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A Thanksgiving to be Thankful For

We're going to pass on the big picture -- yes, last year was a hard one for the entire planet -- and instead simply state how truly thankful we are for our readers who stuck with us, and the prep coaches who, among their school duties, still find the time to submit schedules, rosters, and box scores so we can all be kept up to date. That's it. Have a great day, everyone!


Latest on Lancers

Full USHL Press Release Issued at 7:45 pm Sunday

"On Sunday morning, United States Hockey League (USHL) President and Commissioner Bill Robertson and Josh Mervis, a representative appointed by the USHL to oversee operations of the Omaha Lancers, met virtually with Lancers players to introduce Mervis and Omaha Lancers Head Coach Gary Graham to the team.

"As a result of the meeting, the team will be resuming hockey operations on Monday, November 22. The Lancers will return to the ice for practice in preparation for scheduled game action next weekend (November 27 and 28). Robertson will be traveling to Omaha on Monday to meet with players and staff."

That's it, in full. Pretty terse, no? Doesn't say anything about Team President and former Las Vegas Fire Department Captain Dave DeLuca, who the team put on administrative leave Saturday. It also says nothing about former head coach Chadd Cassidy and his staff, who resigned en masse in protest of Cassidy's firing and the harsh bottom line-only approach DeLuca was said to have imposed on the team.



USHL Updates Omaha Lancers' Mess

At 9:46 pm tonight, the USHL issued this news release, presented here in its entirety. 

"On Friday, November 19, representatives from the United States Hockey (USHL) and USA Hockey met with Omaha Lancers players. The meeting took place away from Ralston Arena. Players shared their perspectives as a team, in smaller groups and individually. Representatives provided contact information and followed up with players with an update last night and earlier this evening. There is an additional meeting scheduled virtually for Sunday morning.

"Separately on Friday, the third party investigation into the Lancers organization was launched. The investigator in charge, who is a SafeSport Coordinator, has begun interviews which will include players, former coaches, front office staff and ownership. Omaha ownership and management have pledged their support and cooperation with the investigation. The League is committed to working with the Lancers players to rebuild trust within the organization and to allow the findings of the investigation to determine the proper course of action.

"On Saturday, the Lancers placed President Dave Deluca on administrative leave.   

"The USHL has selected Josh Mervis to oversee operations of the Lancers during the course of the investigation. Mervis has been involved in the USHL for nearly 20 years as an Owner, Head Coach, General Manager and Club Vice President. Mervis is currently a non-active, minority partner of the Lancers and serves as the Chair of the USHL Competition Committee."

USHR Instant Prediction: DeLuca's "administrative leave" becomes permanent. And Chadd Cassidy and his staff return. Players too, of course.