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Cushing New Year's Tournament Schedule

Edward G. Watkins Tournament
Hosted by: Cushing Academy; Ashburnham, Mass. 
December 31, 2004 - January 1, 2, 2005

Fri. Dec. 31, 2004

11:00 am Cushing Academy vs. Berkshire School
1:00 pm Lawrence Academy vs. Northfield Mt. Hermon
3:00 pm Culver Academy vs. Canterbury School
5:00 pm Noble & Greenough School vs. Pomfret School                             
7:00 pm Cushing Academy vs. Lawrence Academy
9:00 pm Northfield Mt. Hermon School vs. Berkshire School

Sat. Jan. 1, 2005

9:00 am Culver Academy vs. Noble & Greenough School
11:00 am Pomfret School vs. Canterbury School
1:00 pm Lawrence Academy vs. Berkshire School
3:00 pm Cushing Academy vs. Northfield Mt. Hermon School
5:00 pm Canterbury School vs. Noble & Greenough School
7:00 pm Pomfret School vs. Culver Academy

Sun. Jan. 2, 2005

9:00 am Fisher 4 vs. Iorio 4
11:00 am Fisher 3 vs. Iorio 3
1:00 pm Fisher 2 vs. Iorio 2
3:00 pm Fisher 1 vs. Iorio 1



Thayer Wins BB&N Tournament

Cambridge, Mass. --

Game sheets were not received, but here are the scores from the final day of the BB&N Tournament.

Game #8   Roxbury Latin 7, Hebron 5
Consolation Final    Brooks 5, Proctor 2     
3rd Place Game    Tilton 6, Gunnery 1
Championship Game    Thayer 4, BB&N 1


12/31/04  Updated

Day 1, Tabor Tournament

-- at Marion, Mass.  

Game #1:
Milton 4, St. Sebastian’s 1

M: Fitoussi, Nelson, Shepard, Schneider.
SS: Murphy.

Penalties: Milton 7, St. Seb’s 4

SOG: St. Sebastian’s 26, Milton 25.

Goaltenders: Toomey (SS); Mountain (M).


Game #2: 
New England Jr. Falcons 4, Holderness 1

NE: Draheim, Johnson, Cannone, Chillson.

H: Amurawaiye.

Penalties: Falcons 7, Holderness 5

SOG: Falcons 53, Holderness 14
Goaltenders: Raeder (NE); Murison (H)

Game #3:
Tabor 3, Gov. Dummer 2
T: Donahue, Silva, Jelinek.

GDA: Clayman, Ferriero.

Penalties: Tabor 8, GDA 8

SOG: Tabor 40, GDA 22

Goaltenders: Ritter (T); Galajda (GDA)

Game #4:
Upper Canada College 7, Hill 4

UCC: Belliveau (3), Greening (2), Chenard (2).

Hill: #12 (2), Petrov, Theodoroff.
Penalties: Hill 2, UCC 1

SOG: Hill 27, UCC 23

Goaltenders: Curl (Hill); Saunders (UCC).

Game #5:

New England Jr. Falcons 4, Milton 2

NE: Draheim, Herrick, Fernandez, Almeida.

M: Nelson, Bonham.
Penalties: Falcons 6, Milton 2

SOG: Falcons 50, Milton 12

Goaltenders unavailable

Game #6:
Holderness 5, St. Sebastian’s 2
H: Collins (2), Muse, Kirtland, Andersen-David.

SS: Coskren, Hoban.

Penalties: Holderness 3, St. Sebastian's 2

SOG: St. Sebastian's 30, Holderness 28

Goaltenders: Murison (H); McNamara and Toomey (SS).



12/31/04 Updated

Cushing Tournament, Day 1

-- Ashburnham, Mass.

11:00 am:
Cushing 3, Berkshire 2

C: Lee, Nisula, Yandle.

B: Micka, Rabbani.

Penalties: Cushing 4, Berkshire 2

Goaltenders: Bachman (Cushing); Crowson (Berkshire).

1:00 pm:

Northfield-Mt. Hermon 7, Lawrence Academy 1

NMH: Rosata (2), Muse (2), Colby, Melillo, Germain.

LA: Schneider.

Penalties: LA 6, NMH 4

Goaltenders: Schoen (NMH); McNary (LA).

3:00 pm:
Canterbury 4, Culver Academy 2

Canterbury: Halpern, K. Garceau, Kupperman, Ciardullo.

Culver: deKastrozza, Harris.

Penalties: Culver 11, Canterbury 3.

Goaltenders: Zuck (Cant.); Whittemore (Culv.)

5:00 pm:

Noble & Greenough 6, Pomfret 4

N&G: Maguire (3), Hayes, Nelson, Rhone.

P: Vraibel (2), Zorkers, Hicks.

Penalties: Nobles 7, Pomfret 5.

Goaltenders: Muse (N&G); Wenning (P)

7:00 pm:

Cushing 5, Lawrence 4 

C:: Bardis, Koziara, Duff, Frey, McClellan.
LA:  James (2), Richards, Jerusik.

Penalties: Lawrence 5, Cushing 4

9:00 pm:
Berkshire 2, NMH 1

B: McKee, Carpenter.

NMH: Germain.

Penalties: Berkshire 1, NMH 0



BB&N Tournament, Day 1

-- at Cambridge, Mass.

First Round:

Thayer 3, Brooks 1

T – Orpik, C. Griffin, Norton.
B – Farnham.

Tilton 7, Roxbury Latin 3

T: Maniff (4), Leonard (2).

RL: Spatola, Iskra, Kelly.

Gunnery 5, Proctor 0

G -- Haddock (2), Houli, Nolan, Holt.
P – No Scoring.

BB&N 2, Hebron 2 (BB&N wins shootout)

BB&N -- Fanning (2).
H -- Krusch (2)

Second Round:

Brooks 6, Roxbury Latin 3

B – Bruno (2), Farnham (2), Vachon, Riffe.

RL – Shepherd (2), Murphy.

Proctor 5, Hebron 2

P – Peden, Breslin, Bourque, Flanagan, Leach.
H – Galvin, Krusch.

Thayer 6, Tilton 1

Th – Driscoll, Keady, Orpik, Norton, Collins, Gibbons.

Ti – Cincotta.

BB&N 3, Gunnery 3 (BB&N wins shootout)

BB&N – Hollstein, Coughlin, Fanning.
G -- Holt, ??, Kessler.

Playoff Schedule for Fri. Jan. 31

Game #8    8:00 am    Roxbury Latin vs. Hebron
Consolation Final    10: 00 am    Brooks vs. Proctor     
3rd Place Game    12:00 pm    Tilton vs. Gunnery
Championship Game    2:00 pm    Thayer vs. BB&N 




Belmont Hill Wins Nichols-Belmont Hill Tournament

-- at Buffalo, NY

Semifinal #1: Belmont Hill 4, St. Andrew’s 3

BH – Balben (2), Gordon, DeBaere.

SAC – Rupert, McCullough, Quinton.

Semifinal #2: Lawrenceville 3, Nichols 0

L – McKenna, Zaires, Stouch.

N – No Scoring.

7th Place Game: Kimball Union 1, Millbrook 1

KUA – Ruffolo.

M – R. Smith

5th Place Game:

Gilmour 2, Winchendon 1

G – Urso, B. Smith

W – Quagliani.

Championship Game: Belmont Hill 7, Lawrenceville 1

BH – Dube (2), Balben, Stephanian, Young, McCollem, Arnold.

L – Zairs.




Wed. Nichols Tournament Results

-- At Buffalo, NY

Lawrenceville 3, St. Andrew’s College 3

L-- Diaco, VanSiclen, Haraguchi.

SAC – Allen (2), McCullough.

Gilmour 7, Millbrook 4

G –P. Boyd (2), Toiler, Zucchini, O’Malley, K. Boyd, Stone.

M – Handforth, Vit, Moore, Barry.

Belmont Hill 5, Nichols 0

BH -- Balben (2), Gallup, M. Gordon, Arnold.

N – No Scoring.

Winchendon 2, Kimball Union 0

W – Kasputis, Dopud.

KUA – No Scoring.

Lawrenceville 2, Gilmour 1

L – Diaco, Haraguchi.

G – K. Boyd.

St. Andrew’s College 4, Millbrook 0

SAC – Ruppert (2), Kovacevic.

M – No Scoring.

Thursday’s Matchups:

9:00 am -- Semi-final #1: Belmont Hill vs. St. Andrew’s

11:00 am -- Semi-final #2: Lawrenceville vs. Nichols

2:00 pm -- 7th Place Game: Kimball Union vs. Millbrook

4:00 pm -- 5th Place Game: Gilmour vs. Winchendon

6:30 pm -- Championship Game: Winner Semi #1 vs. Winner Semi #2



Tues. Nichols Tournament Results

 At Buffalo, NY --

Nichols 4, Kimball Union 4
N – Campbell, Rang, Lepore, Winter.
KUA – Schrimer, Riley, Dewdney, Kuhar.

Belmont Hill 8, Winchendon 2
BH – Arnold (2), Antonelli, McCafferty, Moscatel, Gordon.
W – Dopud, Gosporinoff.

Lawrenceville 4, Millbrook 3
L – McKenna, Haraguchi, Zaives, Bottomley.
M – Knapp, Williams, Arnold.

Gilmour 3, St. Andrew’s College 3
G – O’Malley, B. Smith, Boyd.
SA –McCullough, Allen, Ruppert.

Belmont Hill 4, Kimball Union 3
BH – Gordon, Balben, McCafferty, DeBaere.
KUA – Ryan (2), Kuhar.

Nichols 3, Winchendon 2
N – Pfalzer, Winter, Rang.
W – Shore, Kasputis.



Avon Tops Tabor, Wins Avon Classic Again

Avon, Conn. -- In a repeat of last season's Avon Tournament title game -- as well as the New England prep final -- Avon bumped  off Tabor, this time by a 5-2 score.  Augie DiMarzo and Sean Backman each picked up a pair of goals. DiMarzo, who also added a pair of assists in today's game, was named tournament MVP. Chris Bower had a pair of goals for Tabor.    

Championship Game: Avon Old Farms 5, Tabor 2. Goals: Avon: DiMarzo (2), Backman (2), Davis. Tabor: Bower (2). Saves: Quick (Avon), 36; Ritter (Tabor), 43.

3rd Place Game: St. Paul's 6, Berkshire 1. Goals: St. Paul’s: Kaiser, McAllister, Bergeron, Eagles, Blossom, DeGiovanni. Berkshire: Cullity. Saves: Nipps (St. Paul’s), 32; Crowson (Berkshire), 38.

5th Place Game: Loomis 5, Trinity-Pawling 2. Goals: Loomis: Mandes, Ferri, Amato, Petrangelo, Gal. T-P: Tyll (2). Saves: Fitzpatrick (Loomis), 36; O’Connell (T-P), 30 saves.

7th Place Game: Gunnery 2, Kent 1. Goals: Gunnery: Usmail, Haddock. Kent: Desjardins. Saves: Paravoti (Gunnery), 37; Rank (Kent), 28.



Sat. Lawrenceville Results

Game #1: Upper Canada College 4, Canterbury 1. Goals: UCC: Cassels, Belliveau, Thorp, Greening. Canterbury: Peterson. SOG: UCC 20, Canterbury 20. Goaltenders: Saunders (UCC); Zuck (Canterbury).

Game #2: Choate 1, Belmont Hill 0. Goals: Choate: Coassin. SOG: Belmont Hill 25, Choate 23. Goaltenders: Favro (Choate); Vesprini (Belmont Hill).

Game #3: NMH 4, Lawrenceville 1. Goals: NMH; Rosata, Germain, Z. Wissman, Drake. L’ville: Rendall. SOG: NMH 28, L’ville 19. Goaltenders: Schoen (NMH); Foley (L’ville).

Game #4: Taft 4, Nichols 0. Goals: Taft: Beck (2), Townsend, Wallace. SOG: Taft 38, Nichols 16. Goalenders: Margolin (Taft); Kremer (Nichols).

Consolation Round:

Game #5: Canterbury 3, Belmont Hill 1. Goals: Canterbury: Goodwin, Silvestro, K. Garceau. Belmont Hill: Balben. SOG: Belmont Hill 24, Canterbury 23. Goaltenders: Zuck (Canterbury); Vesprini (Belmont Hill).

Game #6: Nichols 3, Lawrenceville 2 (OT/shootout win). Goals: Nichols: Livsey, Rang, Pfalzer (shootout). L’ville: VanSiclen, Smith. SOG: L’ville 23, Nichols 20. Goaltenders: McKinney (L’ville), Fitzpatrick (Nichols).

Championship Round:

Game #7: Choate 2, Upper Canada College 1 (OT/shootout win). Goals: Choate: Evans, Migliero (shootout). UCC: Adams. GOG: Choate 28, UCC 19. Goaltenders: Sanders (UCC) and Favro (Choate).

Game #8: Taft 4, NMH 1 -- Goals: Taft: Jones (2), Farrell, Dodge. NMH: Czepiel. SOG: NMH 26, Taft 24. Goaltenders: Margolin (Taft) and Schoen (NMH).  

Sunday Schedule:

8 am – 7th Place Game: Belmont Hill vs. Lawrenceville 

10 am – 5th Place Game: Canterbury vs. Nichols

12 pm – Third Place Game: Upper Canada College vs. NMH

2:30 pm – Championship Game: Taft vs. Choate




Sat. Flood-Marr Results

Kimball Union 1, Hotchkiss 0. Goals: KUA: Zwicker. Shots on Goal: Hotchkiss 24, KUA 22. Penalties: KUA 6, Hotchkiss 6.

Deerfield 2, Milton 0. Goals: Deerfield: Lyles, Wood. Penalties: Milton 8, Deerfield 7. Goaltenders: Stearns (Milton); Redmond (Deerfield).

Westminster 2, Andover 1: Goals: Westminster: Ben Smith, Vaskivuo. Andover: Joe Smith. Penalties: Andover 5, Westminster 4. Goaltenders: Shattie (Westminster); Ward (Andover).

Salisbury 2, Nobles 0. Goals: Salisbury: Paquet, Pollastrone. Penalties: Salisbury 7, Andover 3. Goaltenders: Mack (Salisbury); Muse (Nobles).

Deerfield 5, Hotchkiss 1. Goals: Deerfield: Farrell, Collins, Lesko, Lovejoy, Lyles. Hotchkiss: Carson. Penalties: Deerfield 8, Hotchkiss 8.

Milton 4, Kimball Union 2. Goals: Schneider, Hextall (2), Bonham. KUA: Dewdney, Kuhar. Penalties: Milton 5, KUA 4. Goaltenders: Mountain (Milton); Greer (KUA).

Sun. Playoff Schedule -- all games at Nobles.
8:00 am -- 7th Place Game: Hotchkiss vs. Andover
10:00 am -- 5th Place Game: Kimball Union vs. Westminster
12:00 pm -- 3rd Place Game: Milton vs. Nobles
2:00 pm -- Championship Game: Deerfield vs. Salisbury


Thayer Wins St. Seb's Tournament

Sophomore forward Brian Gibbons had five points (2g,3a) to pace Thayer Academy past host St. Sebastian's 8-1 today. Greg Collins (3a), Pierce Norton (1g,2a), and Paul Carey (2g,1a) each had three point days, while Ryan Driscoll added a pair of goals. Matt Frechette made 18 saves to pick up the win for Thayer. Connor Toomey had 34 saves for St. Sebastian's. 

1st Place Game: Thayer 8, St. Sebastian's 1
3rd Place Game: South Kent 3, Albany Academy 1
5th Place Game: Bridgton 8, Brewster 1


Kents Hill Wins Brooks-Pingree Tournament

Championship Game: Kents Hill 3, Proctor 2
3rd Place Game: Brunswick 4, Pingree 2
5th Place Game: Brooks 6, DeMatha 1
7th Place Game: Shady Side Academy 3, Rye Country Day 2 (OT)
9th Place Game: Rivers 3, Portsmouth Abbey 2



Choate Wins L’ville Tourney in OT

Lawrenceville, NJ -- A Brett Bandazian power play goal 12:48 into overtime lifted Choate to a 2-1 win over Taft in the championship game of the 57th Annual Lawrenceville Tournament here at the Loucks Ice Center today.

Loucks Ice Center at Lawrenceville School was treated to a wonderful hockey game Sunday afternoon, as old-time powerhouse Choate and Taft faced off against each other in the 57th Annual Lawrenceville Invitational Hockey Tournament's championship game.

This was an excellent game, fast-paced and aggressive, and a big win for Choate – a traditional power that’s been down for a while -- and new head coach Pat Dennehy.

The first period today was scoreless. The game's first penalty was called just 13 seconds in -- against Taft for roughing -- and the tone was set. Choate put consistent pressure on the Rhinos, and kept the puck in the Taft end for most of the first six minutes, but Choate was unable to muster any serious scoring threats, allowing Taft goalie Andrew Margolin  to easily push aside shots from the outside.

With just 2:15 left in the first, Bandazian, who would later score the big OT goal, stickhandled neatly through three Taft defenders, and came in alone on Margolin. The sophomore goalie from Mahwah, New Jersey, an ’89, made a beautiful glove save on a shot headed for the lower corner.  

Taft recouped about half way through the period, and repaid the pressure by pinning the puck in low for nearly four minutes, but Choate netminder Tristan Favro was equal to the task, and he gave Taft little, if anything, to shoot at. Shots for the scoreless first period were Choate 11, Taft 9.

In the second period, the game opened up, with both teams skating well with consistent, high-octane efforts. Taft broke through first just 1:57 in with a nifty goal from Jack Downing (an ’89 from New Canaan, Conn.), who converted beautiful, quick passes from Max Pacioretty (also from New Canaan) and Brendan Reich (Montvale, NJ) into a 1-0 Taft lead.       

The middle portion of the second period saw some terrific skating, passing, hitting, and playmaking by both sides, and although Taft would hold an 11-3 edge in shots on goal, both goalies made some outstanding saves.

But Choate was not to be denied. Having been outshot and out-hustled though most of the second stanza, Choate's Dane Evans (Brookside, NJ) scored for Choate, as he has a knack to do, and pulled Choate even at the 11:42 mark. AJ Ferraro (an '88 sophomore  from New Canaan, Conn.) and Bandazian assisted. (Evans, it should be pointed out, also scored Choate's only regulation goal in the 2-1 win over Upper Canada College that allowed Choate to advance to the championship game.)

With the game tied at 1-1, the third period delivered what all the fans wanted – fast-paced action, with tight checking, hard hitting, and an occasional long break-out pass to an open winger.

Taft's Margolin was called upon early as Choate's Rence Coassin (an '88 junior from Hamden, CT) worked his way deep into the Taft zone on a semi-breakaway and launched a rocket that Margolin was able to reach with his blocker.

Just two minutes later, Choate goalie Tristan Favro, an '87 senior from Westfield, NJ, showed he could provide some thrills of his own, making a marvelous stop of a 15-foot blast from Taft's Doug Jones (Marietta, GA).

The crowd was now loud and into it, and the players fed off the energy. Opportunities to score were equal throughout the remaining six minutes of the game, but regulation ended with the game tied at 1-1. Regulation end with this reporter’s shot count  standing at Taft 30, Choate 24.

With just 2:13 remaining in the first overtime and Taft shorthanded due to a questionable tripping penalty on a Taft defenseman, Choate's Bandazian, an '87 junior from Wykoff, NJ, skating well on the power play, put Choate back on the map with a backhander that beat Margolin to the near side.

Note: The hosts and staff of the tournament were, as always, gracious. The tournament's only downside was the officiating, which was OK in some games, but horrible in others. A few of the referees seemed overwhelmed by the speed, and, while some allowed the kids to play (within reason), others called it excessively by the book. It was difficult to know what to expect game-to-game.

Championship Game: Choate 2, Taft 1 (OT). Goals: Choate: Evans, Bandazian. Taft: Downing. Final SOG (from game sheet): Taft 35, Choate 20.  Goaltenders: Favro (Choate) and Margolin (Taft).
3rd Place Game: Northfield-Mt. Hermon 5, Upper Canada College 3. Goals: NMH: Rosata (2), Germain, Z. Wissman, Muse. SOG: NMH 31, UCC 25. Goaltenders: Schoen (NMH) and Mills (UCC). 

5th Place Game: Canterbury 5, Nichols 1: Goals: Canterbury: Rowella (2), Howe, Kupperman, K. Garceau. Nichols: Winter. SOG: Canterbury 30, Nichols 17. Goaltenders: Friedman (Canterbury) and Fitzpatrick (Nichols).  

7th Place Game:
Belmont Hill 4, Lawrenceville 2: Goals: Belmont Hill: McCafferty, Moscatel, Balben, Young.  Lawrenceville: Rendall, Snively. SOG: Belmont Hill 23, Lawrenceville 16. Goaltenders: Venti (Belmont Hill) and McKinney (Lawrenceville).




Salisbury Wins School’s First Flood-Marr Title

Dedham, Mass. -- Salisbury, in its 19th appearance at the Flood-Marr tournament, finally won it all this year, topping a game Deerfield squad, 2-1 here today.

For Salisbury, a runner-up to Hotchkiss last December, the game-winning goal came at the 4:24 mark of the third period when, on the power play, a wrist shot from the right point by Jerry Pollastrone found the back of the net to give Salisbury a 2-0 lead. Junior center J.J. Cunningham assisted on the goal.

With 2:36 left in regulation, Deerfield senior Mike Collins cut the Salisbury lead to 2-1, beating Salisbury goaltender Jeff Mack with a blast from the slot, defenseman Ben Fields picking up an assist on the play. But that was as close as Deerfield would get.

Earlier, just 3:47 into the game, Brad Baldelli put Salisbury on the board when he took a nice drop pass from Steve Smolinsky and roofed it on Deerfield goalie Rick Redmond. Center Mike Atkinson also picked up an assist on the play.

“This is a great tournament,” Salisbury coach Dan Donato said afterward, “and we were tested. We had success as a team coming in but it was nice to see our team compete and give up so few goals.”

Salisbury gave up six goals in its four games here.

“Jeff Mack,” Donato added, “played another outstanding game in net. Our defensemen-- Biega, Paquet -- were excellent. We kept it simple, got the puck deep, and used our speed.”

“I tip my hat to Deerfield. They worked hard. These were two good teams here today.”

Deerfield coach Brendan Creagh said the tournament was a great one for his team, adding that it was “far better than last year when we played in the 8 a.m. game.”

“A couple of bounces,” he said, “and things could have gone our way. But I think our team worked really hard and created a lot of offensive opportunities for themselves.”

“And both goalies,” Creagh added, “were excellent.”

Playoff Results:

Championship Game:
Salisbury 2, Deerfield 1. Goals: Salisbury: Baldelli, Pollastrone. Deerfield: Collins. Penalties: Deerfield 7, Salisbury 6. Shots on Goal: Salisbury 29, Deerfield 29. Goaltenders: Rick Redmond (Deerfield) 29/27; Jeff Mack (Salisbury) 29/28.

Third Place Game: Nobles 6, Milton 2. Nobles: Huxley, Franklin, DeLorey, Hayes, Nelson, Resor. Milton: Fitoussi, Skarika. Penalties: Nobles 7, Milton 7. Goaltenders: Muse (Nobles); Stearns (Milton).

Fifth Place Game: Westminster 2, Kimball Union 1. Goals: Westminster: DeJohn (2). KUA: Dewdney. Penalties: KUA 6, Westminster 4. Goaltenders’ stats unavailable.

Seventh Place Game: Andover 3, Hotchkiss 0. Goals: Andover: Kucharski (2), Maresco. Penalties: Andover 8, Hotchkiss 3. Goaltenders’ stats unavailable.


Most Valuable Player: Salisbury senior center Mike Atkinson.

All-Tournament Team:

Alex Biega, Salisbury junior forward
Phil Paquet, Salisbury senior defenseman
Jeff Mack, Salisbury senior goaltender
J.J. Evans, Deerfield senior forward
Mike Collins, Deerfield senior forward
Rick Redmond, Deerfield senior goaltender
Matt Nelson, Nobles senior forward
Drew DeLorey, Nobles senior forward
Pasko Skarica, Milton junior defenseman
Brett Hextall, Milton sophomore forward
Ben Smith, Westminster junior forward
Phil Greer, Kimball Union senior goaltender
Gavin Carson, Hotchkiss junior defenseman
Steve Rolecek, Andover senior forward

The all-tournament team is chosen by the coaches, though the coaches only pick players on their own team – from one to three depending on where their team finished. So, while all of the above played very well, it’s not really an all-tournament team in the traditional sense. In many cases it’s more a nod of appreciation by the coaches to one or two of their players for a job well done. In addition, coaches will often leave off a big-timer in favor of highlighting a player, usually a senior, who had a strong tournament, but is not exactly a household name. It’s an antiquated approach to picking an all-tournament team, and often leaves newcomers to the event scratching their heads. And that’s why we mention it, because if you understand the ground rules going in, it's not so perplexing.  




Fri. St. George’s Tournament Results

St. George’s 5, BB&N 1
Williston 5, Millbrook 2
Millbrook 3, BB&N 2
Williston 4, St. George’s 3

Saturday Games:
9:00 am – BB&N vs. Williston (Cutler Rink)
9:15 am – St. George’s vs. Millbrook (Howard Rink)




Fri. Brooks-Pingree Results


Thurs. Dec. 16:

Pingree 3, Rivers 2


Fri. Dec. 17:

Brooks 4, Portsmouth Abbey 2

DeMatha 3, Kents Hill 3

Proctor 3, Shady Side Academy 2 (OT)

DeMatha 4, Rivers 4

Pingree 4, Rye CD 4

Brunswick 3, Brooks 1




Fri. Barber Tournament Results

Games played at St. Mark's and Middlesex. 

Lake Forest Academy 4, St. Mark's 3 (OT)
Middlesex 2, Vermont Academy 1 (OT)  NEPSIHA Div. II Game
Winchendon 5, Hebron 3 
Ridley College 3, Princeton Country Day 2 (OT/Shootout)


Fri. St. Seb's Tournament Results

South Kent 6, Bridgton 4
Thayer 6, Albany Academy 2


Fri. Exeter Invitational Results

Pomfret 5, Holderness 4 (See full box score)
Northwood 6, Tilton 2
Exeter 6, Gov. Dummer 3 (See full box score)


Fri. Lawrence-Groton Tournament Results

Div. I:
Lawrence 4, Culver 2 (See full box score)
Cushing 5, Hill 0 
Hill 3, Culver 2
Cushing 4, Lawrence 1 (See full box score)

Div. II:
Worcester Academy 9, North Yarmouth Academy 0 -- (See full box score)
Groton 1, Berwick 1 (Berwick wins in shootout)
Berwick 9, North Yarmouth Academy 0
Worcester Academy 10, Groton 0  


Fri. Avon Tournament Results

Game #5 – Trinity-Pawling 2, Gunnery 1. Goals: TP: Goodrich, Bardsley. Gunnery: Murphy. Saves: TP: O’Connell, 24; Gunnery: Pelligrino, 27.

Game #6 – Tabor 6, Berkshire 3. Goals: Tabor: Cook (2), Silva (2), Potts, Jelinek. Berkshire: Ashley, Grimm, Carpenter. Saves: Tabor: Ritter, 20; Berkshire: Crowson, 24. (See full box score.)

Game #7 – St. Paul’s 5, Kent 2. Goals: St. Paul’s: DiGiovanni (3), McAllister, Child.Kent: Coutts, Cook. Saves: St. Paul’s: Nipps, 21; Kent, Rank, 33.

Game #8 – Avon 8, Loomis-Chaffee 1. Goals: Avon: DiMarzo (2), Mori, Siers, Rioux, Davis, Tesar, Bradley. Loomis: Parillo. Shots on goal: Avon 44, Loomis 20. (See full box score.)

Game #9 – Tabor 6, Gunnery 2. Goals: Tabor: Jelinek (2), Silva, Livingston, Potts, McGrath. Gunnery: Usmail, Wein. Shots on Goal: Tabor 43, Gunnery 28. Goalies: Tabor: Ritter; Gunnery: Pelligrino.

Game #10 --Berkshire 3, Trinity-Pawling 1 Goals: Berkshire: Carroll, Noyes, Ashley. T-P: Bardsley. Saves: Berkshire: Crowson, 36. T-P: Myers, 26. (See full box score.)

Game #11 – Loomis 5, Kent 3   Goals: Loomis: Ferri, Tyman, Amato, Gal.. Kent: Bucks(2), Desjardins. Saves: Loomis: Fitzpatrick, 39; Kent, 32.    

Game #12 – Avon 4, St. Paul’s 2 -- Goals: Avon: Tesar, DiMarzo, Mero, Davis. St. Paul's: Kaiser, DeGiovanni. Saves: Avon: Quick, 21; St. Paul's: Nipps, 27. (See full box score.)


Sat. Games –

8:30 am – Seventh Place Game: Gunnery vs. Kent

10:30 am – Fifth Place Game:  Trinity-Pawling vs. Loomis

1:30 – Third Place Game:  Berkshire vs. St. Paul's

3:30 pm – Championship Game: Tabor vs. Avon




Fri. Flood-Marr Results

Salisbury 6, Westminster 2 – Goals: Salisbury: Ortiz (2), A. Biega, Atkinson, Baldelli, Smolinsky. Westminster: Fanini (2). Goaltenders: Mack (Salisbury); Shattie (Westminster). Penalties: Salisbury 9, Westminster 7. (See full box score.)

Nobles 4, Andover 3 (OT) – Goals: Nobles: Rhone, Burrows, DeLorey, Pallis. Andover: Burke, Rolocek, Martignetti. Goaltenders: Muse (Nobles); Ward (Andover). Penalties: Nobles 3, Andover 3.

Deerfield 6, Kimball Union 1 – Goals: Deerfield: Wood, Lesko, Evans (2), Collins, Farrell. KUA: Deewdney. Goaltenders: Redmond (Deerfield); Greer (KUA). Penalties: Deerfield 4, KUA 3.

Milton 3, Hotchkiss 2 – Goals: Milton: Nelson (2), Gerrity. Hotchkiss: Verrilli, Douglas. Goaltenders: Mountain (Milton); Barry (Hotchkiss). Penalties: Milton 7, Hotchkiss 5.

Andover 3, Salisbury 3 (OT) – Goals: Salisbury: Baldelli, Atkinson, M. Biega. Andover: Martignetti, Kucharski, Rolocek. Goaltenders: MacKinnon (Salisbury); Ward (Andover). Penalties: Salisbury 7, Andover 5.

Nobles 5, Westminster 1 – Goals: Nobles: Franklin (2), Rhone, DeLorey, Hayes. Westminster: Vaskivuo. Penalties: Nobles 7, Westminster 7.



Winchendon Tops Middlesex; Wins Barber Tournament

St. Mark's 7, Hebron 5  NEPSIHA Div. II Game
Princeton CD 5, Vermont Academy 1
Winchendon 2, Lake Forest Academy 1
Middlesex 4, Ridley College 1
Vermont Academy 3, Hebron 0 NEPSIHA Div. II Game
Lake Forest Academy 8, Ridley College 4
Consolation Final: St. Mark's 3, Princeton CD 0
Championship Final: Winchendon 7, Middlesex 4



Williston Wins St. George's Tournament

St. George's 4, Millbrook 1
BB&N 2, Williston 2 (BB&N wins OT shootout, 2-1)

Williston wins tourney championship by virtue of head-to-head win over St. George's Friday night. 


Cushing, Worcester Academy Lawrence-Groton Champs

Div. I:
Culver 3, Cushing 2 (See full box score)
Lawrence Academy 3, Hill 2 (See full box score)

Cushing goaltender Richard Bachman named Div. I MVP

Div. II:
Groton 7, North Yarmouth Academy 1
Worcester Academy 5, Berwick 4 (See full box score)

Worcester Academy forward Pat Brosnihan Div. II MVP


Sat. St. Sebastian's Tourney Results

St. Sebastian's 5, South Kent 2
Thayer 8, Brewster 2
Bridgton 4, St. Sebastian's 3 (OT)
Albany Academy 5, Brewster 1

Sunday's Games
8:30 am -- Bridgton v. Brewster
10:45 am -- South Kent v. Albany Academy
1:00 pm -- Thayer v. St. Sebastian's


Sat. Brooks-Pingree Results

Proctor 6, Brunswick 2
Kents Hill 4, Rye CD 1
Shady Side 10, Portsmouth Abbey 0
Pingree 6, DeMatha 4
Brooks 3, Proctor 2 (OT)
Kents Hill 7, Shady Side 3
Rivers 5, Rye CD 2
Brunswick 5, Portsmouth Abbey 1

Sun. Playoff Matchups:

10:00 am at Brooks -- 9th Place Game: Rivers vs. Portsmouth Abbey
9:00 am at Pingree -- 7th Place Game: Rye CD vs. Shady Side Academy

12:00 pm at Brooks -- 5th Place Game: DeMatha vs. Brooks
11:00 am at Pingree -- 3rd Place Game: Pingree vs. Brunswick

1:30 pm at Pingree -- Championship Game: Kent's Hill vs. Proctor



Sat. Exeter Tournament Results

Northwood 6, Exeter 2 (See full box score)
Pomfret 7, Tilton 4



Thurs. Exeter Invitational Scores


Exeter 3, Culver 2 (See full box score)

Pomfret 7, Northwood 4

Gov. Dummer 3, Holderness 1 (See full box score)

South Kent 6, Tilton 4

Junior Bruins 4, NH Jr. Monarchs 2






Thurs. Avon Christmas Classic Results


Game #1 – Avon Old Farms 3, Kent 0. Goals: Bradley, DiMarzo, Davis. Saves: Kent: Rank, 42; Avon: Quick, 21. (See full box score)


Game #2: St. Paul’s 2, Loomis-Chaffee 1. Goals: St. Paul’s: Kaiser (2). Loomis: Mandes. Saves: St. Paul’s: Nipps, 23; Loomis: Fitzpatrick, 23.


Game #3: Tabor 5, Trinity-Pawling 0. Goals: Tabor: Silva (2), Cook, Bower, Orsini. Saves: Tabor: Ritter, 29; Trinity-Pawling: O’Connell, 40.


Game #4: Berkshire 2, Gunnery 1. Goals: Berkshire: Flanagan, Noyes. Gunnery: Houli. Saves: Berkshire, Crowson, 25; Gunnery, Pelligrino, 38.





Toomey Puts the Big Freeze on GDA

Byfield, Mass. – On a night when it was 14 degrees outside and probably ten degrees colder inside, St. Sebastian’s sophomore goaltender Connor Toomey was hot, shutting down host Governor Dummer, 2-0.

Toomey made 32 saves, including 15 in the third, when Governor Dummer outshot St. Seb’s 15-3. On the game, GDA outshot the Arrows 32-22.

Governor Dummer, trailing 2-0, was awarded a penalty shot when GDA was called for intentionally dislodging the net with under two minutes left in regulation. Benn Ferriero took the shot, and tried to go five-hole, but Toomey stood his ground.

Earlier, in the first period, St. Sebastian’s scored the first of its two goals when junior Jordan Lalor, from behind the GDA net, found senior Brendan Moses alone in the slot. Moses’ shot beat GDA goaltender Dan Galajda cleanly with 1:48 left in the period.

In the second period, GDA came out hard, and put a lot of pressure on the Arrows. A little over a minute in, the Governors went on the powerplay, and Toomey was forced to come up big on a flurry of shots.

St. Sebastian’s made it 2-0 when sophomore Mike Bergin, a defenseman playing up, fired home a rebound of a Colin Young point shot at the 7:53 mark.

In the third, GDA threw all they had at St. Seb’s. The Arrows’ defensemen played them tough, protecting their goalie down low and minimizing second chances.

Toomey made a nice glove save with 2:15 left to keep it at 2-0. Shortly after, GDA pulled their goalie. St. Sebastian’s LW Chris Murphy had a perfect opportunity to score an empty-netter and make it 3-0, but his shot hit the side of the cage.

With 1:34 left, Ferriero had his penalty shot, was stopped, and that was the game.

“They all played hard. They battled and kept making good decisions,” St. Sebastian’s coach Steve Dagdigian said afterward. “

“It was easily Toomey’s best game,” he added. “Nothing spectacular except for the penalty shot. He was solid, solid, solid. I’m very happy for him.”



St. George's Tournament Schedule Updated

Since we originally posted the St. George's Tournament schedule, game times have been changed. To see the updated schedule, please scroll down this page to the tournament schedules. 



Brooks/Pingree Tournament Schedule Updated

Since we originally posted the Brooks/Pingree Tournament schedule, game times and rinks have been changed. To see an updated schedule, please scroll down this page to the tournament schedules. 



Exeter, behind Mannix, Tops Cushing

Exeter, NH – Phillips Exeter PG goaltender Chris Mannix, who graduated from Belmont Hill last spring, kicked out 33 shots in Exeter’s 4-1 win over Cushing Academy here today.

Penalties played a large factor in this game. Twenty-three were called – 15 against Cushing, and eight against Exeter. And there were six, possibly more, 5-on-3’s.

Cushing took six straight penalties to start the game, and killed them all. The only goal of the period came even-strength when, with Cushing defensemen all over them, PG Tommy Price slid the puck across to senior linemate Patrick Collins, who lifted it over the pads of Cushing goaltender Richard Bachman 8:00 into the period.

The game’s turning point came in the second period, when Cushing came out strong, dictated play, and, less than three minutes in, found themselves with a 5-on-3 powerplay and a golden opportunity to tie up the game. However, they failed to score.

About a minute after that 5-on-3 expired, Cushing took another penalty and Exeter went on the powerplay. While on that penalty kill, Cushing was called for yet another penalty – a delayed one. Before Cushing had a chance to touch the puck, though, junior RD Kevin Crane ripped one from the left point to give Exeter a 2-0 lead.

Less than two minutes later, playing at even strength, junior RW Evan Crosby broke down the left wing and fired a shot which broke off Bachman’s pad and rolled into the net 7:39 into the period.

That appeared, at least momentarily, to stun the Penguins. However, they kept at it, and, about a minute later, while on a powerplay of their own, big PG defenseman Kyle Koziara fired a shot from the point that was tipped home by junior Ben Ewing at the 8:51 mark.

That would be as close as Cushing would get. Exeter, emboldened by their lead and the strong effort they were getting in goal from Mannix, just kept at it, working like dogs. Even though they were taking some huge hits from Cushing, they kept popping up, kept moving their feet. As they did so, they started to win more and more races for loose pucks. Cushing had worked hard and dominated the period, outshooting Exeter by a healthy margin, but had fallen behind even farther.

In the third, Cushing, likely from killing all those penalties early on, appeared sluggish, and deflated. Exeter, on the other hand, appeared quicker. And Exeter had the hot hand in goal, too.

Exeter got their final goal, a shorthanded tally, when, with 5:56 left on the clock, Bachman left his crease to play a puck in the corner to his left. His cross-ice clearing pass was picked off by junior forward Chris Downer who fired it over Bachman as the latter was diving back into the net. That goal accounted for the final 4-1 margin of victory.

Afterward, Cushing head coach Steve Jacobs was angry about the penalties, particularly the six straight to start the game. “We were shorthanded 12 out of those 18 minutes,” he said. “It wore us out and we were tired in the third. In the second, I thought we were outstanding, but Mannix came up big for them. He made some great saves. Give them credit. They put in a great effort. I don’t want to take anything away from Exeter.”

Exeter coach Dana Barbin said that, “Mannix was great – the best player on the ice, but it was also a terrific team effort.”

Among Exeter luminaries were Price, who had a pair of assists today and looks like he’ll be the key to Exeter’s offense this season; and the excellent all-California defense pairing of junior Kevin Crane, a right shot from Irvine who had a goal and an assist and is a solid Div. I prospect, and senior Ian Drummond, a left shot from Del Mar. Drummond, quick, mobile, and small, has been accepted early decision at Princeton.

An intriguing player to follow will be 6’1” Exeter LC John Higgins, a PG out of Exeter HS. He’s an ’86 – and has some upside.

The best player for Cushing today was 6’6”, 220 lb. defenseman Kyle Koziara, who looks like a totally different player than he was last year. From the opening faceoff, he was fully engaged, played hard and physically, was confident with the puck, displayed excellent shot selection, pinched in at appropriate times, kept tight gaps, and played with poise. It appears that he’s become the player everyone has been waiting for him to become.



Rescheduled Game

The Loomis at Choate game of Wed. Dec. 15 has been moved to Tues. Dec. 14 at 5:00 pm.




Winged Beavers Topple Taft, 3-1

Avon, Conn. – Avon Old Farms, behind a pair of Sean Backman goals and a 26-save effort by Jon Quick, defeated Taft, 3-1, here today.

Avon, the defending New England prep champs, is deep and experienced. Among its 15 seniors is the core of last year’s team.

Taft, on the other hand, is young, and it may take time for new head coach Dan Murphy, formerly an assistant under Avon head coach John Gardner, to get the Rhinos back to the level of recent years.

Avon boasts fast, quick forwards, and one of them, Backman, put Avon on the board with 5:59 left in the first period when he snapped one far side on Taft sophomore goalie Andrew Margolin.

Less than four minutes later, with a faceoff to Margolin’s left, the draw was won back to Union recruit Augie DiMarzo, who snapped a one-timer under the Taft goalie’s glove.

Avon, also solid physically, had Taft back on its heels in the first period, and entered the first intermission with a 2-0 lead.

In the second, the Taft skaters asserted themselves more, helped in part by Avon getting a little sloppy in their own end, as a couple of turnovers turned into nice scoring opportunities for Taft. Quick slammed the door, though.

In the third, Avon made it 3-0 when Backman, a Yale recruit, darted to the net, took a pass from John Mori, and snapped it home. It was Mori’s second assist of the game.

On a 5-on-3 powerplay, Taft scored a late goal, by senior RW Shane Farrell, to account for the 3-1 final.

“We were opportunistic and buried our chances,” Gardner said afterward. “And, as usual, we got good goaltending -- not many hard saves, but good saves.”

“I was impressed with Taft and the job Murph is doing,” Gardner added.

As for Taft, Murphy said, “Our kids played hard and competed for 54 minutes. They played with confidence. That’s a great Avon team so this was a good early-season test for us. Quick was great.”

“We have to get better on the penalty kill,” Murphy added.



Weather KOs Canterbury at Berkshire 

Today's Canterbury at Berkshire game, scheduled for 4:45 pm, has been postponed due to snow moving across western New England. 

The game will be made up sometime in January. 


12/03/04 Updated on 12/13/04

St. George’s Tournament
Fri.-Sat. Dec. 17-18, 2004

At St. George’s School; Newporrt, RI


Fri. Dec. 17

11:00 am – St. George’s vs. BB&N (Howard Rink)

11:15 am -- Williston vs. Millbrook (Cutler Rink)

6:15 pm -- Millbrook vs. BB&N (Cutler Rink)

6:30 pm – St. George’s vs. Williston (Howard Rink)

Sat. Dec. 18

9:00 am – BB&N vs. Williston (Cutler Rink)

9:15 am – St. George’s vs. Millbrook (Howard Rink)


12/3/04   Updated 12/13/04 


Brooks-Pingree Holiday Tournament

Thurs-Sun. Dec. 16-19, 2004


Thurs. Dec. 16

7:00 pm – Pingree vs. Rivers (Pingree)

Fri. Dec. 17

9:00 am – Brooks vs. Portsmouth Abbey (Brooks)

11:00 am – DeMatha vs. Kents Hill (Pingree)

3:30 pm – Shady Side vs. Proctor (Pingree)

6:00 pm – Rivers vs. DeMatha (Pingree)

8:00 pm -- Pingree vs. Rye CD (Pingree)

8:00 pm – Brooks vs. Brunswick (Brooks)


Sat. Dec. 18

8:00 am – Brunswick vs. Proctor (Brooks)

8:00 am -- Rye CD vs. Kent's Hill (Pingree)

10:00 am – Portsmouth Abbey vs. Shady Side (Brooks)

2:00 pm – Pingree vs. DeMatha (Pingree)

4:00 pm – Brooks vs. Proctor (Brooks)

4:00 pm -- Rivers vs. Rye CD (Pingree)

6:00 pm – Shady Side vs. Kent’s Hill (Brooks)

8:00 pm – Brunswick vs. Portsmouth Abbey (Brooks)

Sun. Dec. 19

9:00 am – TBD (Pingree)

10:00 TBD (Brooks)

11:00 am – TBD (Pingree)

12:00 pm – TBD (Brooks)

1:30 pm -- Championship Game (Pingree)




Nichols-Belmont Hill Holiday Invitational

Tues. Dec. 28-Thurs. Dec. 30
at Nichols School; Buffalo, NY


Green Division

Belmont Hill

Kimball Union



Blue Division




St. Andrew’s

Tues. Dec. 28

9:00 am -- Nichols vs. KUA
11:00 am – Belmont Hill vs. Winchendon

1:00 pm -- Lawrenceville vs. Millbrook

3:00 pm – Gilmour vs. St. Andrew’s

6:00 pm -- Kimball Union vs. Belmont Hill

8:00 pm – Winchendon vs. Nichols

Wed. Dec. 29

9:00 am – St. Andrew’s vs. Lawrenceville

11:00 am – Millbrook vs. Gilmour

1:00 pm – Nichols vs. Belmont Hill

3:00 pm – Kimball Union vs. Winchendon

6:00 pm – Lawrenceville vs. Gilmour

8:00 pm – St. Andrew’s vs. Millbrook

Thurs. Dec. 30

9:00 am – Semifinal: Green 1st vs. Blue 2nd

11:00 am – Semifinal: Blue 1st vs. Green 2nd

1:00 pm – 7th Place Game: Green 4th vs. Blue 4th

3:00 pm – 5th Place Game: Green 3rd vs. Blue 3rd

6:00 pm – Championship Game



Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

Holiday Showcase

Thurs.-Fri. Dec. 30-31st, 2004


Thurs. Dec. 30

1st Round:
Game #1: 9:00 am – Thayer vs. Brooks

Game #2: 9:00 am – Tilton vs. Roxbury Latin (@ Belmont Hill)

Game #3: 11:00 am – Gunnery vs. Proctor (@ Belmont Hill)

Game #4: 11:00 am -- BB&N vs. Hebron

2nd Round:

Game #5: 1:30 pm – Loser #1 vs. Loser #2

Game #6: 3:30 pm –Loser #3 vs. Loser #4

Game #7: 5:30 pm -- Semifinal: Winner #1 vs. Winner #2

Game #8: 7:30 pm – Semifinal: Winner #3 vs. Winner #4

Fri. Dec. 31st

Final Round

8:00 am -- 7th Place Game: Loser #5 vs. Loser #6

10:00 am -- Consolation Final: Winner #5 vs. Winner #6

12:00 pm – 3rd Place Game: Loser #7 vs. Loser #8

2:00 pm – Championship Game: Winner #7 vs. Winner #8




Joshua Weeks New Year’s Tournament



Black Division

Upper Canada College

Governor Dummer Academy

The Hill School

Tabor Academy


Red Division

Holderness School

St. Sebastian’s School

Milton Academy

New England Jr. Falcons


Fri. Dec. 31, 2004

10:30 am -- Milton vs. St. Sebastian’s

12:30 pm -- Holderness vs. Falcons

1:30 pm – Tabor vs. GDA

5:00 pm – UCC vs. Hill

7:00 pm -- Falcons vs. Milton

9:00 pm -- St. Sebastian’s vs. Holderness


Sat. Jan. 1, 2005

9:00 am – GDA vs. UCC

11:00 am – Tabor vs. Hill

1:00 pm – Milton vs. Holderness

3:30 pm – St. Sebastian’s vs. Falcons

5:30 pm – Tabor vs. UCC

7:30 pm – Hill vs. GDA


Sun. Jan. 2, 2005

8:30 am – 7th Place Game: 4th Place Black vs. 4th Place Red

10:30 am -- 5th Place Game: 3rd Place Black vs. 3rd Place Red

12:30 pm – 3rd Place Game: 2nd Place Black vs. 2nd Place Red

3:00 pm – Championship Game: 1st Place Black vs. 1st Place Red



Posted Schedules/Rosters

We don’t want readers to spend valuable time scrolling the drop-down menus on this page for rosters and schedules that have not yet been posted.

So, thanks to a reader’s suggestion, we will provide updated lists of schedules and rosters. 

As of Saturday Dec. 4 at 6:00 pm, coaches from the following prep teams have submitted their schedules and/or rosters.

Schedules (35):

Avon Old Farms 

Berkshire School

Berwick Academy

Bridgton Academy

Choate Rosemary Hall

Cushing Academy

Deerfield Academy

Phillips Exeter Academy

Governor Dummer Academy

The Gunnery

Holderness School

Kents Hill School
Kimball Union 

Kingswood-Oxford School

Lawrence Academy

Lawrenceville School

Loomis-Chaffee School

Noble & Greenough

Northfield-Mt. Hermon

Pomfret School

Portsmouth Abbey

Proctor Academy
Salisbury School 

Shady Side Academy

South Kent School

St. Paul’s School

St. Sebastian's School

Tabor Academy

Taft School
Trinity-Pawling School
Vermont Academy 


Worcester Academy

Wyoming Seminary

Rosters (37):

Avon Old Farms 

Belmont Hill
Berkshire School

Berwick Academy 

Bridgton Academy

Canterbury School
Choate Rosemary Hall
Cushing Academy 

Deerfield Academy

Gilmour Academy

Governor Dummer Academy
The Gunnery

Holderness School 
Kimball Union Academy 

Kingswood-Oxford School

Lawrence Academy


Milton Academy

Phillips Andover Academy 
Phillips Exeter Academy

Noble & Greenough

Northfield-Mt. Hermon

Pomfret School

Proctor Academy
Salisbury School 

Shady Side Academy

St. Paul's School
South Kent School 
Tabor Academy
Taft School
Trinity-Pawling School

Upper Canada College
Vermont Academy 
Westminster School


Worcester Academy

Notes: We do not post schedules and rosters – that’s up to the individual schools and coaches. We just provide, at no cost to the schools, a secure system whereby coaches are able to input schedules, rosters, and box scores. If there are any prep coaches out there who didn’t receive our mass e-mailing earlier this month, please let us know, as that e-mailing contained all necessary information on uploading info to the site.

If there is any way we can be of technical assistance, please write admin (at) ushr.comFor hockey news and all editorial matters please email editor Chris Warner at cwarner (at) or information (at) ushr.comPlease replace the (at) with the traditional @.




Nobles Pulls One Out of the Hat

Dedham, Mass. – It was beginning to look like the game belonged to goalie Wes Vesperini as the clock ticked down toward six minutes and the visitors from Belmont Hill held a 2-0 lead here this afternoon.

Then it all changed – and fast, as Nobles scored a pair of goals 37 seconds apart – by seniors Matt Nelson and Drew DeLorey -- to tie it up. Then Belmont Hill grabbed the lead right back, going up 3-2 whensenior J.T. Balben finished off a rink-length rush by sliding the puck past Nobles goaltender Tyler Low with exactly two minutes remaining in regulation.

Nobles was unfazed, though. Ever since they’d tied it at 2-2 several minutes prior, they’d been exerting heavy pressure on the Belmont Hill defense.

Finally, with 18 seconds left on the clock junior defenseman Chris Huxley took a pass from defense partner Derrick Pallis and fired one, beating Vesperini just inside the near post and tying the game at 3-3.

In overtime, right off the opening faceoff, senior Matt Nelson picked up a puck off a neutral zone turnover and scooted in alone on Vesperini, beating the junior goaltender with a nice move only nine seconds into the extra frame. It was Nelson’s second goal of the game and capped off a nice comeback for the home team.

Belmont Hill was stunned by the ending, no doubt about it. Overall, though, this was a well-played and entertaining early-season game. Besides the flurry of scoring at the end, there was plenty of skating, puck movement, and solid goaltending. In addition there were only nine penalties called in game, a rarity this fall.

Earlier, Belmont Hill took the 2-0 lead on goals by sophomoreLW Luke Arnold and senior defenseman Brian McCafferty. 

Vesperini kicked out 31 of 35 for Belmont Hill, and Low stopped 27 of 30 for Nobles.

“We got better as the game progressed,” said Nobles head coach Brian Day afterward. “ I thought we did a good job on D. We kept the shots to the perimeter and Low played well, as did Vesperini for them.”

“I thought our guys showed a lot of character,” Day added. “They were down 2-0 with six minutes to go and they just kept plugging and tied it up. When Belmont Hill regained the lead, we just kept plugging away.”

Notes: Belmont Hill was without forward senior forward Chris DeBaere, who will be out a couple of weeks with an injury…. Nobles had a very impressive line – all ’89 birthdates -- of freshman Andrew Glass, sophomore Josh Franklin, and 6’2” freshman Jimmy Hayes.



Albany Academy

Rider Cup Holiday Tournament

Sat.-Sun. Dec. 11-12, 2004


Pool A

Albany Academy




Pool B



Wyoming Seminary


Sat. Dec. 11, 2004

10:30 am – Winchendon vs. Albany Academy

1:00 pm – Lawrenceville vs. Wyoming Seminary

3:00 pm – Hill vs. Winchendon

5:30 pm – Millbrook vs. Lawrenceville

7:30 pm – Hill vs. Albany Academy

9:30 pm – Wyoming Seminary vs. Millbrook


Sun. Dec. 12, 2004

10:00 am – Pool A 3rd vs. Pool B 3rd

12:00 pm – Pool A 2nd vs. Pools B 2nd

2:00 pm –Championship Game

                  (Pool A 1st vs. Pool B 1st)


Avon Old Farms Christmas

Hockey Classic Schedule 2004




Thursday, December 16, 2004


3:00 PM

Game 1—Kent vs. Avon at Jennings Fairchild Rink

5:00 PM

Game 2—Loomis Chaffee vs. St. Paul’s at Jennings Fairchild Rink




7:00 PM

Game 3—Taborvs. Trinity-Pawlingat Jennings Fairchild Rink

9:00 PM

Game 4—Berkshirevs. Gunneryat Jennings Fairchild Rink

Friday, December 17, 2004





9:00 AM

9:00 AM

Game 5—Trinity-Pawling vs. Gunnery at Kingswood Rink

Game 6 —Berkshire vs. Taborat Jennings Fairchild Rink




11:00 AM

11:00 AM

Game 7 — Kentvs. St. Paul’sat Kingswood Rink

Game 8— Loomisvs. Avon at Jennings Fairchild Rink




3:00 PM

Game 9 —Taborvs. Gunneryat Jennings Fairchild Rink

5:00 PM

Game 10 — Trinity-Pawling vs. Berkshireat Jennings Fairchild Rink




7:00 PM

Game 11—Loomis Chaffeevs. Kentat Jennings Fairchild Rink

9:00 PM

Game 12 —St. Paul’svs. Avonat Jennings Fairchild Rink


Saturday, December 18, 2004




8:30 AM

Game 13 —4th Place Pierpont vs. 4th Place Trautman at Jennings Fairchild Rink

10:30 AM

Game 14 —3rd Place Pierpont vs. 3rd Place Trautman at Jennings Fairchild Rink




1:30 PM

Game 15 —2nd Place Pierpont vs. 2nd Place Trautman at Jennings Fairchild Rink

3:30 PM

Game 16 —1st Place Pierpont vs. 1st Place Trautman— Championship Final at Jennings Fairchild Rink


2004 Flood – Marr Tournament

40th Annual


Owen Division

Harding Division

Milton Academy

Noble & Greenough School

Deerfield Academy

Phillips Academy Andover

Hotchkiss School

Salisbury School

Kimball Union Academy

Westminster School





Visitor (wear white)

Home (wear colors)


Salisbury School

Westminster School


Phillips Academy Andover

Noble & Greenough School


Deerfield Academy

Kimball Union Academy


Milton Academy

Hotchkiss School


Phillips Academy Andover

Salisbury School


                       Westminster School

Noble & Greenough School

*7 minute warm up begins at 8:53





Visitor (wear white)

Home (wear colors)


Hotchkiss School

Kimball Union Academy


Deerfield Academy

Milton Academy


Westminster School

Phillips Academy Andover


Noble & Greenough School

Salisbury School


Hotchkiss School

Deerfield Academy


Kimball Union Academy

Milton Academy

*7 minute warm up begins at 8:53






Owen Division Finish

Harding Division Finish

7th Place


4th Place:

4th Place:

5th Place


3rd Place:

3rd Place:



2nd Place:

2nd Place:



1st Place:

1st Place:

*7 minute warm up begins at 7:53



2004 Exeter Invitational Christmas Tournament

Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. Dec. 16,17,18


Thurs. Dec. 16

3:00 pm – Exeter vs. Culver

4:00 pm -- Pomfret vs. Northwood

5:30 pm – GDA vs. Holderness

6:30 pm – Tilton vs. South Kent

7:30 pm – Junior Bruins vs. NH Monarchs


Fri. Dec. 17

12:00 pm – Holderness vs. Pomfret

2:30 pm – Northwood vs. Tilton

5:00 pm – Exeter vs. GDA


Sat. Dec. 18

1:00 pm – Exeter vs. Northwood

1:00 pm – Tilton vs. Pomfret





Lawrence Academy-Groton School

31st Annual Christmas Tournament
December 17th and 18th, 2004


DivisionII Preps                                                               Division I_Preps


Groton School, Groton, MA                                         Lawrence Academy, Groton, MA

Berwick Academy, Berwick, NH                                  Culver Academy, Culver, IN

North Yarmouth Academy, Yarmouth, ME                 Cushing Acad., Ashburnham, MA

Worcester Academy, Worcester, MA                          The Hill School, Pottstown, PA



Friday, December 17:


10:00 AM            Culver Military Academy vs. Lawrence Academy                                    at LA

12:00 PM             North Yarmouth Academy vs. Worcester Academy                                 at LA


10:00 AM            Cushing Academy vs. The Hill School                                                       at GS

12:00 PM             Groton School vs. Berwick Academy                                                        at GS


6:00 PM            The Hill School vs. Culver Academy                                                             at LA

8:00 PM            Lawrence Academy vs. Cushing Academy                                                    at LA


6:00 PM            Berwick Academy vs. North Yarmouth Academy                                        at GS

8:00 PM            Worcester Academy vs. Groton School                                                         at GS


Saturday, December 18:


11:30 AM            Culver Military Academy vs. Cushing Academy                                      at LA

1:30 PM               Lawrence Academy vs. The Hill School                                                    at LA


11:00 AM            Groton School vs. North Yarmouth Acad.                                                 at GS

1:00 PM               Berwick Academy vs. Worcester Academy                                               at GS


LA = Lawrence Academy

GS = Groton School



Lawrenceville School

57th Annual Invitational Hockey Tournament


Saturday and Sunday, December 18 & 19, 2004


The Loucks Ice Center, The Lawrenceville School


Hobart Baker Memorial Rink, Princeton University




Belmont Hill School               Lawrenceville School


Choate Rosemary Hall   Northfield Mount Hermon




SATURDAY, December 18th




Game Time

Game #





9:00 AM


Upper Canada College vs Canterbury (Loucks Ice Center)

9:00 AM


Choate vs Belmont Hill (Baker Rink)

11:00 AM


NMH vs Lawrenceville (Loucks Ice Center)

11:00 AM


Taft vs Nichols(Baker Rink)

2:00 PM


Losers of Games 1 & 2 (Loucks Ice Center)

4:00 PM


Losers of Games 3 & 4 (Loucks Ice Center)

7:00 PM


Winners of Games 1 & 2 (Loucks Ice Center)

9:00 PM


Winners of Games 3 & 4 (Loucks Ice Center)



Home team in Bold and will wear white

SUNDAY, December 19th




8:00 AM


Losers of Games 5 & 6 (Loucks Ice Center)

10:00 AM


Winners of Games 5 & 6 (Loucks Ice Center)

12:00 AM


Losers of Games 7& 8 (Loucks Ice Center)










2:30 PM


Winners of Games 7 & 8 (Loucks Ice Center)


Champions: Upper Canada College
Runner-ups:Taft School



2004 William W. Barber, Jr.

Memorial Hockey Tournament



Fri. Dec. 17, 2004


St. Mark’s School

Southborough, MA

Middlesex School

Concord, MA

Game 1 @ 5:00 p.m.

St. Mark’s v. Lake Forest Academy


Game 2 @ 5:00 p.m.

Middlesex v. Vermont Academy

Game 3 @ 7:00 p.m.

Hebron v. Winchendon


Game 4 @ 7:00 p.m.

Ridley College v. Princeton Day School




Sat. Dec. 18, 2004


St. Mark’s School

Southborough, MA

Middlesex School

Concord, MA

Game 5 @ 8:30 a.m.

Loser Game 1 v. Loser Game 3


Game 6 @ 8:30 a.m.

Loser Game 2 v. Loser Game 4

Game 7 @ 10:30 a.m.

Winner Game 1 v. Winner Game 3

Game 8 @ 10:30 a.m.

Winner Game 2 v. Winner Game 4


Game 9 @ 1:30 p.m.

Loser Game 5 v. Loser Game 6


Game 10 @ 1:30 p.m.

Winner Game 5 v. Winner Game 6


Game 11 @ 3:30 p.m.

Loser Game 7 v. Loser Game 8


Game 12 @ 3:30 p.m.

Winner Game 7 v. Winner Game 8





St. Sebastian’s Christmas Tournament
Fri.-Sun. December 17-19, 2004

Fri. December 17
3:00 pm -- South Kent vs. Bridgton
5:15 pm -- Thayer vs. Albany Academy

Sat. December 18
8:30 am -- South Kent vs. St. Sebastian's
10:45 am -- Thayer vs. Brewster

2:00 pm -- Bridgton vs. St. Sebastian's
4:15 pm -- Albany Academy vs. Brewster

Sun. December 19
8:30 am -- 3rd vs. 3rd
10:45 am -- 2nd vs. 2nd
1:00 pm -- 1st vs. 1st



Posted Schedules/Rosters

We don’t want readers to spend valuable time scrolling the drop-down menus on this page for rosters and schedules that have not yet been posted.

So, thanks to a reader’s suggestion, we will provide daily updates on which schedules and rosters have been added.

As of Wednesday night, coaches from the following prep teams have submitted their schedules and/or rosters.

Schedules (29):

Avon Old Farms -- NEW

Berkshire School

Berwick Academy

Bridgton Academy

Choate Rosemary Hall

Phillips Exeter Academy

Governor Dummer Academy

The Gunnery
Holderness School -- NEW
Kents Hill School
Kimball Union -- NEW

Kingswood-Oxford School

Lawrence Academy

Lawrenceville School

Noble & Greenough

Northfield-Mt. Hermon

Pomfret School

Proctor Academy
Salisbury School -- NEW

Shady Side Academy

South Kent School

St. Paul’s School

Tabor Academy

Taft School
Trinity-Pawling School
Vermont Academy -- NEW


Worcester Academy

Wyoming Seminary

Rosters (27):

Avon Old Farms -- NEW
Berkshire School

Berwick Academy -- NEW

Bridgton Academy
Cushing Academy -- NEW

Gilmour Academy
The Gunnery

Holderness School -- NEW
Kimball Union Academy -- NEW

Kingswood-Oxford School

Lawrence Academy -- NEW

Phillips Andover Academy -- NEW
Phillips Exeter Academy

Noble & Greenough

Northfield-Mt. Hermon

Pomfret School

Proctor Academy
Salisbury School -- NEW

Shady Side Academy
South Kent School -- NEW
Tabor Academy
Taft School -- NEW
Trinity-Pawling School -- NEW

Upper Canada College
Vermont Academy -- NEW
Westminster School -- NEW


Worcester Academy

Notes: We do not post schedules and rosters – that’s up to the individual schools and coaches. We just provide, at no cost to the schools, a secure system whereby coaches are able to input schedules, rosters, and box scores. If there are any prep coaches out there who didn’t receive our mass e-mailing earlier this month, please let us know, as that e-mailing contained all necessary information on uploading info to the site.

If there is any way we can be of technical assistance, please write admin (at) ushr.comFor hockey news and all editorial matters please email editor Chris Warner at cwarner (at) or information (at) ushr.comPlease replace the (at) with the traditional @.

We will be adding in the remaining Christmas/New Year’s tournaments shortly. 

Thank you.




Thayer too Much for St. George’s, Guthrie 

Canton, Mass. – Thayer scored three first-period goals and never looked back, rolling over Div. II St. George’s, 7-2.

Twelve different players registered a point for Thayer, which despite losing Max Gratchev to the QMJHL, is strong again this year. Junior center Greg Malley (1g,2a), sophomore RW Mike Griffin (2g), sophomore center Brian Gibbons (2a), and senior defenseman Anthony Aiello (2a) all had multi-point games. Pierce Norton, Brian Maguire, Greg Collins, and Pete Oswald also scored for Thayer.

Thayer junior goaltender Matt Frechette kicked out 13 of 15 shots to pick up the win for Thayer. St. George’s senior goalie Clem McNally was game in a losing effort, stopping 32 of 35 shots.

Junior defenseman David VandenBerg and sophomore forward Brett Lyall scored the St. George’s goals. Senior RC Shea Guthrie, who committed early to Clarkson and is one of only ten eastern prep players on Central Scouting’s “A” list, was held to one assist. It was actually a very poor outing for Guthrie. Thayer, which can roll out four solid lines and plays with an edge, put the body on him every chance they could, and the Carleton Place, Ontario native reacted to it poorly. Until today, we’d never seen him face adversity – we’d only seen him skating through weak Div. II teams like he was out playing shinny. While undeniably skilled – great acceleration and 1-on-1 moves – he was severely rattled by Thayer.  St. George's has several other Div. I schools on its schedule this season. Hopefully, Guthrie will step up to the higher level of competition.