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Top Four from Berkshire Jamboree
It may take nearly three hours to get there. And, yes, the Mass Pike is beyond boring. But the last few miles, as you pass through Egremont and down Route 41, are sublime, particularly with the morning sun shining on the first snow these eyes have seen this fall. The school’s twin rinks and athletic center is located at the base of 2,605 foot Mount Everett, which looms over the campus the way the Alps stand guard over Innsbruck, Austria. Well, maybe not quite that much, but it is a magnificent site for a hockey rink. ... read more

Missing Schedules, Rosters
On the eve of what is -- for most -- opening day of the '21-22 prep hockey season, we are still missing some rosters and schedules.The schedules are extremely important, as we need every single game to be accounted for ... read more

Prep Composite Schedule, Week of Nov. 29, 2021
New England Boys' Ice Hockey Prep Composite Schedule, Week of Nov. 29, 2021 ... read more