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TPE Ready for Top '05s and '06s
Scott "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, the NCAA scout for the Boston Bruins, will be hosting the Total Pro Evaluation Program from Friday through Sunday April 5th through 7th at the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, Mass. This is the program's third year, and it's time for the '05s and '06s to take the stage. ... read more

USHR Hands Out the Hardware
Actually, we don't have any hardware, but perhaps we'll find something one of these days. No matter, the awards, and winners, can stand on their own. The votes were tabulated last month, from an informal group of scouts and college assistants who saw a large number of prep games. ... read more

Spring Beantown's New Twist
The Beantown Spring Classic, which gets underway with a couple of Pre-Draft games tonight and runs through Sunday, will feature a new format, a smaller field, and a condensed schedule this year. ... read more