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Clarkson Staff Fired
Eight-year Clarkson head coach George Roll and top assistant Greg Drechsel have been let go by school AD Steve Yianoukos.

Clarkson actually made a big improvement this past season, going 9-12-1 and finishing seventh in the league (15-19-2 overall). In ‘09-10 the Golden Knights went 4-15-3 in ECAC play, finishing in last place.

Second assistant Chris Rogles has been kept on, at least for now. Somebody has to answer the phone, you know.

Mon. 4/25/11

Murphy Staying Put
Taft coach Dan Murphy, who was receiving interest from Belmont Hill for the vacancy created by Ken Martin’s retirement from coaching, has decided he will be staying at Taft.

Tegeler to Minutemen

6’2”, 180 lbs. Boston Junior Bruins (EJHL) forward Andrew Tegeler will be playing at UMass this fall.

A big, strong, power forward type, Tegeler had a 19-21-40 line in 44 games this past season.

An 8/5/92 birthdate from Sewell, NJ, Tegeler played for Team Comcast growing up.

Clarkson, Maine, Lowell, Providence, UConn, and Army were other schools in the mix.

By the way, there were a number of commitments that took place while this typist was on the shelf over recent weeks. We can’t really make it up – it’s old news now – but just in case anyone missed it Boston University has commitments from a pair of prep forwards in Cushing Academy sophomore forward Robbie Baillargeon and Gunnery junior forward Jarrid Privitera.

Here are a couple things to keep a watch on:

With the Big 10 Hockey League a fait accompli, there has been a lot of talk about Miami and Notre Dame possibly joining Hockey East.

There has also been talk about the University of Indiana possibly adding a varsity hockey program.

With the college coaches’ convention running next week, there should be no lack of  news – or at least lively discussion and speculation – coming out of Naples. We’ll let you know what we hear.


Governor’s Open, Too
Another ISL job that will soon be filled is Governor Dummer, as Mike Delay has stepped down after two years behind the bench. Delay, who is a dean, will be staying on at the school.

We don’t have a list of candidates yet, but when we do we’ll pass it along.

Belmont Hill Candidates
It seems almost impossible to believe that after 39 years – and over 700 wins – Ken Martin will no longer be behind the Belmont Hill bench. But it’s true. Martin retired shortly after the end of the season.

There will be a new coach up on the Hill, and he’ll probably be named soon.

Here are the names we’ve heard most prominently. There could well be others.

Danny Murphy -- Murphy is currently the head coach at the Taft School. Prior to that he was an assistant to John Gardner at Avon Old Farms. As a player, Murphy won an NCAA title at the University of Maine in the Shawn Walsh era. A Connecticut native and a Founders’ League guy, Murphy is the only non-Boston area candidate we know of.

Steve Armstrong – Has been the freshman coach at Belmont Hill for a number of years. Prior to that coached the Rivers varsity. Played at Harvard in the ‘80s.

Scott Fusco – The former Belmont Hill and Harvard great is said to be interested.

Jeremiah McCarthy— Has been teaching at Belmont Hill for 2-3 years. A Belmont Hill alum and former Harvard defenseman.

Bobby Jay – Jay, an assistant at Harvard, has applied. Jay has no direct connection to Belmont Hill.

Belmont Hill AD George Tahan has stressed that he would, at least ideally, like a coach/teacher in the mold of Martin. While not exactly a requirement, being able to fill a teaching slot could play heavily in the process. The teachers on the above list are Murphy, Armstrong, and McCarthy, with the first two having the most years under their belt. As for actually coaching varsity hockey at the Div. I prep level, Murphy has by far the most experience.    

The wild card is Fusco, who in recent years has gotten into coaching and running a youth organization, but has not coached at the higher levels, and is not a teacher, either. However, Fusco was a huge star at Bel Hill before going on to Harvard. There, of course, he became one of the great college players of his era, and won the Hobey Baker Award, to boot. So he has clout.

Musical Chairs
Union College has had four straight winning seasons under Nate Leaman, and that success has paid off for both the head coach and his top assistant.

Today, Leaman, after eight years at Union, will be named the head coach at Providence College.

Meanwhile, Leaman’s assistant at Union, Rick Bennett (a PC grad, coincidentally), will take over as the new head coach at Union.

Yesterday, Norm Bazin was named the new head coach at the UMass-Lowell.    

Things seem to be quickly falling into place.

USHL Futures Draft Results
Here are thre results from yesterday's USHL Futures Draft. All players are '95 birthdates


1. Waterloo – Taylor Cammarata, C/LW, Plymouth, MN, Shattuck U16; 2.  Fargo – Gabe Guertler, C, Plantation, FL, Team Illinois (T1Min); 3.  Dubuque – Michael Downing, LD, Canton, MI, Detroit Catholic HS; 4.  Chicago – Patrick Polino, C, Buffalo, Regals (T1Min); 5.  Muskegon – Alexander Smith, RD, Brownstown, MI, Honeybaked (T1Maj); 6.  Green Bay – Jordan Gross, RD, Maple Grove, MN, Maple Grove HS; 7.  Des Moines – Michael Brodzinski, RD, Ham Lake, MN, Blaine HS; 8.  Tri-City -- Trevor Moore, F, Thousand Oaks, CA, LA Selects (T1Min); 9.  Sioux Falls -- Dylan McLaughlin, C, Lancaster, NY, Regals (T1Min); 10.  Fargo – Christopher Pelnik, LD, Cary, NC, Carolina (NCaroM); 11.  Indiana—Justin Bailey, C, Williamsville, NY, Regals (T1Min); 12.  Lincoln – Alex Schoenborn, RW, Minot, ND, Minot HS; 13.  Youngstown – Max Becker, RW, Orange, CA, LA Selects (T1Min); 14.  Cedar Rapids – Andrew Oglevie, RW, Fullerton, CA, Culver Academy; 15.  Omaha – Daniel Vanderwiel, LW, Island Lake, IL, Team Illinois (T1Min)


16.  Muskegon – Alex Talcott, C, Kentwood, MI, Honeybaked (T1Maj); 17.  Cedar Rapids—Levi Erkkila, F, Calumet, MI, Calumet (MI-HS); 18.  Dubuque – Anthony Duclair, LW, Pointe-Claire, Que., Lac St-Louis(QMAAA); 19.  Lincoln – Stuart Pomeroy, RD, Glenview, IL, Chi Young Amer. (T1Min); 20.  Indiana – Max Domi, C, Toronto, Ont., Don Mills (GTHLMn); 21.  Fargo – Brett Heikkila, F, Marquette, MI, Electricians(NLHL); 22.  Sioux Falls – Reed Whiteside, LD, Trenton, MI, Trenton HS; 23.  Cedar Rapids – Alexander Wilkinson, LD, Raleigh, NC, Carolina (NCaroM); 24.  Des Moines – Matt Miller, LD, East Palestine, OH, Hornets (T1Min); 25.  Green Bay – Ryan Siroky, F, Manhattan Beach, CA, LA Selects (T1Min); 26.  Omaha – Tyler Moy, C, San Diego, CA, Titans (NAPH16); 27.  Sioux City – Jeff Baker, Jr., RW, Columbia, MD, DC Capitals (NAPH18); 28.  Youngstown – Jacob Pritchard, LW, Macomb, MI, Little Caesars (T1Min); 29.  Chicago – Jacob Kauppila, LW, Gurnee, IL, Team Illinois (T1Min); 30. Waterloo – Tyler Sheehy, Tyler, F, Burnsville, MN


31.  Waterloo – Alec McCrea, RD, El Cajon, CA, Titans (NAPH16); 32.  Chicago – Biagio Lerario, C, Addison, IL, Chi Mission(T1Min); 33.  Youngstown -- Luke Stork, C, Pittsburgh, PA, Hornets (T1Min); 34.  Sioux City – Blake Heinrich, LD, Cambridge, MN, Hill-Murray HS; 35.  Omaha – Drew Melanson, F, Paramus, NJ, Delbarton School; 36.  Green Bay – Alexander Robert, RD, Novi, MI, Honeybaked (T1Min); 37.  Des Moines – Kevin Labanc, LW, Staten Island, NY, NJ Rockets (Met); 38.  Tri-City – Kyle Eastman, RW, Angola, NY, Regals (T1Min); 39.  Sioux Falls – Michael Sabatini, C, Grosse Pointe, MI, Honeybaked (T1Min); 40.  Fargo – TJ Black, G, Wheaton, IL, Chi Mission (T1Min); 41.  Des Moines – Joel L'Esperance, RW, Brighton, MI, Compuware (T1Min); 42.  Lincoln – Vinni Lettieri, F, Minnetonka, MN, Minnetonka HS; 43.  Dubuque – Jonathan Drouin, C, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Que., Lac St-Louis (QMAAA); 44.  Tri-City – Griffin Foulk, LD, Broomfield, CO, Thunderbirds (T1Min); 45.  Muskegon – Cole Cassels, C, Dublin, OH, Blue Jackets (T1Min)


46.  Muskegon – Corey Schueneman, LD, Milford, MI, Little Caesars (T1Min); 47.  Cedar Rapids – Anthony Deluca, LW, Rosemere, Que., Vikings (QMAAA); 48.  Dubuque – Karson Kuhlman,  C, Esko, MN, Cloquet-Esko HS; 49. Lincoln Sean Malone, C, West Seneca, NY, Nichols School; 50.  Indiana – Jeremy Gregoire, C, Sherbrooke, Que., Magog (QMAAA); 51.  Fargo – John Baiocco, F, Morristown, NJ, Delbarton School. 52.  Sioux Falls -- Ryan Hutchinson, RD, Bloomingdale, IL, Chi Young Amer. (T1Maj); 53.  Tri-City – Dan Labosky, LW, Edina, MN, Benilde HS; 54.  Des Moines -- Joey Palumbo, LW, Hilton, NY, Regals (T1Min); 55.  Green Bay – Anthony Walsh, LD, Burr Ridge, IL, Chi Mission (T1Min); 56.  Omaha – Wiley Sherman, D, Greenwich, CT, Hotchkiss School; 57.  Sioux City -- Conor McGlynn, C, Oakville, Ont., Oakville (SCTAMn); 58.  Youngstown – Kale Bennett, LD, Ellisville, MO, Blues (T1Min); 59.  Chicago – Jacob McNamara, LD, Grand Rapids, MI, Victory Honda (T1Min); 60.  Waterloo – Eddie Ellis, C, Burlington, MA, Andover Academy


61.  Waterloo – Wilson Vershay, RD, Buffalo, NY, Nichols School; 62.  Chicago – Andrew Burton, F, Chicago, IL, Chi Mission (T1Min); 63.  Youngstown -- Jason Reynolds, RW, Depere, WI, Notre Dame HS; 64.  Sioux City – Willie Raskob, RD, Hastings, MN, Shattuck U16; 65.  Omaha – Anthony Louis, C, Team Illinois (T1Min); 66.  Green Bay – Tyler Gernhofer, RW, Grapevine, TX, Stars (T1Maj); 67.  Indiana – Anthony Florentino, RD, West Roxbury, MA, South Kent School; 68.  Cedar Rapids – Michael Babcock, F, Northville, MI, Detroit Catholic HS; 69.  Sioux Falls – Connor Valesano, LW, Duluth, MN, Duluth East HS; 70.  Sioux City – Riley Corbin, G, Thunder Bay, Ont., TB Kings (WiAAA); 71.  Indiana – Tyler Kelleher, RW, Longmeadow, MA, Deerfield Academy; 72.  Lincoln – Parker Reno, RD, Edina, MN, Edina HS; 73.  Dubuque – Garret Cecere, LD, W. Des Moines, IA, Shattuck U16; 74.  Tri-City – Connor Hutchins, RW, N. Richland Hills, Texas Stars (T1Min); 75.  Muskegon – Riley Alferd, F, Portland, OR, LA Selects (T1Min)


76.  Muskegon -- Matej Paulovic, RW, Nitra (SvkJr); 77.  Cedar Rapids -- Brady Crabtree, C, St. Louis, MO, Blues (T1Min); 78.  Dubuque – Zachary Diamantoni, C, Kalamazoo, MI, Compuware (T1Min); 79.  Lincoln – Max Humitz, F, Livonia, MI, Stevenson HS; 80.  Indiana – Patrick Fraser, G, Franklin, MA, Central Mass U-16; 81.  Fargo – Dante Suffredini, LD, Shelby Township, MI, Belle Tire (T1Min); 82.  Sioux Falls – Bryan Basilico, C, Rochester, MI, Belle Tire (T1Min); 83.  Tri-City – Gage Quinney, F, Las Vegas, NV, Storm (NAPH16); 84.  Des Moines -- Mitch Jones, LD, Oakland Twp., MI, Honeybaked (T1Min); 85.  Green Bay – TJ Moore, RW, Edina, MN, Benilde HS; 86.  Omaha – Richard Boyd, LD, Fort Myers, FL, Cushing Academy; 87.  Sioux City – Taylor Crunk, LW, San Jacinto, CA, Titans (NAPH16); 88.  Youngstown – Matthew Calabrese, LD, Park Ridge, IL, Team Illinois (T1Min); 89.  Chicago – Kameron Limburg, G, Howell, MI, Compuware (T1Min); 90.  Waterloo – BJ Salerno, C, Don Mills (GTHLMn)



What’s Happening at Providence?
According to word on the street, the Friars are close to naming a new coach. We’ve been told that four coaches have visited Providence and met with the players. They are:

David Quinn, head coach for the past two years of the Lake Erie Monsters, the AHL affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche.

Mike Cavanaugh, Boston College assistant coach for the past 17 years.

Nate Leaman, head coach at Union for the last eight years.

Paul Pearl, head coach at Holy Cross for 16 years.

Lowell Getting Close, Too?
UMass-Lowell is probably pretty close to naming a coach as well. Schools would ideally have their coach in place by the end of the week as the American College Hockey Coaches Convention starts on Sunday in Naples, Florida.

We’ve heard the Riverhawks short list consists of the following gentlemen:

Mark Carlson, the head coach of the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders (USHL) since 1999 is also a former Div. I assistant at Lowell and Northeastern. Carlson skated for Lowell in the ‘90s.

Norm Bazin, the head coach at Hamilton College for the past three years, played at Lowell in the early ‘90s (with Carlson). After playing pro briefly, Bazin returned to become an assistant at his alma mater before moving west to Colorado College for a lengthy stint.

Ron Rolston, a head coach at the U.S. NTDP for the past seven years. Rolston has also been an assistant at Lake Superior State, Clarkson, Harvard, and Boston College.

Rick Bennett, Currently an assistant at Union. Previously, Bennett was an assistant at Providence College, his alma mater.


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