March 13, 2004

Lawrenceville Hockey Results


Result Game Details Date
T @ The Hill School 4-412/10/2003Box Score
L @ Wyoming Seminary 2-312/13/2003Box Score
W @ Millbrook 2-112/13/2003Box Score
T vs. The Hill School 2-212/14/2003Box Score
L @ Taft 2-712/20/2003Box Score
L vs. Northfield Mt. Hermon 2-612/20/2003Box Score
L vs. Nichols 1-312/21/2003Box Score
L vs. Northfield Mt. Hermon 2-612/21/2003Box Score
W @ Winchendon 2-012/28/2004Box Score
L @ Gilmour Academy 0-512/28/2004Box Score
W vs. Millbrook 3-212/29/2004Box Score
L vs. Nichols 0-412/30/2004Box Score
W vs. Portledge 4-201/07/2004Box Score
W vs. Northwood Junior 1-0 (OT)01/10/2004Box Score
T vs. National Sports Academy 0-001/11/2004Box Score
W @ Princeton Day School 2-101/14/2004Box Score
L @ Brunswick 1-501/17/2004Box Score
L @ Exeter 5-701/24/2004Box Score
W vs. Wyoming Seminary 3-202/04/2004Box Score
W vs. The Hill School 4-3 (OT)02/07/2004Box Score
W vs. Albany Academy 6-302/14/2004Box Score
L @ Boston Jr. Bulldogs 3-402/15/2004Box Score
W vs. Worcester Academy 7-202/20/2004Box Score
W vs. Bridgton Academy 4-202/22/2004Box Score
* based on submitted game results.
Record '03-04
Elite Prep/High School
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Head Coach
Etienne Bilodeau
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Lawrenceville, NJ
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