March 14, 2007

Wyoming Seminary Hockey Results


Result Game Details Date
W vs. La Salle College HS 3-211/10/2006Box Score
W vs. Académie Saint-Louis 2-111/24/2006Box Score
W vs. Brewster Academy 5-211/25/2006Box Score
W vs. Webster Academy, Quebec 5-211/25/2006Box Score
L vs. South Kent 2-612/02/2006Box Score
W vs. St. Mark's 2-112/03/2006Box Score
L @ Binghamton Senators 0-512/06/2006Box Score
W @ Millbrook 3-112/09/2006Box Score
L vs. Lawrenceville 4-512/09/2006Box Score
W @ Albany Academy 2-112/10/2006Box Score
L @ Governor's 2-312/14/2006Box Score
W @ Brooks 4-312/15/2006Box Score
L @ Portsmouth Abbey 3-512/15/2006Box Score
W @ Kents Hill 3-212/16/2006Box Score
W vs. Rivers 7-012/17/2006Box Score
L @ Hotchkiss 2-401/01/2007Box Score
L vs. St. Andrew's College 1-501/05/2007Box Score
W vs. Ridley College 3-101/06/2007Box Score
L vs. St. Francis Prep 5-701/06/2007Box Score
W vs. Upper Canada College 5-4 (OT)01/07/2007Box Score
T vs. The Hill School 4-401/17/2007Box Score
L @ Hebron 2-3 (OT)01/19/2007Box Score
L @ Bridgton Academy 3-401/20/2007Box Score
W @ Tilton 3-101/21/2007Box Score
L vs. Thayer 2-401/27/2007Box Score
L @ Lawrenceville 2-501/31/2007Box Score
L @ Nichols 1-802/02/2007Box Score
L @ Nichols 3-402/03/2007Box Score
W @ Portledge 6-302/05/2007Box Score
W @ The Hill School 4-202/07/2007Box Score
W vs. Bridgton Academy 5-002/16/2007Box Score
L @ Cushing 1-702/21/2007Box Score
L vs. The Hill School 2-302/23/2007Box Score
W vs. Portledge 11-102/24/2007Box Score
W vs. Upper Canada College 5-103/09/2007Box Score
L @ Culver Academy 1-603/10/2007Box Score
L @ St. Andrew's College 3-803/11/2007Box Score
* based on submitted game results.
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