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‘02s and ‘03s at the TPE Spring Showcase

The First Annual Total Pro Evaluation Spring Showcase, held this past weekend at Merrimack College, featured most of the top ‘02s, ‘03s, and ‘04s in the Northeast.
The tournament, run by Boston Bruins amateur scout Scott Fitzgerald, was compact, with four teams at both the ’02 and ’03 levels, and two teams at the ’04 levels.

The level of play was very high. There were no players who looked the least bit out of place. The tempo of the games was high, and the refs just let them play. Each team had one pro scout and one prep coach behind the bench.

Among the prep coaches were Shawn McEachern (Rivers), Jeremiah McCarthy (Belmont Hill), Dave Ries (Brooks), Rob Gagnon (Cushing), Paul Tortorella (Andover), Ryan Bailey (Hoosac), and Larry Cockerill (Governor’s). Pro scouts included Frank Golden (Pittsburgh), Jim Vesey (Toronto), Neil Shea (Colorado), Bob Crocker (LA), Mike Addesa (Vancouver), and Eric Soltys (Calgary).

Boston College head coach Jerry York took time away from preparing for the Eagles’ preparation for the Frozen Four to stop in on Saturday with his wife Bobbie. On Sunday, Boston University head coach David Quinn could be seen taking in the action.

A number of prep coaches were on hand as well.

The tournament featured two skill development sessions, one on Friday night and another on Saturday morning. Afterward, seminars for the players were held at the Andover Country Club. In addition to prep, junior, and college coaches, Mike Boyle, Ryan Hardy, and Kent Hughes spoke on their particular areas of expertise.

Below, we have ranked the ‘02s and ‘03s who stood out for us. It’s a funny age, as the range of physical development is broad. We watched a little bit of the ‘04s, and there were some good ones out there. However, that’s too young for us. We’ll see them next year.

Anyway, here you go.



1. Aidan Cobb, #14 Red, Westchester Express – Strong skater, strong physically, and strong on puck. Consistently noticeable every time he set foot on the ice. Can’t imagine that there’s a single prep school in New England that wouldn’t love to have him.

2. Andrey Bakhanov, #17 Navy, Moscow Dynamo – Terrific size and strong individual skills, but needs coaching. Shot to pass ratio skewed heavily toward the former. Physically developed. Looked like Evgeni Malkin out there. Doesn’t speak English.

3. William Rinaldi, #8 Light Blue, Minuteman Flames – Really good skater; strong on puck. Power forward type. Works hard; wins battles.

4. Matt Beniers, #11 Red, South Shore Kings – Very smart, clever playmaking center. November ’02 birthdate will be 8th grader. Older brother, Bobby, plays at Milton.

5. Jason Siedem, #10 Navy, NJ Junior Devils – A crafty playmaker. Really savvy.

6. Brett Berard, #15 Red, South Shore Kings – Another excellent playmaker. Will be more of a consistent factor as he gets older and stronger.

7. Cam Lowe, #11 Light Blue, Boston Advantage – Small, quick, shifty centerman makes plays consistently. Hurt most of this past season.

8. Anthony Cipollone, #11 Navy, Westchester Express – Quick and clever. Younger brother of Loomis sophomore F Joey Cipollone. They committed to UVM together.

9. Philip Tresca, #12 Navy, Boston Junior Eagles – Good skater made some nice plays. Small, and lacks strength.

10. Ben Steeves, #11 Grey, NH Avalanche – Showed a strong sense of the game. Younger brother of Alex and Matthew Steeves, Notre Dame recruits currently in USHL. 

11. Hunter Rossi, #9 Light Blue, Mid-Fairfield Junior Rangers – Strong skater gets in fast on forecheck. Competes hard.

12. Zach Tonelli, #10 Red, Westchester Express – Son of former NY Islander star. Has brother playing at Taft.

13. Jake Hewitt, #17 Grey, Minuteman Flames – Very good skater. A quick, scrappy type. Plays with jam. Will be with the South Shore Kings starting this fall.

14. Van Bouthillier, #12 Grey, Boston Advantage ’01 – Good size and strength enabled him to play up this season.

15. Max Andrade, #17 Light Blue, Boston Bandits – Size and strength gives him power forward potential. Raw. Skating will improve. Works hard.

16. Ryan McGuire, #8 Navy, Mid-Fairfield Junior Rangers – Small forward is a good skater who showed smarts in all three zones. Son of former coach and current TV analyst Pierre McGuire. Going to Belmont Hill.


1. Christian Jimenez, #7 Navy, Westchester Express – Pretty complete player for his age. Poised. Strong on his skates. Well put together. Strong in all three zones. Left shot.

2. Timothy Lovell, #7 Grey, Boston Advantage – His skills are top shelf. Smart. Great stick. Really fun to watch. However, he is tiny and can be pushed around. If he grows he could be a David Warsofsky type. Son of former Maine F Tim Lovell. Left shot.

3. Jack Mroczka, #5 Light Blue, Mid-Fairfield Junior Rangers – Strong and physically gifted, but a bit raw. Smart. A good skater with puck-carrying skills. Strong. A physical presence. Left shot.

4. Ryan MacDermott, #2 Light Blue, Bay State Breakers – High upside. Very athletic. Didn’t stand out as much as we expected, but this was a strong group. Will be a 9th grader at St. Seb’s. Right shot.

5. Tucker Hartmann, #2 Red, South Shore Kings – Has excellent offensive skills. A mobile puck mover who can push the tempo. Willing to take chances. Will be a 9th grader at St. Mark’s. Right shot.

6. David Ma, #2 Grey, Mid-Fairfield Junior Rangers – Did a nice job finding teammates with his passes. Very poised. Aware. Sound in all aspects. Left shot.

7. William Mair, #5 Grey, Minuteman Flames – Not flashy. Makes good short passes. Showed poise. Right shot.

8. Stephen Davis, #4 Grey, Boston Advantage U14 – Big kid skates well for his size. Right shot.

9. Ian Moore, #7 Red, Minuteman Flames U14 – Has good size, and a head for the game. Right shot.

10. Kyle Furey, #5 Navy, Islanders Hockey Club – Smart player. Good puck mover. Kept his passes short and tape to tape.

11. Scott Morrow, #4 Navy, Mid-Fairfield Junior Rangers – Son of former UNH F Scott Morrow. Going to Shattuck-St. Mary’s. Right shot.

12. Bayard Hall, #3 Navy, NJ Junior Devils – Has size, a good shot, puck skills, and good feet. Solid player. Right shot.


1. Drew Commesso, #1 Light Blue, Bay State Breakers – The clear #1 here. He’s already well over six feet, so he fits that profile. He’s athletic and controls rebounds extremely well. He looks to be this year’s version of Spencer Knight (Avon).

-- Behind Commesso, we liked Connor Bradford (#31 Red, Boston Advantage) and Joe Schaul (#31 Light Blue, Top Gun).




1. Peter Reynolds, #8 Grey, Islanders Hockey Club ’02 – Has size, and is a strong skater with good hands. Makes smart plays.

2. P. J. Neal, #8 Navy, NJ Colonials – Excellent skater – strong, fast. Consistently noticeable.

3. Jack Hughes, #8 Light Blue, Boston Jr. Eagles – Strong skater with size and agility. Going to St. Sebastian’s. Son of former Middlebury F Kent Hughes, now an agent. 

4. Paul Davey, #9 Grey, Mid-Fairfield Junior Rangers – Strong-skating winger with a shot.

5. Timmy Delay, #19 Red, Boston Jr. Eagles – Good combination of size and skating skill. Tough to stop when he’s in flight. Son of former BC d-man Mike Delay.

6. Ryan St. Louis, #11 Light Blue, Mid-Fairfield Junior Rangers – A little physically undeveloped but a smart player who made some nice plays. Son of former UVM and NHL forward Marty St. Louis.

7. Matthew McGroarty, #9 Red, Mid-Fairfield Junior Rangers – Good skater. Good size.

8. David Chen, #9 Light Blue, NJ Colonials – He’s small, he can fly, and he can make plays.

9. Zachary Glass, #9 Navy, Boston Jr. Terriers – Another strong skater.

10. Liam Gilmartin, #12 Light Blue, Washington Little Caps – He’s huge – maybe 6’1” – but has good agility for age/size. Is able to handle pucks at his feet.

11. Brendan Gorman, #11 Navy, East Coast Wizards – Good-sized strong player. Brother Liam played varsity at St. Seb’s as a freshman. Father Sean was a d-man at Matignon and Princeton.

12. Riley Fitzgerald, #17 Navy, Islanders – Small, quick and crafty. Son of Bruins scout Scott Fitzgerald; cousin to BC’s Ryan and Casey Fitzgerald.

13. Anthony Cafarelli, #10 Navy, Valley Jr. Warriors – Good speed and quickness.

14. Culin Wilson, #12 Navy, Boston Advantage ’02 – Good sized, strong player played up last winter.

15. Jeremy Wilmer, #18 Red, Westchester Express – Really nice puck skills.

16. Billy Norcross, #10 Grey, Islanders – Good combination of skill and tenacity.

17. Matthew Brille, #16 Light Blue, Team Maryland – Has good size and skating ability. Needs to work on playmaking skills.

18. Samuel Lipkin, #11 Grey, Team Comcast – Doesn’t jump out at you but the more you watch, the more you see. Combines skill and hockey sense.


1. Dylan Gratton, #2 Red, Valley Forge Minutemen – Has size, skating ability, good feet, agility, and confidence with the puck. A very clear #1. .Left shot.

2. Davis Kinne, #2 Navy, Islanders – Powerful, strong offensive D. Very physically developed for age. Right shot.

3. Brendan Fitzgerald, #3 Light Blue, Islanders – Mobile d-man with quickness, agility and confidence carrying the puck. Son of former PC and NHL forward Tommy Fitzgerald. Brother of BC’s Ryan and Casey Fitzgerald. Left shot.

4. Drew Tsakounis, #3 Light Blue, Washington Little Caps – Strong accurate shot.

5. William Killoran, #6 Navy, Islanders – Good-sized defensive D is a 7th grader at Belmont Hill.

6. Aidan Lyons, #7 Navy, Boston Jr. Terriers – Good skater and puck-mover. At Belmont Hill.

7. Nolan Joyce, #2 Grey, Boston Jr. Eagles – Son of former BC forward John Joyce. Left shot.

8. William Elias, #3 Navy, Boston Jr. Eagles – Good skater, with size.

9. Jared Schaal, #7 Red, Team Comcast – Consistent and steady.


1. Brett Cleaves, #1 Navy, NJ Jr. Devils – Really stood out. Has size. Very good laterally.

2. Conor Sullivan, #31 Navy, Minuteman Flames – Big, but highly coordinated. Very consistent and poised.

-- We also liked the play of Thomas Heaney (#31 Light Blue, NJ Colonials) and
Conor Callaghan (#31 Grey, Mid-Fairfield Junior Rangers).


NHL Central Scouting Final Rankings

NHL Central Scouting released its final rankings today. 

To find the top-ranked American -- consensus #1 overall pick Auston Matthews -- you'll have to go to the International Rankings. That's a first.

As expected, it's slim pickings when it comes to both Minnesota and New England prep/high school players as a total of 19 players are ranked, with 15 of those coming in rounds 5-7. 

One high schooler was ranked in Round 1 -- Blaine LW Riley Tufte. None were ranked in Round 2. And one was ranked in Round 3 -- Grand Rapids center Mitchell Mattson. The top ranked New England prep player, Gunnery center Gustaf Weslund, appears at the bottom of the fourth round. Four NEPSIHA players can be found in the Round 5, three more in Round 6, and one in round 7.

NEPSIHA Players (9):
Gustaf Westlund, C, Gunnery (#116)
Kevin O'Neil, C, Albany Academy (#122)
Marshall Rifai, LD, Hotchkiss (#123)
Jamie Armstrong, LW, Avon Old Farms (#124)
Patrick Harper, C, Avon Old Farms (#143)
Adam Karashik, RD, Avon Old Farms (#154)
Vito Bavaro, RW, Brooks (#165)
Brian Matthews, RD, Belmont Hill (#175)
Ty Amonte, RW, Thayer (#201)

NEPSIHA Affiliate Players (1):
Filip Dusek, RD, Stanstead College (#208)

Minnesota High School Players (5):
Riley Tufte, LW, Blaine HS (#17)
Mitchell Mattson, C, Grand Rapids HS (#61)
Michael Graham, C, Eden Prairie HS (#128)
Casey Staum, LD, Hill-Murray HS (#159)
Scott Perunovich, LD, Hibbing/Chisholm HS (#161)

Others (4):
Kenneth Johnson, LD, Shattuck-St. Mary's (#117)
Gregory Printz, RW, Selects Academy U18 (#160)
Jackson MacNab, RW, Culver Academy (#169)
Nathan Clurman, RD, Culver Academy (#187)

While there are no New England high schoolers, note that former Malden Catholic LW -- and Northeastern recruit -- Matt Filipe is ranked in the second round at #51 overall.

All the files below are PDF documents that print best in landscape mode.

North American Skaters

North American Skaters (Alphabetical)

North American Goalies

International Skaters

International Skaters (Alphabetical)

International Goalies


Mass Select Camp All-Stars

The Massachusetts Hockey Player Development Boys Festival wrapped up on Sunday at the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, Mass. with a trio of all-star games -- one each at the '99, '00, and '01 levels.

The all-star teams -- see below -- were selected from three days of play. And with the weekend done, there will be a further winnowing, with the players who will represent the Commonwealth at this summer's USA Hockey Player Development Camps (Amherst, NY) to be named shortly.

Until then, we can tell you who we thought were the top players in each age category. Please note that the players are not listed in any particular order. We'd give more detail, but it's April -- and it's opening day at Fenway Park.


In net, Keith Petruzzelli was the top goaltender, hands-down. CJ McKennitt, a sophomore at Dexter who will be transferring to St. Mark's, was unable to play in the all-star game due to strep throat, but impressed in the weekend's regular phase.

On D, Ben Mirageas, Jack Rathbone, Michael Callahan, Patrick Dawson, and Dante Vasconcellos were the five who stood out for us.

Up front, we thought the '99s were a little thin, but found eight players who were consistently noticeable: Marc McLaughlin, Matthew Quercia, Jerry Harding, Ethan Kimball, Domenic Malatesta, Craig Needham, Jack Nisbet, and Teddy Wooding.


In net, Matt Pasquale and Connor Hopkins were the standouts.

On the blue line, we liked the play of Antonio Andreozzi, Michael Higgins, James Davenport, PJ Garrett, John Murray, and James Perullo.

Up front, there were nine players that stood out for us: Matthew Gould, Kyle Madigan, Harrison Roy, Connor Sweeney, Wyatt Schlaht, Tristan Amonte, Thomas Kramer, Riley Hughes, and Thomas Lyons.


In goal, we liked Derek Mullahy, followed by W. Addison Lawrence.

On the blue line, Henry Thrun stood out for us, followed by Jacob Flynn. That's only two. However, Braden Doyle had to head back to Shattuck and missed the all-star game. He's a shoe-in. So that makes three. (Note: St. Mark's D Colby Bailey, who suffered a shoulder injury in February, was unable to take part in the camp.)

Up front, we felt there were ten players who stood out from the rest. They were: Matt Boldy, John Cronin, Wesley Gierkink, Robert Griffin, Patrick Moynihan, Liam Devlin, Sean Farrell, Robert Lapsley, Conor Lovett, and Jack Sloan.


All-Star Rosters


Team Red:

Goaltenders: Keith Petruzelli (Selects Academy U18), Zachary Rogers (South Shore Kings U16).

Defensemen: Michael Bermingham (BB&N), Patrick Dawson (Westminster), Robert Pearl (Dexter), Daniel Petrick (Pope Francis HS), Jack Rathbone (Dexter), Brian Scoville (Winchendon).

Forwards: Robert Ferreira III (Central Catholic), Jerry Harding (Nobles), Ethan Kimball (St. Mark's), Domenic Malatesta (Boston Jr. Rangers U18), Ian Murphy (BC High), Craig Needham (Lawrence Academy), Jack Nisbet (Dexter), Nicholas Pennucci Jr. (St. Peter-Marian), Maxwell Rand (Brooks), Kyle Welch (Phillips Andover).

Team Royal:

Goaltenders: Sean Dynan (Reading HS), Aidan Porter (Rivers).

Defensemen: Michael Callahan (Roxbury Latin), John Corrigan (Rivers), William Kiley (St. Sebastian's), Ben Mirageas (Avon), Andrew Moynihan (Lawrence Academy), Dante Vasconcellos (Winchendon).

Forwards: Thomas Albert (Malden Catholic), Christopher Brown (Groton), Cam Gendron (Central Catholic), Evan Googins (St. Sebastian's), Brendan Jones (Boston Bandits U16), Marc McLaughlin (Cushing), Matthew Quercia (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Jack Studley (BB&N), Max Torrez (Westminster), Teddy Wooding (Rivers).


Team Red:

Goaltenders: Kevin Clark (Groton), Matthew Pasquale (Central Catholic).

Defensemen: Antonio Andreozzi (Rivers), Joseph Biddle (Central Catholic), Michael Higgins (Boston Advantage U16), Patrick Keegan (Billerica HS), Michael Kennedy (NMH), Robert Radochia (Boston Jr. Eagles/Belmont Hill).

Forwards: Tristan Amonte (Thayer), Max Fields (Boston Jr. Eagles/Belmont Hill), Liam Gorman (St. Sebastian's), Matthew Gould (Junior Bruins U18), Thomas Kramer (BC High), Joseph Larossa (Boston Advantage U16), Kyle Madigan (Duxbury HS), Brendan Nehmer (Pope Francis HS), Harrison Roy (Boston Jr. Bandits U16), William Winship (Central Catholic). 

Team Royal:

Goaltenders: Connor Hopkins (Belmont Hill), Jacob Perrin (Bishop Guertin).

Defensemen: James Davenport (St. Sebastian's), Peter Garrett Jr. (Thayer), John Murray (Nobles), James Perullo (Belmont Hill), Trevor Spence (Nobles), Jack Umina (Concord-Carlisle HS).

Forwards: Ethan Bastien (Junior Bruins U16), Gray Betts (Hingham HS), Andrew Caprio (Dexter), Riley Hughes (St. Sebastian's), John Luca (Roxbury Latin), Thomas Lyons (St. Sebastian's), Christian Powers (Phillips Andover), Wyatt Schlaht (St. Sebastian's), Ryan Stevens (Duxbury HS), Connor Sweeney (Pingree).


Team Red:

Goaltenders: Andrew Hubbard (Junior Eagles U14 Elite), W. Addison Lawrence (Junior Terriers Elite U14).

Defensemen: Eamon Doheny (Junior Eagles U14 Elite), Grant Litchfield (Minuteman Flames U14), Luke Mix (Winchester HS), Henry Thrun (St. Mark's), Aidan Torres (South Shore Kings U16), Caleb Woodin (Hingham HS).

Forwards: Matthew Boldy (Junior Eagles U14 Elite), Nicholas Cafarelli (Austin Prep), Sam Colangelo (Junior Bruins U16), Aidan Connolly (Marshfield HS), John Cronin (Junior Eagles U14 Elite), Wesley Gierkink (East Coast Wizards U14 Elite), Robert Griffin (Junior Bruins U16), Connor Joyce (Junior Eagles U14 Elite), Patrick Moynihan (Nobles), Joe Noone (Junior Terriers U14 Elite), Benjamin Raymond (Minuteman Flames U14 Elite).

Team Royal:

Goaltenders: Derek Mullahy (Shattuck-St. Mary's U14), Henry Wilder (Junior Eagles U14).

Defensemen: Mark Blaney (Terriers U14 half-season/Archbishop Williams HS), Connor Derby (Newburyport HS), Jacob Flynn (Thayer), John Fusco (East Coast Wizards U14), Teddy Griffin (Duxbury HS), Kevin Mackay (Franklin HS).

Forwards: Liam Connors (Minuteman Flames U14), Liam Devlin (Junior Eagles U14 Elite), Sean Farrell (Junior Bruins U16), Frankie Ireland (Hillside School), Alex Jefferies (Minuteman Flames U14 Elite), Robert Lapsley (Junior Eagles U14 Elite), Conor Lovett (Junior Eagles U14 Elite), Chase McInnis (Junior Eagles U14 Elite), Jack Sloan (Minuteman Flames U14/Hopkinton HS), Tyler Wilson (Cushing Academy), Tyler Young (Minuteman Flames U14 Elite).


63 Americans Taken in OHL Draft

Sixty-three Americans were drafted in the 2016 Ontario Hockey League Draft, held today. That number includes seven dual citizens, as noted below. All Americans selected are '00 birthdates, with the exception of two '99s, also noted below.

Last year, a total of 58 Americans were selected.

The first number below denotes the round in which a given player was taken; the second number indicates where they were selected overall. The draft went 15 rounds and 301 players in total were chosen.

The OHL region in the US includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin. (Also included are Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.)

2016 OHL Priority Draft (Americans Only):

1/4 Saginaw -- Blade Jenkins, C, Detroit Compuware 16U
1/12 Niagara -- Akil Thomas, C, Toronto Marlboros Minor Midget (Dual)
1/15 Sarnia -- Tyler Weiss, LW, Don Mills Flyers Minor Midget
2/32 Oshawa -- Jack DeBoer, C, Salisbury School
2/35 Saginaw -- Bode Wild, RD, Chicago Mission 16U (Dual)
2/39 Hamilton -- DJ King, LD, Mississauga Rebels Minor Midget (Dual)
3/50 SS Marie -- Alex Gritz, C, Waterloo Wolves Minor Midget
3/55 Hamilton -- Jacob Pivonka, C, Chicago Mission 16U
4/64 Saginaw -- Jacob Goldowski, C, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Jr. Knights
4/68 Sarnia -- Mattias Samuelsson, LD, Northwood School (Dual)
4/74 London -- Alec Regula, RD, Cranbrook-Kingswood School
5/91 Owen Sound -- Lucas Crawford, RD, Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
5/93 Niagara -- Zachary Borgiel, G, Detroit Honeybaked 15U
5/95 Sudbury -- Adam Samuelsson, LD, North Jersey Avalanche U16 (Dual)
5/97 Sarnia -- Samuel Stevens, C, Shattuck-St. Mary's 16U (Dual)
5/100 London -- Jonathan Gruden, C, Detroit Honeybaked 16U
6/106 Saginaw -- Caleb Everett, RD, Detroit Honeybaked 16U
6/110 SS Marie -- Drew DeRidder, G, Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 16U
6/111 Owen Sound -- Joshua Graziano, G, Nichols School
6/112 Ottawa -- Trevor Peca, RW, Buffalo Jr. Sabres 16U
6/113 Niagara -- Adam Steinwold, LD, Detroit Victory Honda 16U
6/115 Barrie -- Samuel Rhodes, C, Don Mills Flyers Minor Midget
6/121 Erie -- Calen Kiefiuk, LW, Detroit Honeybaked 16U
7/124 Flint -- Joel Farabee, LW, Selects Academy 16U National
7/125 Guelph -- Philippe Lapointe, RW, Chicago Mission 16U
7/129 Peterborough -- Max Ellis, C, Detroit Honeybaked 16U
7/137 Sarnia -- Chase McLane, C, Detroit Little Caesar's 16U
8/142 Guelph -- Will MacKinnon, LD, Detroit Honeybaked 16U 
8/155 Saginaw -- Cade Murnan-Mechor, RD, Buffalo Sabres 16U
8/158 Kitchener -- Sammy Steele, C, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Jr. Knights
8/161 Erie -- Joe Mack, C, Detroit Little Caesar's 16U
9/171 Owen Sound -- Ben Schultheis, RD, TPH Thunder 16U
9/176 Barrie -- Xan Gurney, LD, Detroit Little Caesar's 16U
9/178 Mississauga -- Kevin Wall, RW, Buffalo Jr. Sabres 16U
9/180 London -- Christian Krygier, LD, Detroit Little Caesar's 16U
10/183 Sudbury -- Ty Emberson, RD, Eau Claire Memorial HS
10/184 Flint -- Curtis Hall, C, Cleveland Barons 16U
10/189 London -- Cole Krygier, LW, Detroit Little Caesar's 16U
10/193 Niagara -- Jack Randl, C, Chicago Mission 16U
10/194 North Bay -- Ethan Kirbis, C, Buffalo Jr. Sabres 16U
10/195 Windsor -- Bobby Burns, RD, Detroit Little Caesar's 16U
11/202 Guelph -- Richard Ledek, G, New York Aviators HC 16U
11/203 Sudbury -- Charlie MacKie, RD, Toronto Marlboros Minor Midget (Dual)
11/205 Hamilton -- Hunter Nofs, C/RW, Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 15U
11/210 SS Marie -- Jacob Semik, LD, Detroit Honeybaked 16U 
11/211 Erie -- Cade Robinson, RW, Detroit Honeybaked 16U 
11/212 Ottawa -- Hunter Carrick, LD, Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 16U
11/213 Niagara -- Brady Smith, RD, Chicago Mission 16U
11/217 Sarnia -- Patrick Giles, C, Skipjacks HC 16U
11/218 Kitchener -- Brayden Patricia, C, Jersey Hitmen 16U
12/223 Kitchener -- Matthew Doyle, LD, Buffalo Jr. Sabres 16U
12/235 Windsor -- Drew Elser, LW, Selects Academy 16U National
12/237 Sarnia -- Conner Hutchison, LD, Selects Academy 16U National
12/238 Kitchener -- Doug Connor, G, PAL Jr. Islanders 18U
13/255 Windsor -- Dylan St. Cyr, G, US Under-17 Team ('99)
13/256 Barrie -- Vincent DeSanctis, F, PAL Jr. Islanders 18U
13/258 Kitchener -- Nolan Moyle, F, Detroit Victory Honda 16U ('99)
14/264 Flint -- Jack Babbage, LD, Don Mills Flyers Minor Midget
14/266 Saginaw -- Chase Pletzke, C, Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 16U
14/272 Ottawa -- Spencer Stastney, LD, Chicago Mission 16U
14/273 Niagara -- Matthew Staudacher, LD, Shattuck-St. Mary's 16U
14/275 Windsor -- Michael Ferrandino, RD, Chicago Young Americans 16U
14/278 Kitchener -- Jack Tucker, RD, Buffalo Jr. Sabres 15U 

Full List -- All Nationalities

Mass Select Camp Rosters & Schedules

The players who will represent Massachusetts at this summer's USA Hockey Player Development Camps in Buffalo, NY will be chosen this weekend (Fri.-Sun. April 8-10) at the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, Mass.

There are four teams at each age level. They'll be whittled down and all-star games will be held on Sunday, with the '99s going on at 2:30 pm, followed by the '00s at 4:10 pm, and the '01s at 5:50 pm.

Here are the rosters and schedules:

Mass Festival Schedule

1999 Rosters

2000 Rosters

2001 Rosters