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Crimson Elite Series Schedule & Rosters

The Crimson Elite Series '05 Tournament -- mostly 7th and 8th graders -- will be taking over Harvard's Bright-Landry Hockey Center this weekend.

We expect there will be a bevy of future prep school hockey players, so this could be a great take for prep coaches able to take a break from their tournaments.

The link to the program, with all the schedules and rosters you might need, is below.

Harvard Director of Hockey Operations Sean O'Brien will be hosting the weekend.

Crimson Elite Series for '05 birthdates


'We're Nationals Bound'

Here are the winners of Sunday night's championship games at the New England Sports Center:

New England
U18 -- Yale 5, Selects 2
U16 -- Yale 5, Selects 1
15 -- Selects 5, Yale 0

*Selects Hockey (South Kent, Conn.) represent Central Connecticut in USA Hockey events.

U18 -- Boston Jr. Eagles 4, NRV River Rats 2
U16 -- Cape Cod Whalers 6, NRV River Rats 1
15 -- Cape Cod Whalers 4, NRV River Rats 3 (OT)




Mass & New England Regionals Rosters & Schedules

The Massachusetts and New England Regionals are on tap for this weekend, Fri. Nov. 9th through Sun. Nov. 11th, at the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, Mass.

In a convenient twist this year, the two districts will be holding its playoffs in a single venue. In recent years, the New England's were held at the Berkshire School, so it was a handful to take in both. No longer.

The winners will move on to compete for a National Championship April 3-8, 2019. Here are the locations:

Tier I
16U & 18U -- Grand Rapids, Michigan
15 -- Plymouth, Michigan
14U -- Pittsburgh, PA

Tier II
18U -- San Jose, California
16U -- Plano, Texas
14U -- South Bend, Indiana

And here's the schedule for this weekend:

Mass & New England Regionals Playoff Schedule

(There's one mistake on the schedule: For the New England District 15s, please substitute the Northern Cyclones in place of the NH Avalanche.)

Here are the program books for the weekend. Included are rosters and schedules galore to help you plan before arriving at the New England Sports Center.

Massachusetts District Program Book

New England Regionals Program Book


For updates on the Massachusetts side of things, check Mass Hockey's website. To be specific, check out this link: 

Mass Hockey Tournament Page