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Break Out the Mukluks
It's crouched like a puma off the Mid-Atlantic coast, bombogenising its way to the Northeast, and just looking for ways to mess with the winter sports schedule. Here at USHR, scheduling is a serious business. To ensure accuracy in the standings, we need to account for every single NEPSIHA game. For that, we rely on the community: coaches, friends, and the kindness of others. Send us what you have. We'll update as information comes in. ... read more

NHL Central Scouting Mid-Term Rankings
NHL Central Scouting Mid-Term Rankings, January 2022 ... read more

A Thanksgiving to be Thankful For
We're going to pass on the big picture -- yes, last year was a hard one for the entire planet -- and instead simply state how truly thankful we are for our readers who stuck with us, and the prep coaches who, among their school duties, still find the time to submit schedules, rosters, and box scores so we can all be kept up to date. That's it. Have a great day, everyone! ... read more