February 20, 2023

New England Prep Hockey Rankings

Rank Record The Skinny
(3) TEAM GPG/GAA: 4.41/1.57 -- Are on an 11-game unbeaten streak (10-0-1) since Jan. 18 loss @ Thayer. Last weekend's sweep of KUA could prove to be the blow that keeps the Wildcats from reaching the Elite 8. The Penguins have seven shutouts. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (6-0-0) Beat Winchendon, St. Mark's, Canterbury, Andover, and KUA (2x). THIS WEEK: @ New Hampton (Wed.), @ Gov's (Sat.)
Avon Old Farms
(2) TEAM GPG/GAA: 4.17/1.22 -- On a 12-game unbeaten streak. Last loss came on Jan. 11 @ Hotchkiss. That was also the last time Avon gave up four goals in a game. Similar to Cushing in that both teams have sufficient offense and great D. And both teams have seven shutout wins. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (2-0-2) Beat Deerfield and Choate; tied Gunn and Salisbury. THIS WEEK: @ Canterbury (Wed.), @ Loomis (Sat.)
Noble & Greenough
(1) TEAM GPG/GAA: 3.79/2.19 -- A bit of a stumble over the past couple of weeks, with just one win. Eight of last nine -- and 11 of last 13 -- games have been one-goal games; the Bulldogs have had to scrap for what they have. Are 7-1-2 vs. TUCs. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (1-1-2) Beat BB&N, lost to Bel Hill, tied Gov's and Bel Hill. THIS WEEK: @ Gov's (Wed.), vs. Milton (Sat.)
(4) TEAM GPG/GAA: 3.21/1.88 -- Are on a 10-game unbeaten streak (7-0-3). In 13 of his 16 starts, sophomore G Sam Caulfield has limited opponents to two or fewer goals. Saturday's game @ Nobles will be one to keep an eye on. Milton has gone without top-line F Mikka Kelechian since late January. They're going to need him now. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (2-0-2) Beat Tabor and Bel Hill; tied Nobles and Thayer. THIS WEEK: @ Thayer (Wed.), @ Nobles (Sat.)
Belmont Hill
(6) TEAM GPG/GAA: 4.16/2.16 -- Had doubts about the defending prep runners-up six weeks ago, as they were 5-4-2 after a Jan. 7 loss at Seb's. In 14 games since, they're 12-1-1 with a 1-1 tie @ Tabor, and a 6-2 loss @ Milton the only blemishes. Are 5-4-2 vs. TUCs. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (4-0-1) Beat Seb's, Thayer, Nobles, and BB&N; tied Milton. THIS WEEK: vs. Tabor (Wed.), vs. Dexter (Fri.), @ Westy (Sat.)
(N/R) TEAM GPG/GAA: 3.86/2.94 -- The Martlets are on a roll, riding a nine-game unbeaten streak (8-0-1). Last loss was a 6-2 decision to Avon Feb. 1st. This represents quite a turnaround for a team that went 0-for-4 at the Flood-Marr and entered January with a 3-4-0 record. Since then they've gone 12-3-0. On the season, they are 3-3 vs. TUCs, and will play two more this week. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (6-0-0) Beat Hotchkiss, Choate, Pomfret, Deerfield, Loomis, and Berkshire. THIS WEEK: @ Gunn (Wed.), vs. Deerfield (Fri.), vs. Bel Hill (Sat.)
(8) TEAM GPG/GAA: 3.76/2.89 -- Seven of the Bruins last eight games have been one-goal affairs (one had an ENG). They won them all (six were NEPSIHA games). Two of those wins were against Gunn, which holds the 16th and final TUC slot. Gunn remaining in the Top 16 is important for the Bruins to maintain their position in the seedings. Brunswick is 5-3-0 vs. TUCs. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (3-0-0) Beat Gunn (2x) and Berkshire. THIS WEEK: @ T-P (Fri.)
(N/R) TEAM GPG/GAA: 3.57/2.52 -- The Rhinos, 6-1-0 over their last seven, head into the last week of the regular season on a roll. After win @ Avon Jan. 7, Taft had a dip, going 2-4-0 and allowing four goals in three consecutive games in one late January stretch. They appear to have shaken that malaise. Are 4-4-0 vs. TUCs. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (3-1-0) Beat Hotchkiss, Deerfield, and Choate; lost to Salisbury. THIS WEEK: @ T-P (Wed.), vs. Hotchkiss (Sat.)
St. Mark's
(7) TEAM GPG/GAA: 4.56/1.86 -- The Lions have offense, with six players averaging over a point per game. And they have defense: senior G Charles Watson (1.49/.941) has four shutouts; and fellow senior G Jeevan Anand (1.97/.924) has three. Are 2-3-1 vs. TUCs. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (4-2-0) Beat Middlesex, Rivers, Berwick, and LA; lost to Brooks and Cushing. THIS WEEK: vs. St. George's (Wed.), @ BB&N (Fri.), @ Groton (Sat.)
(N/R) TEAM GPG/GAA: 3.57/1.94 -- The Bulls are riding an eight-game undefeated streak (6-0-2). The win and tie vs. KUA were huge, as it gave the Bulls a 1-1-1 record vs. TUCs. And they will be at Dexter Wednesday in another TUC vs. TUC game. Also, the Lakes Region Tournament looms, with the semis on Friday and the finals on Saturday. A third meeting with KUA looks likely. Senior G Evan Plunkett is hot, with four shutouts in his last seven starts. SINCE FEB. 6 POLL: (3-0-1) Beat Tilton, Winchendon, and St. Paul's; tied KUA. THIS WEEK: @ Dexter (Wed.), @ Lakes Region Tournament (Fri.-Sat.)
* Note: Only games between NEPSIHA Div. I schools -- the principal factor in determining seedings for the playoffs -- are included in the won-lost records above.