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24 Hours to Go

Entering the final day of the regular season, the 7th and 8th slots in the Elite 8 are still up for grabs*, as are the final spots in both the Small and Large School tournaments.

In terms of impact games Saturday, keep an eye on the KUA-Holderness Lakes Region Championship Game, and crucially, Milton vs. Nobles. All else being equal (i.e., mathematical projections playing out as expected), any upset in either of the above games will cause dramatic shifts in the Elite 8 seedings.

For starters, a Holderness win over KUA launches the Bulls as high as the 5th spot in the Elite 8, and pushes St. Seb’s, quite surprisingly, as far down as the 8th spot.

A Milton win could knock Nobles out of the Elite 8, and could also lift Milton past Berkshire and into the final spot in the Large School Tournament. And who would take Nobles’ place in the Elite 8? From out of nowhere, Kent could recover from its down-the-stretch stumbles and sneak back in.

There are further wrinkles, however. Andover, for example, is projected to lose to archrival Exeter, but if the tables turn and Andover wins, then they enter the Top 16 by RPI, which could have a potential ripple effect on teams vying for an Elite 8 spot.

Then there are long shots like Westminster. With an upset win over Belmont Hill Saturday, there are some scenarios where the Martlets could, amazingly enough, find itself in a three-way tie for the 8th spot in the Elite 8. Brunswick, on the other hand, falls just short in all scenarios we’ve played out.

The projections, however, don’t see any of the above happening: the games will play out as expected (i.e. statistically stronger teams beating weaker teams) and Nobles and Cushing will take the 7th and 8th spots in the Elite 8 respectively.

Still, there are many possible outcomes for the Elite 8, with the only locks being (in no particular order): Belmont Hill, KUA, Avon, Salisbury, Dexter, and St. Seb’s. The battle for the final two spots is between Holderness, Nobles, Kent, Cushing, and with perhaps a remote chance, Westminster.

As for the Large School Tournament, if Nobles takes care of business against Milton then that tournament is set in terms of participating teams. But, should they lose, the last spot will go to either Milton or Berkshire (Loomis, while close in RPI to Berkshire, seems safe, but, depending on how all the other games play out, things could get complicated for them as well, e.g., if Milton wins and Loomis loses to Avon.)

The Small School Tournament hinges on the Portsmouth Abbey vs. Hebron game. If the Abbey wins (EDIT: and Holderness makes it into the Elite 8), they’re in; if they lose, they’re out, and Brooks -- assuming a win over BB&N -- takes the final spot.

Finally, for those who missed it, you can follow along in real-time as game results come in via the “Playoffs” drop-down menu on desktop and laptop computers, and the “More” drop-down menu on mobile.

* Note that the KUA vs. Holderness game was incorrectly entered into USHR last night as a NEPSIHA playoff game, which excluded it from the playoff projection simulator. It’s a regular season game, not a playoff game (in terms of calculating NEPSIHA RPI/JSPR). At any rate, if you’re wondering why the projections shifted without any new games having been added to the system, that is why.


Too Close to Call?

Since NEPSIHA switched to the automated JSPR seeding algorithm in 2013, we have never had a four-way tie, much less a three-way tie at the conclusion of the regular season.

You might be wondering how it is that Cushing and Holderness hold the 7th and 8th spots while tied in JSPR points with Kent and Nobles? The rules for deciding JSPR point tie-breakers are simple: Head-to-head record, with RPI as the fallback. Since none of the four teams played each other (itself an anomaly), ranking order then goes sequentially by RPI, with Cushing and Holderness coming out on top.

At first glance things don’t look that close -- clearly, Cushing and Holderness have a significant advantage in RPI, but take note of the RPI difference between Kent and St. Mark’s: .0001. That’s right, 1/100th of a percent. If that differential fell in Kent’s favor, they would have gained a JSPR point from St. Mark’s and taken exclusive hold of the #7 slot in the Elite 8, with Cushing taking the #8 spot. And both Holderness and Nobles would fall short.

Similarly, Nobles, despite yesterday’s loss, could have taken the seventh spot with an Andover win over Exeter. Truly, things were incredibly close, and could have gone either way.

The case for each team:

1) Cushing arguably has the strongest case. They played eight teams in the Top 16, notably trading victories with Dexter and KUA, and their losses -- with the exception of Wednesday's stumble against New Hampton -- have all been by a single goal. They're a strong, consistent team with marquee victories over some of the best teams in prep hockey.

2) Holderness has quite an impressive record: 20-3-3 is nothing to sneeze at. However, their relatively weak schedule factors into their solid RPI, as they consistently beat low-to-medium-quality opposition, with just three games against teams in the Top 16 (a win over Exeter, and two losses to KUA, who they will meet yet again in the first round of the Elite 8 playoffs). The Bulls are a solid team that may be better or worse than the numbers indicate. Without a doubt, more quality opposition during the regular season would have added clarity. That said, you can't always choose your opponents. And Holderness won the games they were expected to win. They've earned their chance. 

3) Kent was up, down, and all around. Like Cushing, they played eight teams in the Top 16, with key victories over Avon, Brunswick, and Salisbury (twice!). They've also had lapses, e.g., losses to Trinity-Pawling and Canterbury. Capable of beating the best, Kent also played down to the level of some weaker opponents.

4) With Nobles, just from looking at their team results, it's as if they brought in the JV squad in January. Over the course of the season, the Bulldogs played six games against Top 16 opponents, going 3-1-2 (2-0-1 in December; 1-1-1 since) against the best of the best. While clearly capable of beating anyone, they squandered opportunities.

So who would you pick? The numbers, by the slimmest of margins, say Cushing and Holderness, and it is true that those two teams took advantage of opportunities that Kent and Nobles squandered. But in this case, given how close things are, one can't help but wonder about a pair of Monday play-in games to add spice to these razor-tight races. Do it like the Mass Super 8 does: #10 plays #7, and #9 plays #8 in a single-elimination game. Of course, this would require six teams to play four games inside of a week, which the heads of school are likely to balk at.

The current system is fair, and the math lines up precisely, but in these types of too-close-to-call siutations, deciding it on the ice wouldn't be unfair to any of the teams. All four are worthy -- and it would be fun.

Prep Quarterfinals Schedule

This is the official schedule. Accept no substitute!

The only change comes in the Large School Tournament, where NEPSIHA, in order to avoid a neutral site game, has flipped #6 Loomis and #7 Andover.  

Per NEPSAC, all games will be held at campus sites. There will be no traditional Championship Sunday with all three divisions meeting at a neutral site.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Elite 8:

#8 Holderness @ #1 KUA, 4:00 pm
#7 Cushing @ #2 Avon Old Farms, 4:00 pm
#6 St. Sebastian's @ #3 Belmont Hill, 4:30 pm
#5 Salisbury @ #4 Dexter, 4:45 pm

Large School Tournament:

#8 Berkshire @ #1 Brunswick, 3:30 pm
#6 Loomis @ #2 Kent, 4:30 pm
#7 Andover @ #3 Exeter, 4:15 pm
#5  NMH @ #4 Nobles, 5:30 pm

Small School Tournament:

#8 Portsmouth Abbey @ #1 St. Mark's, 4:15 pm
#7 St. George's @ #2 Gunn, 3:45 pm
#6 Governor's @ #3 Westminster, 3:00 pm
#5 Rivers @ #4 Pomfret, 4:30 pm

Prep Highlights: Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022

KUA Wins Lakes Region Title
St. Mark's Claims Eberhart Crown
Mustangs' Cardonick Stymies Nobles
Druin, Heinze Knock off Winged Beavers
Seb's Callow Notches Hat Trick

Brunswick 4 @ Deerfield 3 -- In a first-ever meeting between the two schools, Brunswick (17-6-0) came out on top, 4-3. Sophomore F Sean Gibbons notched two goals, one on the PP, and one short-handed. Junior James Shannon (1g,2a) also had a short-handed tally. For Deerfield, senior D Isaac Abbott had two goals. Brunswick junior G Brendan Holahan (24/27) earned the win; Deerfield PG Jake Fillion (27/31) took the loss. Brunswick will host Berkshire in a Large School playoff game Wednesday.

@ Worcester Academy 5, North Yarmouth Academy 3 -- In a Holt Conference semifinal, #1-seed Worcester (16-6-1), which has an 11-0-1 record going, advances and will host #2-seed Portsmouth Abbey in Sunday's championship game at 5:00 pm. (The two teams tied, 3-3, in their most recent meeting). PG Nate Palumbo (2g,1a) was Worcester's top gun today, while NYA senior Chad Beaufils had two goals. WA junior G Ben Plotner (32/34) had another strong game for the Hilltoppers.

@ Portsmouth Abbey 5, Hebron 2 -- In a Holt Conference semifinal, senior James Ierfino (3g,1a) and junior Michael Pafko (2g,2a) led the Abbey's attack, and senior G Rorke Applebee (30/32) took care of things in his end. PA, now 17-7-3, will travel to Worcester for Sunday's title game, a game that will not count in NEPSIHA standings. The Abbey, in a remarkable turnaround this season, has gained a Small School playoff berth and will play Wednesday at #1 St. Mark's.

@ Cushing 4, Governor's 1 -- Gov's came into town on an eight-game undefeated streak (7-0-1), but Cushing was ready. Nikita Belik and Owen Paskowski scored in the first, Billy Norcross in the second, and Linas Dedinas in the third. Senior G Jackson Irving (24/25) earned the win in net; Gov's senior David Palandjian (42/46) took the tough loss. Cushing advances to the Elite 8 as a #7 seed and plays at Avon Wednesday. Gov's (12-11-4) advances to the Small School tournament, and will play at Westminster.

@ St. Sebastian's 7, Thayer 3 -- Senior forwards Michael Callow (3g) and Mike Cataldo (2g) led the Arrows' attack. Seb's, now 18-5-1, has won five of six and its season will continue Wednesday as the #6 seed in an all-Keller Elite 8 tilt at #3 Belmont Hill.

@ Pomfret 4, Williston 0 -- Senior G Kellen Beauton posted a 32-save shutout, and four different teammates had one goal apiece as Pomfret finished its regular season with a 13-6-4 mark. They will host Rivers in a Small School matchup Wednesday.

@ St. Mark's 5, Groton 1 -- With today's win, the Lions, winners of eight of their last nine, won the Eberhart Division title, and also the #1 seed in the Small School tourney. Freshman Richard Gallant (1g,2a) and sophomore Andrew Gibbons (1g,2a) led the scorers. Senior G Adam Costley kicked out 19 of the 20 shots he faced.

@ Gunn 3, Berkshire 1 -- Berkshire took a 1-0 lead on a Ben Boren 5x3 goal and held it until midway through the second, when Kyle Smith and Cael Dolph scored 12 seconds apart for Gunn. Ryan Novo added an empty-netter late in the third. Both goalies -- Gunn senior Joey Lovullo (22/23) and Berkshire junior Danick Leroux (29/31) -- had strong games. Berkshire (12-9-3) saw its five-game winning streak ended. Gunn improves to 20-11-1.

Brooks 5 @ BB&N 2 -- Junior forwards Jeremy Emch (2g) and Will Rassier (1g,2a) led the attack for Brooks, which finishes its season 11-9-4.

Salisbury 10 @ Canterbury 2 -- Seniors Cole Eichler (2g,2a), Oliver Frontini (2g,1a), and Lee Parks (2g,1a), and junior Trey Deere (4a) led the Scarlet Knights' attack. Senior goaltenders Austin McNicholas (26/28) and Jack Lambros (7/7) teamed up for the win. The #5 seed in the Elite 8, Salisbury (20-5-0) will be at #4 Dexter Wednesday.

@ Tabor 6, Lawrence 1 -- The Seawolves, hot off their 1-0 OT win over Belmont Hill Wednesday, broke this one open with four unanswered second-period goals. Seniors Coleman Jenkins (2g,1a) and Reed Allen (2g), and junior Xavier Vaillancourt (1g,2a) led the attack. Senior G Liam Choquette (37/38) earned the win. Tabor finishes its season 11-12-1; LA finishes 5-15-1.

@ Tilton 6, New Hampton 0 -- Rams' senior G Clem Labillois posted a 29-save shutout and Matthew Hale (2g,1a) and Kyle LoNigro (2g) led the way up front. With the win, Tilton finishes the season 13-10-1. New Hampton finishes 12-17-2.

@ Hotchkiss 2, Taft 1 -- A Charlie Kerrigan third-period goal lifted the Bearcats to the win.

Belmont Hill 3, Westminster 2 -- In a game played at Merrimack College, Belmont Hill jumped out to a 2-0 first-period lead on goals from junior Ronan O'Donnell and senior Braden Reilly. O'Donnell (1g,2a) figured in all three Bel Hill goals. Westminster senior Danny Judge had both his team's goals. In net, sophomore Sam Scopa (15/17) picked up the win, and Westy senior Jacob Osborne (39/42) took the hard-luck loss. Both teams will advance to the postseason, with #3 Bel Hill hosting #6 St. Seb's on Wednesday in the Elite 8, and Westy hosting Governor's in a small school matchup.

@ Milton 5, Nobles 1 -- Nobles carried a 1-0 lead into the third, wherupon Milton struck for five unanswered goals. Senior F Ethan Davidson had a hat trick, and junior D Chris Romaine (1g,2a) had three points. Nobles' lone goal was scored by senior D Aidan Lyons. Milton senior G Jake Cardonick (34/35) earned the win; Nobles' freshman Thatcher Bernstein (33/37) took the loss.

@ Brewster 8, Vermont Academy 1 -- Seniors Jackson Matthews (1g,3a), Grady Pierce (1g,2a), and juniors Dalton Kane (2g,1a), Zach Glinski (3a) and Doyle Coughlin (2g) led Brewster's attack. Junior G Patrick Green (18/19) earned the win. Brewster held a 44-19 edge in shots.

Loomis Chaffee 4 @ Avon 3 -- PG Hunter Drouin's goal with 49 seconds remaining in regulation lifted Loomis to the upset win. Avon led 2-0 after the first, but let it slip away. Loomis's goals came from four different skaters. And senior G Andrew Heinze (25/27) came up big in net. Avon PG Conor Callaghan (22/26) allowed four goals for the first time this season. Both teams are playoff bound. #2-seed Avon (22-3-0) will host #7 Cushing in Elite 8 action on Wednesday. Loomis (14-10-0) will be at Exeter in a Large School matchup.

@ NMH 6, Hoosac 0 -- NMH senior F Jack Alecia scored the game's first two goals, and the Hoggers never looked back. They'll be at Nobles in Large School quarterfinal action Wednesday.

@ Kent 6, Choate 0 -- Sophomore G Aidan Hopewell (19/19) posted his second shutout of the season for Kent (17-8-0). The top offensive contributors were seniors Jake Kraft (2g,1a) and Max Resnick (3a); and sophomores Gio DiGiulian (1g,2a) and Patrick Walsh (2g). Kent had a pronounced edge in shots: 47-19. Kent will host Andover in a Large School quarterfinal matchup Wednesday.

@ Kimball Union 4, Holderness 1 -- In the Lakes Region championship game, KUA got two goals from senior Jaiden Moriello (the second was an empty-netter) and strong goaltending from junior Dan Heroux (32/33) to add another trophy to the collection. Holderness junior G Dan Heroux (27/30) took the loss. Coincidentally, these two teams are likely to face each other in the Elite 8 quarterfinals on Wednesday.


Snow Day, Again
With all the games scheduled for Friday either moved to Thursday, Saturday, or cancelled outright, there are no games today.

Coaches, please let us know of any further cancellations and rescheduled games at  We will be updating the list as we go.

Thursday, February 24, 2022 -- Results
Lakes Region Tournament -- Moved up from Fri. 2/25:
Semifinals: @ #2 Holderness 4, #3 Tilton 3

Semifinals: @ #1 KUA 6, #4 New Hampton 3
Westminster 1 @ Deerfield 0 -- Moved up from Fri. 2/25
@ Brunswick 7, Trinity-Pawling 3 -- Moved up from Fri. 2/25
@ Dexter 5, Belmont Hill 4 (OT) --
Moved up from Fri. 2/25
Winchendon 4 @ Williston Northampton 1 -- Moved up from Fri. 2/25
@ St. Mark's 6, BB&N 1  -- Moved up from Fri. 2/25

Friday, February 25, 2022  -- Winter Storm
Lakes Region Tournament -- To be played Thursday 2/24 and Sat. 2/26
Holt Conference Semifinals -- To be played Sat. 2/26
Westminster @ Deerfield, 4:30 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 5:00 pm
Roxbury Latin @ Groton, 4:45 pm -- Cancelled
Belmont Hill @ Dexter, 5:00 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 5:45 pm
Thayer @ St. Sebastian's, 5:00 pm -- Moved to Saturday 2/26 @ 1.00 pm
BB&N @ St. Mark's, 5:15 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 6:00 pm
Winchendon @ Williston Northampton, 6:00 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 6:00 pm
Trinity-Pawling @ Brunswick, 7:00 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 5:00 pm

Saturday, February 26, 2022 -- Final Day of Regular Season
Lakes Region Tournament:
Championship: #2 Holderness @ #1 Kimball Union, 4:00 pm
3rd Place Game: #4 New Hampton @ #3 Tilton, 4:30 pm
5th Place Game: #6 Proctor @ #5 St. Paul's, 2:00 pm
7th Place Game: #8 Vermont @ #7 Brewster, Start time TBA
Holt Conference Playoffs:
#4 NYA @ #1 Worcester Academy, 12:00 pm
#3 Hebron Academy @ #2 Portsmouth Abbey, 2:00 pm
Brunswick @ Deerfield, 12:00 pm -- Added Game
Thayer @ St. Sebastian's, 1:00 pm -- Makeup of Fri. 2/25/22
Belmont Hill vs. Westminster, 1:00 pm -- 3:00 pm, at Merrimack College
Lawrence Academy @ Tabor, 1:00 pm
Millbrook @ Trinity-Pawling, 2:30 pm -- Now 1:00 pm
Hoosac @ Northfield Mt. Hermon, 1:00 pm
Williston Northampton @ Pomfret, 2:00 pm
Groton @ St. Mark's, 2:00 pm
Exeter @ Andover, 2:15 pm
Berkshire @ Frederick Gunn School, 2:30 pm
Brooks @ BB&N, 3:00 pm
Salisbury @ Canterbury, 4:00 pm
Middlesex @ St. George's, 4:00 pm
Noble & Greenough @ Milton, 4:15 pm
Governor's @ Cushing, 4:30 pm -- Now 2:00 pm
Taft @ Hotchkiss, 4:30 pm
Loomis Chaffee @ Avon Old Farms, 6:00 pm
Choate @ Kent, 6:30 pm

Quarterfinals: Wednesday, March 2nd at campus sites. Higher seeds get home ice.
Semifinals: Saturday, March 5th at campus sites. Higher seeds get home ice.
Finals: Sunday, March 6th at campus sites. Higher seeds get home ice. No neutral site.


Prep Highlights: Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, 2022

Tabor, in OT, Hands Belmont Hill First Loss
Androlewicz Stymies Penguins
Hipp, Hooley Halt Andover
Lions Slay Dragons in Their Den
Gov's Late-Season Streak Continues

@ Westminster 4, Gunn 1
-- Host Westminster broke open a 1-1 game with three third-period goals, from Ryan Shaw (his second of the day), Danny Judge (SHG), and Adam Mendelson. Westy senior G Jacob Osborne (36/37) had a strong outing. Westy is 13-8-2, and Gunn is 19-11-0.

@ Avon 10, Canterbury 2 -- Seniors Matt DiMarsico (3g), Liam Verdoni (3g), Brennan Ali (2g,1a), and Connor Brazil (1g,2a) led the Winged Beavers' attack. Avon (22-2-0) held a 47-18 shot advantage.

Salisbury 6 @ Hotchkiss 1 -- Sophomore D Ty Creech had three assists and six different goal scorers found the back of the net for Salisbury (19-5-0). Senior G Andrew Palena (19/20) earned the win. Salisbury has won five in a row, and 14 of 15.

NMH 8 @ Andover 2 -- Junior F Frankie Hipp scored the game's first four goals, and the Hoggers (13-7-3) never looked back. Junior D James Hooley (1g,3a) and junior F Cade DeWolf (2g,1a) also had big days for NMH.

St. Mark's 3 @ St. George's 2 -- In a battle of the top two teams in the Eberhart Division, a goal from St. Mark's sophomore D Calvin Beard at 16:26 of the third turned out to be the game-winner. Senior F Matt Kursonis scored both of the Dragons' goals. St. Mark's senior G Adam Costley (26/28) picked up the win; St. George's sophomore Ryder Shea (25/28) played well in taking the loss. St. Mark's improves to 17-5-2; St. George's falls to 12-6-4.

Kent 5 @ Deerfield 3 -- Kent senior F Dante Palombo's goal at 14:49 of the third period, assisted by Geno McEnery and Cole Watson, lifted Kent (16-8-0) to the road win. Kent sophomore G Aidan Hopewell (31/34) earned the win; Deerfield PG Jake Fillion (21/25) took the loss.

@ Dexter 7, Hoosac 2 -- Senior Will Hughes (2g,2a), junior Grayson Badger (4a), senior D Matt Fusco (2g,1a), and senior Culin Wilson led Dexter (16-4-3) to its fifth straight win.

BB&N 6 @ Roxbury Latin 4 -- BB&N, behind junior forwards Danny McNeill, Danny Talacci, and Will Rice -- each had two goals and an assist -- topped RL on the road for its fourth win of the season. Senior G John Angelino (39/43) picked up the win. BB&N scored four of its goals in the third period.

@ Portsmouth Abbey 5, Berwick 1 -- In a Holt Conference quarterfinal matchup, senior F Jacob Ierfino (2g,1a) and senior G Rorke Applebee (18/19) led the Ravens, now 15-7-3. Shots on goal favored PA, 50-19.

@ NYA 5, Kents Hill 1 -- Five different scorers came through for the Panthers, and junior G Aidan Farion (21/22) picked up the win in Holt Conference quarterfinal action.

Tilton 4 @ Vermont Academy 0 -- Tilton (12-9-1) got goals from four different scorers and senior G Ryan Melia posted a 25-save shutout. Vermont PG Aidan Healey (41/45) took the loss.

Governor's 4 @ Nobles 1 -- This was a 1-1 game going into the third, but Gov's sophomore Cam Russo, from Colin Elliott and Sean Thies, scored the game-winner with 10:44 left. Gov's added two empty-netters for the final margin of victory. Gov's junior G Max LaCroix (27/28) got the win in net; Nobles' freshman Thatcher Bernstein (19/21) took the loss. Gov's, now 12-10-4, has an eight-game undefeated streak (7-0-1) going. Included in that run are a pair of wins over Nobles and a win over Seb's. It's too little too late for the Governors this year, but Brian McGuirk's squad can carry this momentum into next season. Nobles (14-7-2) has been one frustrating team to follow.

@ Tabor 1, Belmont Hill 0 (OT) -- An overtime goal from junior F Xavier Vaillancourt, with assists from fellow juniors Jack DesRuisseaux and Alec O'Connor lifted host Tabor (10-12-2) to the upset win and handed Belmont Hill (17-1-3) its first defeat of the season. Tabor junior G Gus Ackerman (42/42) came up with a huge game. Belmont Hill senior G Aaron Matthews (37/38) was excellent as well. Didn't you feel that if Bel Hill took a loss it would be in the lowest-scoring game (not counting a 0-0 tie) possible?

New Hampton 5 @ Cushing 2 -- In this one, New Hampton dealt a setback to Cushing's Elite 8 hopes, breaking open a 1-1 game with three third-period goals, two from junior F Scott Lagos. Huskies' senior G Colin Androlewicz (56/58) was a difference-maker in net. Penguins' senior G Jackson Irving kicked out 18 of 22 shots.

@ Milton 7, Thayer 3 -- Junior forwards Mikka Kelechian (2g,3a) and Jacob Pohl (2g,1a), and junior D Chris Romaine (1g,2a) led the Mustangs' attack. And senior G Jake Cardonick (31/34) came up big in net. For Thayer, senior D Declan Loughnane notched two goals.

@ Winchendon 3, Exeter 3 (OT) -- Junior F Cole Roenick notched two goals for the Wapitis.

@ Middlesex 4, Groton 3 -- Middlesex got goals from four different scorers, and senior G Nate Crozier (21/24) came up with the win.

@ Hebron 6, Pingree 2 -- In Holt Conference quarterfinal action, junior D Nick Theodos (1g,3a) paced the Lumberjacks' attack. Hebron improves to 15-9-1.


Final Poll of the Season

On some days in January, the season seems like it stretches out forever. Then February comes, and the month, already short, just rushes by. Then the season is over and the playoffs begin. But that's for next week. We're not there yet.

Much will be decided over the next four days.

Meanwhile, here's the last poll of '21-22.

Final Prep Poll


The Razor’s Edge

This is it, the final week of the regular season, and the playoff seedings are far from set. As many as five teams are vying for the 7th and 8th spots in the Elite 8, which will have a cascading effect on the small and large school tournaments.

Current projections have Dexter and Kent, respectively, slotting into the final two Elite 8 spots. However, the matchups in the Lakes Region tournament have yet to be determined.* That could be a big problem for Kent, and a boon for Cushing, a team that seemed to be very much out of the running until its season-saving win over KUA on Saturday.

* The projections don’t (yet) take into account the Lakes Region tournament games, which could offer a wild card with respect to which teams make it into the Elite 8.

We're expecting a razor-thin RPI margin between Dexter and Cushing (projections show a .0006 differential in Dexter’s favor). If that differential flips the other way, then Cushing picks up a JSPR point from Dexter, thus resulting in a three-way tie for the final two spots in the Elite 8. In this scenario, Kent comes out on the short end, falling to the 9th spot.

If Dexter tops Belmont Hill Friday night, Dexter is guaranteed a slot in the Elite 8. A Dexter win will also help Kent's cause, as the above-mentioned razor-thin Dexter/Cushing RPI margin would become a moot point.

A projection is not set in stone, however. It's a probability -- possibility? -- based on stronger teams beating weaker teams, but as we’ve seen on several occasions this season, underdogs can rise to the challenge and cause upsets, which then change the projections, sometimes drastically.

Keep an eye on Westminster vs. Belmont Hill. An upset by Westy launches them into the Top 16, which would have a ripple effect on some teams vying for a spot in the Elite 8 (in Kent’s case, an unpleasant one). Similarly, if KUA and Holderness meet in the Lakes Region finals, and Holderness pulls off the upset, then Holderness looks to be a lock for the Elite 8, while both Cushing and Kent get bounced. Even Brunswick has a shot, although they’ll need help (of the face plant variety) from teams they’re currently trailing.

We’re expecting movement in the final spots over the coming days, and will provide updates.


Prep Composite Schedule, Week of Feb. 21, 2022

Monday, February 21, 2022
Governor's @ New Hampton, 4:30 pm
Noble & Greenough @ Tabor, 5:00 pm
Cushing @ Vermont Academy, 5:30 pm
Brewster Academy @ St. Paul's, 5:30 pm
Pomfret @ Avon Old Farms, 5:45 pm
Proctor @ Holderness, 6:00 pm
St. George's @ Middlesex, 6:15 pm
Hebron @ Portsmouth Abbey, 6:15 pm

Tuesday, February 22, 2022
No games scheduled

Wednesday, February 23, 2022
Holt Conference Quarterfinals:
#7 Berwick @ #2 Portsmouth Abbey, 5:30 pm
#6 Pingree @ #3 Hebron, 6:30 pm
#5 Kents Hill @ #4 NYA, 4:50 pm
Frederick Gunn School @ Westminster, 2:00 pm
Canterbury @ Avon Old Farms, 2:30 pm
Millbrook @ Berkshire, 2:30 pm
Salisbury @ Hotchkiss, 2:30 pm
Tilton @ Vermont Academy, 3:00 pm
Groton @ Middlesex, 3:15 pm
Northfield Mt. Hermon @ Andover, 3:30 pm
Rivers @ Brooks, 3:45 pm
Williston Northampton @ Albany Academy, 4:00 pm
Exeter @ Winchendon, 4:00 pm
St. Mark's @ St. George's, 4:00 pm
Kent @ Deerfield, 4:15 pm
BB&N @ Roxbury Latin, 4:30 pm
Trinity-Pawling @ Taft, 4:30 pm
Lawrence Academy @ St. Sebastian's, 4:30 pm
New Hampton @ Cushing, 4:45 pm
Belmont Hill @ Tabor, 5:00 pm
Hoosac @ Dexter, 5:00 pm
Loomis Chaffee @ Choate, 5:00 pm
Thayer @ Milton, 5:00 pm
Governor's @ Noble & Greenough, 5:15 pm
Lawrenceville @ The Hill School, 5:30 pm

Thursday, February 24, 2022
Lakes Region Tournament -- Moved up from Fri. 2/25:
Semifinals: #3 Tilton @ #2 Holderness, 6:30 pm
Semifinals: #4 New Hampton @ #1 KUA, 4:00 pm
Westminster @ Deerfield, 5:00 pm -- Originally scheduled for Fri. 2/25
Trinity-Pawling @ Brunswick, 5:00 pm -- Originally scheduled for Fri. 2/25
Belmont Hill @ Dexter, 5:45 pm -- Originally scheduled for Fri. 2/25
Winchendon @ Williston Northampton, 6:00 pm -- Originally scheduled for Fri. 2/25
BB&N @ St. Mark's, 6:00 pm --
Originally scheduled for Fri. 2/25

Friday, February 25, 2022 -- Winter Storm Warning in Effect
Lakes Region Tournament -- To be played Thursday 2/24 and Sat. 2/26
Holt Conference Semifinals -- To be played Sat. 2/26
Westminster @ Deerfield, 4:30 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 5:00 pm
Roxbury Latin @ Groton, 4:45 pm -- Cancelled
Belmont Hill @ Dexter, 5:00 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 5:45 pm
Thayer @ St. Sebastian's, 5:00 pm -- Moved to Saturday 2/26 @ 1.00 pm
BB&N @ St. Mark's, 5:15 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 6:00 pm
Winchendon @ Williston Northampton, 6:00 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 6:00 pm
Trinity-Pawling @ Brunswick, 7:00 pm -- Moved up to Thurs. 2/24 @ 5:00 pm

Saturday, February 26, 2022
Lakes Region Tournament:
Championship: #2 Holderness @ #1 Kimball Union, 4:00 pm
3rd Place Game: #4 New Hampton @ #3 Tilton, 4:30 pm
5th Place Game: #6 Proctor @ #5 St. Paul's, 2:00 pm
7th Place Game: #8 Vermont @ #7 Brewster, Start time TBA
Holt Conference Playoffs:
#4 NYA @ #1 Worcester Academy, 12:00 pm
#3 Hebron Academy @ #2 Portsmouth Abbey, 2:00 pm
Brunswick @ Deerfield, 12:00 pm -- Added Game
Thayer @ St. Sebastian's, 1:00 pm -- Makeup of Fri. 2/25/22
Belmont Hill vs. Westminster, 1:00 pm -- 3:00 pm, at Merrimack College
Lawrence Academy @ Tabor, 1:00 pm
Millbrook @ Trinity-Pawling, 2:30 pm -- Now 1:00 pm
Hoosac @ Northfield Mt. Hermon, 1:00 pm
Williston Northampton @ Pomfret, 2:00 pm
Groton @ St. Mark's, 2:00 pm
Exeter @ Andover, 2:15 pm
Berkshire @ Frederick Gunn School, 2:30 pm
Brooks @ BB&N, 3:00 pm
Salisbury @ Canterbury, 4:00 pm
Middlesex @ St. George's, 4:00 pm
Noble & Greenough @ Milton, 4:15 pm
Governor's @ Cushing, 4:30 pm -- Now 2:00 pm
Taft @ Hotchkiss, 4:30 pm
Loomis Chaffee @ Avon Old Farms, 6:00 pm
Choate @ Kent, 6:30 pm

* End of Regular Season *

Sunday, February 27, 2022
Portsmouth Abbey @ Worcester Academy, 5:00 pm -- Holt Conference Championship Game
(Does not count in NEPSIHA records)

Quarterfinals: Wednesday, March 2nd at campus sites. Higher seeds get home ice.
Semifinals: Saturday, March 5th at campus sites. Higher seeds get home ice.
Finals: Sunday, March 6th at campus sites. Higher seeds get home ice. No neutral site.


Prep Highlights: Sat. Feb. 19, 2022

Gov's Late Lighting Stuns Seb's
Power vs. Power: Salisbury Pulls it Off
Cushing Edges KUA, Stays Alive
Canterbury's Gerts Frustrates Kent's Top Guns
Coutu, Fillion Lead Deerfield Past Exeter

@ Rivers 6, Middlesex 0
-- Senior Zach Gruber notched a hat trick and senior G Conor Sullivan (20/20) posted his second shutout of the season to power Rivers (13-7-1).

@ Portsmouth Abbey 8, North Yarmouth Academy 3 -- Junior forwards Josh Bonrouhi and Jack Lucey each scored two goals and senior G Rorke Applebee had 36 saves to lead the Abbey, now 14-7-3. For NYA, senior Nathanel Peretz (1g,2a) figured in all three of three of the Panthers' goals.

@ Governor's 5, St. Sebastian's 2 -- Gov's turned around a 2-1 deficit with four third-period goals (the last being an ENG) to upset Seb's. Senior F Ian Olenik (1g,2a) and Junior F Michael Marchese (2g) led Gov's attack, and senior G David Palandjian (41/43) came up big in goal. Olenik and Marchese have been en fuego for Gov's lately. Over the last six games, Olenik (6g,12a) has put up 18 points, while Marchese (5g, 8a) has 13. Not surprisingly, Gov's has a six-game unbeaten streak (5-0-1) going. Immediately prior, they had a six-game winless streak (0-5-1). Gov's, which moves to .500 (10-10-4) with today's win, has beaten some good teams this season: Exeter, Dexter, Nobles, Andover and, today, Seb's. They've also lost games to lesser teams. Nonetheless, they're a tough out, as they've shown over the last couple weeks. For Seb's, freshman F Teddy Mutryn (1g) extends his point streak to 11 games. The Arrows fall to 16-5-1, but, provided they win their final two games, remain in good position for home ice in the Elite 8.

@ Salisbury 3, Avon Old Farms 1 -- In the biggest tilt in the Nutmeg State today, host Salisbury, which has won 12 of 13 (only loss coming to Kent, a 4-3 OT game vs. Feb. 7th) topped Avon, which came in with a 12-game win streak (only loss coming to Kent, a 2-1 OT game Dec. 19th). Salisbury's goals were scored by senior Ryan Walsh, junior Trey Deere, and sophomore Ty Creech. Avon's lone goal was scored by senior F Matt DiMarsico, who has a 10-game point streak (7g,10a). Salisbury outshot Avon, 27-15. Salisbury senior Austin McNicholas (14 saves) earned the win; Avon PG Conor Callaghan (24 saves) suffered his second loss of the season. Avon falls to 20-2-0; Salisbury improves to 17-5-0. Note: In an added game, Salisbury is hosting Wyoming Seminary, a NEPSIHA affiliate, Sunday at 11:30 am.

@ NMH 3, Loomis Chaffee 0 -- The host Hoggers broke up a 0-0 tie with three goals late in the third, from junior  F Brock James (SHG), sophomore D Jack Turowsky (ENG), and junior F Robby Kenyon (5x4). NMH senior G Nick Bevilacqua posted a 27-save shutout; Loomis junior G Andrew Heinze (30/32) took the hard-luck loss. NMH has won four of five and is now 12-6-2; Loomis falls to 11-10-0.

@ Taft 4, Choate 3 (OT) -- An OT goal from junior forward JJ Lemieux, his second tally of the game, lifted the host Taft to the win. Senior goaltenders Mikey Roberts (22/25) and Leo Kaplan (11/11) split the goaltending chores for the Rhinos; sophomore Ryder Holloway (27/31) was in goal for the Wild Boars.

@ Andover 12, BB&N 3 -- PG D Mike Bagnoli, senior F Nick Royster, PG F Jonathan Surrette, and sophomore F Alex LoGuercio each had two goals.

@ Trinity-Pawling 8, Hotchkiss 4 -- Senior F Gavin Bloder (3g), junior F Jackson Graber (1g,2a), PG F Justin Bello (2g) led T-P's attack. Junior G Ethan Fehrenbaker (29/33) picked up the win.

@ Cushing 2, KUA 1 -- The Wildcats' 15-game win streak came to a halt as host Cushing won the back half of the weekend's home-and-home. (KUA won Friday's tilt, also a 2-1 game.) Today, the Penguins took a 2-0 lead on goals from junior F Linas Dedinas in the first, and senior F Mason Kesselring, the Penguins' top goal scorer, in the second. KUA senior F Tyler Wishart notched KUA's lone goal in the third. The goaltending was superb at both ends, with Cushing senior Jackson Irving kicking out 30 shots, and his counterepart, KUA junior Dan Heroux stopping 38. Cushing (14-5-3) keeps its Elite 8 hopes alive, while KUA (25-2-1) has no such worries.

@ Pomfret 2, Millbrook 2 (OT) -- A third-period goal from senior F Matthew Spears and a 36-save effort from senior G Kellen Beauton allowed host Pomfret (12-5-4) to salvage the tie. Millbrook senior G Jake Hugesson (24/26) also came up with a strong showing.

Canterbury 7 @ Kent 3 -- The final score here is a little misleading, as Canterbury, leading 4-3, scored three empty-netters in the final minute. It's also a little misleading because shots favored Kent, 50-19. Needless to say, Canterbury senior G Dan Gerts was outstanding; his 47 saves a season high. Kent junior G Harrison Fogel had 15 saves. Leaving the empty-netters out of the equation, Canterbury's top guns were junior F Jed Brazo (2g,2a), senior F Pat O'Shaughnessy (1g,2a), and senior D Kyle Hughes (1g,1a). The Kent goals came from senior forwards Dante Palombo, Geno McEnery, and Michael Hurst. Despite the loss, the Elite 8 hopes of Kent (15-8-0) are still alive.

Berkshire 3 @ Westminster 2 -- Berkshire senior F James Nemeth scored the game-winner in the third period, and junior Cole O'Donnell (32/34) earned the win with a strong showing in net. Westminster senior Jacob Osborne (31/34) was also solid.

Gunn 4 @ Winchendon 0 -- Gunn (19-10-0) got goals from four different scorers, and junior G Ryan Crowshaw (20/20) picked up his third shutout of the season.

@ Thayer 4, Tabor 3 (OT) -- Freshman F Tyler Kelly came through with the game-winner in overtime, and junior G Beau Lane kicked out 32 of the 35 shots faced.

Holderness 4 @ St. Paul's 0 -- Holderness got goals from four different skaters and junior G Evan Plunkett (31/31) picked up his third shutout of the season to keep Holderness (18-2-3) alive in the hunt for an Elite 8 slot. For SPS, senior Callum Welch stopped 38 of 42 shots.

@ Tilton 9, Hebron 2 -- Senior F Matthew Hale (3g) and junior F Nicholas Fontaine (2g) led the Rams' offense, and senior G Clem Labillois, in his first start of the season, kicked out 18 of 20 shots for the win. Tilton improves to 15-8-1; Hebron falls to 11-9-1.

Deerfield 2 @ Exeter 1 -- Big Green PG forward Jackson Coutu's third-period powerplay goal, and PG goaltender Jake Fillion's 22-save effort in net -- provided the difference in this one. Exeter junior G Michael Salvatore (20/22) was also solid. With the loss, any hope Exeter (15-6-2) had for an Elite 8 berth was pretty much dashed.

@ Vermont Academy 4, Brewster 2 -- Junior F Ronwahrharaties McGregor scored the game-winner with 3:28 remaining, and added an empty-netter to lead Vermont to the win. In net, Vermont's PG goaltender Tommy Martin (34/36) had a strong game. At the other end, Brewster junior Patrick Green (36/39) also stood out.


Playoff Hunt Heating Up
Heading into the final nine days of the regular season, a number of key matchups have the potential to induce seismic shifts in current and projected playoff seedings.

But before we get into that, for those of you who are new to USHR, or for anyone looking for a quick refresher course, here are the basics of how the NEPSIHA playoff seedings are determined.

First off, there’s the RPI, which represents the overall strength of schedule for each participating NEPSIHA team (that includes affiliate programs, e.g., St. Andrew’s College). It is both the starting point for Elite 8 eligibility, and the determining factor in small and large school playoff seedings, which, once the Elite 8 is determined, are based solely on RPI ranking.

RPI is calculated as follows: WP (Winning Percentage) + OWP (Opponents' Winning Percentage) + OOWP (Opponents' Opponents’ Winning Percentage). Winning percentage formula is wins plus ties (valued at half a win) divided by games played.

With RPI in hand, we move on to JSPR, an algorithm similar to the NCAA Pairwise Rankings. JSPR was developed here at USHR in 2010 by Taft and Carnegie Mellon alum Jeremy Philipson, with an assist from his college classmate, Epraim Hathaway, an Andover grad (his older brother, Garnet, plays for the Washington Caps).  JSPR consists of four criteria, the combination of which is used to determine which teams make it into the Elite 8, and by extension, which teams “fall” into the small and large school playoff tournaments.

There are four categories, weighted differently, used to determine JSPR:

1. Head-to-head result(s), i.e., teams' records vs. each other on ice. 

2. Comparing two teams' RPI, i.e., how do they stand against all other NEPSIHA teams. This ensures that the RPI is still a critical component of the JSPR Rankings.

3. Record against mutual opponents, i.e., how two teams fared when facing mutual opponents on the ice.

4. Record against Teams Under Consideration, i.e., how two teams fared vs. other top 16 teams (as determined by the RPI).

The latter category always has the potential to impact the seedings since any team just outside of the top 16 (at the time of writing, that would be #17 Pomfret and #18 NMH) that sneaks up into the top 16 and becomes a Team Under Consideration (TUC) at season’s end can shift a point for or against one or more teams vying for a spot in the Elite 8. In short, lower-ranked teams tend to be the wild card at season’s end.

There’s more to it than that, subtleties such as what constitutes a valid NEPSIHA game (e.g., affiliate vs. affiliate does not) and rules surrounding overtime games during holiday tournaments, and how exactly that's all calculated (recursion aplenty). But the above are the basics, and, rather than get bogged down by minutiae, we will move on and take a look at some crucial current and upcoming games.

First up, Cushing was at Kimball Union today, and lost, 2-1. If that’s not enough, the two teams face off again Saturday, this time at Cushing -- a good old-fashioned home-and-home series. Alas, Cushing could have really used a win over the Wildcats to give themselves a shot at the Elite 8 -- the fat lady isn't singing yet, but she could be hollering tomorrow. KUA, on the other hand, is in good shape. A win Saturday effectively gives them home ice for the Elite 8 playoffs.

Next, Kent's 5-0 loss at Westminster today. This one was a bit of a surprise, but even in an up-and-down year Westy is rarely, if ever, a categorically bad team. Kent's loss could hurt the Lions' chances of landing a spot in the Elite 8, but for now in projected JSPR they're in due to overall strong play against top-ranked opponents.

In Friday's final 'impact' game, Belmont Hill and Nobles battled to a 2-2 draw, a Keller matchup that Nobles came close to winning, giving up the game-tying goal with the goalie pulled for the extra skater and a minute left in regulation. As for the Elite 8, Belmont Hill is all set. Nobles may also have a ticket to the final eight, but their margin for error is reduced. At this time of the season, teams are haunted by such lost chances.

Saturday, Avon Old Farms will be at Salisbury. Avon has been on quite a run this season, but looking at their results, they've played just two games against top 16 opponents. That's more a reflection of the Founders'/Housatonic leagues, which has a significant gap between the top three or four teams and all those beneath them. Saturday we’ll find out if the Scarlet Knights can squeeze out a victory. They need to do so. Otherwise, they’ll be relying on the failings of others to get into the Elite 8.

Looking ahead to next week, KUA and Holderness will likely face off in the Lakes Region Tournament. Because opponents are TBD, these tournament games are not yet “priced in” with respect to playoff predictions (which, if you don't yet know, are in the top right under the “Playoffs” drop-down menu on desktop and laptop computers, and the “More” drop-down menu on mobile). A Holderness win over KUA could seal a spot for them in the Elite 8, and a loss potentially evict them.

Sit back and pop some popcorn, this could be a wild final week. They usually are.


A Newcomer To This Week's USHR Prep Poll

No, undefeated Belmont Hill is still #1. Don't worry about that. We just got tired of writing the same headline every week.

It's Tuesday night as this poll is published. We hoped to have it earlier in the day, but sometimes it's just too entertaining digging for supporting facts to buttress a team's poll position. Many rabbit holes to fall into, some quite revealing.

By the way, the top five prep goalies statistically -- Conor Callaghan (Avon), Sam Scopa (Belmont Hill), Kellen Beauton (Pomfret), Evan Plunkett (Holderness), and Michael Salvatore (Exeter) -- each represent a team in our Top 10.


This Week's USHR Prep Poll

Prep Composite Schedule, Week of Feb. 14, 2022

Monday, February 14, 2022
Kents Hill @ NYA, 4:00 pm -- Maine Prep Cup Consolation Game, @ NYA
Hebron vs. Bridgton, 6:00 pm -- Maine Prep Cup Championship, @ NYA
Westminster @ Trinity-Pawling, 4:30 pm -- Makeup of Sat. 1/8/22
Frederick Gunn School @ Canterbury, 5:00 pm
Proctor @ Governor's, 5:00 pm
Hotchkiss @ Avon Old Farms, 5:15 pm
Williston @ Berkshire, 5:30 pm

Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Vermont Academy @ St. Paul's, 4:15 pm
Portsmouth Abbey @ St. George's, 4:30 pm

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Frederick Gunn School vs. Pomfret, 1:30 pm -- at Trinity College
Berkshire @ Trinity-Pawling, 2:30 pm
Tilton @ Brewster Academy, 2:30 pm
Winchendon @ Holderness, 3:00 pm
Tabor @ St. Sebastian's, 3:00 pm -- Now 3:30 pm
Cushing @ Andover, 3:15 pm
Brooks @ Groton, 3:45 pm
St. George's @ Roxbury Latin, 3:45 pm
Vermont Academy @ New Hampton, 4:00 pm
North Yarmouth Academy @ Berwick, 4:00 pm
Brunswick @ Albany Academy, 4:00 pm
Westminster @ Loomis Chaffee, 4:00 pm
Exeter @ Northfield Mt. Hermon, 4:00 pm -- Cancelled
Middlesex @ Portsmouth Abbey, 4:00 pm
Taft @ Deerfield, 4:00 pm
Kents Hill @ Hebron, 4:00 pm
Dexter @ Mount St. Charles U18, 4:00 pm
Lawrence Academy @ Governor's, 4:15 pm
Hotchkiss @ Kent, 4:30 pm
Kimball Union @ Proctor, 4:30 pm
Hoosac @ Millbrook, 4:30 pm
Canterbury @ Williston Northampton, 4:30 pm
Avon Old Farms @ Choate, 4:45 pm
Milton @ Belmont Hill, 5:00 pm
Worcester Academy @ Pingree, 5:00 pm
St. Mark's @ Rivers, 5:15 pm
BB&N @ Noble & Greenough, 5:30 pm

Thursday, February 17, 2022
No Games

Friday, February 18, 2022
Vermont Academy @ Holderness, 2:30 pm
Rivers @ Middlesex, 3:30 pm
New Hampton @ Brewster Academy, 4:00 pm
Kent @ Westminster, 4:45 pm
Winchendon @ Dexter, 4:45 pm
Andover @ Brooks, 4:45 pm
Cushing @ Kimball Union, 5:00 pm
Tilton @ St. Paul's, 5:00 pm
Pingree @ Hebron, 5:00 pm
St. George's @ Tabor, 5:00 pm
Hoosac @ Worcester Academy, 5:00 pm
Portsmouth Abbey @ Exeter, 5:30 pm
Berwick @ St. Mark's, 5:30 pm
Lawrence Academy @ BB&N, 6:00 pm
Brunswick @ Frederick Gunn School, 6:00 pm
Williston Northampton @ Deerfield, 6:00 pm
Belmont Hill @ Noble & Greenough, 6:00 pm
Milton @ Thayer, 6:15 pm

Saturday February 19, 2022
Kents Hill @ Dexter, 1:00 pm
Tabor @ Thayer, 1:30 pm
St. Mark's @ Lawrence Academy, 1:45 pm
North Yarmouth Academy @ Portsmouth Abbey, 2:00 pm
Loomis Chaffee @ Northfield Mt. Hermon, 2:00 pm
Middlesex @ Rivers, 2:15 pm
Holderness @ St. Paul's, 2:30 pm
St. Sebastian's @ Governor's, 2:30 pm
Avon Old Farms @ Salisbury, 3:00 pm
Kimball Union @ Cushing, 3:00 pm
Hotchkiss @ Trinity-Pawling, 3:00 pm
Brooks @ Roxbury Latin, 3:00 pm
Berkshire @ Westminster, 3:30 pm  -- Now 2:30 pm
Frederick Gunn School @ Winchendon, 3:30 pm
St. George's @ Groton, 3:30 pm
Hebron @ Tilton, 4:00 pm
Millbrook @ Pomfret, 4:00 pm
Choate @ Taft, 4:00 pm
BB&N @ Andover, 4:15 pm
New Hampton @ Proctor, 4:30 pm
Brewster Academy @ Vermont Academy, 4:30 pm
Canterbury @ Kent, 4:30 pm
Deerfield @ Exeter, 5:00 pm
Kingswood Oxford @ Pingree, 5:00 pm -- Cancelled

Sunday, February 20, 2022
Wyoming Seminary @ Salisbury, 11:30 am -- Added game
Millbrook @ Loomis Chaffee, 12:00 pm
South Kent U18 @ Canterbury, 1:00 pm
Northfield Mt. Hermon @ Choate, 2:00 pm
Winchendon @ Worcester Academy, 2:00 pm
Worcester Academy @ Kents Hill, 2:00 pm
Taft @ Trinity-Pawling, 2:00 pm

Monday, February 21, 2022
Governor's @ New Hampton, 4:30 pm
Noble & Greenough @ Tabor, 5:00 pm
Cushing @ Vermont Academy, 5:30 pm
Brewster Academy @ St. Paul's, 5:30 pm
Pomfret @ Avon Old Farms, 5:45 pm
Lawrence Academy @ Dexter, 5:45 pm
Proctor @ Holderness, 6:00 pm
Hebron @ Portsmouth Abbey, 6:15 pm 


Prep Highlights: Sat. Feb. 12, 2022

KUA's Alazem OT Strike Halts Holderness
Tacelli's Natural Hat Trick Scorches Milton
Facchinelli Leads Gunn Past L'ville
P-Abbey Wins Another
St. Mark's D Fisher Notches Third Hat Trick
Kent's Hurst Has 5-Point Day

@ St. Mark's 7, Middlesex 2 -- Junior Michael Fisher, the top-scoring defenseman in prep hockey this year, notched his third hat trick of the season (all coming in the last two weeks) to go along with an assist. Sophomore Andrew Gibbons added two goals, and senior Dom Murphy and freshman Richard Gallant each had three assists. Juniors Adam Costley (16/18) and Jeevan Anand (4/4) shared the Lions' net. St. Mark's improves to 16-4-2. Middlesex (6-9-2) came in with a 4-1-1 record over its last six.

#1 Belmont Hill 9 @ BB&N 0 -- Freshman Teddy Stiga notched a pair of goals -- and seven of his teammates had one apiece -- to lead Belmont Hill (16-0-2).

@ Rivers 3, Roxbury Latin 0 -- Seniors Ziv Deener-Chodirker and Mel Mortarelli, on the powerplay, gave host Rivers a second-period lead, and Mark Herlihy added a late empty-netter to give sophomore G Jason Delehoy (19/19) all the support he needed.

Brewster 6 @ Pingree 3 -- Junior F Doyle Coughlin and senior D Grady Pierce each notched two goals. Junior G Patrick Green (23/26) picked up the win. Brewster (9-12-1) held a 27-26 shot advantage.

@ Cushing 7, Canterbury 3 --  The Penguins got goals from seven different skaters, and senior D Cameron Ferraz had three assists. Senior G Colin Ronan kicked out 17 shots for the win. Cushing improves to 12-4-3.

Millbrook 3 @ Williston 2 -- Trailing 2-1 in the third period and playing on the road, Millbrook (7-9-2) rallied for a pair of goals -- both from senior Cristo Walker -- to sneak out with the win. Senior Gavin Havens, Williston's leading scorer, notched both of his team's goals. Millbrook senior G Jake Hugessen (35/37) picked up the win; Williston senior Ryan Hennigan (38/41) took the hard-luck loss.

@ Westminster 1, Pomfret 1 (OT) -- Senior Declan Chapman, Pomfret's leading scorer, scored in the first period, and Westy senior D Justin Chaput answered him with a third-period goal. Goaltending was excellent, with Pomfret senior Kellen Beauton (38/39) and his Westy counterpart Jacob Osborne (23/24) on their games. Pomfret (12-4-3) has gone 7-0-3 since Jan. 15th. Westy, 3-1-1 over its last five games, is 10-6-2.

@ Noble & Greenough 4, Milton 2 -- With Nobles trailing 2-1 midway through the third period, senior LW Roman Tacelli went to work, scoring the game-tying goal, the game-winning goal, and an insurance goal to complete a natural hat trick -- and all this in the span of 3:18. Tacelli's center, junior Ben MacDonald had a goal of his own to start the scoring in the first period. Also, MacDonald assisted on each of Tacelli's goals. Milton junior D Chris Romaine (1g,1a) had a hand in both Mustangs' goals. Nobles sophomore G Tyler Bloomfield (27/29) picked up the win; Milton senior Jake Cardonick (20/24) was saddled with the loss. Milton has lost five in a row; Nobles has win three of its last four. In their previous meeting, Nobles edged Milton, 2-1, in the championship game of the Flood-Marr Tournament.

St. Paul's 6 @ Lawrence Academy 0 -- Visiting SPS took control with four second-period goals and senior G Callum Welch (31/33) earned the win in net.  Senior Sam Sibold (1g,2a) paced the SPS attack. LA freshman Ty Wood (1g,1a) figured in both Spartan goals. SPS (6-12-1) has won three of its last four. Lawrence (4-11-1) has lost five straight.

@ Berkshire 3, #8 Brunswick 1 -- The Bears got goals from seniors William Sinclair, Reid Capello (GWG), and Calvin Osterberger (ENG). The Bruins' lone goal came off the stick of junior James Shannon, in the second period.
Berkshire (8-8-3) has won four of its last five; Brunswick (13-6-0) has lost two straight.

Portsmouth Abbey 4 @ Kents Hill 2 -- Sophomore Chris Hahn (1g,2a), and juniors Michael Patko (3a) and Josh Bonrouhi (2g) led the Ravens' attack. In net, senior G Ryan Rosenau (28/30) took care of business. Kents Hill PG goaltender Gary Mandia (49/53) got a workout at the other end, but it wasn't enough. The Abbey (13-5-2) is 9-1-2 over its last 12.

@ Proctor 8, Berwick 0 -- PG Quinlan Kerr (2g,2a) and sophomore D Max O'Connell (2g) led the Hornets' offense. Three goalies -- senior Donald McCarthy (8/8) and sophomores Jack Shapiro (6/6) and Caden Pasqualone (7/7) -- were used by Proctor, with each getting one period.

St. George's 1 @ Brooks 1 (OT) -- All scoring came in the first period, a shorty from St. George's senior Matt Kursonis and a PP tally from Brooks junior Brett Niland. Both goalies -- Brooks' senior Jake Inzirillo (33/34) and St. George's sophomore Ryder Shea (20/21) -- were excellent. The Dragons are 8-4-4; Brooks is 8-8-3.

#6 Salisbury 3 @ Loomis Chaffee 1 -- With the game deadlocked at 1-1, Salisbury scored two goals in a four-minute span of the third period, with senior Ryan Walsh and junior Ben Poitras finding the back of the net. Senior G Austin McNicholas kicked out 15 of 16 shots for the win; Loomis junior G Caleb Allen (19/21) took the loss. Salisbury has won 11 of its last 12 and is now 16-5-0. Loomis falls to 10-9-0.

Governor's 4 @ Tabor 4 (OT) -- Five of the eight goals in this game came on the powerplay. The others were a short-handed goal, and two even-strength tallies. Gov's top guns -- junior Michael Marchese (2g,1a), and seniors Ian Olenik (1g,2a) and Kyle Elliott (1g,2a) -- accounted for their scoring. Six combined goals were scored in the second. 

@ Gunn 7, Lawrenceville 2 -- Seniors Julian Facchinelli (2g,2a), Aidan Lindley (3a), and Ryan Norvo (2g), and junior Cael Dolph (2g) led the Highlanders' scoring parade. Gunn, which has won three of four and is now 16-9-0,  was in control from the start, getting four straight goals in the first. In net, junior Ryan Crowshaw finished with 18 saves. Gunn outshot L'ville, 42-20.

#2 Avon Old Farms 5 @ Deerfield 2 -- Avon held a 3-2 lead after the first period, and added two more in the third. Of the Winged Beavers' five goals, three came on the powerplay, one was an empty-netter, and one was even-strength. Avon got two goals from junior D Jordin Palmer. Senior center Brennan Ali (1g,1a), sophomore Joe Connor (1g) and PG Brendan Fennell (1g) also found the back of the net. The Big Green got goals from sophomore Cam Herr and junior Ryan McHugh. Avon PG Conor Callaghan (20/24) earned the win; Deerfield PG Jake Fillion (31/35) took the loss. Avon is 18-1-0; Deerfield is 6-12-0.

@ #3 Kimball Union 3, #5 Holderness 2 (OT) -- A goal from senior D Kareem Alazem, with an assist from Jackson Krykostas, at 3:14 of OT gave the Wildcats a 3-2 win in this much-anticipated matchup of Lakes Region heavyweights. The two teams traded goals throughout regulation. Revy Mack put KUA up; Dave Brandes got it back for the Bulls. Will Blackburn's PPG put KUA back up; Jared Shimelman's PPG evened it up again for Holderness. It also sent the game to OT, and Alazem's eventual game-winner. Holderness junior G Evan Plunkett (39/42) and KUA junior G Dan Heroux (28/30) were both excellent. KUA is 23-1-1, Holderness is 16-2-2. We get the feeling these two teams might be meeting again in the Lakes Region Tournament.

#7 Kent 8 @ Trinity-Pawling 3 -- Host T-P led 2-1 after one period, but Kent reeled off four unanswered second-period goals to take control. Leading the way were Kent senior forwards Michael Hurst (2g,3a), Max Resnick (2g,1a), and Jake Craft (2g,1a). Senior Ryan Walker scored two goals for T-P. Sophomore Aidan Hopewell (22/25) picked up the win. Kent has won six of seven, and is 14-6-0 on the season.

#10 Exeter 6 @ Choate 2 -- PG Michael Dinges notched two goals and added an assist; and junior goaltenders Michael Salvatore (26/27) and Gabriel Marcoux (6/7) manned the Exeter net. For Choate, junior forward Jake Kavanagh, the Wild Boars' leading goal scorer, notched both his team's goals. Exeter (14-5-2) has won six of seven, with the only loss in that span to Holderness on Feb. 2nd.


Prep Highlights: Wed. Feb. 9th, 2022

Oh, Kent! Killing it in OT, Again

Scopa, Kazmouz Shine Brightly
Herr, Fillion Lead Big Green
Williston Starts Fast, Holds On
The Holt Conference's Hottest Rivalry, Part II
Dexter Sleeps Late, Picks Up Win

@ Tilton 1, #5 Holderness 1 (OT)
-- A Kyle LoNigro goal with the goalie pulled and 28 seconds remaining in regulation lifted host Tilton (10-7-1) to a 1-1 tie against #5 Holderness (15-1-2). Earlier, in the first period, Holderness senior D Dave Brandes' had given the Bulls a 1-0 lead, which they carried deep into the third. Both goalies, Holderness junior Evan Plunkett (31/32) and Tilton junior Conor Waldron (40/41), were excellent.

@ #2 Avon Old Farms 5, Gunn 1 -- Avon (17-1-0) got three in the first period and never looked back. All five of the Winged Beavers' goals were scored by different skaters. PG goalie Conor Callaghan (33/34) picked up another win; Gunn junior Ryan Crowshaw (28/33) took the loss. Gunn falls to 14-9-0.

@ Cushing 6, Winchendon 2 -- Senior Billy Norcross notched a pair of goals to lead Cushing (11-3-3) to the win. Juniors Nikita Belik and Ryan Philbrick each had two assists. Senior G Jackson Irving (23/25) earned the win. Winchendon, which falls to 4-11-2, added a last-minute game to its schedule and will host Hoosac Thursday at 5:30 pm.

@ Westminster 5, Hotchkiss 1 -- Senior D Daniel Lurie (1g,3a) led the scorers, and senior G Jacob Osborne (28/29) picked up the win. The Martlets improve to 9-6-1.

@ Canterbury 4, Trinity-Pawling 4 -- The Saints, playing at home, scored three of the game's final four goals -- two, including the game-winner, from senior Pat O'Shaughnessy -- to salvage the tie. Senior Cole Heintz had three assists for Canterbury, which held a 38-31 edge in shots.

@ Williston Northampton 6, NMH 4 -- Williston got four unanswered goals in the first period. The visiting Hoggers then turned it around and scored four of the game's final five goals to make things quite a bit tighter at the end. Williston seniors Gavin Havens (2g,2a) and Daniel McKiernan (3g) and junior Connor Hagness (3a), the Wildcats' top scorers, led the attack. NMH falls to 10-6-2; Williston improves to 6-11-0.

#7 Kent 5 @ Berkshire 4 (OT) -- In Kent's sixth overtime game of the season, and second in a row, senior D Joey Sciabarra's PPG at 2:29 of OT lifted the Lions to the road win. Seniors Jake Kraft (2g,3a), Geno McInery (2g,2a), and Max Resnick (4a) led the Kent offense. A ton of PPGs in this one: Each team had one even-strength goal in a game that featured nine total goals. Kent (13-6-0) has won five of its last six. In OT games, they are 3-3-0. Berkshire falls a game under .500 at 7-8-3.

@ St. Mark's 5, Brooks 1 -- Senior Dom Murphy (3a), freshman Richard Gallant (2g), and junior D Michael Fisher (2a) led the St. Mark's scorers, and junior G Charles Watson (17/18) picked up the win. St. Mark's has won five of its last six, with the only loss coming last Saturday to St. Sebastian's, the alma mater of coach Carl Corazzini. St. Mark's improves to 13-4-2; Brooks falls to .500 at 8-8-2.

@ Millbrook 2, Albany Academy 1 -- Senior DJ Walsh's third-period tally lifted host Millbrook to the win, but it was a day for the goaltenders: Millbrook senior Jake Hugesson (18/19) earned the win, and Albany PG Adam Casper (37/39) was the hard-luck loser.

#1 Belmont Hill 2 @ #4 St. Sebastian's 1 (OT) -- Before a packed house in the Henry T. Lane Rink, a Jake McManus goal at 2:30 of OT lifted Bel Hill to the win. This game had it all. Playoff atmosphere. Excellent up-and-down action. Hard-nosed but mostly clean physical play. Great scoring chances. Outstanding goaltending from Arrows' senior Ryan Kazmouz and Bel Hill's standout sophomore Sam Scopa. You couldn't really ask for more from these two worthy opponents. It's a shame there had to be a loser.  Of Seb's (13-4-1) four losses this season, three have come in OT -- to Brunswick in the Seb's Christmas shindig, to Nobles on Jan. 26th, and, today, to Bel Hill (14-0-2). The goals to set up OT both came in the second period, as junior defensemen Matthew Biotti (Belmont Hill) and Nolan Joyce (St. Seb's) traded goals.

@ Governor's 5, Noble & Greenough 2 -- Senior F Ian Olenik (2g, 2a) and junior D Jack Farrell (1g,2a) led the Governors attack, and junior Max Lacroix (34/36) took care of business in net. Lacroix, by the way, is the son of Eric Lacroix, a Gov's star in the late '80s who went on to play eight years in the NHL, and the grandson of Pierre Lacroix, longtime NHL GM and team president. (Forgive the digression.) Nobles, 8-0-1 on Jan. 14th, has gone 3-6-0 since, and falls to 11-6-1 on the season. But because of that first-half run and a strong strength of schedule, Nobles is still in line for a slot in the Elite 8 -- if they can get pointed in the right direction. Like many prep teams, Nobles has been hampered by illness and injury.

#9 Dexter 6, New Hampton 4 -- New Hampton, with three goals in the second period, and one more in the third, forced Dexter to fight back from a 4-2 deficit on the road. Dexter responded with four straight third-period goals, from Cullen Emery (with 6:53 remaining), Jonathan Lanza (with 1:28 remaining), Fitz Frechette (6x5, 1:09 remaining), and Culin Wilson (ENG, 0:16 remaining). Senior Jake Terra had two goals for New Hampton, now 8-13-2. Dexter improves to 12-4-3.

@ #6 Salisbury 3, Taft 2 -- Senior forward Ryan Walsh's second-period goal turned out to be the game-winner for Salisbury (15-5-0). The Knights other goals came off the sticks of Dylan Hryckowian and Lee Parks. Both Taft goals were scored by senior Thomas Ricciardelli. Zave Greene and Mason Whitney assisted on both of them. There were no goals in the third period. Knights' senior Andrew Palena (16/18) earned the win; Taft senior Mikey Roberts (38/41) took the hard-luck loss.

@ Pomfret 11, Choate 0 -- Freshman Luke Corrigan scored two goals -- his second and third goals of the season -- and senior Matthew Spears (1g,4a), junior Aidan D'Urso (2g,2a) and senior D Philippe Lamarre (4a) led the Pomfret point parade. Senior Kellen Beauton (1.87 GAA, .944 save %) kicked out all 27 shots he faced for his fifth shutout of the season. Pomfret, now 12-4-2, is riding a nine-game unbeaten streak (7-0-2) and is in the top 16 in RPI. Choate fall to 4-11-1.

Worcester Academy 3 @ Portsmouth Abbey 3 (OT) -- This is turning out to be quite the rivalry. One week ago, on Feb. 2nd, WA came out on top, 6-3, in a wild game. The third period alone featured a combined six goals and 17 penalties. This one was a little more civilized: it took the entire game for the two teams to combine for six goals and nine penalties. And the two teams, now #1 and #2 in the Holt Conference, could meet again in the conference playoffs on Wed. Feb. 23rd and Sat. Feb. 26th. PA is 8-1-2 in its last 11 games, and 12-5-2 on the season. WA is 12-6-1 on the season, and 7-0-1 in its last eight. Unlike last week's game, today's rematch was largely about goaltending, and PA senior Rorke Applebee (49/52) and WA junior Ben Plotner (43/46) came up big.

BB&N 4 @ Groton 3 (OT) -- An OT goal from sophomore Lefty Markonidis -- his second goal of the game -- led BB&N to the road win. Senior G John Angelino (30/33) earned the win.

St. Paul's 3 @ Brewster 2 -- Host Brewster held a 1-0 lead after two, but St. Paul's came back with three tallies in the third to sneak out of town with the win. SPS senior goalie Callum Welch (14/16) picked up the win; Brewster junior Patrick Green (21/24) took the loss. St. Paul's has won three of its last five games to improve to 5-12-1. Brewster is 8-11-1.

@ Deerfield 2, Loomis 1 -- Sophomore forward Cam Herr scored the game-winner and added an assist, and both goalies -- Deerfield PG Jake Fillion (29/30) and Loomis junior Andrew Heinze (23/25) -- had strong games. Deerfield improves to 6-11-0; Loomis, which has had an up-and-down season, drops to 10-8-0. Deerfield's Herr, by the way, is the son of former Hotchkiss and Michigan star forward Matt Herr, who went on to the NHL and a terrific run as head coach at Kent. Herr is now the NHL's Director of Youth Hockey.

@ #3 Kimball Union 7, Andover 3 -- Senior Jaiden Moriello and junior A.J. Noel (the grandson of legendary Belmont Hill coach Ken Martin) each had two goals for the Wildcats, now 21-1-1. Senior D Conner Chalmers added three assists. Andover senior linemates Conner Fitzpatrick (1g,2a) and Nick Royster (2g) teamed up on all three Big Blue goals. KUA is 21-1-1; Andover drops to 13-8-0.

@ North Yarmouth Academy 4, Vermont Academy 1 -- Senior forwards Nathanel Peretz (2g,2a) and Michael Belleau (1g,3a); and junior Daxton St. Hilaire (1g,3a) accounted for all of NYA's scoring. NYA junior G Euan Martin (20/21) earned the win; Vermont PG Aidan Healey (32/36) took the loss. NYA is 7-11-1 on the season; VA is having a rough go of it at 2-15-1.

Tabor 3 @ Milton 1 -- Seniors Coleman Jenkins and Ryan Green scored first-period goals for the Seawolves, and Jack Brandt added an empty-netter. Junior Gus Ackerman (31/32) earned the win in net. For Milton, Harrison Brown (6/8) played the first period, and was relieved at the start of the second by Jake Cardonick (24/24)

Can't Anyone Knock 'Em Off?

In the first poll we did this season, Nobles -- then undefeated -- was slotted #1, with  Belmont Hill, also undefeated, at #2. Since then, Bel Hill (13-0-2) has continued its undefeated ways.

Can't anyone knock 'em off?

St. Seb's has a better chance than anyone, and will face Belmont Hill tomorrow (Wed.) at 4:30 pm, at Seb's.

Yesterday, in a game with playoff implications, Salisbury's nine-game win streak was halted by Kent, a 4-3 OT win, with Max Resnick scoring the game-winner.

For more, check out this week's prep poll.

USHR Prep Poll, Week of Jan. 7, 2022


Prep Composite Schedule, Week of Feb. 7, 2022
Mon. Feb. 7, 2022
Bridgton vs. Hebron, 4:00 pm -- Maine Prep Cup at North Yarmouth Academy
Salisbury @ Kent, 4:30 pm
Proctor @ Tilton, 4:30 pm
St. Mark's @ Groton, 5:15 pm -- Makeup of Fri. 2/4/22
Delbarton @ The Hill School, 5:30 pm
Kents Hill @ NYA, 6:00 pm -- Maine Prep Cup at North Yarmouth Academy

Tues. Feb. 8, 2022
Portsmouth Abbey @ Berwick, 3:30 pm
Elite Hockey Academy U18 @ Brunswick, 5:00 pm

Wed. Feb. 9, 2022
Winchendon @ Cushing, 1:30 pm
Holderness @ Tilton, 2:00 pm
Hotchkiss @ Westminster, 2:30 pm
Frederick Gunn School @ Avon Old Farms, 2:30 pm
Trinity-Pawling @ Canterbury, 2:30 pm
Northfield Mt. Hermon @ Williston Northampton, 2:45 pm
Kent @ Berkshire, 3:00 pm 
Vermont Academy @ North Yarmouth Academy, 3:30 pm
Exeter @ Proctor, 3:45 pm
Albany Academy @ Millbrook, 4:00 pm
Loomis Chaffee @ Deerfield, 4:15 pm
BB&N @ Groton, 4:30 pm
Taft @ Salisbury, 4:30 pm
Andover @ Kimball Union, 4:30 pm
Belmont Hill @ St. Sebastian's, 4:30 pm
Brooks @ St. Mark's, 4:30 pm
Dexter @ New Hampton, 4:45 pm
St. Paul's @ Brewster Academy, 4:45 pm
Rivers @ St. George's, 4:45 pm
Choate @ Pomfret, 4:45 pm
Noble & Greenough @ Governor's, 4:45 pm
Worcester Academy @ Portsmouth Abbey, 5:00 pm
Lawrence Academy @ Thayer, 5:00 pm
Selects Academy U18 @ Lawrenceville, 5:00 pm
Berwick @ Hebron, 5:00 pm
Pingree @ Kents Hill, 5:00 pm
Roxbury Latin @ Middlesex, 5:15 pm
Tabor @ Milton, 5:30 pm

Thurs. Feb. 10, 2022
Hoosac @ Winchendon, 5:30 pm -- Added Game

Fri. Feb. 11, 2022
Kents Hill @ Holderness, 2:30 pm
Hebron @ Pingree, 3:30 pm
Pomfret @ Worcester Academy, 4:00 pm -- Cancelled
Berwick @ North Yarmouth Academy, 4:30 pm
Albany Academy @ Exeter, 5:00 pm
Middlesex @ BB&N, 5:00 pm
Cushing @ St. Mark's, 5:00 pm
Dexter @ Rivers, 5:00 pm
Thayer @ Belmont Hill, 5:00 pm
Wyoming Seminary @ Lawrenceville, 5:00 pm
Brewster Academy @ Roxbury Latin, 5:15 pm
St. Sebastian's @ Lawrence Academy, 5:30 pm
Andover @ Governor's, 5:30 pm
New Hampton @ Kimball Union, 6:00 pm
Choate @ Westminster, 6:00 pm
Winchendon @ Vermont Academy, 6:00 pm
Frederick Gunn School @ Brunswick, 6:00 pm
Nichols @ The Hill School, 7:00 pm

Sat. Feb. 12, 2022
Albany Academy vs. Hebron, 12:00 pm -- @ Phillips Exeter
Nichols @ The Hill School, 12:00 pm
Belmont Hill @ BB&N, 1:00 pm
Milton @ Noble & Greenough, 1:45 pm
Roxbury Latin @ Rivers, 2:15 pm
Brunswick @ Berkshire, 2:30 pm
Millbrook @ Williston Northampton, 2:30 pm
Pomfret @ Westminster, 3:00 pm
Canterbury @ Cushing, 3:00 pm
St. Paul's @ Lawrence Academy, 3:00 pm
Middlesex @ St. Mark's, 3:00 pm
Portsmouth Abbey @ Kents Hill, 3:30 pm
Governor's @ Tabor, 4:00 pm
Hoosac @ St. Sebastian's, 4:30 pm
Hotchkiss @ Taft, 4:30 pm
Berwick @ Proctor, 4:45 pm
St. George's @ Brooks, 4:45 pm
Avon Old Farms @ Deerfield, 5:00 pm
Exeter @ Choate, 5:00 pm
Salisbury @ Loomis Chaffee, 5:00 pm
Brewster Academy @ Pingree, 5:00 pm
Northfield Mt. Hermon @ Worcester Academy, 5:15 pm -- Cancelled
Lawrenceville @ Frederick Gunn School, 5:30 pm
Holderness @ Kimball Union, 6:00 pm
Kent @ Trinity-Pawling, 7:00 pm

Sun. Feb. 13, 2022
Winchendon @ Northfield Mt. Hermon, 2:00 pm

Mon. Feb. 14, 2022
Kents Hill @ NYA, 4:00 pm -- Maine Prep Cup Consolation Game, @ NYA
Hebron vs. Bridgton, 6:00 pm -- Maine Prep Cup Championship, @ NYA
Westminster @ Trinity-Pawling, 4:30 pm
Frederick Gunn School @ Canterbury, 5:00 pm


Prep Highlights: Sat. Feb. 5, 2022

'Wick Nips T-P in Final Minute
Andover Edges Dexter
Fisher's Two Goals Power Bel Hill
Salisbury Win Streak at Nine
Gorman Strikes with 8 Seconds Left

@ Brunswick 6, Trinity-Pawling 5
-- Brunswick held a two-goal lead late in the third, on a pair of goals from junior James Shannon, but T-P came roaring back with a pair of goals of their own -- from Ryan Walker and Gavin Bloder -- to tie the game at 5-5 with under two minutes remaining in regulation. But with 30 seconds left, Brunswick sophomore Sean Gibbons notched the game-winner. Shannon (2g,2a), and junior D Lucas St. Louis (1g,2a) led the Bruins' scoring. Junior Jackson Graber (1g,3a) and Walker (2g), a senior, came up big for T-P. Brunswick had a 45-30 shot advantage.

@ Gunn 5, The Hill 4 -- A third-period goal from junior D Jason Fritz lifted host Gunn (14-8-0) to the win. Junior Peter Unger (2g) and senior Michael Murtagh (2a) each had two points for Gunn. The Hill's goals came from four different scorers. Gunn held a 40-21 edge in shots.

KUA 5 @ New Hampton 2 -- The Wildcats got goals from five different scorers en route to their 10th straight win. Junior G Dan Heroux (24/26) picked up the win; New Hampton senior Colin Androlewicz (40/45) was saddled with the loss. KUA is now 20-1-1.

@ Andover 4, Dexter 3 -- Junior RW Nolan Roche scored the third-period game-winner, and the top line of Nick Royster, Conner Fitzpatrick, and Jonathan Surrette combined for three goals. Cullen Emery, Matt Fusco, and Brayden Naumann scored Dexter's goals. Andover appears to be making its move, having won five of six to improve to 13-7-0. Dexter suffered its first loss since Jan. 1 (to Gov's, at the Watkins), and is now 11-4-3.

Belmont Hill 4 @ Rivers 1 -- Belmont Hill got three third-period period goals -- two from junior James Fisher, and an empty-netter from senior Braden Reilly -- to top Rivers on the road. Bel Hill senior G Aaron Matthews (22/23) earned the win; Rivers' senior Conor Sullivan (27/30) took the loss. Reilly also had two assists for #1 Belmont Hill, which remains undefeated at 13-0-2.

Middlesex 2 @ Brooks 0 -- Middlesex got a 20-save shutout from senior goaltender AJ Finta. F Joe Calo and D Jayden Mullens, also seniors, scored all the goals Middlesex needed.

@ Lawrenceville 4, Hoosac 2 -- Senior Justin Solovey, L'ville's top scorer, potted a pair of goals to lead the Big Red to the home win. Junior G Richard Smith (32/34) took the win; Hoosac junior Trey Thompkins (47/51) faced a ton of rubber in a losing effort.

NMH 4 @ Vermont Academy 0 -- Seniors Nicholas LeClaire (1g,3a) and Jack Alecia (1g,2a) led the offense, and junior G Mason Rosado picked up a 14-save shutout as the Hoggers, 4-1-1 over their last six, stay in the hunt at 10-5-2. Vermont PG goalie Tommy Martin (37/41) was saddled with the loss.

Exeter 4 @ Tilton 2 -- PG Michael Dinges scored the GWG with 12:55 left in the third, and PG Ryan Sordillo added an empty-netter in the final minute. PG Kodi Dotterer and senior Kurt Gurkan also found the back of the net for Exeter, now 11-5-2. Tilton drops to 9-7-0. Both goalies -- Exeter junior Michael Salvatore (40/42)  and Tilton junior Conor Waldron -- had strong games. 

Salisbury 3 @ Cushing 1 -- Dylan Hryckowian 's PPG gave the Crimson Knights an early lead.  Ben Poitras and, on the PP, Cole Eichler, added a pair in the second. Cushing senior D Cameron Ferraz scored Cushing's lone goal in the third. Both goalies, Salisbury senior Austin McNicholas (26/27) and Cushing senior Jackson Irving (322/35) had strong games. The win was the ninth in a row for Salisbury, now 14-4-0 and making a seemingly inexorable march toward the Elite 8. Cushing (10-3-3) has lost two of its last three, but is very much in the hunt.

@ St. Sebastian's 6, St. Mark's 5 -- A Brendan Gorman powerplay goal with 8 reconds remaining lifted the host Arrows to the win just 19 seconds after St. Mark's sophomore forward Andrew Gibbons, on a 5-on-3 powerplay, had tied it at 5-5. It was Gorman's second goal of the day. This game had huge momentum shifts. Down 1-0 entering the second, Seb's responded quickly, going up 2-1 on goals from senior Michael Callow and freshman Teddy Mutryn. St. Mark's reeled off three straight goals, from sophomore Jonathan Balzarini, junior Sebbie Johnson, and, early in the third, senior Eamon Connaughton. Just like that, Seb's was down two in their own building. So they came up with three of their own, from Gorman, Mutryn, and sophomore forward Nolan Flynn, to take a 5-4 lead into the final minute of play.

Note: As of midnight, we're still waiting on a few results. Saturday's schedule was light, as most of the Connecticut schools were on long weekend.


Prep Highlights: Wed. Feb. 2, 2022

Avon Tops Westy -- Again
Bulls' Plunkett Blanks Exeter -- in a 2-1 Game
Salisbury Wins 8th Straight
Fisher Paces Lions
Belmont Hill Remains Undefeated

@ Avon 4, Westminster 2 -- Host Avon broke a 2-2 tie with third-period goals from Matt DiMarsico and Brendan Fennell, to sweep the season series with archrival Westminster. The all-senior line of Fennell (1g,1a), Brennan Ali (1g,2a), and DiMarsico (1g,2a) was good for three of the four Avon goals. Liam Verdoni scored a late-second-period goal to tie the game, with an assist from sophomore F Joe Connor. PG goaltender Conor Callaghan (26/28) picked up the win. With four minutes left in the second, Callaghan left the game with an undisclosed injury, but returned for the third. He'll be ready for the Winged Beavers' next game, vs. the Gunn next Wednesday. Senior G Wells Masterson (great name, related to Bat?) filled in flawlessly. Seniors Danny Judge and Vic Barakett scored Westy's goals, with senior G Jacob Osborne (36/40) taking the loss.

@ Gunn 3, Millbrook 0 -- Junior G Ryan Crowshaw kicked out all 28 shots he faced, and senior forwards Kyle Smith, Aiden Lindley, and Michael Murtagh (ENG) supplied the scoring as Gunn improves to 13-7-0. Millbrook junior G Gabe Vassallo, from way up north in Watertown, NY, kicked out 27 of 29 in a losing effort.

@ Berkshire 2, Canterbury 0 -- Junior D Davis Kinne and sophomore D Nico Pasquale scored first-period goals, and junior G Danick Leroux (21/21) posted the shutout for the Bears, who won their third straight and improved to .500 (7-7-3). Canterbury sophomore G Mitch Stenger (39/41) took the tough loss.

@ Cushing 6, Hoosac 2 -- The host Penguins got goals from six different scorers, and senior G Jackson Irving (17 saves) picked up the win. Junior D Ryan Philbrick had three assists. Cushing (10-2-3) held a 40-19 edge in shots.

@ Andover 5, Deerfield 2 -- Andover broke open a 2-2 tie with three third-period goals. Nick Royster (2g,1a), Conner Fitzpatrick (1g,2a), and Jonathan Surrette (1g,2a) each had three-point days. Andover, winners of four of its last five, improved to 12-7-0. Next up for the Big Blue: a trip to Belmont Hill Friday.

Holderness 2 @ Exeter 1 (OT) -- Holderness (15-1-1) picked up a big win here, knocking off host Exeter (10-5-2) on an OT goal from junior Maxime Charbonneau. Assists went to Finn O'Hara and Sean Senier. In the first period, Exeter went up 1-0 on a rarity: a first period empty-netter. This occurred on a delayed penalty call to Exeter. Holderness junior G Evan Plunkett rushed to the bench for the extra skater, and the Bulls kept possession for nearly half a minute or so of PP -- until a flukey bounce off the end boards behind the Bulls' net wound up in the net, giving Exeter took a 1-0 lead at 10:34. Exeter soph Beau Elson, judged the closest to the puck, was credited with the unassisted goal, his second of the year -- and one he's likely to never forget. Holderness, though, didn't get rattled, and, midway through the second, would get it back on a goal from senior defenseman Cooper Warrington, his second of the year. After a scoreless third, the game went into OT -- and Charbonneau's game-winner. Both goalies were excellent, with Holderness junior Evan Plunkett (26/26) picking up the shutout. Plunkett, from Charlotte, North Carolina, has a 1.60/.944 line. Exeter junior G Michael Salvatore (30/32) took the tough loss. This was a big win for Holderness, which needed a 'statement win' to appease those hockey mavens (guilty!) waving the strength-of-schedule flag. Exeter, which entered play having won six of seven, was exactly the kind of team Holderness needed to beat in order to fortify its post-season credentials. And they did. Holderness hopes to burnish that on Friday, when they host 19-1-1 KUA.

Proctor 9 @ Brewster 4 -- Proctor notched three goals in each period, outshot their hosts, 54-34, and improved to .500 at 7-7-0. Not bad, as the Hornets struggled through January, at times taking the ice with two lines and four D, as a slew of kids were out with Covid. Anyway, Tyler Gwatkin (1g,3a), Nick Marrocco (2g,1a) and Avan Pyle led the Proctor attack in this one.

@ Loomis 4, Williston 2 -- Loomis, on goals from Rory Andriole and Cameron Miranda, took a 2-0 lead into the third, then stretched it to 4-0 on a pair of goals from junior F Aidan Healy. Williston got on the board with a pair of late goals from senior F Gavin Haven. Loomis, now 10-7-0, outshot Williston, 35-16.

@ Worcester Academy 6, Portsmouth Abbey 3 -- In what devolved into a penalty-filled affair, host Worcester got  big days from Nate Palumbo (3g,2a) and Jameson Alicandro (1g,3a) in knocking off PA, which was riding a 6-0-1 January. Josh Bonrouhi scored a pair for the Abbey. Only two of this game's nine goals were even-strength. Worcester has won six in a row and is now 11-6-0; PA is 10-5-1. The two teams will face each other again next Wednesday in Rhode Island.

@ KUA 2, NMH 0 -- A Jackson Kyrkostas first-period PPG, and a Tyler Wishart ENG with 14 seconds left, provided all the scoring the Wildcats needed. This was a goalies' game, with KUA junior Dan Heroux (26/26) picking up his third shutout, and NMH junior Mason Rosado (30/31) taking the hard-luck loss.

@ Brunswick 5, Lawrenceville 0 -- After a scoreless first period, Brunswick woke up and got to work, scoring two in the second, and three in the third. The line of Hank Cleaves (2g,1), Eli Friedman (1g,2a), and Drew DellaSalla (3a) led the offense. In net, junior Brendan Holahan (25/25) posted his fourth shutout. Brunswick has another game coming up tomorrow, vs. Williston.

@ Kent 2, Taft 1 -- Dante Palombo and Jake Kraft scored first-period goals and Cole Watson added one in the third. For the Rhinos, JJ Lemieux scored. Kent sophomore G Aidan Hopewell (20/21) earned the win; Taft senior Mikey Roberts (26/29) took the loss. Kent has won three of four and is 11-6-0.

@ Tilton 8, Berwick 3 -- The usual suspects -- Matthew Hale (2g,2a), Kyle LoNigro (3g), and Leo Piandes (3a) -- led the Rams' offense. Tilton outshot Berwick, 65-23. Tilton has won four of five and is now 9-6-0.

@ Salisbury 7, Trinity-Pawling 2 -- Host Salisbury won its eighth straight. Junior Ben Poitras (2g, 1a), and seniors Dylan Hryckowian (1g,2a), Lee Parks (2g), and Ryan Walsh (3a) led the attack. Salisbury is 8-0-0 in 2022, not having lost since the Flood-Marr, a 3-2 decision to KUA on December 19th.

St. Sebastian's 5 @ Milton 2 -- The Arrows had a nice balanced attack: goals from five different skaters. Pretty even game, shot-wise, with 30 per side. Seb's senior Ryan Kazmouz turned back 28 of them. At the other end, Milton senior Jake Cardonick stopped 26. Seb's has won six of seven and improves to 12-3-1.

@ Rivers 5, Groton 3 -- Groton took a 1-0 led into the first intermission, but host Rivers got goals from five different skaters to take this one. Senior G Conor Sullivan (23/26) picked up the win.

Nobles 4 @ Thayer 1 -- Looks like they're back: Nobles, now 11-5-1, has won three of four and, if the season ended today, they'd have the final slot in the Elite 8. Today, four different skaters found the back of the net, and freshman G Thatcher Bernstein (16/17) picked up the win.

St. Paul's 3 @ New Hampton 2 -- Senior G Callum Welch (41/43) came up big for SPS. Brad Cox scored in the first, Lino Viau in the second, and Bryce Terry in the third. New Hampton got both their goals in the third, from Matthew Sullivan and Alex Moeller, to tighten things in the final minutes. New Hampton senior G Colin Androlewicz (31/34) took the loss.

@ St. Mark's 5, Roxbury Latin 0 -- Junior D Michael Fisher, the top-scoring D in prep hockey (5-27-32 in 16 GP), had a goal and two assists; and freshman F Drew Carr potted two goals. Junior G Adam Costley (11/11) picked up the shutout, his third of the season. The Lions have won three of four, all quite handily, and are now 11-3-2.

@ Belmont Hill 5, Lawrence Academy 1 --  Host Belmont Hill, undefeated at 12-0-2, keeps on a' rollin'. Today, five different players found the back of the net. Looking ahead, Belmont Hill has 10 games left this month, starting with a visit from Andover Friday at 5:00 pm. Other February dates include road games at Seb's, Nobles, and Dexter.

@ Hebron 4, NYA 2 -- This was a 2-2 game midway through the third, when Lumberjacks' junior F Ryan Teehan, and junior D Nick Theodos each scored. Before that, it was up to Hebron senior G Dylan Brand (28/30) and NYA junior G Aidan Farion (32/35) to keep this a tight game.

Around the Rinks

Nobles freshman G Thatcher Bernstein was named MVP of the 2021 Flood-Marr Tournament. Bernstein gave up a total of 3 goals over 3 games.
Nobles freshman G Thatcher Bernstein was named MVP of the 2021 Flood-Marr Tournament. Bernstein gave up a total of 3 goals over 3 games. (Photo: Dave Arnold Photography)
Senior F Shane Jellison's third period goal lifted Middlesex to a 3-2 win over host Berwick Friday.
Senior F Shane Jellison's third period goal lifted Middlesex to a 3-2 win over host Berwick Friday. (Photo: Dave Arnold Photography)
Brunswick sophomore F Brendan Giles (#19) scored the third period goal that broke a 0-0 tie vs. Exeter in Sunday action at the Exeter Invitational. Gi
Brunswick sophomore F Brendan Giles (#19) scored the third period goal that broke a 0-0 tie vs. Exeter in Sunday action at the Exeter Invitational. Giles then assisted on the second goal, a shorty from Eli Friedman. Brunswick rolled from there, adding two more to take a 4-0 decision. The Bruins won both their games here, and opened some eyes. (Photo: Dave Arnold Photography)
Williston D Ronan Robinson tries to halt Avon sophomore LW Joe Connor in Wednesday action. Avon won, 4-0. Connor scored Avon's third goal.
Williston D Ronan Robinson tries to halt Avon sophomore LW Joe Connor in Wednesday action. Avon won, 4-0. Connor scored Avon's third goal. (Photo: Isaac Archambault)