins), Justin Pallos (Bruins), Jeremy Morin (Stars), Josh Carlson (Stars), Michael Vitale (Harborwolves), Tim Vlcek (Harborwolves), Kyle VanderMale (Huskies), Phil Ginand (Huskies).

Defense:  Edwin Shea (Bruins), Jon Wolter (Bruins), Josh Burrows (Bruins), Cameron Burt (Huskies), Severi Salomaa (Huskies) Jake Hannon (Stars).

Goal:  Wes Vesprini (Bruins), Joe Calvi (Huskies).

Southern Division

Forwards:  Tyler Fernandez (Falcons), Justin Smith (Falcons), TJ Syner (Falcons), Jeff Vellecca (Falcons), Chip Mladenoff (Hitmen), Ryan Craig (Hitmen), John Morea (Hitmen), Greg Fosso (Applecore), Peter Kaliscik (Applecore), Mickey Lang (Applecore).

Defense:  Ryan McKiernan (Hitmen), Ryan Blair (Hitmen), Matt Raley (Stars), Jordan Lalor (Falcons), Doug Kublin (Applecore).

Goal:   Kyle Rank (Applecore), Mike Hengen (Hitmen).


NHL Central Scouting Mid-Term Rankings Released

The Central Scouting Mid-Term Rankings have been released.

Here's the link:

January 10, 2007: NHL Central Scouting Preliminary Rankings


Brunswick Tops Div. II Poll

Unbeaten Brunswick School holds onto the top spot in this week’s USHR Div. II Prep Poll.

USHR Div. II Prep Poll – 1/8/07


Hotchkiss Still #1

The new USHR Div. I prep poll is out and holding onto the #1 spot is undefeated Hotchkiss, which will get a nice test on Wednesday when Avon Old Farms visits Lakeville.

USHR Div. I Prep Poll -- Jan. 8, 2007



Gophers Say Goodbye to Hirsch

Senior forward Tyler Hirsch has been cut by the #1-ranked University of Minnesota Gophers after a lackluster performance in the Gophers 3-1 win over Alabama-Huntsville Friday night.

During warmups, Hirsch was seen just shooting the puck against the boards. During the game, he made little effort backchecking. Toward the end of the game, he was benched. The next day head coach Don Lucia dismissed Hirsch from the team.

Hirsch, who took a medical redshirt last season to attend to personal affairs, had a 4-18-22 line in 15 games. The Bloomington, Minn. native, who played his prep hockey at Shattuck-St. Mary's, had been previously benched for five games this season for academic reasons, for poor effort in practice, and for being late for a team meeting.

On March 18, 2005, after a 3-0 loss to Colorado College, Hirsch placed the puck at center ice as fans were filing out of the building, took off for the goal, fired a slapshot into the net from the hash marks, and then kept going toward the net, full tilt, and clotheslined himself on the crossbar. He then got up, and skated off, as fans watched, bewildered, thinking it was some kind of joke.

Hirsch was reportedly hospitalized with a nervous breakdown afterward.

Hopefully, Hirsch will be able to continue with his studies and graduate with his class this spring.


Empire All-Stars Named

The Empire Junior B Hockey League will be holding its all-star game on Mon. Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Day, in Hooksett, NH.

Game time is 10:10 am. The Empire League All-star Game will be followed by two EJHL all-star games.

The rosters for the EJHL all-star teams will be announced shortly.

Empire Junior B League All-Stars:

National Conference:

Goaltenders (2): Connor Knapp (Junior Bruins); Nick Therrien (Monarchs).

Defensemen (7): Levi Grant (Monarchs); James Livolsi (Valley); Tom Couistring (Bay State); Daryll Lawrie (Bridgewater); Evan Gogonis (Junior Bruins); Anton Borovikov (Salem); Erik Poitras (Greent Mountain).

Forwards (12): Jim Alexander (Bay State); John Sperzel (Foxboro); John Henrion (Junior Bruins); Steve Morra (Junior Bruins); Cory Kane (Junior Bruins); Mike Kaselouskas (Falcons); Seth McQuade (Monarchs); Jay Pietrasiak (Monarchs); Travis Prendergast (Selects); Ryan Walsh (Huskies); Andrew Hildreth (Huskies); Derek Arnold (Junior Bruins).

Chris Masters (Junior Bruins); Ryan Frew, Jr. (Monarchs).

American Conference:

Goaltenders (2): Ian O’Brien (Pittsburgh); Carl Rappa (AppleCore).

Defensemen (7): Mike Kavanagh (Brewster); Trevor Baldwin (Brewster); Anthony Pasano (Virginia); Kevin Bishop (Pittsburgh); Alex Dzielski (Maksymum); Phil Cascio (AppleCore).

Forwards (12): Andrew Churchill (AppleCore); Tim Baxter (AppleCore); Scott Estey (Brewster); Greg Ciciola (Brewster); John Hero (Jersey); Michael DeCristifano (Tri-State); Nick Rostek (Pittsburgh); Kyle Richards (Pittsburgh); David Spadacene (Pittsburgh); Shane Stockton (Maksymum); Kevin Cole (Syracuse); Connor Stokes (Syracuse).

Coaches: Dan Serakowski (Pittsburgh Jr. Penguins); Chris Huntington (Brewster Bulldogs).


Offensive D-Man for Wildcats

Sioux City Musketeers (USHL) defenseman Mike Beck has committed to UNH for next fall.

Beck, the leading scoring d-man on Sioux City, is a 4/10/86 birthdate in his fourth year in the USHL, meaning he’ll arrive at UNH as a 21-year-old defenseman.

An assistant captain for the first-pace Musketeers, Beck handles the puck well, can run the power play, and shoots the puck a lot. This season, he’s looked more assertive and quicker than in previous seasons. In 26 games, he has a 3-15-18 line with a +16.

A Long Beach, California native, Beck played for the California Wave.

Bemidji State was also recruiting him.

Beck is the second Musketeer to be heading to UNH in the fall, as he will matriculate with USHL leading scorer Phil DeSimone.