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This Week’s Schedule
Tues. Dec. 28, 2010:
Nichols-Belmont Hill Tournament (Day 1 of 3)
-- All games played
at the Nichols School; Buffalo, NY
9:00 am – Nichols vs. New Hampton
11:00 am – St. Francis vs. Hebron
1:00 pm – Belmont Hill vs. Millbrook
3:00 pm – Ridley vs. Kimball Union
6:00 pm – Hebron vs. Nichols
8:00 pm – New Hampton vs. St. Francis

Non-NEPSIHA Games:
Framingham H.S. @ BC High, 5:00 pm
Saint Bernard’s vs. Malden Catholic, 5:00 pm
Needham H.S. @ Xaverian, 8:00 pm

Wed. Dec. 29, 2010:
Nichols-Belmont Hill Tournament (Day 2 of 3) --
All games played
at the Nichols School; Buffalo, NY
9:00 am – Belmont Hill vs. Ridley
11:00 am – Millbrook vs. Kimball Union
1:00 pm – Hebron vs. New Hampton
3:00 pm – Nichols vs. St. Francis
6:00 pm – Kimball Union vs. Belmont Hill
8:00 pm – Ridley vs. Millbrook

Non-NEIPSHA Games:
NYA @ Xavier CT, 8:00 pm

Thurs. Dec. 30,  2010:
BB&N Holiday Showcase (Day 1 of 2)
-- at Cambridge, Mass. (except where indicated)

Schedule updated after Hamden Hall dropped out.It is now a seven-team tournament.
Participating Schools: BB&N, Dexter, Pingree, Rivers, Roxbury Latin School, St. Mark’s School, Vermont Academy.

1st Round --
9:00 am – Game #1 – BB&N vs. Roxbury Latin
11:00 am – Game #2 – Pingree vs. St. Mark's
11:00 am – Game #3 – Dexter vs. Rivers (@ Dexter School)

2nd Round --
1:30 pm – Game #4 – BB&N vs. Vermont
3:30 pm – Game #5 – Loser #2 vs. Loser #3
5:30 pm – Game #6 –Winner #2 vs. Winner #3
7:30 pm – Game #7 -- Vermont vs. Roxbury Latin 

Nichols-Belmont Hill Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
-- All games played at the Nichols School; Buffalo, NY
9:00 am – Semifinal #1: 1st Place Green vs. 2nd Place Blue
11:00 am – Semifinal #2: 1st Place Blue vs. 2nd Place Green
2:00 pm – 4th Place Teams
4:00 pm – 3rd Place Teams
6:30 pm – Championship Game

Foxboro Prep Showcase (Day 1 of 2)
-- at Foxboro Sports Center, (Foxboro, Mass)
1:00 pm – South Kent vs. Worcester Academy (Rink 1)
1:10 pm – Nobles vs. Williston-Northampton (Rink 2)
3:30 pm – Albany Academy vs. Winchendon (Rink 1)
3:40 pm – St. Sebastian’s vs. Berkshire (Rink 2)

Non-NEPSIHA Games:
Berwick @ Exeter Kodiaks, 3:30 pm (S)
NYA @ St. Joseph, CT, 8:00 pm
Westford Academy @ Xaverian, 10:45 am

Fri. Dec. 31, 2010:

BB&N Holiday Showcase (Day 2 of 2)
-- at Cambridge, Mass.
Championship Round

10:00 am – Consolation Final -- Seed #5 vs. Seed #6
12:00 pm – 3rd Place Game – Seed #3 vs. Seed #4
 2:00 pm – Championship Game – Seed #1 vs. Seed #2

Foxboro Prep Showcase (Day 2 of 2)
-- At Foxboro Sports Center, (Foxboro, Mass)
12:00 pm – South Kent vs. Albany Academy (Rink 1)
12:10 pm – Nobles vs. Berkshire (Rink 2)
2:30 pm – Winchendon vs. Worcester Academy (Rink 1)
2:40 pm – St. Sebastian’s vs. Williston-Northampton (Rink 2)

The Edward G. Watkins Tournament (Day 1 of 3)
-- All games played at Cushing Academy (Ashburnham, Mass)

9:00 am – Lawrence vs. NMH
11:10 am – Cushing vs. Gunnery
1:20 pm – Canterbury vs. Pomfret
3:30 pm – Culver vs. Northwood
5:40 pm – NMH vs. Gunnery
7:50 pm – Cushing vs. Lawrence

Sat. Jan. 1, 2011:
The Edward G. Watkins Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
-- All games played at Cushing (Ashburnham, Mass)
9:00 am – Culver vs. Canterbury
11:10 am – Pomfret vs. Northwood
1:20 pm – Gunnery vs. Lawrence
3:30 pm – Cushing vs. NMH
5:40 pm – Northwood vs. Canterbury

7:50 pm – Pomfret vs. Culver

Balestri Tournament (Day 1 of 3)
-- All games played at  Kents Hill School (Kents Hill, Maine)

1:00 pm – Kents Hill vs. NYA
3:10 pm – Hoosac vs. New Hampton
6:00 pm – NYA vs. Middlesex

Non-NEPSIHA Games:
Weymouth @ Malden Catholic, 3:15 pm

Sun. Jan. 2, 2011:
The Edward G. Watkins Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
-- All games played at Cushing (Ashburnham, Mass)
9:00 am – Fisher 4 vs. Iorio 4
11:10 am – Fisher 3 vs. Iorio 3
1:20 pm – Fisher 2 vs. Iorio 2

3:30 pm – Fisher 1 vs. Iorio 1

Balestri Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
-- All games played at Kents Hill School (Kents Hill, Maine)
10:00 am – Middlesex vs. Hoosac

12:15 pm – Kents Hill vs. New Hampton

Tabor New Year’s Tournament (Day 1 of 2) -- All games played at Tabor Academy (Marion, Mass)
9:00 am – Milton vs. Tilton
11:00 am – Tabor vs. Hill
1:00 pm – Upper Canada College vs. Governor’s
3:30 pm – Hill vs. Milton
5:30 pm – Tabor vs. Upper Canada College

7:30 pm – Tilton vs. Governor’s

Non-NEPSIHA Games:
St. Augustine @ Don Bosco Prep, 7:30 pm

Mon. Jan. 3, 2011:

Balestri Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
-- All games played at Kents Hill School (Kents Hill, Maine)
8:00 am – Middlesex vs. New Hampton
10:10 am – Kents Hill vs. Hoosac
1:00 pm – New Hampton vs. NYA

Tabor New Year’s Tournament (Day 2 of 2)
-- All games played at Tabor Academy (Marion, Mass)
10:00 am – Game 1
12:00 pm – Game 2
2:00 pm – Championship Game

Non-NEPSIHA Games:
Don Bosco Prep @ St. Peter's Prep, 4:00 pm


Fri. Dec 31 Tournament Results

--BB&N Holiday Showcase (Day 2 of 2)
-- at Cambridge, Mass.
St. Marks' Edges BB&N for Championship

10:00 am -- Dexter 11, Vermont 0
12:00 pm -- Rivers 6, Roxbury Latin 0
2:00 pm -- St. Mark's 3, BB&N 2

All-Tournament Team:
F- Nick Bligh, Dexter
F- Connor Dempsey, Rivers
F - Mike Pontarelli, St. Mark's
F - Alex Quinn, BB&N
F- Matt Pugh, BB&N
D- J.D. Descon, St. Mark's
D- Jared Wiedeman, Dexter

Tournament MVP:
Michael Comitini,
G, St. Mark's

-- Foxboro Prep Showcase (Day 2 of 2)

-- At Foxboro Sports Center, (Foxboro, Mass)
12:00 pm – Albany Academy 5, South Kent 4
12:10 pm – Berkshire 5, Nobles 3
2:30 pm – Winchendon 6, Worcester Academy 2
2:40 pm – St. Sebastian’s 3, Williston-Northampton 2

The Edward G. Watkins Tournament (Day 1 of 3)
-- All games played at Cushing Academy (Ashburnham, Mass)

9:00 am – Lawrence 6, NMH 3
11:10 am – Cushing 5, Gunnery 1
1:20 pm – Pomfret 4, Canterbury 3 (OT)
3:30 pm – Culver 2, Northwood 1
5:40 pm – Gunnery 4, NMH 3
7:50 pm – Cushing 2, Lawrence 1



Thurs. Dec. 30 Tournament Results
-- Nichols-Belmont Hill Tournament
Kimball Union Tops Belmont Hill; Takes Title

-- All games played at the Nichols School; Buffalo, NY
Today's Playoff Schedule:
9:00 am -- Semifinal #1: Belmont Hill 3, Nichols 2
11:00 am -- Semifinal #2: KUA 4, Hebron 1
1:00 pm -- Ridley 3, St. Francis 3
3:00 pm -- Millbrook 2, New Hampton 1
6:30 pm -- Championship Game: Kimball Union 4, Belmont Hill 1

-- BB&N Holiday Showcase (Day 1 of 2)
-- at Cambridge, Mass. (except where indicated)

Schedule updated after Hamden Hall dropped out. It is now a seven-team tournament with BB&N,
Dexter, Pingree, Rivers, Roxbury Latin School, St. Mark’s School, and Vermont Academy.

1st Round --
9:00 am – Game #1 – BB&N 8, Roxbury Latin 0
11:00 am – Game #2 – St. Mark's 5, Pingree 1
11:00 am – Game #3 – Dexter 5, Rivers 2 (@ Dexter School)

2nd Round --
1:30 pm – Game #4 – BB&N 3, Vermont 0
3:30 pm – Game #5 – Loser #2 vs. Loser #3: Rivers 2, Pingree 0
5:30 pm – Game #6 –Winner #2 vs. Winner #3: St. Mark's 2, Dexter 0
7:30 pm – Game #7 -- Vermont 4, Roxbury Latin 3

Tomorrow at BB&N:

10:00 am -- Dexter vs. Vermont
12:00 pm -- Rivers vs. Roxbury Latin
2:00 pm -- St. Mark's vs. BB&N

-- Foxboro Prep Showcase (Day 1 of 2)

-- at Foxboro Sports Center, (Foxboro, Mass)
1:00 pm – South Kent 16, Worcester Academy 0 (Rink 1)
1:10 pm – Nobles 6, Williston-Northampton 5 (Rink 2)
3:30 pm – Albany Academy 6, Winchendon 1 (Rink 1)
3:40 pm – St. Sebastian’s 5, Berkshire 2 (Rink 2)



Wed. Dec. 29 Tournament Results
Nichols-Belmont Hill Tournament (Day 2 of 3) --
All games played at the Nichols School; Buffalo, NY
9:00 am – Ridley 4, Belmont Hill 3
11:00 am – Kimball Union 3, Millbrook 1
1:00 pm – Hebron 1, New Hampton 1
3:00 pm – Nichols 7, St. Francis 1
6:00 pm – Belmont Hill 4, Kimball Union 1
8:00 pm – Millbrook 4, Ridley 2

Tomorrow's Playoff Schedule:
9:00 am -- Semifinal #1: Nichols vs. Belmont Hill
11:00 am -- Semifinal #2: KUA vs. Hebron
1:00 pm -- Ridley vs. St. Francis
3:00 pm -- New Hampton vs. Millbrook
6:30 pm -- Championship Game: winners of semifinals


Tues. Dec. 28 Tournament Results

Nichols-Belmont Hill Tournament (Day 1 of 3)
-- All games played
at the Nichols School; Buffalo, NY
9:00 am – Nichols 6, New Hampton 2
11:00 am – Hebron 6, St. Francis 2
1:00 pm – Belmont Hill 1, Millbrook 1
3:00 pm – Kimball Union 4, Ridley 1
6:00 pm – Nichols 2, Hebron 1
8:00 pm – New Hampton 4, St. Francis 0

Sun. Dec. 19 Tournament Results

Flood-Marr (at Nobles):
Westminster wins title in dramatic 3-2 double-OT win;
Laskiewicz scores all three Westy goals; Spano named tournament MVP.

8:00 am -- 7th Place: Deerfield 4, Hotchkiss 0
10:00 am -- 5th Place: Salisbury 4, Andover 1
12:00 pm -- 3rd Place: Milton 4, Nobles 2
2:00 pm -- Championship Game: Westminster 3, Kimball Union 2 (2-OT)

Patrick Spano
, Westminster junior goaltender (#30)

All-Tournament Team:
Westminster PG F Luke Laskiewicz (#24)
Westminster Sr. F Tim Acker (#7)
Kimball Union Jr. F Dennis Kravchenko (#24)
Kimball Union PG D Jason Haddon (#12)
Kimball Union Sr. F Ryan Cole (#7)
Milton Sr. D Pat McNally (#4)
Milton Sr. F Dan Merenich (#25)
Nobles Sr. D Mike Reardon (#18)
Nobles Sr. F Matt Harlow (#9)
Salisbury Sr. F Kevin Morris (#24)
Andover Sr. D Anthony Baldassari (#15)
Hotchkiss Jr. F Rob Gardiner (#8)
Deerfield Jr. F Kevin Roy (#15)

Lawrenceville Tournament:
Belmont Hill blanks Choate 3-0 in today's final.

8:00 am -- NMH 5, Lawrenceville 1
10:00 am -- UCC 2, Canterbury 0
12:00 pm -- Taft 5, Nichols 4 (2-OT)
2:30 pm -- Championship Game: Belmont Hill 3, Choate 0

St. Sebastian's Tournament:
Albany Academy new champs.

9:00 am -- 7th Place Game: St. Andrew's 2, Northwood 0
11:00 am -- 5th Place Game: Williston 3, Winchendon 2
1:00 pm -- 3rd Place Game: St. Seb's 8, Rivers 0
3:00 pm -- Championship Game: Albany Academy
5, Thayer 2

Brooks-Pingree Sunday Playoffs:
10:00 am -- Portsmouth Abbey 2, Rye CD 2 (@ Brooks)
10:00 am -- Pingree 2, Kingswood 2 (@ Pingree)
12:00 pm -- Brooks 1, Kents Hill 1 (@ Brooks)
12:00 pm -- Championship Game: Hill Academy 6, Northwood "B" 0 (@ Pingree)

Exeter Tournament:

1:30 pm -- Stanstead 9, Brewster 4
2:00 pm -- South Kent 6, Exeter 2

Governor's Tournament:
9:30 am -- New Hampton 7, Hill 2
11:45 am -- Tilton 5, Wyoming Seminary 1
2:00 pm -- Millbrook 6, Berwick 0
4:15 pm -- Governor's 3, Hebron 2

Other Games:
2:00 pm -- Delbarton 2, Catholic Memorial 1 (@ Walter Brown Arena)

Fri. 12/17/10 -- We are seeking high-quality action photos from this weekend’s tournament. If you have a photo that you think fits the bill, please send to But please don’t inundate us: we want your best stuff! In other words, self edit, and let us know (in subject line) what tournament the photo is from, and also what we’re looking at. Thank you. Winner of best photo will receive a copy of either Handel’s Messiah or James Brown’s Funky Christmas.  

Fri. Dec. 17 Tournament Results

Avon Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
-- Today’s games at Avon Old Farms except as noted
 9:00 am – Kent 7, Gunnery 5  (@ Trinity)
 9:00 am -- Tabor 4, Trinity-Pawling 3 (OT)
11:00 am -- St. Paul’s 3, Loomis 2 (@ Trinity)
11:00 am – Avon 3, Berkshire 2
 3:00 pm – Kent 5, Trinity-Pawling 2
 5:00 pm – Gunnery 7, Tabor 2
 7:00 pm -- Berkshire 3, Loomis 1
 9:00 pm -- Avon 3, St. Paul’s 1

Groton- Lawrence Tournament (Day 2 of 3)

10:00 am-- Dexter 5, Culver Academy 2 (at Groton, O’Brien)
10:30 am—Cushing 4, Pomfret 1 (at Groton, Pratt)
11:00 am—Lawrence 6, Holderness 1 (at LA, Grant Arena)
12:30 pm—Groton 8, Proctor 2 (at Groton, O’Brien)

5:00 pm-- Pomfret 6, Culver 3 (at Groton, O’Brien)
6:00 pm—Dexter 5, Proctor 4 (shootout) (at LA, Grant Arena)
7:00 pm-- Groton 6, Holderness 4 (at Groton, O’Brien)
8:00 pm -- Cushing 4, Lawrence 2 (at LA, Grant Arena)

46th Annual Flood-Marr Tournament (Day 1 of 3)
-- Today’s games are at Nobles 

9:00 am – Nobles 6, Deerfield 1
11:00 am -- Salisbury 2, Kimball Union 1 (OT)
1:00 pm -- Westminster 5, Hotchkiss 2
3:00 pm -- Milton 7, Andover 0
5:00 pm – Nobles 3, Salisbury 2
7:00 pm -- Kimball Union 3, Deerfield 2

St. Sebastian’s Xmas Tournament Schedule (Day 1 of 3)
-- At Needham, Mass.
2:00 pm -- Game #1:  St. Sebastian’s 7, Winchendon 0
4:00 pm -- Game #2:  Thayer 3, St. Andrew’s 2
6:00 pm -- Game #3:  Albany Academy 5, Northwood 4
8:00 pm -- Game #4:  Rivers 9, Williston 4

Brooks-Pingree Tournament Schedule (Day 1 of 3)
-- At the Brooks School (N. Andover, Mass.) and the Pingree School (S. Hamilton, Mass.).
4:00 pm -- Hill Academy (Ontario) 14, Kingswood-Oxford 0 (@ Brooks)
4:00 pm -- Northwood "B" 4, Pingree 1 (@ Pingree)
6:15pm -- Brooks 2, Portsmouth Abbey 1 (@ Brooks)           
6:15 pm -- Kents Hill 7, Rye Country Day 0 (@ Pingree)

Exeter Xmas Invitational (Day 1 of 3)
-- At Phillips Exeter Academy; Exeter, NH

10:00 am – Stanstead 5, New Hampton 4
2:30 pm -- New Hampton 7, NE Stars 6 (OT)
3:30 pm -- South Kent 2, Brewster 0
5:00 pm – Hebron 8, Exeter 0
6:00 pm -- Glades 3, Valley Warriors 2 (OT)
7:30 pm -- Jr. Bruins 3, NH Jr. Monarchs 2

Governor's Academy Showcase (Day 1 of 2)

-- All games at Governor’s Academy; Byfield, Mass.

5:30 pm -- Governor’s 5, Millbrook 1
7:30 pm -- Tilton 7, Hill 1

Barber Tournament (Day 1 of 2)
At Middlesex (Concord, Mass.) and St. Marks (Southborough, MA)
5:00 pm -- Game 1: Middlesex 10, Harvey 1 (at Middlesex)
5:00 pm -- Game 2: St. Mark’s 6, Kiski 1 (at St. Marks)
7:00 pm -- Game 3: Princeton Day 6, Worcester 5 (shootout) (at Middlesex)
7:00 pm -- Game 4: Portledge 7, Vermont Academy 3 (at St. Marks)

St. George's Tournament (Day 1 of 2)
@ Middletown, RI
5:45 pm – Brunswick 3, BB&N 2 (Cutler Rink)
6:00 pm -- St. George's vs. Connecticut Chiefs (Howard Rink)


Sat. Dec. 18 Tournament Results

Here are the schedules for Saturday's games that were dependent on Friday's results -- playoff games, in other words.

Saturday Dec. 18 Playoff Games:

Avon Tournament:

Kent Takes Title; Noel Acciari (11 goals in four games) named MVP.
 8:30 am -- 7th Place Game -- Loomis 4, Trinity-Pawling 1
10:30 am -- 5th Place Game -- Tabor 4, Berkshire 3
1:30 pm -- 3rd Place Game -- Gunnery 4, St. Paul's 0
3:30 pm -- Title Game -- Kent 4, Avon 2

Groton -- Lawrence Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
Lawrence Takes Title; Jr. F Matt Baldino named MVP
10:00 am -- Game C (at Groton, O‘Brien) -- Dexter 10, Proctor 1
10:00 am -- Game B (at LA, Grant Arena) -- Culver 9, Holderness 1
10:15 am -- Game A (at Groton, Pratt) -- Pomfret 5, Groton 2
12:00 pm -- Championship Game (at Groton, O’Brien) -- Lawrence 2, Cushing 1

All-Tournament Team:
-- Lawrence Jr. F Matt Baldino
John Magliozzi (Sr.), Dexter
Michael Doherty (Jr.), Groton
Devin Tringale (Jr.), Lawrence
Robbie Baillargeon (Soph.), Cushing
Kyle O'Brien (Jr.), Cushing
Jay Kourkolis (Jr.), Pomfret
Nathaniel Heilbron (Jr.),  Lawrence

St. Sebastians Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
11:00 am -- Game #5 -- Winchendon 4, St. Andrew's 3
1:00 pm -- Game #6 -- Williston 0, Northwood 0 (Williston advances on 2-1 shootout)  
3:00 pm -- Game #7 -- Thayer 4, St. Seb's 2 

5:00 pm -- Game #8 -- Albany Academy 4, Rivers 1

St. Seb's Sunday Schedule:
9:00 am -- 7th Place Game: St. Andrew's vs. Northwood
11:00 am -- 5th Place Game: Winchendon vs. Williston
1:00 pm -- 3rd Place Game: St. Seb's vs. Rivers
3:00 pm -- Championship Game: Thayer vs. Albany Academy

Barber Tournament (Day 2 of 2) 
Middlesex takes title; back-to-back shutouts for Zach Arnold
8:30 am -- Game 5:
Worcester 9, Harvey 2 (at Middlesex)
8:30 am -- Game 6:
Kiski vs. Vermont Academy (at St. Marks)
10:30 am -- Game 7:
Middlesex 4, Princeton Day 0 (at Middlesex)
10:30 am -- Game 8:
Portledge 6, St. Mark's 4 (at St. Marks)

1:30 pm -- Game 9: Loser of Game 5 vs. Loser of Game 6 (at Middlesex)
1:30 pm-- Game 10: Vermont 5, Worcester 4 (at St. Marks)
3:30 pm -- Game 11: Princeton Day 4, St. Mark's 1 (at Middlesex)
3:30 pm -- Game 12: Title Game: Middlesex 2, Portledge 0 (at St. Marks)


Sat. Dec. 18 non-playoff games:

Flood -- Marr Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
-- Today’s games are at Milton Academy
9:00 am -- Milton 3, Hotchkiss 0
11:00 am -- Westminster 3, Andover 1
1:00 pm -- Kimball Union 2, Noble & Greenough 1
3:00 pm -- Salisbury 7, Deerfield 2
5:00 pm -- Westminster 5, Milton 0
7:00 pm -- Andover 5, Hotchkiss 3

Flood-Marr Sunday Schedule (at Nobles):
8:00 am -- 7th Place: Hotchkiss (0-3) vs. Deerfield (0-3)
10:00 am -- 5th Place: Andover (1-2) vs. Salisbury (2-1)
12:00 pm -- 3rd Place: Milton (2-1) vs. Nobles (2-1)
2:00 pm -- 1st Place: Westminster (3-0) vs. Kimball Union (2-1)

Brooks-Pingree Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
8:45 am -- Brooks 8, Kingswood 0 (@ Brooks)
8:45 am -- Pingree 4, Rye CD 1 (@ Pingree)
11:00 am -- Hill Academy 17, Portsmouth Abbey 2 (@ Brooks)
11:00 am -- Northwood "B" 2, Kents Hill 1 (@ Pingree)
4:00 pm -- Hill Academy 6, Brooks 2 (@ Brooks)
5:45 pm -- Northwood "B" 12, Rye CD 0 (@ Pingree)
6:15 pm -- Kingswood 3, P. Abbey 1 (@ Brooks)
8:00 pm -- Kents Hill 3, Pingree 1 (@ Pingree)

Sunday Playoffs:
10:00 am -- Portsmouth Abbey vs. Rye CD (@ Brooks)
10:00 am -- Pingree vs. Kingswood (@ Pingree)
12:00 pm -- Brooks vs. Kents Hill (@ Brooks)
12:00 pm -- Championship Game: Hill Academy vs. Northwood "B" (@ Pingree)

Exeter Xmas Invitational (Day 2 of 3)
1:00 pm -- Wyoming Seminary 3, Stanstead 2
1:30 pm -- Hebron 6, Brewster 1
3:30 pm -- South Kent 9, Berwick 3
4:00 pm -- Exeter 3, New Hampton 1

Governors Academy Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
10:00 am -- Hill 6, Governor’s 6
12:30 pm -- Tilton 4, Millbrook 2
5:00 pm -- Hill 6, Millbrook 3
7:30 pm -- Governor’s 3, Tilton 2 (OT)

Lawrenceville Tournament (Day 1 of 2)
-- Except as noted, all games at the Lawrenceville School; Lawrenceville, NJ.

9:00 am -- Game 1: Nichols 4, Northfield-Mt. Hermon 3
9:00 am -- Game 2:  Choate 4, UCC 0 (@ Baker Rink; Princeton Univ.)
11:00 am -- Game 3: Belmont Hill 2, Lawrenceville 0 
11:00 am -- Game 4: Taft 5, Canterbury 2 (@ Baker Rink; Princeton Univ.)
2:00 pm -- Game 5: Losers of Games 1 & 2 -- UCC 2, NMH 0
4:00 pm -- Game 6: Losers of Games 3 & 4 -- Canterbury 5, L'ville 4
7:00 pm -- Game 7: Winners of Games 1 & 2
-- Choate 2, Nichols 1
9:00 pm -- Game 8: Winners of Games 3 & 4
-- Belmont Hill 3, Taft 1

Sunday Schedule @ Lawrenceville:
8:00 am -- NMH vs. L'ville
10:00 am -- UCC vs. Canterbury
12:00 pm -- Nichols vs. Taft
2:30 pm -- Championhip Game: Choate vs. Belmont Hill

St. George's Tournament (Day 2 of 2)
Brunswick wins title; Vincent Baulne-Charland named MVP
8:00 am -- BB&N 3, St. George's 2 (Howard Rink)
12:30 pm -- Brunswick 6, St. George's 2 (Howard Rink)

Choate Tops Loomis, 4-2

Wallingford, CT – Choate dumped 54 shots on Loomis senior goalie Steve Michalek today, and managed to get four shots past him, emerging with a 4-2 win.

Choate’s plan coming into the game was, according to coach Pat Dennehy, “to get the puck deep and get to the net.”

After a scoreless first period, Choate opened the scoring early when Adam Patel, a senior from Georgia,  put the Wild Boars up one just 1:16 into the second.

John Abraham responded for Loomis, picking up a loose puck in front to put it past Choate sophomore goaltender Alex Joyce at 7:53.

“We wanted to play with confidence,” Loomis coach Bob Howe said after the game. “We played a 1-2-2 and tried to keep it simple by getting the puck deep.”

At 11:30 of the second stanza with Choate on the penalty kill, Loomis’ Michalek attempted to clear a Choate dump-in from behind his net, only to be intercepted by Alex Hagen who passed it to a wide-open Dan Linell in front. Michalek raced back to the front of his goal, but Linell put the puck around him for the goal, his team-leading sixth of the year.

Junior Bill Seligman provided the eventual game winner to close out the second, putting Choate up by two.

Howe felt confident about his team’s chances going into the third period. “I told them that this is right where we want them to be. We wanted to keep the game close going into the third period and we knew we could put the puck in the net.”

Loomis captain Michael Blair did just that for the Pelicans, scoring at 3:11 to bring his team within one.

Alas, Choate kept up the pressure with its relentless forecheck.

“When you’re dealing with kids at this level, even though they were playing well, that’s tough to deal with but I thought it was telling of our team’s character when we went right back out and stuck to our game plan.” Dennehy said. “If we’re going to be one of the top teams in the league, my message to the guys is to prove it each and every period.”

Kyle Criscuolo ruined Loomis’ comeback for good, scoring with 58 seconds left to ice the game for Choate.

Loomis (0-2-2) will look to rebound against Avon (5-0) tomorrow at Avon’s Christmas Classic. Choate (4-1) will head to New Jersey this weekend to play in the Lawrenceville Tournament.

- C.J.


Wed. Dec. 15 Highlights

@ Brooks 4, St. Sebastian's 1: This, a Brooks win over St. Sebastian’s, probably hasn’t happened in a long time, if ever. We certainly can’t recall it. The hero for Brooks today was senior goaltender Tyler Stillings, who kicked out 40 of 41, losing the shutout in the final moments of the game. Junior Nick Potter (3a) factored in the three Brooks goals. The fourth Brooks goal was an empty-net tally.

@ Tilton 4, Exeter 0: Tilton senior goalie William Flachsbinder earned the shutout, kicking 25 Exeter shots away. Sophomore Harry Brockman (1g,1a) led the Rams offense.

@ Salisbury 7, Albany Academy 3: Junior D Marc Biega (2g,1a), senior Adam Platt (5a), and senior Jack Barre (1g,3a) led the Crimson Knights’ offense as they rallied from a 2-0 deficit after the first.

Gunnery 3 @ Taft 1: Gunnery senior Robert Segin lost his shut-out bid late in the third but stopped 24 of 25 Taft shots. Junior Drew Smolcynski had a short-handed tally in the second and an assist on the game-winning goal for The Gunnery.

Avon Old Farms 5 @ Deerfield 1: 
Avon exploded in the second with four goals from different scorers. Junior goaltender Michael Santaguida kicked out 30 of 31 for the win.

Brunswick 2 @ Trinity-Pawling 1: Senior Gryphon Richardson stopped 21 of 22 for the win. Alex Burdekin was the hard-luck loser for T-P, stopping 24 of 26. Senior forwards Bo Stafford (2g) and Tommy Dwyer (2a) led the Brunswick attack.

Kimball Union 7 @ Brewster Academy 3: Senior Ryan Cole (2g), senior D Pat Doherty (2g), and junior Dennis Kravchenko (1g, 3a) led the KUA attack, which exploded with five goals in the second period.

@ Portsmouth Abbey 7, St. Thomas More 2: Portsmouth Abbey got goals from six different scorers. PG Goaltender Craig Shea kicked out 57 in a losing effort for St. Thomas More.

@ Berwick 5, Pingree 3: Luke Bennett (2g,1a) and Dave Horan (2g) led the Berwick charge. Pingree junior Goaltender Scott Caradonna kicked out 35 in a losing effort; Berwick goaltender Alex Devine stopped 14 of 17 for the win.


Thurs. Dec. 16 Tournament Results

Avon Christmas Classic

@ Avon, Conn.

Game 1: Avon 4, Loomis 1- Cam Hatch (2g) and Paul Mimms (1g,2a) led Avon’s attack- LC goalie Steve Michalek had 43 saves.

Game 2: Gunnery 3, Trinity-Pawling 1 – T-P goalie Zach Kizitaff had 41 saves.

Game 3: Kent 7, Tabor 1- Noel Acciari had a hat trick for Kent. Kent had 55 shots on net. Shane Joyce had 48 saves for Tabor.

Game 4: St. Paul's 4, Berkshire 1- Josh Dickman had three assists for St. Paul's. Derick Roy had 33 saves.


Lawrence-Groton Tournament

@ Groton, Mass.

Culver 2, Proctor 1 -- Culver pulled ahead in a very tight game with a GWG from junior forward Kyle Plageman (1g).

Pomfret 3, Holderness 1 -- Senior captain Danny Palumbo (1g) scored the game-winner halfway through the second. Pomfret sophomore goaltender Nick Ellis stopped 14 shots for the win. Holderness junior goaltender Andrew Munroe kicked out 40 of 42 in a losing effort.

Cushing 8, Groton 2: Senior captain Nevin Lawler (2g,2a) powered the Cushing offense in a rout.

Lawrence Academy 7, Dexter 3: Dexter went ahead 2-1 early on a pair of goals from Dartmouth recruit Nick Bligh, but Lawrence came roaring back. Tyler Whitney and Michael Jamieson each had a pair of goals for Lawrence.

Prep West Players of the Week
The Prep West Conference, seeking to carve out a more distinct identity for the league, has decided to pick a Player of the Week and a Goalie of the Week this season.

This week, the Player of the Week goes to junior Drew Smolcynski, a Hatfield, PA native playing for The Gunnery. Smolcynski had two of his team’s three goals in a 3-2 win over Berkshire last Wednesday, and that includes the game-winner with 27 seconds on the clock.

Goalie of the Week was Albany Academy senior Ben Halford, a Lenox, Mass. native who had three straight wins in leading his team to the Rider Cup championship over the weekend.

We were remiss in failing to post the Player of the Week and Goalie of the Week from the first week of the season. They were forward Penn Sednaoui, a Millbrook senior from Bedford, NY; and Mitch Gillam, Berkshire’s senior goalie from Peterborough, Ontario.

The Prep West Conference consists of Albany Academy, Berkshire, Canterbury, Gunnery, Millbrook, Pomfret, Williston-Northampton, and Winchendon.



Welcome Back!
Yesterday, Portsmouth Abbey head coach Kevin Morrissey returned to campus after a year-long deployment in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army Reserves. Needless to say, he is eager to rejoin the team. First, though, he will spend some time with his wife and two children. He will resume all coaching responsibilities when school resumes in January.

An Important Note

We are at that time of year when games turn from sprinkles into torrents. In the coming days, there will be many box scores to peruse on USHR, and, yes, there will be mistakes (not many, we hope) in those box scores. At prep games, there is no slow-motion replay to determine exactly who got the second assist on such-and-such a goal. Quite the opposite. Refs are tired, maybe worrying about their mortgage, or something going on at the 9-to-5 job, and might misread a uniform number. They go over to the scorer's table and report it. It gets duly entered on the game sheet. And the mistake winds up on USHR (though usually not for long because coaches have the power to change it, and generally do.)

Please remember that box scores appear in USHR because the coaches are kind enough to take the trouble to upload the info directly from their computer to the site. It does not go through anyone at USHR: we see only what you see. In most cases, the home coach in a game will upload the box score. In some cases, each coach will upload their own team's information.

We consider box scores to be the domain of the schools involved, and we do not touch them - ever. We will not change the scoring on a goal. We will not change shots on goal. Sorry, but it’s not our place, and we won’t do it. If it's an emergency and we get a specific request from a coach whose computer has turned to toast, we'll do it... otherwise, no.

Coaches can enter the system at any time during a season and correct a mistake in a box score, roster, schedule. If you feel like there is a mistake, please go to them. Writing to us at USHR about statistical errors in a box score is a waste of time. We may be sympathetic, but there is nothing we can do.

On the prep pages, particularly over the holidays , we will, time allowing, have highlights of certain games - short blurbs. Often these tidbits are taken off of the game sheet before coaches have a chance to get a close look at them. If you see a mistake in these highlights, do not worry. There is no connection whatsoever between these blurbs and the box scores. What we're doing with those blurbs is simply going with the
best available information at the time. If you see a mistake, wait for the actual box score, as it will likely be more precise.

All cumulative statistics on USHR are drawn directly from the box scores, which are dynamically interconnected. Statistics, especially in a fast-moving sport like hockey, are imperfect. Please keep that in mind. If you are worried about your son getting screwed out of an assist, it means you are not living in the moment and not enjoying the game to its fullest. And if your son is worried about the same thing, it probably means his head is not 100% into the game.

Enjoy the games! Enjoy the holidays! We are all very lucky. Indeed, but for a happy accident of birth, we could be stuck in North Korea, where winters are cold, hockey rinks nonexistent, and you might be lucky to get a raw turnip for dinner.



Worcester Gives Andover a Scare

Andover, Mass. – On paper, this looked like a Flood-Marr warm-up for Andover. Instead, they barely escaped, eking out a 5-4 win against a Worcester Academy team that had already lost to Cushing, 15-1, and Berwick, 11-2, in the young season.

Worcester came into the game looking to set the tone.

“What we wanted to do coming in was have the first two lines use their speed and be aggressive,” Worcester coach Kevin Magnani said after the game.

However, the Worcester forwards struggled early, as they were only able to muster one shot on Andover goalie Tyler Kirsch.

It was up to Worcester PG goalie Tim Corey, then, to give his team a chance, and he did, keeping them in the game through two periods, letting in only one goal during that span, a rebound to Andover senior Andrew Sullivan midway through the first.

The Hilltoppers eventually got on the board at 11:44 into the second.

Magnani said that when he realized his team could skate with Andover he let his first two lines attack more in the offensive zone. ”When we got that monkey off our back by scoring [in the second period] it really sparked us.”

“Their goaltender played very well. We had a lot of opportunities but just couldn’t get on the board. I think we had about 40 shots on him,” Andover coach Dean Boylan said. Going into the third, Boylan told his players to “keep it much more simple and get the puck deep.”

And they took his advice, scoring three unanswered goals on Corey within the opening half of the period.

When it looked like it was over for the Hilltoppers, Worcester PG Ben Kuzma scored at 7:15 to start the comeback.

After Andover put in a quick goal a few minutes later, Kuzma scored again.

With Andover down two men, Worcester freshman Cam Carbone muscled in a goal to bring his team within one with 41.5 seconds left. Howecver, that was as close as Worcester would get, as Andover was able to skate off with a 5-4 win. 

Andover (2-2) opens the Flood Marr Tournament against Milton (4-1) this Friday. Worcester (1-5) will face Princeton Day (2-1-1) in the Barber Tournament, also on Friday.

-- C.J.


Mon. 12/13/10

This Week’s Schedule

Mon. Dec. 13

Non-NEPSIHA Game(s):
St. Peter's Prep @ Portledge, 5:30 pm

Tues. Dec. 14

NEPSIHA Game(s):

Worcester Academy @ Andover, 5:30 pm

Wed. Dec. 15

Harvey @ Hamden Hall , 2:45 pm
Loomis-Chaffee @ Choate, 2:45 pm
Gunnery @ Taft, 3:00 pm
Avon Old Farms @ Deerfield, 3:00 pm
Kimball Union @ Brewster Academy, 3:30 pm
Exeter @ Tilton, 3:30 pm
Brunswick @ Trinity-Pawling, 4:00 pm
Pingree @ Berwick, 4:00 pm
Albany Academy @ Salisbury, 4:30 pm
St. Sebastian's @ Brooks, 4:45 pm
St. Thomas More @ Portsmouth Abbey, 5:00 pm

Non-NEPSIHA Game(s):
Portledge @ Hill School, 5:15 pm

Thurs. Dec. 16

Avon Old Farms Christmas Classic (Day 1 of 3)
--All of today’s games are being played at Avon Old Farms (Avon, Conn.)

3:00 pm -- Loomis vs. Avon
5:00 pm -- Gunnery vs. Trinity-Pawling
7:00 pm -- Kent vs. Tabor
9:00 pm -- Berkshire vs. St. Paul’s

Groton-Lawrence Xmas Tournament (Day 1 of 3)
-- At the Groton School and Lawrence Academy, both in Groton, Mass.
3:30 pm-- Culver Academy vs. Proctor Academy (at Groton, Pratt)
4:30 pm-- Cushing Academy vs. Groton School (at Groton, O’Brien)
5:30 pm-- Pomfret School vs. Holderness School (at Groton, Pratt)
6:00 pm -- Dexter School vs. Lawrence Academy(at LA, Grant Arena)  

Fri. Dec. 17

Avon Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
-- Today’s games at Avon Old Farms except as noted
 9:00 am -- Gunnery vs. Kent (@ Trinity)
 9:00 am -- Tabor vs. Trinity-Pawling
11:00 am -- St. Paul’s vs. Loomis (@ Trinity)
11:00 am -- Berkshire vs. Avon
 3:00 pm -- Trinity-Pawling vs. Kent
 5:00 pm -- Tabor vs. Gunnery
 7:00 pm -- Loomis vs. Berkshire
 9:00 pm -- St. Paul’s vs. Avon

Groton- Lawrence Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
10:00 am-- Dexter School vs. Culver Academy (at Groton, O’Brien)
10:30 am-- Pomfret School vs. Cushing Academy (at Groton, Pratt)
11:00 am-- Lawrence Academy vs. Holderness School (at LA, Grant Arena)
12:30 pm-- Proctor Academy vs. Groton School (at Groton, O’Brien)

5:00 pm-- Culver Academy vs. Pomfret School (at Groton, O’Brien)
6:00 pm-- Proctor Academy vs. Dexter School (at LA, Grant Arena)
7:00 pm-- Holderness School vs. Groton School (at Groton, O’Brien)
8:00 pm -- Cushing Academy vs. Lawrence Academy (at LA, Grant Arena)

46th Annual Flood-Marr Tournament (Day 1 of 3)
-- Today’s games are at
9:00 am -- Deerfield vs. Nobles
11:00 am -- Salisbury vs. Kimball Union
1:00 pm -- Hotchkiss vs. Westminster
3:00 pm -- Milton vs. Andover
5:00 pm -- Salisbury vs. Nobles
7:00 pm -- Kimball Union vs. Deerfield

St. Sebastian’s Xmas Tournament Schedule (Day 1 of 3)
-- At Needham, Mass.

2:00 pm -- Game #1:  Winchendon vs. St. Sebastian’s
4:00 pm -- Game #2:  Thayer vs. St. Andrew’s
6:00 pm -- Game #3:  Northwood vs. Albany Academy
8:00 pm -- Game #4:  Williston vs. Rivers

Brooks-Pingree Tournament Schedule (Day 1 of 3)
-- At the Brooks School (N. Andover, Mass.) and the Pingree School (S. Hamilton, Mass.).
4:00 pm -- Hill Academy (Ontario) vs. Kingswood-Oxford (@ Brooks)
4:00 pm -- Pingree vs. Northwood "B" (@ Pingree)
6:15pm -- Brooks vs. Portsmouth Abbey (@ Brooks)           
6:15 pm -- Kents Hill vs. Rye Country Day (@ Pingree)

Exeter Xmas Invitational (Day 1 of 3)
-- At Phillips Exeter Academy; Exeter, NH

10:00 am -- New Hampton vs. Stanstead
2:30 pm -- New Hampton vs. NE Stars
3:30 pm -- South Kent vs. Brewster
5:00 pm -- Exeter vs. Hebron
6:00 pm -- Glades vs. Valley Warriors
7:30 pm -- Jr. Bruins vs. NH Monarchs

Governor's Academy Showcase (Day 1 of 2)
-- All games at Governor’s Academy; Byfield, Mass.

5:30 pm -- Governor’s vs. Millbrook
7:30 pm -- Tilton vs. Hill 

Barber Tournament (Day 1 of 2)
At Middlesex (Concord, Mass.) and St. Marks (Southborough, MA)
5:00 pm -- Game 1: Middlesex vs. Harvey (at Middlesex)
5:00 pm -- Game 2: St. Marks vs. Kiski (at St. Marks)
7:00 pm -- Game 3: Worcester Academy vs. Princeton (at Middlesex)
7:00 pm -- Game 4: Vermont Academy vs. Portlege (at St. Marks)

St. George's Tournament (Day 1 of 2)
@ Middletown, RI
5:45 pm -- BB&N vs. Brunswick School (Cutler Rink)
6:00 pm -- St. George's vs. Connecticut Chiefs (Howard Rink)

Sat. Dec. 18

Avon Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
 8:30 am -- 7th Place Game (4th Place Pierpont vs. 4th Place Trautman)
10:30 am -- 5th Place Game (3rd Place Pierpont vs. 3rd Place Trautman)
1:30 pm -- 3rd Place Game (2nd Place Pierpont vs. 2nd Place Trautman)
3:30 pm -- Title Game (1st Place Pierpont vs. 1st Place Trautman)

Groton -- Lawrence Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
10:00 am -- Game C (at Groton, O‘Brien)
10:00 am -- Game B (at LA, Grant Arena)
10:15 am -- Game A (at Groton, Pratt)
12:00 pm -- Championship Game (at Groton, O’Brien)

Flood -- Marr Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
-- Today’s games are at Milton Academy
9:00 am -- Hotchkiss vs. Milton
11:00 am -- Andover vs. Westminster
1:00 pm -- Noble & Greenough vs. Kimball Union
3:00 pm -- Deerfield vs. Salisbury
5:00 pm -- Westminster vs. Milton
7:00 pm -- Andover vs. Hotchkiss

Brooks-Pingree Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
8:45 am -- Brooks vs. Kingswood (@ Brooks)
8:45 am -- Pingree vs. Rye CD (@ Pingree)
11:00 am -- Hill Academy vs. Portsmouth Abbey (@ Brooks)
11:00 am -- Northwood "B" vs. Kents Hill (@ Pingree)
4:00 pm -- Brooks vs. Hill Academy (@ Brooks)
5:45 pm -- Rye CD vs. Northwood "B" (@ Pingree)
6:15 pm -- Kingswood vs. P. Abbey (@ Brooks)
8:00 pm -- Pingree vs. Kents Hill (@ Pingree)

Exeter Xmas Invitational (Day 2 of 3)
1:00 pm -- Stanstead vs. Wyoming Seminary
1:30 pm -- Brewster vs. Hebron
3:30 pm -- South Kent vs. Berwick
4:00 pm -- Exeter vs. New Hampton

Governors Academy Tournament (Day 2 of 3)
10:00 am -- Hill vs. Governor’s
12:30 pm -- Millbrook vs. Tilton
5:00 pm -- Millbrook vs. Hill
7:30 pm -- Governor’s vs. Tilton 

St. Sebastians Tournament (Day 2 of 3)

11:00 am -- Game #5 Loser Game #1 vs. Loser Game #2
1:00 pm -- Game #6   Loser Game #3 vs. Loser Game #4
3:00 pm -- Game #7   Winner Game #1 vs. Winner Game #2

5:00 pm -- Game #8:  Winner Game #3 vs. Winner Game #4

Lawrenceville Tournament (Day 1 of 2)
-- Except as noted, all games at the Lawrenceville School; Lawrenceville, NJ.

9:00 am -- Game 1: Nichols vs. Northfield-Mt. Hermon
9:00 am -- Game 2:  Choate vs. UCC (@ Baker Rink; Princeton Univ.)
11:00 am -- Game 3: Lawrenceville vs. Belmont Hill
11:00 am -- Game 4: Taft vs. Canterbury (@ Baker Rink; Princeton Univ.)
2:00 pm -- Game 5: Losers of Games 1 & 2
4:00 pm -- Game 6: Losers of Games 3 & 4
7:00 pm -- Game 7: Winners of Games 1 & 2

9:00 pm -- Game 8: Winners of Games 3 & 4

Barber Tournament (Day 2 of 2)
8:30 am -- Game 5: Loser of Game 1 vs. Loser of Game 3(at Middlesex)
8:30 am -- Game 6: Loser of Game 2 vs. Loser of Game 4 (at St. Marks)
10:30 am -- Game 7: Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 3(at Middlesex)
10:30 am -- Game 8: Winner of Game2 vs. Winner of Game 4 (at St. Marks)
1:30 pm -- Game 9: Loser of Game 5 vs. Loser of Game 6(at Middlesex)
1:30 pm-- Game 10: Winner of Game 5 vs. Winner of game 6 (at St. Marks)
3:30 pm -- Game 11: Loser of Game 7 vs. Loser of Game 8 (at Middlesex)
3:30 pm -- Game 12: Winner of Game 5 vs. Winner of game 6 (at St. Marks)

St. George's Tournament (Day 2 of 2)
@ Middletown, RI
8:00 am -- St. George's vs. BB&N (Howard Rink)
12:30 pm -- St. George's vs. Brunswick  (Howard Rink)

Delbarton School at Malden Catholic, 2:40 pm (@ Valley Forum II, Malden, Mass.)
Don Bosco Prep @ Bishop Eustace, 4:30 pm
Rice Memorial @ NYA, 5:00 pm (S)

Sun. Dec. 19

Flood -- Marr Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
-- Today’s games are at Nobles.

8:00 am  -- 7th Place Game:  4th Place Owen vs. 4th Place Harding
10:00 am -- 5th Place Game:  3rdPlace Owen vs. 3rd Place Harding           
12:00 pm -- 3rd Place Game :  2nd Place Owen vs. 2nd Place Harding
2:00 pm -- 1st Place Game: 1st Place Owen vs. 1st Place Harding

Lawrenceville Tournament (Day 2 of 2)
8:00 am -- Losers of Games 5 & 6
10:00 am -- Winners of Games 5 & 6
12:00 pm -- Losers of Games 7 & 8
2:30 pm -- Championship Game: Winners of Games 7 & 8

St. Sebastians Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
9:00 am -- Game #9:  Loser Game #5 vs. Loser Game #6
11:00 am -- Game #10: Winner Game #5 vs. Winner Game #6
1:00 pm -- Game #11:  Loser Game #7 vs. Loser Game #8
3:00 pm -- Game #12: Winner Game #7 vs. Winner Game #8

Brooks -- Pingree Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
10:00 am -- TBD (@ Brooks)
10:00 am -- TBD (@ Pingree)
12noon-- TBD Championship Game (@ Brooks)           

Exeter Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
1:30 pm -- Stanstead vs. Brewster
2:00 pm -- Exeter vs. South Kent

Governors Academy Tournament (Day 3 of 3)
9:30 am -- Hill vs. New Hampton
11:45 am -- Tilton vs. Wyoming Seminary
2:00 pm -- Berwick vs. Millbrook

4:15 pm -- Governor’s vs. Hebron 

Non-NEPSIHA Games:

Springfield Cathedral @ BC High, 11:45 am
Rice Memorial @ NYA, 2:00 pm (S)

Delbarton @ Catholic Memorial, 2:00 pm

Mon. Dec. 20

Non-NEPSIHA Games:
Xaverian @ Reading H.S., 7:30 pm


Belmont Hill  Comeback Sinks Lawrence
Belmont, Mass. – After being outplayed by Lawrence Academy for nearly two periods, and trailing 3-1 with 55 seconds left in the second, Belmont Hill got a huge opportunity in the form of a 5x3 power play – and they didn’t waste it. After coach Ken Martin called a time-out, during which he set up a play, it took all of seven seconds for junior forward Stephen Brennan to knock one past Lawrence junior goaltender Jordan Nathan to make it a one-goal game. That was the opening Belmont Hill needed heading into the second intermission. In the third, the Hillies added three more unanswered goals -- from Jimmy Vesey, Joe McNamara, and Brandon McNally -- and skated off with a 5-3 win.

McNally led the way for the winners with a four point effort (2g,2a). 

Linemates Andrew Cerretani (1g,1a), and Devin Tringale (1g,1a) led the Lawrence attack.

“We were down 3-1 to Nobles too,” said Martin. “I don’t know what it is, but rather than setting the pace ourselves, we let our opponents do it. But I was really proud of the way the kids came back from two goals down.”

Lawrence coach Kevin Potter said, “We were on them, and had a chance to put them away and we didn’t.  We are still coming together as a team.”



Baillargeon Too Much for Exeter

Exeter, NH -- Cushing Academy sophomore Robbie Baillargeon had a career day , notching four goals and adding an assist as the Penguins topped Exeter, 5-3,

Baillargeon, who had two even strength goals, one powerplay tally, and a shorthanded goal, opened the scoring for Cushing ten seconds into the first period, beating Exeter goalie Paul Roche on the glove side for his third goal of the year.

“He shoots. He’s not afraid to shoot,” Cushing coach Rob Gagnon said. “We expect him to be a kid who steps up in big games…games when it’s Exeter at Exeter -- and he did that today.”

After three more Baillargeon goals, Roche was pulled at 16:51 of the second period in favor of sophomore Ben Veres.

“There was a minute left in the second and I just wanted to restart and let the guys take a deep breath,” Exeter coach Dana Barbin said.

Chris Smith, a new junior from Toronto, put Exeter on the board at 7:59 of the second period, scoring on a cross-ice pass to the slot from Harvard recruit Brian Hart.

During the second intermission, Gagnon gave his team two goals for the third period. “I told them to stay out of the box and if you win 18 minutes, you win the game.”

Exeter came out flying in the third, peppering Cushing junior goalie Chad Hardy, who finished the game with 38 saves, all period long.

Exeter’s Alex Burk, a PG from Nova Scotia, opened the scoring in the final frame, slipping the puck past Hardy at 4:50. Exeter scored again on a 5-on-3 power play, however Cushing sophomore Garrett Hehir added an insurance goal, converting a rebound with six seconds left to make it a 5-3 final.  

Cushing, undefeated at 4-0-0, will next face Groton on Thursday, at the Lawrence-Groton Tournament.  Exeter (4-3) will look to rebound against Tilton on Wednesday.

-- CJ



Sat. Dec. 11 Highlights

@ Northfield Mt. Hermon 3, Berkshire 2: NMH got three points each from sophomore Brian Loiselle (2g,1a) and Garrett McMullen (1g,2a) to squeak by Berkshire on the road. Berkshire had a 35-27 shot advantage but NHM goalie Dave Donzanti made 33 saves to earn the win.

@ Dexter 5, Hebron 4:
A Pat Curtis goal at 11:34 of the third period gave Dexter a huge home win against previously unbeaten Hebron. Dexter played catch-up all afternoon, as Hebron certainly did not have bus legs, jumping out to 2-0 and 4-2 leads. However, a shorthanded goal by John Magliozzi (1g, 2a) of Dexter turned the tide and the hosts put up three unanswered goals to come away with the win.

@ Portsmouth Abbey 6, Rye CD 2:
Portsmouth Abbey used four powerplay goals to cruise to the 6-2 win. Seniors Morgan Green (2g,1a) and Garrett Behan (2g), and sophomore Joe Giannini (3a) had big days for Portsmouth Abbey. Rye CD goalie Michael Mossman was busy in net, facing 44 shots (38 saves). The win is the second in two days for the Abbey following Wednesday’s 11-1 setback against Dexter.

Groton 3 @ Rivers 1:
Groton went on the road and beat Rivers by a score of 3-1. Jack Wilkinson (1g,1a) scored with just over three minutes remaining in the second to break a 1-1 deadlock. The visitors held a decisive 43-23 advantage in shots, but Rivers goalie Ryan Colena made it a contest, turning aside 40 Groton shots. Sophomore Jordan Piccolino picked up the win in net for Groton.

@ Avon 6, Trinity-Pawling 0:
Avon continued its hot start by crushing visiting Trinity-Pawling. Shots were 40-22 in favor of the home side. Senior forwards Mark Naclerio (2g,1a) and Greg Gozzo (2g) tallied two goals apiece for the Beavers. Ben Freiberg posted the shutout, stopping all 22 shots he faced.

Cushing 5 @ Exeter 3:
Chad Hardy and Robbie Baillargeon were a two-man show for Cushing, as the Penguins stole a 5-3 win at Exeter despite being outshot 41-28 on the afternoon. Baillargeon, a sophomore forward, had Cushing’s first four goals (two even strength, one powerplay, and one shorthanded) then picked up an assist with six seconds left for good measure. Hardy was outstanding in net, making 38 saves on 41 shots to earn the win.

BB&N 4 @ St. Sebastian’s 3:
In perhaps the upset of the day, BB&N traveled to Needham and knocked off St. Sebastian’s. The Arrows had a 36-26 shot advantage, but BB&N’s Drew Michals was strong between the pipes for the visiting Knights, making 33 saves. Seniors Alex Quinn and Bob Pease each had a goal and an assist for BB&N.

@ Gunnery 12, Williston-Northampton 2:
Gunnery burst out to a 6-0 lead in the first period and never looked back, crushing Williston-Northampton 12-2. Gunnery fired 48 shots on goal and got all three Williston goalkeepers into the action. Senior captain Terrence Wallin paced Gunnery with five points (3g,2a).

Governor’s 3 @ Milton 2:
Just 24 hours removed from a 6-3 home loss to Milton, Governor’s traveled to Milton and handed the Mustangs their first loss of the season. Goaltender Rory Burke got the start for Governor’s and was stellar, stopping 43 of 45 shots.

Millbrook 2 @ Brunswick 1:
Junior Captain Josh Freitas’s first goal of the season was a big one, as it gave Millbrook a 2-1 overtime win at Brunswick. Brunswick tied the game with just over three minutes to play on a John Hayden goal, but gave one up the game-winner just 39 seconds into overtime. Brunswick held a 32-20 shot advantage but Millbrook’s Tim Cooney was nearly impenetrable, making 31 saves.

@ Kimball Union 3, Tilton 0:
KUA made it five in a row to start the season with a 3-0 victory at home vs. Tilton. The game featured only 40 total shots, with 20 for each side. Senior Goalie Steve Mastelerz recorded his second shutout of the season and Ryan Cole had a goal and an assist for KUA.

Tabor 6 @ St. Paul’s 5:
Yet another formerly unbeaten team went down, as Tabor ventured up to St. Paul’s and came away with a 6-5 win. Tabor rebounded nicely from Wednesday’s 8-5 loss to Nobles. Both goalies saw plenty of pucks, as Tabor’s Shane Joyce picked up the win, turning aside 46 of 51 shots; St. Paul’s Derick Roy made 38 saves in a losing effort. Tabor’s Kevin Salvucci had a strong game (2g,1a) up front.

@ Kingswood-Oxford 3, Vermont Academy 1:
Vermont’s struggles continued as they dropped a 3-1 game at K-O. Anthony Giordano lost his shutout bid with 11 minutes to go, but still picked up the win for K-O with 20 saves on 21 shots.

Canterbury 3 @ Loomis-Chaffee 3: PG Will Strabley’s second goal of the night tied up the score for the host Pelicans.

@ Choate 5, Deerfield 0: Choate pummeled archrival Deerfield with multiple-point nights from all senior Dan Linell (2g), senior Alex Hagen (1g,2a), junior Joe Depietto (1g,1a), and senior Philippe Hudon (1g,1a). PG Sal Magliocco kicked out thirty shots, shutting out the Big Green.

@ Pomfret 4, Westminster 3: Pomfret, led by PG defenseman Brian Hickey (1g, 1a) who scored the GWG at the half way mark of the third, and junior Brian Miller (1g, 2a), stunned visiting Westminster. As for Westminster, senior captain Corey Taber (2g) tallied in the final moments of the game to bring it within one, but Pomfret was able to hold off the Martlet’s rally.


Salisbury Blanks Kent in the Big House
Ann Arbor, Mich. -- Salisbury blanked Kent 3-0 in an exhibition game this morning at 110,000 seat Michigan Stadium.

“It was an unbelievable experience,” said Salisbury coach Andrew Will. “It was amazing. The kids had a blast.”

As for the game, Will said, “It was a little slower than the game earlier in the week (an 8-4 Kent win on Monday). Both teams came out and played hard, but it took the kids a while to settle down and get in the flow. I think they were a little awestruck playing in front of 110,000 empty seats.

After a scoreless first period, junior John Hotchkiss put Salisbury up 1-0 off a nice 3-on-2 rush.

In the third, junior D Marc Biega scored on a quick release from the blue line, through a screen to make it 2-0.

Later in the third, junior Philip Zielonka drove to the net hard and classmate Chad Goldberg knocked home the rebound for the 3-0 final.

Both teams played all three of their goalies. For Salisbury, senior Gabe Antoni, soph Tim Ernst, and senior Alex Pepper combined on the shutout.

Will gave special credit to his ‘young’ line of ’95 soph Jason Kalinowski, ’94 junior John Stevens, and ’93 junior Ondrej Krajnak. “They sustained the most consistent pressure for us,” he said.

We should point out that today’s game was a little more intimate than the prep games at Fenway Park last winter in the sense that the fans were closer to the action. Whereas at Fenway the fans were confined to the stands, far from the action, at today’s game the few hundred fans in attendance were able to sit in small field bleachers near each team’s bench, or stand behind the glass. The main seating area was indeed empty.

Tonight, both teams are heading to the Michigan-Utah basketball game. Tomorrow, they will be among the 110,000 at the Michigan-Michigan State outdoor game (2:30 pm).


Winged Beavers Blitz Rhinos
Avon, Conn. -- What looked to be the game of the day turned out to be significantly less as host Avon Old Farms dismantled Taft, 7-1, here this afternoon.

Avon senior George Welles opened the scoring for Avon at 3:15 of the first and things just continually got worse for Taft.

Avon got points from nine different players while pouring 39 shots on two Taft netminders.

Junior Michael Santaguida was solid between the pipes for the Beavers, stopping 27 shots.

“I thought we played really well,” Avon coach John Gardner said. “We were a little more patient with the puck, had good puck movement, did a nice job on the forecheck, and caused [Taft] to give up some chances.”

Taft junior goalie Jimmy Harrison (17/21) was pulled 6:26 into the second period after Avon pumped in three goals to start the frame.

Taft switched to sophomore Missouri native Ryan Coon, who managed to slow the bleeding somewhat.

Taft senior Aidan Cavallini ruined Santaguida’s shutout midway through the third, putting the Rhinos on the board. Senior Morgan Mullen responded less than two minutes later to give Avon a 7-1 victory.

Avon (3-0) will take on Trinity-Pawling this weekend, while Taft (1-2) is off until facing Gunnery next Wednesday.

-- C.J.

Wed. Dec. 8 Highlights

@ Holderness 4, Brewster 2: Trailing 2-1 with eight minutes to go, Holderness scored two powerplay goals before tacking on an empty netter to in come-from-behind win over  Brewster. Shots were dead even at 30-30, with junior goaltender Andrew Munroe stopping 28 for the win. Senior Derek Pimental and sophomore Francis Parenteau each had a goal and two assists for Holderness.

Westminster 5 @ Choate 4: In a back-and-forth game, Westminster snuck by Choate for a big Founders’ League win. Westminster got goals from five different players, while junior Chris Izmirlian had three assists. Choate Senior Dan Linell picked up two goals in a losing effort.

@ Brunswick 4, Kent 3: In the upset of the day, host Brunswick came back from a 2-0 deficit with four consecutive goals in the second and third periods to sneak by Kent at home. Sophomore Kevin Duane had two goals and seniors Tommy Dwyer and Vincent Baulne-Charland both had two assists for Brunswick, while senior captain Noel Acciari tallied three points (2g, 1a) for the visitors from Kent. Brunswick goalie Gryphon Richardson stopped 26 of 29 shots to pick up the win.

@ Avon 7, Taft 1: Avon stayed perfect on the season, ripping visiting Taft by a score of 7-1. Avon got points from nine different players while pouring 39 shots on two Taft netminders. Junior Michael Santaguida was solid between the pipes for the Beavers, stopping 27 of 28 shots.

@ St. Paul’s 7, St. Mark’s 2: Junior Colin McCusker (2g, 2a) and Sophomore Nate Wark (1g, 2a) led the way as host St. Paul’s beat up on St. Mark’s, 7-2. Senior goalie Alex Gettens was solid in his first action of the season, kicking out 14 of 15 shots in 40 minutes between the pipes.

Salisbury 6 @ Hotchkiss 2: Salisbury scored all six of its goals in the second period and rolled to a 6-2 victory at Hotchkiss. Thirteen different players got on the scoresheet for Salisbury in the win.

@ Gunnery 3, Berkshire 2: Gunnery handed visiting Berkshire its first loss of the season in dramatic fashion, as Drew Smolcynski (2g) scored the game-winner with 27 seconds left. Gunnery outshot Berkshire 45-22 on the day, but Berkshire goaltender Mitch Gillam kept the Bears in it, making 42 saves.

@ Brooks 4, Middlesex 3: Middlesex came roaring back to tie the game with three goals in just over six minutes in the third, only to surrender the game winner to junior Captain Nick Potter (2g, 1a) of Brooks 13 seconds later. Zach Arnold was strong between the pipes for Middlesex with 43 saves to mask a substantial different in shots (47-28 Brooks).

Pomfret 3 @ Loomis-Chaffee 3: Loomis was fortunate to tie an injury-depleted Pomfret squad despite taking 18 penalties. Amazingly, in addition to not surrendering a single powerplay goal, Loomis got a shorthanded strike from Michael Blair (2g) in the second. Pomfret outshot Loomis 36-28.

Exeter 3 @ Winchendon 0: Senior goalie Paul Roche blanked host Winchendon, making 30 saves to earn the shutout. Junior forward Brian Hart had a goal and an assist for the visitors. Winchendon falls to 0-4 on the young season.

Nobles 8 @ Tabor 5: Adam Gilmour (4g, 1a), Matt Harlow (2g, 4a) and Andrew Doane (2g, 3a) had some fun on the Cape despite the cold temperature, leading visiting Nobles to an 8-5 victory over Tabor. Tabor scored three in the third to make the score look a bit more respectable.

South Kent 3 @ Millbrook 1: South Kent traveled to Millbrook and came away with a 3-1 win. Good goaltending was on display as South Kent’s Italian netminder Gianluca Vallini picked up the win, stopping 25 of 26, and Millbrook’s Tim Cooney was equally strong in defeat making 36 saves on 38 shots.

Kimball Union 7 @ Proctor 1: Senior Ryan Cole (1g, 3a) and Junior Tim Baylis (2g, 1a) led KUA to an easy 7-1 win at Proctor. Kimball Union improves to 4-0 on the year.

@ Dexter 11 Portsmouth Abbey 1: Host Dexter hammered Portsmouth Abbey by a score of 11-1. Portsmouth Abbey goaltenders were under siege all afternoon, as Dexter fired 67 shots on the cage. Senior forward Brendan Fitzgerald had a hat trick for Dexter.

Rivers 6  @ St. George’s 2: Rivers – grateful to face Eberthart competition after drubbings at the hands of St. Sebastian’s and Lawrence – picked up a 6-2 over St. George’s in Newport. Michael Whouley (2g, 1a) and Erik Udahl (1g, 2a) each had three points for the Red Wings.

Milton 6 @ Thayer 1: The visitors from Milton Academy dominated host Thayer 6-1, outshooting the home side by a convincing 40-17 margin. Senior captain Pat McNally was active from the back end, registering two goals and an assist.

@ New Hampton 6, Tilton 4: Senior Connor Gorman (3g,1a) completed a hat-trick in the second with two short-handed tallies as New Hampton pulled away with the win.

Groton 7 @ Roxbury Latin 2: Junior Mike Doherty (4g,2a) had a prolific night for the Zebras with a hat-trick in the first, figuring in six of Groton’s seven goals.

Cushing 3 @ Williston Northampton 0: Junior Goaltender Liam Moorfield-Yee kicked out 24 as the Penguins blanked Williston on the road. Senior Goaltender GianLuca Palmieri stopped 46 of 49 in a losing effort for Williston.

NMH 5 @ Deerfield 5: Freshman Tyler Kelleher (3g) led Deerfield’s offensive charge, while NMH Senior Joe Birmingham (2g,1a) factored heavily in the Hoggers’ late-game rally.


This Week's Schedule

Mon. Dec. 6:

Salisbury @ Kent, 4:30 pm
St. Sebastian's @ Exeter, 5:00 pm
Canterbury @ Berkshire, 5:15 pm

Non- NEPSIHA Game(s)

Portledge @ Millbrook, 5:30 pm

Tues. Dec. 7:

St. Luke's @ Harvey, 4:00 pm
Bridgton Academy @ Kents Hill, 4:00 pm (S)
St. Peter's Prep @ Delbarton, 4:45 pm

Wed. Dec. 8:

Tilton @ New Hampton School, 2:00 pm
Salisbury @ Hotchkiss, 2:30 pm
Taft @ Avon Old Farms, 2:30 pm
Middlesex @ Brooks, 2:45 pm
Westminster @ Choate, 3:00 pm
Brewster Academy @ Holderness, 3:00 pm
Kimball Union @ Proctor, 3:30 pm
Groton @ Roxbury Latin, 3:30 pm
St. Mark's @ St. Paul's, 3:30 pm
Trinity-Pawling @ Albany Academy, 4:00 pm
Kent @ Brunswick, 4:00 pm
Milton @ Thayer, 4:00 pm
Williston-Northampton @ Cushing, 4:30 pm
South Kent @ Millbrook, 4:30 pm
Berkshire @ Gunnery, 4:30 pm
Exeter @ Winchendon, 4:30 pm
Pomfret @ Loomis-Chaffee, 4:30 pm
Rivers @ St. George's, 4:30 pm
Portsmouth Abbey @ Dexter, 4:45 pm
Pingree @ Worcester Academy, 5:00 pm
St. Thomas More @ Kingswood-Oxford, 5:00 pm
Belmont Hill @ Governor's, 5:15 pm
Noble & Greenough @ Tabor, 5:15 pm
Northfield - Mt. Hermon @ Deerfield, 6:00 pm

Non-NEPSIHA Game(s):
Vermont Academy @ Rice, 3:00 pm (S)
Hill School @ Lawrenceville, 4:00 pm
Weymouth HS @ BC High, 4:30 pm (S)
NSA @ Northwood, 7:00 pm

Fri. Dec.  10:

-- 2010 Charlie Holt Classic (Day 1 of 2)
-- Hosted by Berwick Academy
@ Dover Ice Arena: Dover , NH

5:30 pm -- NYA vs. Brewster (Foster)
5:30 pm -- Berwick vs. Worcester Academy (Holt)
(all are NEPSIHA games)

Holderness @ Vermont Academy, 3:30 pm
Kents Hill @ Winchendon, 4:00 pm
St. Mark's @ BB&N, 4:30 pm
Brewster Academy @ NYA, 5:30 pm
Kingswood-Oxford @ Deerfield, 6:00 pm
Proctor @ Tilton, 6:00 pm
Pingree @ Williston-Northampton, 6:00 pm
Rye Country Day @ St. George's, 6:00 pm
Milton @ Governor's, 7:00 pm
South Kent @ Canterbury, 7:30 pm

Non- NEPSIHA Games:
Salisbury vs. Kent, 10:00 am (exhibition game @ Ann Arbor, Mich.)
Harvey @ South Kent Varsity B, 4:30 pm
Delbarton @ Bishop Eustace, 4:30 pm
Northwood "B" @ New Hampton School, 6:00 pm
Academie St. Louis @ Hebron, 7:00 pm
CP Dynamo @ Rice Memorial, 7:30 pm
St. Joes @ Don Bosco Prep, 8:00 pm

Sat. Dec. 11:

-- 2010 Charlie Holt Classic (Day 2 of 2)
-- Hosted by Berwick Academy
@Dover Ice Arena: Dover , NH

10:30 am -- Berwick vs. Brewster (Foster)
11:30 am -- Worcester vs. NYA (Holt)
3:00 pm -- Brewster vs. Worcester (Holt)
7:45 pm -- Berwick vs. NYA
(all are NEPSIHA games)

-- Albany Academy Rider Cup (Day 1 of 2)
@ Albany, NY
12:00 pm: Game 1 - Team 1 (Winchendon) vs. Team 2 (Albany Academy) *
2:00 pm:  Game 2 – Team 3 (Hill) vs. Team 4 (Wyoming)
5:00 pm:  Game 3 – Team 1 (Winchendon) vs. Team 5 (Lawrenceville)
7:00  pm: Game 4 - Team 2 (Albany Academy) vs. Team 3 (Hill)
9:00  pm: Game 5 - Team 4 (Wyoming) vs. Team 5 (Lawrenceville)
(* indicates NEPSIHA game)

Brewster Academy @ Berwick, 10:30 am
NYA @ Worcester Academy, 11:30 am
Noble & Greenough @ St. George's, 1:30 pm
Groton @ Rivers, 1:45 pm
Thayer @ Proctor, 2:00 pm
Rye CD @ Portsmouth Abbey, 2:00 pm
Vermont Academy @ Kingswood-Oxford, 3:00 pm
Governor's @ Milton, 3:00 pm
BB&N @ St. Sebastian's, 3:00 pm
Hebron @ Dexter, 3:00 pm
Brewster Academy @ Worcester Academy, 3:00 pm
Trinity-Pawling @ Avon Old Farms, 3:30 pm
Cushing @ Exeter, 4:00 pm
Williston-Northampton @ Gunnery, 4:00 pm
Berkshire @ Northfield - Mt. Hermon, 4:00 pm
Brooks @ St. Mark's, 4:00 pm
Lawrence Academy @ Belmont Hill, 4:00 pm
Tabor @ St. Paul's, 5:00 pm
Tilton @ Kimball Union, 6:00 pm
Millbrook @ Brunswick, 6:00 pm

Westminster @ Pomfret, 6:00 pm

Deerfield @ Choate, 6:30 pm
St. Thomas More @ Hoosac, 7:00 pm
Canterbury @ Loomis-Chaffee, 7:00 pm
NYA @ Berwick, 7:45 pm

Non-NEPSIHA Game(s):
CP Dynamo @ Rice Memorial, 12:00 pm

Northwood B @ Holderness, 1:30 pm (S)

Harvey @ Burke Catholic, 7:30 pm
BC High @ Acton-Boxborough Regional HS, 8:00 pm

Sun. Dec. 12:

-- Albany Academy Rider Cup (Day 2 of 2)
@ Albany, NY
(#1 seed has bye)

10:00 am -- Game 6: - Seed 2 vs. Seed 3
12:00 am -- Game 7: - Seed 4 vs. Seed 5
2:00 am -- Game 8: Finals - Seed 1 vs. Winner game 10


Pingree @ Andover, 2:15 pm

Non- NEPSIHA Game(s)
Delbarton @ Don Bosco Prep, 5:45 pm

Mon. Dec. 13:

Non- NEPSIHA Game(s)
St. Peter's Prep @ Portledge, 5:30 pm


A Little Help, Please!
We need coaches from the following NEPSIHA schools to post their schedules: Deerfield, Hoosac, Hotchkiss, Loomis, Portsmouth Abbey, Roxbury Latin, Rye CD, St. Mark’s, and Thayer. It is extremely important that this be done in order for the games to appear in the NEPSIHA composite schedule. Since absolutely everything in the database is interconnected via computer programs, a single missing game can actually make the difference between a team making or not making the postseason. It really, truly affects every team in the league due to the complexities of the mathematical formula used to determine who makes the playoffs, so think of it as a brotherhood. We do a lot of work here, checking and double-checking both electronically and by hand, but we still need each team’s schedule as a starting basis. So please help us out by getting your schedules posted, and please include any games you may have already played. If you are having any problems of a technical nature, please contact us, and we will be glad to help.

Most of the above schools are also missing rosters, thus affected players are unable to receive credit for their goals, assists, saves, etc. 

One other thing about rosters We believe it is extremely important that birthdates are included on rosters. The reason is simple. Many players need a year or two of juniors in order to reach their goal of playing college hockey. If colleges recruiters and junior teams looking through rosters have no idea as to how old a player is, there’s a chance they’ll overlook them. The age of a player is essential information. This is the reality of hockey today. It’s all about opportunity, and we want everyone to have the same opportunity. To that end, we need birthdates listed for all players.

Thank you.


Sat. Dec 4 Highlights
-- @ Tilton 3, Kents Hill 2 (OT): Senior Chad O’Brien’s goal at 4:39 of OT lifted host Tilton to the win. Junior Anthony Flaherty and senor Ethan Pelletier each had two points for the victors, and junior goalie Zac Asa (17/19) picked up the win. For Kents Hill senior Tim Sullivan had a pair of goals. Junior goalie Nick Devine kicked out 32 of 35 in a losing cause.

-- @ BB&N 3, Brooks 0
: 6’4” senior Sam Parker posted the shutout, stopping all 29 shots he faced.

-- @ Trinity-Pawling 2, Loomis 1:  Seniors Paul Falanga (2g) and Josh Roberts (2a) figured in both T-P tallies. Senior Zach Kizitaff earned the win, kicking out 20 of 21.

-- @ Hebron 7, Pingree 0:
PG Mike Messuri stopped all 14 shots he faced. Junior Andrew Graham, with a hat trick, and senior Joey Collins (1g,2a) each had three points.

-- @ Lawrence 8, St. George’s: Lawrence scored a TD and added a two-point conversion against the Dragons. Seven different Lawrence players tallied a goal in this one.

-- @ Brunswick 2, Hoosac 1: Holy Cross recruit Tommy Dwyer (1g,1a) figured in both Brunswick goals this afternoon.

-- @ Kent 11, Kingswood-Oxford 2: Sophomore defenseman Mike Graham had four assists. Seniors Drew Brown (2g,1a) and Logan Roe (1g,2a), and juniors Ryan Rosenthal (3g) and Boo Nieves (1g,2a) each had three points.

-- @ Nobles 4, Belmont Hill 2: Sophomore Mason Pulde kicked out 18 of 20 shots for the win. Nobles got goals from four different scorers.

--  @ Delbarton 4, Bergen Catholic 2:
Delbarton also got goals from four different scorers.

-- Cushing 15 @ Worcester Academy 1:
PG Fabio Cuetara led the Cushing attack with four points. Sure glad we missed this one.   

-- Salisbury 4 @ Williston-Northampton 1: Senior Gabe Antoni stopped 27 of 28 shots for the win, and four of his teammates scored one goal apiece.

-- Governor’s 5 @ Thayer 1: Senior Rory Burke stopped 32 of 33 shots for the win. Junior Bryan Sullivan (2g,1a) had three points. Senior Nick Wirth and sophomore D Tyler Wood each had two assists.

-- Groton 7 @ Portsmouth Abbey 2:
Yale recruit Mike Doherty (2g,2a) figured in four of Groton’s seven goals.

-- Avon 5 @ Albany Academy 2: Seniors Greg Gozzo, with a hat trick, and Mark Naclerio, with a pair of empty-netters, accounted for all the Avon goals. New junior Michael Santaguida stoped 33 of 35 for the win. 6’2” Albany Senior Michael was the hard-luck loser, stopping 41 of 44 shots. 

-- @Westminster 3, Northfield–Mt. Hermon 3: Senior Phil Sandler (2g) had two first-period goals to give Westminster a 2-0 lead, but NMH came from behind to earn the tie, as sophomore Austin Cangelosi (1g,2a) figured in all three of the Hoggers’ goals.

@ Pomfret 3, Andover 0: New sophomore goaltender Nick Ellis came up big for Pomfret with an 18-save shutout. Pomfret had goals from three different scorers.

-- @ Choate 6, Gunnery 2: Senior Alex Hagen (4g,1a) led the Choate offense with a second period hat trick. Choate PG goaltender Sal Magliocco kicked out 34 of 36 shots for the win.

-- Brewster Academy 6 @ Proctor 3: Freshman goaltender Ryder Garnsey stopped 27 of 30 shots to earn the win, and junior Anthony Maiuri had a pair of goals. For Proctor, senior goaltender Frankie McCormick stopped 49 of 55 in a losing effort.

-- Milton 2 @ St. Sebastian's 1: A George Pantazopolous power play goal with 59 seconds left in regulation lifted the Mustangs to the win. Senior Sean Dougherty (22/23) earned the win, while senior Donny McGuirl stopped 24 of 26 in the loss.

-- Millbrook 5 @ Winchendon 4: Senior Penn Sednaoui (2g,1a) led the way Millbrook came back from a 3-1 deficit to best Winchendon with four unanswered goals.

-- @ KUA 10, Academie St. Louis 2: KUA’s offense, led by sophomore Jonathan Charbonneau (2g,2a) and junior Dennis Kravchenko (1g,2a), made short work of Academie St. Louis.

-- @ Berkshire 1, Taft 0: In a goaltending battle, Berkshire senior Mitch Gillam prevailed, kicking out 33 for the shutout. Junior Riley Bourbonnais got the game’s only goal, besting Taft junior Jimmy Harrison (31/32).



A Great Cause -- and a Game, too
When Taft visits Berkshire tomorrow night (7:00 pm) the two teams will be battling for the Lucille A. D’Arco Cup, a tradition that began three years ago when Berkshire coach Dan Driscoll and Taft coach Dan Murphy decided that the best way to honor Mrs. D’Arco, who died in August 2008 after a two-year battle with breast cancer, was a charity game between the two schools.

The tradition has steadily grown since. The reason that the Taft-Berkshire game is the perfect matchup is two-fold. Lucille D’Arco’s son, Brad D’Arco, is a former Taft and Colgate forward who is currently an assistant at Berkshire. Her husband, Dom D’Arco, is the cofounder and long time director of the Connecticut Yankees, where Ryan Shannon, Max Pacioretty, Cam Atkinson and many others honed their skills.

For tomorrow night's game,  the Berkshire players will wear pink jerseys and students at the game will be wearing pink t-shirts. All proceeds will go to benefit cancer research, and donations will be taken at the game. This is a great thing these two schools are doing. We here at USHR will be making a donation and hope others will take the time to do the same. Cancer takes far too many people from us. Hopefully, a cure will be found in our lives, but the resources needed to reach that goal are vast, and every dollar helps. 

If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to:

Berkshire School
c/o Jane Piatelli
245 North Undermountain Rd.
Sheffield, MA 01257

Please make your check out to the Berkshire School. They will then combine the funds and send one check to Stand Up 2 Cancer. All contributions are tax-deductible.



Founders’ League Jamboree Results

-- Today at the Taft School; Watertown, Conn.

1:30 pm – Westminster 2, Hotchkiss 1
1:45 pm – Salisbury 1, Avon 0
2:30 pm – Avon 3, Hotchkiss 0
2:45 pm – Salisbury 1, Westminster 1
3:30 pm – Taft 1, Loomis 1
3:45 pm – Trinity-Pawling 0, Deerfield 0
4:30 pm – Trinity-Pawling 3, Loomis 0
4:45 pm – Kent 3, Deerfield 1
5:30 pm – Kent 5, Kingswood 0 
5:45 pm – Choate 1, Taft 0
6:30 pm – Taft 1, Kingswood 1
6:45 pm – Choate 3, Kent 3

Games consisted of 25-minute periods.


Wed. Dec. 1 Highlights
-- Host Lawrence topped Andover 5-1 behind seniors Andrew Cerretani (2g) and Michael Jamieson (1g,2a). Junior Tyler Whitney (1g,1a) also had a multi-point game.

-- Host Dexter rolled over Middlesex, 7-2. Senior Stephen McKenna (1g,3a) and sophomore Trevor Fidler 1g,3a) each had four points. Senior Brendan Fitzgerald (1g,2a) had three points.

-- St. Paul’s topped host Governor’s 3-1. Sophomore Greg Zaffino had a pair of power play goals, both assisted by fellow soph Nate Wark. Brown recruit Derick Roy kicked out 33 of 34 shots in net.

-- Proctor Academy traveled to Vermont Academy and came away with a 7-5 win. Junior Ryan Kangas (1g,3a), senior Jon Felteau (1g,3a) and junior Ryan Rumble (2g.1a) led the Hornets’ attack.

For Vermont, senior captain Adam Hennick (2g,1a) had three points.

-- New Hampton went on the road and edged Winchendon 5-4 on a goal by senior Connor Gorman at 2:25 of OT.

In addition to his OT goal, Gorman had three assists.

Winchendon trailed this game 4-1 midway through the second period, but came back to tie it up in the third, only to lose it OT.

-- Host Hebron scored four goals in the third period, two off the stick of senior Joey Collins, who also added an assist, to top Holderness, 4-0. PG Mike Messuri stopped all 12 shots he faced in the Hebron net.

-- Host Nobles bombed Pomfret, 7-1. Senior Matt Harlow (1g,2a) led the way with three points. Junior Stephen Miller (2g), sophomore Adam Gilmour (2g), and senior D Michael Reardon (1g,1a) each had a couple of points.

Sophomore goaltender Mason Pulde stopped 17 of 18 shots for the win.

-- Junior Nic Pierog (1g,1a) opened the scoring floodgates for Host Canterbury with a goal just over a minute into the first frame. A Millbrook rally from a 4-0 hole was unsuccessful in the third period and the Saints emerged with a 6-3 win.

--- Senior Joseph Manno (3g) completed his hat trick with an empty netter in the third for South Kent, while Union-bound defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere (3a) pitched in three assists to lead South Kent to a 6-3 win over host Brunswick.                  

-- Kimball Union crushed Williston-Northampton, 10-0. Senior forward Gabriel Veilleux (2g, 3a) and junior defenseman Christian Thamert (5a) each had five-point nights.

-- Junior forward Stephen Brown (2g, 1a) answered an early Rivers goal with two of his own late in the in first period, leading St. Sebastians to an 8-1 romp over visiting Rivers. St. Sebastian’s senior goaltender Donny McGuirl stopped 19 of 20 for the win.

-- Host Tilton topped Hoosac, 7-1, getting goals from seven different scorers in the process. Senior Jeremy Wong (1g, 2a) and junior Kyle Larson (1g, 2a) both had three point nights for the Rams as they pulled away from Hoosac late in the first.