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This Week’s Schedule
Mon. Feb. 20
Albany Academy @ Berkshire, 4:15 pm
Gunnery @ Canterbury, 4:30 pm
Kingswood-Oxford @ Avon Old Farms, 4:30 pm

Tues. Feb. 21
Hebron @ North Yarmouth, 5:00 pm
Kingswood-Oxford @ Brunswick, 5:45 pm
Rye Country Day @ Iona Prep, 6:15 pm

Wed. Feb. 22
Millbrook @ Berkshire, 2:30 pm
Groton @ Middlesex, 2:30 pm
Salisbury @ Hotchkiss, 2:30 pm
Canterbury @ Avon Old Farms, 2:30 pm
Gunnery @ Westminster, 2:30 pm
Taft @ Trinity-Pawling, 2:45 pm
Vermont Academy @ Tilton, 3:00 pm
Loomis-Chaffee @ Choate, 3:00 pm
St. Mark's @ St. George's, 3:15 pm
BB&N @ Roxbury Latin, 3:30 pm
Hebron @ Proctor, 4:00 pm
Portledge vs. Hoosac, 4:00 pm (@ Danbury, Conn Ice Arena)
Andover @ Northfield - Mt. Hermon, 4:00 pm
Milton @ Thayer, 4:00 pm
Kent @ Deerfield, 4:00 pm
Dexter @ Holderness, 4:00 pm
Pomfret @ Exeter, 4:00 pm
Winchendon @ Kimball Union, 4:00 pm
Berwick @ Pingree, 4:00 pm
Williston-Northampton @ Albany Academy, 4:00 pm
Belmont Hill @ St. Paul's, 4:00 pm
Wyoming Seminary @ Lawrenceville, 4:00 pm
New Hampton @ Cushing, 4:30 pm
Rivers @ Brooks, 4:30 pm
Lawrence Academy @ St. Sebastian's, 4:30 pm
Governor's @ Noble & Greenough, 5:00 pm
Portsmouth Abbey @ Kingswood-Oxford, 5:00 pm
Hamden HS vs. Malden Catholic, 6:15 pm (@ Olympia Ice Center)
NSA @ Northwood, 7:00 pm

Thurs. Feb. 23
Harvey @ King-Low, 4:00 pm

Fri. Feb. 24
Empire Cup (Day 1 of 2)
Worcester Academy @ Roxbury Latin, 3:30 pm
Pingree @ North Yarmouth, 5:00 pm
Winchendon @ Williston-Northampton, 5:00 pm
Berwick @ Governor's, 5:15 pm
Thayer @ Rivers, 5:30 pm
Tabor @ Belmont Hill, 6:00 pm

Sat. Feb. 25
Empire Cup Tournament (Day 2 of 2)

Lakes Region Tournament (Day 1 of 2)

St. Sebastian's vs. Thayer, 12:00 pm (@ Walter Brown Arena, BU)
Hebron @ Kents Hill, 12:00 pm
Rivers @ Portsmouth Abbey, 1:30 pm
Worcester Academy @ Dexter, 2:00 pm
Northfield - Mt. Hermon @ Tabor, 2:30 pm
Choate @ Kent, 2:30 pm
Taft @ Hotchkiss, 2:30 pm
Lawrence Academy @ St. Paul's, 2:45 pm
Brooks @ BB&N, 3:00 pm
Groton @ St. Mark's, 4:00 pm
Middlesex @ St. George's, 4:00 pm
Hoosac @ South Kent, 4:00 pm
Exeter @ Andover, 4:00 pm
Williston-Northampton @ Pomfret, 4:00 pm
Berkshire @ Gunnery, 4:00 pm
Noble & Greenough @ Milton, 4:15 pm
Salisbury @ Canterbury, 4:30 pm
Hoosac @ South Kent, 4:30 pm
Berwick @ Cushing, 6:00 pm
Westminster @ Deerfield, 6:30 pm
Loomis-Chaffee @ Avon Old Farms, 7:00 pm

Sun. Feb. 26
Lakes Region Tournament (Day 2 of 2)
Junior Bruins (EJHL) vs. Northwood, 12:30 pm (at UMass-Amherst)
Academie St. Louis, Quebec @ Kents Hill, 4:30 pm


Wed. 2/29/12 -- Please check the main USHR News Page frequently for the latest updates on today's games. As of 10:30 am, four games have had their starting times moved up. No games have been postponed, at least not yet.

Wed. 2/29/12

Prep Quarterfinals Scoreboard
Stuart/Corkery Tournament:

#1 Salisbury 6, #8 Cushing 0  (@ Avon Old Farms) -- Jason Kalinowski and John Stevens each had a pair of goals. Justin Nichols, with 25 saves, picked up the shutout. In the second period, Salisbury scored three goals during a major penalty to Richie Boyd (hit from behind).

#4 Lawrence Academy 5,
#5 Belmont Hill 4 (OT)  (@ Lawrence) -- Lawrence, down 4-2 early in the third, came back with three uanswered goals, the last from Tyler Whitney at 6:43 of OT. Lawrence outshot Belmont Hill, 32-4 in the third, and 70-27 for the game. David Cunningham took the hard-luck loss; Nathaniel Heilbron the win. The OT goal was Whitney's second of the game, Stephen Brennan and Carl Hesler each had two goals for Bel Hill.

#3 Exeter
2, #6 Gunnery 0  (@ St. Mark's) -- Alex Carlacci scored a second period goal, and Brian Hart added an empty netter. Nolan Daley earned the shutout, stopping 29 shots.

# 2 Noble and Greenough 3, #7 Avon Old Farms 2  (@ Nobles) -- Nobles' top line of Chris Calnan--Adam Gilmour--Colin White figured in all three of their team's goals. Avon made it interesting in the third, hitting a couple of posts, but just didn't have enough to get the equalizer.

Martin/Earl Tournament:

#1 Berkshire 4, #8 Westminster 3 (OT)  (@ Berkshire) -- Kevin Rooney wins it for the Bears 49 seconds into OT. Berkshire outshot Westy, 45-25.

#5 Albany Academy 3, #4 St. Paul's 2 (OT)  (@ Deerfield) -- Tyler Hynes wins it at the 7:31 mark of OT. Two great goals from Mark Knowlton in regulation. Alec Mansfield stopped 41 of 43 shots for the win.

#3 Kent 3,
#6 Choate 2  (@ Kent) -- Mitch Allen had the game-winner late in the second. Perry Holcombe and Mike Cimba also scored for Kent. Mickey Foley and Bill Seligman scored for Choate. The Wild Boars outshot the Lions, 31-16. In the Kent net, Stephen Morrissey had 29 saves.

#2 St. Sebastian's 3, #7 Brunswick 2 (OT)  (@ Williston-Northampton) -- Cam Askew scored the game-winner 5:06 into OT. Gordon Donnelly stopped 34 of the 36 shots he faced.

Piatelli/Simmons Tournament:

#1 Kimball Union 6,
#8 St. Mark's 3  (@ KUA) -- Elie Vered had a pair of goals for the Wildcats.

#5 Dexter 7, #4 Winchendon 1 (@ Winchendon) -- Liam Feeney and Mark Fidler each scored two goals. Five of Dexter's seven goals came on the power play.

#3 Holderness 4, #6 Kent's Hill 3  (@ Exeter) -- Holderness was down 3-2 early in the third, but Connor Loree got hot at the right time, scoring both the tying and winning goal in a span of 2:11.

#7 Brooks 5, #2 South Kent 3  (@ Eaglebrook School) -- South Kent outshot Brooks 45-24 but Brooks goalie Colin Langham came up big with 42 saves. Defenseman Anthony Florentino (2g,1a) figured in all of South Kent's goals.

Semis and Finals:

Fri. March 2 (IceCenter Salem, NH)
5:30 pm -- Stuart/Corkery Semifinal -- Salisbury vs. Lawrence
8:00 pm -- Stuart/Corkery Semifinal -- Nobles vs. Exeter 

Sat. March 3 (IceCenter Salem, NH)
9:00 am -- Piatelli/Simmons Semifinal -- KUA vs. Dexter
11:30 am -- Piatelli/Simmons Semifinal -- Brooks vs. Holderness
2:00 pm -- Martin/Earl Semifinal -- Berkshire vs. Albany Academy
4:30 pm -- Martin/Earl Semifinal -- St. Sebastian's vs. Kent

Sun. March 4 (IceCenter Salem, NH)
10:30 am -- Piatelli/Simmons Final
1:00 pm -- Martin/Earl Final
3:30 pm -- Stuart/Corkery Final




Final JSPR and RPI Numbers
Here are the final numbers used to determine playoff seeding for the 2012 NEPSIHA Tournament:

Elite 8
1. Salisbury
2. Nobles
3. Exeter
4. Lawrence
5. Belmont Hill
6. Gunnery
7. Avon
8. Cushing

Large School Tournament
1. Berkshire
2. St. Sebastian's
3. Kent
4. St. Paul's
5. Albany Academy
6. Choate
7. Brunswick
8. Westminster

Small School Tournament
1. KUA
2. South Kent
3. Holderness
4. Winchendon
5. Dexter
6. Kent's Hill
7. Brooks
8. Millbrook (Millbrook bumped because their final record was under .500; replaced by St. Mark’s who was next in line)

JSPR Rankings
 1. Salisbury -- 15 points
 2. Nobles -- 14 points
 3. Exeter -- 13 points
 4. Lawrence -- 12 points
 5. Belmont Hill -- 11 points
 6. Gunnery -- 10 points
 7.  Avon -- 8 Points
 8. Cushing -- 7 points--Cushing beats KUA in JSPR
 9. KUA -- 7 points
10. Berkshire -- 5 points -- Berkshire beats St. Seb’s in JSPR
11. St. Sebastian’s -- 5 points
12. Kent -- 4 points-- Kent beats Albany in JSPR
13. Albany Academy -- 4 points
14. South Kent -- 3 points
15. St. Paul’s -- 2 points
16. Choate -- 0 points

RPI Rankings
1.  Lawrence  .61454
2.  Salisbury  .61300
3.  Nobles  .61127
4.  Exeter  .60713
5.  Gunnery  .59015
6.  KUA  .58632
7.  Belmont Hill  .58590
8.  Avon Old Farms  .57489
9.  Berkshire .57065
10.  St. Sebastian’s  .56815
11.  Cushing  .56693
12.  South Kent  .55915
13.  Kent  .55611
14.  St. Paul’s  .55481
15.  Albany Academy  .55461
16.  Choate  .55314
17.  Holderness  .55054
18.  Brunswick  .54680
19.  Westminster  .54153
20.  Winchendon  .53474
21.  Dexter  .53435
22.  Kents Hill  .52815
23.  Andover .52334
24.  Governor’s  .51926
25.  Tabor  .51839
26.  NMH  .51120
27.  Brooks  .50778
28.  Milton  .50769
29.  Williston .50571
30.  Deerfield  .50493
31.  Millbrook  .50473
32.  St. Mark’s  .50360
33.  Brewster  .50354
34.  Berwick  .50307
35.  Rivers  .50012
36.  Tilton  .49972
37.  Hotchkiss  .49854
38.  Canterbury  .49645
39.  Taft  .49325
40.  BB&N  .47368
41.  Thayer  .47343
42.  Hebron  .47058
43.  Groton  .46793
44.  Middlesex  .46261
45.  St. George’s  .45344
46.  Trinity-Pawling  .45183
47.  Pomfret  .44961
48.  Pingree  .44111
49.  Worcester  .44047
50.  Proctor  .43976
51.  New Hampton  .43465
52.  Hoosac  .42738
53.  Loomis  .41356
54.  Vermont Academy  .39550
55.  K-O  .38837
56.  NYA  .36996
57.  Roxbury Latin  .35472
58.  P. Abbey .32244



NEPSIHA Tournament Seeds/Schedule
Here are the final NEPSIHA seeds, for each of the three tournaments. Please scroll below for times and venues for Wednesday's games. Some of the game times -- and sites -- are still being finalized (there are a number of neutral site games) so please be sure to check back, as we will be updating as we get new information.

Open Tournament (Stuart/Corkery)
1. Salisbury
2. Nobles
3. Exeter
4. Lawrence
5. Belmont Hill
6. Gunnery
7. Avon Old Farms
8. Cushing

Large School Tournament (Martin/Earl)
1. Berkshire
2. St. Sebastian’s
3. Kent
4. St. Paul’s
5. Albany Academy
6. Choate
7. Brunswick
8. Westminster

Small School Tournament (Piatelli/Simmons)
1. Kimball Union
2. South Kent
3. Holderness
4. Winchendon
5. Dexter
6. Kents Hill
7. Brooks

8. St. Mark’s

The Schedule (Wed. Feb. 29, 2012):

Stuart/Corkery Tournament:
#8 Cushing vs. #1 Salisbury -- 3:45 pm (@ Avon Old Farms)
#5 Belmont Hill vs. #4 Lawrence Academy -- 4:00 pm (@ Lawrence)
#6 Gunnery vs. #3 Exeter -- 3:00 pm (@ St. Mark's)
#7 Avon Old Farms vs. #2 Noble and Greenough -- 2:00 pm (@ Nobles)
Martin/Earl Tournament:
#8 Westminster vs. #1 Berkshire -- 4:30 pm (@ Berkshire)
#5 Albany Academy vs. #4 St. Paul's -- 3:30 pm (@ Deerfield)
#6 Choate vs. #3 Kent -- 4:00 pm (@ Kent)
#7 Brunswick vs. #2 St. Sebastian's -- 4:30 pm tentatively (@ Williston-Northampton)
Piatelli/Simmons Tournament:
#8 St. Mark's vs. #1 Kimball Union -- 3:30 pm (@ KUA)
#5 Dexter vs. #4 Winchendon -- 5:30 pm (@ Winchendon)
#6 Kent's Hill vs. #3 Holderness -- 4:00 pm (@ Exeter)
#7 Brooks vs. #2 South Kent -- 4:00 pm (@ Eaglebrook School)

Semis and Finals:

Fri. March 2 (IceCenter Salem, NH)
5:30 pm -- Stuart/Corkery Semifinal (1-8 winners vs. 4-5 winners)
8:00 pm -- Stuart/Corkery Semifinal (2-7 winners vs. 3-6 winners) 

Sat. March 3 (IceCenter Salem, NH)
9:00 am -- Piatelli/Simmons Semifinal (1-8 winners vs. 4-5 winners)
11:30 am -- Piatelli/Simmons Semifinal (2-7 winners vs. 3-6 winners) 
2:00 pm -- Martin/Earl Semifinal (1-8 winners vs. 4-5 winners)
4:30 pm -- Martin/Earl Semifinal (2-7 winners vs. 3-6 winners) 

Sun. March 4 (IceCenter Salem, NH)
10:30 am -- Piatelli/Simmons Final
1:00 pm -- Martin/Earl Final
3:30 pm -- Stuart/Corkery Final




Sat. Feb. 25 Highlights

Gunnery 4 @ Berkshire 3: Gunnery held on for a narrow 4-3 win over Berkshire in the game of the day between two playoff-bound teams. Berkshire scored twice with the goalie pulled to make it close, but junior goaltender Dawson Sprigings (33 saves) shut the door late to pull out the win. For Berkshire, the loss drops them into the Large School Tournament, while Gunnery will hit the road in the Elite Eight.

@ Kimball Union 2, Tilton 1: Kimball Union likely punched their ticket for the Elite Eight with a 2-1 win over Tilton. Junior Nick Rufo was the man for KUA, scoring both goals including the winner at 4:18 of the third period.

Exeter 6 @ Andover 4: Senior captains Brian Hart and Will Goss each had a pair of goals for Exeter in a win over rival Andover. Exeter is headed for the Elite Eight, and will have a home game Wednesday.

@ Avon 6, Loomis-Chaffee 1: Avon conceded the first goal but scored the final six in a home win over Loomis. Avon senior Dylan Shamburger was the game’s high scorer with two goals and two assists. Avon senior goalie Ben Freiberg got the start in place of Michael Santaguida and performed well, making 20 saves on 21 shots. The Beavers did their part and should be the final entry into the Elite Eight.

@ Cushing 4, Berwick 3:
Sophomore forward Shane Eiserman’s second goal of the game gave host Cushing an overtime win over Berwick. Berwick freshman defenseman Liam Darcy had two goals and an assist in the loss. The win likely won’t be enough to get Cushing into the Elite Eight.

Choate 3 @ Kent 1: Choate junior Alex Rauter’s two third period goals lifted Choate to a 3-1 victory; Rauter scored the game-winner at 7:44 of the period and then tacked on some insurance with an empty-netter. Kent outshot Choate 37-32, but Choate freshman Sam Tucker stood tall in net, making 36 saves to earn the win.

Lawrence 4, St. Paul’s 3: Lawrence senior blueliner Jacob Schechter scored at 2:30 of overtime to give his team a 4-3 win up in Concord, NH. St. Paul’s junior goalie Michael Pinios kept the hosts in the game, making 48 saves. St. Paul’s senior Josh Dickman had a pair of goals in the loss. Lawrence had already clinched the Keller Division crown.

Salisbury 3 @ Canterbury 1: Salisbury finished up its regular season with a 3-1 win at Canterbury. Senior Philip Zielonka and junior Aaron Berisha each had a goal and an assist for the Knights. Salisbury finishes up the regular season with its 13th win in a row.

@ Holderness 6, Brewster 1: A four-goal outburst in just over four minutes during the second period propelled Holderness to a 6-1 win over Brewster in Lakes Region Tournament play. Junior defenseman Phil Johansson scored twice for the hosts. Holderness will play in the postseason in the Small School Tournament, no small achievement considering their 7-21-1 record last season.  Holderness will also face KUA Sunday morning (11:00 a.m. at Plymouth State) in the title game of the Lakes Region Tournament.

@ Kents Hill 4, Hebron 1: Kents Hill used three third period powerplay goals to beat Hebron 4-1. Sophomore forward Jared Cockrell paced the Kents Hill offense with a goal and two assists. Kents Hill outshot Hebron 46-19.

@ Dexter 10, Worcester Academy 1: Dexter whacked Worcester Academy by a score of 10-1. Juniors Tim Harrison (1g, 3a) and Trevor Fidler (2g, 2a) did the most damage for the hosts. Shots were a lopsided 51-24.

St. Sebastian’s 6, Thayer 3: St. Sebastian’s broke open a 3-3 game with three third period goals in a game played at BU’s Walter Brown Arena. Junior Tommy Kelly had a hat-trick for St. Sebastian’s, while junior Jonathan Sheedy picked up a pair for Thayer.

@ Millbrook 4, Portledge 3: Millbrook senior Evan Marek scored just 58 seconds into overtime to lift Millbrook over Portledge in an Empire Cup consolation game. Portledge sophomore defenseman Brandon Fortunato assisted on all three of his team’s goals, including Jesse Schandler’s 6x5 goal with 1:17 left that sent the game to overtime.

@ South Kent 6, Hoosac 1: South Kent beat Hoosac 6-1 on goals from six different skaters. PG goalie Gianluca Vallini made 30 saves to get the win between the pipes for the Cardinals.

Groton 3 @ St. Mark’s 3: St. Mark’s junior Mark Upton salvaged a point for his team by scoring at 17:21 of the third period. Groton senior Mike Doherty had two goals for the visitors.

Williston-Northampton 3, Pomfret 2: Williston jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first period and held on for the win at Pomfret. Williston junior goaltender Jean-Francois Boucher made 26 saves to get the win in net.

Brooks 5 @ BB&N 2: Brooks took the Eberhart title with a 5-2 win over BB&N. Senior Nick Potter and junior Connor Hannough had two goals apiece for Brooks. With wins by both KUA and Gunnery, it looks like Brooks will make the Small School Tournament.

Brunswick 7, Albany Academy 4: Brunswick came out flying and built a 4-0 lead early in a 7-4 win over Albany Academy in the title game of the Empire Cup Tournament. Junior Sean MacTavish (2g, 1a) and seniors Kevin Duane (2g) and Luke Esposito (1g, 2a) led the offense for Brunswick.

Other Games:
@ St. George’s 4, Middlesex 3
Westminster 4 @ Deerfield 1
@ Hotchkiss 4, Taft 1
@ Tabor 6, NMH 5

Empire Cup Schedule/Results

-- At Trinity-Pawling and Millbrook, as noted.

Fri. Feb. 25
Game 1: Lawrenceville 6, Portledge 2
Game 2: Albany Academy 3, Millbrook 0
Game 3: Brunswick 5, Wyoming Seminary 2
Game 4: Trinity-Pawling 4, The Hill School 1

Sat. Feb. 26
Semi-final: Albany Academy 4, Lawrenceville 1
Consolation – Millbrook 4, Portledge 3
Semi-final: Brunswick 9, T-P 1
Consolation: Hill 4, Wyoming Seminary 3
Championship: Semi-final winners – Brunswick 7, Albany Academy 4


Lakes Region Schedule/Results

Fri. Feb. 25
Game A: Tilton 3, New Hampton 0
Game B: Proctor 6, Vermont Academy 1

Sat. Feb. 26
Game C: Holderness 6, Brewster 1
Game D: KUA 2, Tilton 1

Sun. Feb. 27
Game E: Championship Game: KUA vs. Holderness -- 11:00 am @ Plymouth State.
(Note: The Championship Game is not calculated into the NEPSIHA playoff standings. Also, there is no consolation game.)

Empire Cup Schedule/Results

-- At Trinity-Pawling and Millbrook, as noted.

Fri. Feb. 25
Game 1: Lawrenceville 6, Portledge 2
Game 2: Albany Academy 3, Millbrook 0
Game 3: Brunswick 5, Wyoming Seminary 2
Game 4: Trinity-Pawling 4, The Hill School 1

Sat. Feb. 26
Semi-final: Lawrenceville vs. Albany Academy – 12:00 pm @ Millbrook
Consolation – Portledge vs. Millbrook – 2:00 pm @ Millbrook
Semi-final: Brunswick vs. T-P – 12:00 pm @ T-P
Consolation: Wyoming Seminary vs. Hill -- 2:00 pm @ T-P
Championship: Semi-final winners – 7:00 pm (@ T-P or Millbrook, depending)

Lakes Region Schedule/Results

Fri. Feb. 25
Game A: Tilton 3, New Hampton 0
Game B: Proctor 6, Vermont Academy 1

Sat. Feb. 26
Game C: #3 Brewster @ #2 Holderness, 4:00 pm
Game D: Tilton @ #1 KUA, 5:00 pm

Sun. Feb. 27
Game E: Winner Game C vs. Winner Game D, 11:00 am @ Plymouth State.
(Note: The Championship Game is not calculated into the NEPSIHA playoff standings. Also, there is no consolation game.)


If The Season Ended Today

This is how things would shape up:

Elite 8 Tournament
1. Salisbury
2. Nobles
3. Exeter
4. Lawrence
5. Belmont Hill
6. Gunnery
7. KUA
8. Avon

Large School Tournament
1. Berkshire
2. St. Sebastian's
3. Cushing
4. Kent
5. St. Paul's
6. Albany Academy
7. Choate
8. Westminster

Small School Tournament
1. Holderness
2. South Kent
3. Dexter
4. Winchendon
5. Kent's Hill
6. St. Mark's
7. Rivers
8. Brooks

JSPR Rankings
1. Salisbury -- 15 points
2. Nobles -- 14 points
3. Exeter -- 13 points
4. Lawrence -- 12 points
5. Belmont Hill -- 11 points
6. Gunnery -- 10 points
7. KUA -- 7 points-need to go to RPI tiebreaker for spots 7-9
8. Avon -- 7 Points
9. Cushing -- 7 points
10. Berkshire -- 6 points
11. St. Sebastian's -- 5 points-St. Seb's defeats Kent in JSPR
12. Kent -- 5 points
13. Albany Academy -- 4 points
14. St. Paul's -- 3 points
15. Choate -- 1 point
16. Holderness -- 0 points

Current RPI Rankings




















Belmont Hill









St. Sebastian's









St. Paul's



Albany Acad.









South Kent





















Kents Hill















St. Mark's



















































St. George's












New Hampton


















Roxbury Latin



P. Abbey






Who Gets In?
On Wednesday, some key games affected the standings:

-- Belmont Hill fortified their Elite 8 status by going up to St. Paul’s and picking up a valuable win against a team under consideration.

-- Kent only managing a tie against Deerfield hurt the Lions, who now don’t really have a viable path to the Elite 8.

-- Cushing getting another win was significant, as it adds to their RPI and leaves them in contention for the Elite 8. However, it may be a case of too little, too late for the Penguins.

-- St. Sebastian’s beating Lawrence Academy didn’t really hurt Lawrence as much as it helped St. Seb’s. The Arrows are still in contention, but would need a bunch of miraculous scenarios to play out in their favor.

It is looking likely that Salisbury, Nobles, Exeter, and Lawrence are all going to be the top seeds and get home ice next Wednesday. Belmont Hill and Gunnery are looking good for the 5-6 slots, though we may want to keep an eye on the Berkshire-Gunnery game (@ Gunnery, Sat. 4:00 pm). A Berkshire win could be huge there because the Bears, along with KUA, Avon, and Cushing all appear to have a legitimate shot. That's four teams for two spots. Realistically, it's probably three, as Cushing, assuming a lot of other things go right, could still have a difficult time getting in as they host Berwick in their final game Saturday. They need a value-added win – and Berwick won’t be able to provide that.

Teams that have a lock on a spot in the Large School Tournament – though one is certain to make the big tournament – are Avon, Berkshire, Cushing, St. Seb’s and Kent.  No matter what, those four will be playing hockey next Wednesday.  The bottom end – St. Paul’s, Albany Academy, Choate, and Westminster – looks solid, too. Westy has a good cushion over Brunswick  (.52898-.53733), which will probably bump the latter out of the postseason. 

As for the Small School Tournament, keep an eye on Gunnery and KUA. Both are small schools and if one gets bumped out of the Elite 8 it could hurt Brooks (the current last seed in the small school standings). Right now, the top six for the small school tourney look quite solid. However, if one of the small schools does indeed drop out of the top 8, look to Millbrook as the small school that could sneak in and grab the #8 spot. They are currently one place behind Brooks in RPI. However, the gap is large enough –  Brooks is at .50339 while Millbrook is at .50115 – that a lot of things would have to fall Millbrook’s way to overcome it.


Wed. 2/22/12

Wed. Feb. 22 Highlights

Gunnery 2 @ Westminster 1: Junior Marc Cibelli scored with 6:52 remaining in the third period to give #8-ranked Gunnery a 2-1 win. Gunnery junior Dawson Sprigings was strong between the pipes, earning the win with a 33-save performance. Cibelli and junior Anthony Bird each had a goal and an assist for Gunnery.

@ Berkshire 5, Millbrook 4: Berkshire PG Greg Smart’s powerplay goal with 59 seconds left in regulation kept his team’s Elite Eight hopes alive. Berkshire trailed after conceding a 5-on-3 goal with just under seven minutes left, but sophomore Craig Puffer tied the game at 14:47 of the third period. Berkshire sophomore Charlie Corcoran (2g, 1a) was the Bears’ high-scorer with three points. This was a key win for #10-ranked Berkshire, which is on the bubble and fighting to get into the top tournament.

Pomfret 1 @ Exeter 1: Pomfret junior goaltender Nick Ellis stopped the high-powered Exeter offense in its tracks, as he made 47 saves on 48 shots. Pomfret PG Ryan Hall tied the game with just under five minutes remaining. #3 Exeter, while they have their spot in the top tournament locked down, has not been in top form recently and is likely looking to build some positive momentum in their final regular season game against rival Andover on Saturday. 

Taft 2 @ Trinity-Pawling 2: T-P junior Ghoerghe Dragomir – who is from God, Hungary – beat Taft’s Marc Schiller with 24 seconds on the clock and T-P tied 2-2 with Taft. Schiller played a strong game otherwise, with 39 saves.

@ Avon 4, Canterbury 0: Avon senior goaltender Michael Santaguida’s 30-save shutout helped the Beavers to a 4-0 win over Canterbury. Senior defenseman Jon Ahern and junior forward Vincent Russo each had a goal and an assist for #5-ranked Avon.

Belmont Hill 3 @ St. Paul’s 2: #7 Belmont Hill picked up two points in Concord, NH – a traditionally challenging task for ISL teams. Bel Hill sophomore Will Golonka had a pair of goals to lead the offense, and senior David Cunningham’s 37 saves helped erase a 39-29 St. Paul’s shot advantage.

@ Holderness 3, Dexter 2: Holderness beat Dexter 3-2 in a battle between teams that could well meet again in the Small School Tournament. Senior forward Shawn Watson scored twice for the hosts, and senior goalie Andrew Munroe earned the win courtesy of 30 saves on 32 shots. Junior forward Tim Harrison had a goal and an assist for Dexter.

Salisbury 6 @ Hotchkiss 3: #1 Salisbury made it 12 straight, winning 6-3 at Hotchkiss. Senior John Stevens and junior Aaron Berisha had two goals apiece, and senior Philip Zielonka had four assists. Hotchkiss actually led 2-0 in the second period, courtesy of two goals from junior Ryan Doppelheuer, but Salisbury scored four straight in the second period (all on the PP) to take control. Salisbury had five powerplay goals in the game.

@ Nobles 5, Governor’s 4 (OT): Nobles exacted some measure of revenge for the 6-0 beating they suffered at the hands of Governor’s February 8th with a 5-4 overtime win. Recent BC commit Chris Calnan scored the winner – his second of the game – 2:17 into OT. However, it was a dramatic 6x4 goal by Governor’s junior Ryan Scarfo – goalie pulled, and on the PP – with only 46 seconds remaining in regulation that got the game to OT in the first place.  Deserving of special mention was the play of Governor’s junior goaltender Brendan McMenimen, who stopped 37 of 42 shots today, many of them Grade A chances. In addition to Calnan, junior Adam Gilmour (2g, 1a), 8th-grader Colin White (1g, 2a), and senior defenseman Phil Sciretta (1a) were the only players to record points for #4-ranked Nobles. Scarfo and Lucas Bombardier each had two goals for the visitors. Nobles outshot Governor’s, 42-32.

@ St. Sebastian’s 4, Lawrence Academy 3 – A goal by junior Tommy Kelley with 5:21 left in the third gave St. Sebastian’s a hard-earned 4-3 win over #2 Lawrence Academy. St. Sebastian’s came out hard, scored two early goals and carried a 2-1 lead into the first intermission. The second period was the reverse of that as Lawrence carried the play, and gained a 3-2 lead on goals by William Messa and Brady Burns only to see St. Sebastian’s senior Brendan Burke tie it up on the powerplay with 26 seconds left in the second. In the third, St. Seb’s came out hard and pressured Lawrence, forcing senior goaltender Nate Heilbron to come up with some big stops. And the one he didn’t stop was the one that made the big difference. In addition to his game winner, Kelley had two assists for the Arrows. Senior Danny O’Regan had three assists, and sophomore Corey Ronan had a goal and an assist. For Lawrence, the top scorers were senior defenseman Jacob Schechter and senior wing Matt Baldino, each of whom had two assists. St. Seb’s senior Gordon Donnelly got the win, stopping 33 of 36. Heilbron stopped 33 of 37 for Lawrence.

Kent 2 @ Deerfield 2: Kent scored twice in the third period to salvage a 2-2 tie with Deerfield. The #9-ranked Lions – on the bubble for the Elite Eight – conceded two first-period powerplay goals that put them in an early hole on the road. Shots were 28-23 Kent.

@ Kimball Union 4, Winchendon 4: KUA rallied to tie Winchendon thanks to third period goals from juniors Jordan Babb and Casey Miller. Senior forward Elie Vered (2g, 1a) led the offense for KUA, while Winchendon got goals from four different scorers. #6-ranked KUA is right on the bubble for the Elite Eight; should they miss out, they would have to be the overwhelming favorite in the Small School Tournament.

@ Choate 9, Loomis-Chaffee 3: Choate’s big three of Alex Rauter (3g, 2a), Bill Seligman (2g, 4a) and Ben Foster (1g, 4a) had their way with Loomis in a 9-3 blowout. The Wild Boars fired 49 shots on three different Loomis goaltenders.

St. Mark’s 6 @ St. George’s 3: St. Mark’s junior forward J.T. Lynch recorded a hat-trick as his team doubled up St. George’s. St. Mark’s also got big games from junior Ryan Medieros (4a) and senior Hassani Johnson (2g).

BB&N 6, Roxbury Latin 1:
Senior Luke Griffin’s (2g, 2a) four points helped BB&N cruise past RL 6-1. Senior defenseman Aidan Hartigan chipped in three assists for the Knights. Shots were 41-9 in favor of BB&N.

@ Tilton 7, Vermont Academy 1: Tilton smacked Vermont Academy behind four goals from senior Kyle Larson. Senior Anthony Flaherty assisted on all four of Larson’s goals, and added one of his own (which Larson of course assisted on). Shots were 33-13 Tilton.

Groton 3 @ Middlesex 1: Sophomore Matt Pompa made 46 saves when these teams met on January 21st, and 39 saves in today's 3-1 Groton win. In two matchups this season, Middlesex poured 88 shots on net and only scored three goals. Any Groton grad could tell you that’s a .966 save percentage.

@ Cushing 7, New Hampton 1: Junior forwards Garrett Hehir (2g) and Thomas Aldworth (1g, 2a) paced the Cushing offense in a 7-1 rout of New Hampton. The Penguins are still in the picture for an Elite Eight spot but they’ll need help to get in.

@ Northfield-Mt. Hermon 4, Andover 3: Senior Brandon Bete scored with 1:41 left on the clock to push NMH past Andover. Andover outshot the hosts 49-39, but NMH junior Ben Csiernik made 46 saves to get the win in net. NMH junior Spencer Lee (1g, 2a) and Andover junior Eddie Ellis (2g) had strong offensive performances.

Berwick 7 @ Pingree 1: Berwick PG goaltender Jay Finch had his shutout spoiled with 5:37 remaining, but his 32 saves were more than enough as Berwick rolled to a 7-1 win. Berwick senior Mitch Rodgers was the game’s high-scorer with two goals and an assist. Pingree actually outshot Berwick 33-31.

Rivers 1 @ Brooks 1: Rivers and Brooks battled to a 1-1 tie in a goaltender’s duel between Rivers freshman Ryan Colena (22 saves) and Brooks junior Colin Langham. With the tie, Rivers guaranteed themselves at least a co-championship -- with Brooks -- of the Eberhart Division of the ISL. In addition, both teams have a good shot at the small school tournament.

Williston-Northampton 5, Albany Academy 4: Williston scored twice in the final 23 seconds to steal a win from Albany Academy. Williston junior Russ Olsson got the winner – his second of the game – with just 10 seconds left, only 13 seconds after PG Ole Setsaas’ game-tying goal. Junior Nicholas DeVito had two goals for Albany.

Milton 4 @ Thayer 3 (OT): Junior Elliot Vorel scored his second goal of the game in overtime to propel Milton past Thayer. Junior Jacob Farabee had Milton’s two other goals. In net, junior Andreas Graham kicked out 15 of 18 for the win.


Empire Cup Schedule
-- At Trinity-Pawling and Millbrook, as noted.

Fri. Feb. 25
Game 1: Lawrenceville vs. Portledge – 5:30 pm @ Millbrook
Game 2: Millbrook vs. Albany Academy – 8:00 pm @ Millbrook
Game 3: Brunswick vs. Wyoming Seminary – 5:00 pm @ T-P
Game 4: Trinity-Pawling vs. The Hill School – 7:00 pm @ T-P

Sat. Feb. 26
Semi-final: Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 – 12:00 pm @ Millbrook
Consolation – Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2 – 2:00 pm @ Millbrook
Semi-final: Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4 – 12:00 pm @ T-P
Consolation: Loser Game 3 vs. Loser Game 4 -- 2:00 pm @ T-P
Championship: Semi-final winners – 7:00 pm (@ T-P or Millbrook, depending)

Lakes Region Tournament

Fri. Feb. 25
Game A: #5 New Hampton at #4 Tilton, 4:30 pm
Game B: Vermont Academy @ Proctor, 4:00 pm

Sat. Feb. 26
Game C: #3 Brewster @ #2 Holderness, 4:00 pm
Game D: Winner of New Hampton/Tilton @ #1 KUA, 5:00 pm

Sun. Feb. 27
Game E: Winner Game C vs. Winner Game D, 11:00 am @ Plymouth State.
(Note: The Championship Game is not calculated into the NEPSIHA playoff standings. Also, there is no consolation game.)



If The Season Were To End Today
-- As of Mon. AM Feb. 20

Elite 8 Tournament
1. Salisbury
2. Lawrence
3. Exeter
4. Nobles
5. Gunnery
6. Belmont Hill
7. KUA
8. Avon

Large School Tournament
1. Berkshire
2. Kent
3. St. Paul's
4. Cushing
5. St. Sebastian’s
6. Albany Academy
7. Choate
8. Westminster

Small School Tournament
1. South Kent
2. Holderness
3. Dexter
4. Winchendon
5. Kents Hill
6. Millbrook
7. Rivers
8. Brooks

 JSPR Standings
 1. Salisbury--15 points
 2. Lawrence--13 points (Lawrence beats Exeter, Exeter beats Nobles, Nobles beats Lawrence...Tiebreaker RPI order)
 3. Exeter--13 points
 4. Nobles--13 points
 5. Gunnery--11 points
 6. Belmont Hill--10 points
 7. KUA--7 points (KUA beats both Avon & Kent)
 8. Avon--7 points (Avon beats Kent, loses to KUA)
 9. Kent--7 points (Kent loses to both Avon & KUA)
10. Cushing--6 points (Cushing beats Berkshire)
11.  Berkshire--6 points
12. St. Paul's--5 points
13. Albany Academy--4 points
14. St. Sebastian's--2 points
15. South Kent--1 point
16. Choate--0 points

Current RPI Standings
 1.  Lawrence    .62088
 2.  Salisbury    .61321
 3.  Exeter    .61053
 4.  Nobles    .60770
 5.  Gunnery    .58806
 6.  KUA      .58746
 7.  Belmont Hill   .58126
 8.  Berkshire    .57942
 9.  Avon     .57504
10.  Kent     .56569
11.  St. Paul’s    .56529
12.  Cushing    .56333
13.  St. Sebastian’s    .56107
14.  Albany Academy    .55903
15.  South Kent      .55492
16.  Choate    .54840
17.  Holderness    .54354
18.  Westminster    .54329
19.  Dexter    .53889
20.  Brunswick    .53840
21.  Andover    .53033
22.  Governor’s    .52960
23.   Winchendon    .52883
24.  Kents Hill    .52493
25.  Tabor    .51718
26.  NMH           .51051
27.  Millbrook    .50902
28.  Deerfield    .50831
29.  Brewster    .50731
30.  Milton    .50471
31.  Rivers    .50397
32.  Brooks    .50352
33.  St. Mark’s    .50242
34.  Taft      .50064
35.  Canterbury    .50009
36.  Tilton    .49792
37.  Williston    .49618
38.  Hotchkiss    .49535
39.  Berwick    .49412
40.  Hebron    .47745
41.  Middlesex    .47716
42.  BB&N        .47535
43.  Thayer    .47365
44.  Groton    .46080
45.  Trinity-Pawling    .45248
46.  St. George's    .45121
47.  Pomfret    .44435
48.  Pingree    .44030
49.  Worcester    .43857
50.  New Hampton    .43570
51.  Hoosac    .42821
52.  Proctor    .42687
53.  Loomis    .41530
54.  Vermont    .39785
55.  K-O    .37834
56.  NYA    .37413
57.  Roxbury Latin    .35716
58.  Portsmouth Abbey   .32365




Sat. Feb. 18 Highlights
@ Taft 5, Choate 4: Sophomore Matt Foos – called up from the Taft JV team – scored the final two goals of the game, both in the third period, to give the host Rhinos a dramatic come-from-behind 5-4 win on Parents' Day. For Choate, senior captain Ben Foster (2g, 2a) figured in all four of the Wild Boars’ goals.

@ Salisbury 1, Avon 0: Salisbury junior Anthony DiFruscia was the only one to find the back of the net in a big-time goaltending duel between two of New England’s premier prep hockey powers. Avon’s Michael Santaguida made 33 saves but took the loss as Salisbury’s Justin Nichols was a perfect 21-for-21 between the pipes.

@ Cushing 2, Kimball Union 0: Cushing senior Liam Moorfield-Yee turned away all 21 shots he faced, and junior Thomas Aldworth had a goal and an assist as the Penguins knocked off fifth-ranked Kimball Union.  Of KUA’s four losses this season, two have come against Cushing.

@ Kent 3, Canterbury 1: Kent senior forward Ryan Rosenthal (1g, 2a) had a hand in all three Kent goals as his team beat Canterbury at home. Kent outshot Canterbury 36-20.

Berkshire 3 @ Westminster 3: Junior David Hallisey scored all three of Westminster’s goals. For Berkshire, senior Brian Brown (2g) and PG Gregt Smart (2a) each had two points. Both goaltenders were busy, with Westminster senior Patrick Spano stopping 39 shots, and Berkshire senior Pat Feeley stopping 32.

@ Gunnery 3, Albany Academy 0: Gunnery junior goalie Dawson Sprigings made 36 saves to shut out Albany Academy. Gunnery junior forward Marc Cibelli had a goal and an assist in the win.

@ Exeter 5, Deerfield 2: Post-grads Matt Beattie (2g, 1a) and Matt Rubinoff (1g, 2a) each had three points as host Exeter topped Deerfield.

@ Lawrence 5, St. Mark’s 1: St. Mark’s hung in there but eventually talent won out as Lawrence pulled away in the third for a 5-1 win. Senior defenseman Jacob Schechter had two goals – including a big shorthanded goal in the second period – and an assist to lead the hosts.  Shots were 45-23 Lawrence.

Milton 4 @ BB&N 4: Milton and BB&N skated to a 4-4 tie in Cambridge. Milton defenseman and Bruins draftee Rob O’Gara tied the game at 9:22 of the third, just five seconds after senior Teo Camadella had cut the deficit to one. Senior Luke Griffin scored twice for BB&N.

@ Kents Hill 4, North Yarmouth 1: Kents Hill beat North Yarmouth in a game that featured no repeat scorers. Shots were 33-19 in favor of Kents Hill.

Hotchkiss 5 @ Trinity-Pawling 3: Hotchkiss busted open a 2-2 game with three goals in just over five minutes in the third period. Swedish post-grad Victor Lindstrom had a goal and an assist during that outburst.

@ Millbrook 11, Hoosac 3: Millbrook made short work of Hoosac, scoring seven times in the first period on the way to an 11-3 win. Junior Brad Buvinow and senior Kevin Altidor each had four goals for Millbrook.

@ Rivers 4, Middlesex 1: Rivers freshman Ryan Colena made 34 saves to backstop Rivers to a 4-1 home win over Middlesex. Senior Chase Williams, freshman Austin Rook and sophomore Miles Gendron each had a goal and an assist in the win.

Andover 4 @ Brooks 3: Andover edged Brooks 4-3 behind three-point efforts from PG Tim Driscoll (2g, 1a) and junior Eddie Ellis (3a).  Shots were an even 26 aside, but Andover’s Tyler Kirsch made one more save than Brooks’ Colin Langham to grab the W.

@ Tilton 4, Hebron 1: Tilton beat Hebron at home as senior Anthony Flaherty (1g, 1a) and juniors Harry Brockman (2a) and Blaise Healy (1g, 1a) all had two-point nights for the Rams. Tilton junior goaltender Matt Faye made 24 saves in the win.

New Hampton 5 @ Proctor 4 (OT): New Hampton senior Griffin Votolato scored at 2:32 of overtime to give his team a 5-4 win over Proctor. New Hampton’s other four goals came courtesy of PG Pat Trainor and sophomore Malcolm Hayes, each of whom had two, while freshman Hunter Luhmann had a pair for Proctor.

@ St. George’s 6, Groton 1: Senior co-captains Jimmy Ferretti (2g,1a) and Scotty Allen (3a) each had three points to lead the Dragons’ attack. Junior Michael Reed (2g) and sophomore Tim Doherty (2a) also chipped in with multiple points. Junior goaltender Will Silverstein stopped 28 of 29 shots for the win.

@ Portsmouth Abbey 7, Harvey 4: Sophomore Brian Fredericks and junior Chris Reynolds each had two goals for Portsmouth Abbey. Senior Richard Schulman and sophomore Robert Van Raamsdonk each had two goals for Harvey.

Worcester Academy 4 @ Pingree 3: Sophomore Joe Caico (2g,1a) figured in three of the Hilltoppers four goals.

Updated RPI

Here are the prep RPI numbers as of Thurs. morning Feb. 16.

Also, this is a call-out to all prep coaches: please check the results of your games – as posted on USHR – carefully. If you see any game(s) missing please email information (at) as soon as possible. There is no more than two degrees of separation between every team in NEPSIHA, so one missed game can create a ripple effect in the data that could turn out to be the difference between someone making the playoffs – or staying home. So everything needs to be reported and posted on USHR as soon as possible. Thank you.

 1. Lawrence  .62041
 2. Nobles  .61504
 3. Exeter  .61175 
 4. Salisbury  .61050 
 5. KUA  .59410
 6. Gunnery  .58356
 7. Avon Old Farms  .58117
 8. Berkshire  .58063
 9. Belmont Hill  .57592
10. Albany Academy  .56212
11. Kent  .56180
12. St. Sebastian's  .56165
13. St. Paul's  .56158
14. Cushing  .55764
15. Choate  .55516
16. Holderness  .54991
17. South Kent  .54860
18. Westminster  .54264
19. Dexter  .53702
20. Winchendon  .53310
21. Kents Hill  .53192
22. Brunswick  .52930
23. Governor’s  .52774
24. Andover  .51996
25. Deerfield  .51762
26. Tabor  .51668
27. Brewster  .50725
28. Brooks  .50698
29. St. Mark's  .50639
30. NMH  .50620
31. Milton  .50435
32. Canterbury  .50283
33. Millbrook  .50218
34. Rivers  .49870
35. Berwick  .49747
36. Tilton  .49696
37. Middlesex  .49342
38. Taft  .49189
39. Hotchkiss  .48945
40. Hebron  .48813
41. Williston  .48794
42. Thayer  .47270
43. BB&N  .47138
44. Groton  .46814
45. Trinity-Pawling  .44817
46. St. George's  .44438
47. Pomfret  .44330
48. Pingree  .43951
49. Proctor  .43405
50. Worcester  .43264
51. New Hampton  .43099
52. Hoosac  .42833
53. Loomis  .41416
54. Vermont  .40287
55. Kingswood  .38127
56. NYA  .37367
57. Roxbury Latin  .35567
58. Portsmouth Abbey  .32173


Wed. Feb. 15 Highlights

Avon 2 @ Choate 0: Senior Senior Michael Santaguida raised his save percentage to .944 with a 28-save shutout of Choate. Junior Vincent Russo and sophomore Jackson Tucker had the goals for the Winged Beavers, who sit at #6 in the prep poll.

@ Exeter 4 @ Northfield-Mt. Hermon 3: Brian Hart and Matt Beattie rescued #4 Exeter from an upset at the hands of NMH. Hart scored on a penalty shot with just 18 seconds to play in regulation to tie the game at three; the penalty shot was awarded when officials ruled that a NMH player had intentionally knocked the net off its pegs. Beattie got the winner with only 11 seconds left in overtime. NMH senior Brandon Bete scored twice in the loss. Exeter, who tied Brewster on Monday, has three more games to sharpen up before playoff time.

Berkshire 2 @ Pomfret 2: Junior goalie Nick Ellis helped his team steal a point from Berkshire with 48 saves. Pomfret sophomore Andrew Slotnick tied the game at 9:45 of third. Berkshire outshot Pomfret 50-12 in the game.

Kimball Union 6 @ Proctor 1: Senior Elie Vered and junior Jonathan Charbonneau each scored twice in a six-goal second period. Junior Casey Miller chipped in three assists for fifth-ranked KUA. Junior Eric Bogart kicked out 30 of 31 to earn the win.

@ Belmont Hill 7, Milton 3: Belmont Hill scored five times in the first and coasted the rest of the way against Milton. Belmont Hill junior EJ Rauseo and senior Devin Albert each had two goals. As of today, Belmont Hill holds the eighth and final spot in the Elite Eight.

@ Nobles 5, BB&N 1: Chris Calnan’s (2g, 2a) four points helped Nobles snap a two-game losing skid. BB&N found out that giving up three shorthanded goals is not the recipe for upsetting the #1-ranked team in prep hockey on their home ice. Nobles plays Belmont Hill Friday in a potential playoff preview.

Lawrence 6 @ Governor’s 3: Lawrence moved one step closer to winning the Keller Division with a win at Governor’s. Senior Conor Helfrich scored twice for the Spartans. Governor’s tried to make a comeback late in the third but Lawrence junior Thomas Newton snuffed it out with an empty-netter.

Hotchkiss 5 @ Kent 5: 59 minutes couldn’t separate Hotchkiss and Kent. Hotchkiss led 5-3 with seven minutes to go, but Kent scored twice in just over a minute to tie it. Senior Rob Gardiner scored twice for Hotchkiss while senior Ryan Rosenthal and junior Danny Casey had two apiece for Kent.

@ Winchendon 8, Holderness 0: Holderness – perhaps a bit overconfident coming off Saturday’s 3-2 upset of KUA – got blasted 8-0 by Winchendon. Post-grads Dantil Medvedev (2g, 2a) and Doug Usseglio and seniors Ryan O’Toole (1g, 2a) and Michael Restuccia (1g, 2a) had big days offensively for Winchendon. Winchendon junior Simon Jasmin stopped all 20 pucks that he saw to earn the shutout.

Millbrook 5 @ Trinity-Pawling 2: A hat-trick by senior Phil Di Giacomo powered Millbrook past T-P in a New York state matchup. Millbrook outshot T-P 42-22.

Middlesex 5 @ Portsmouth Abbey 2: Junior Chris Jellison’s hat-trick led Middlesex to a road win over Portsmouth Abbey. Shots favored the visitors by a 48-22 margin.

 Deerfield 6 @ Taft 4: Sophomore Cam Blanchet’s third goal of the day proved decisive as Deerfield won at Taft. Deerfield sophomore Trevor Yates recorded four assists, and junior goalie Adam Ellison made 28 saves to overcome Taft’s 32-26 shot advantage. Junior Al Nejmeh (2g) and senior John-John Ganss (3a) led the offense for Taft.

New Hampton 2 @ Hebron 1: Junior Bryce Steen’s third period goal was the difference as New Hampton upset Hebron on the road. Both goalies played well in this one, as New Hampton’s Stephen Tomaro and Hebron’s Alex Bitsakis made 30 and 36 saves respectively.

@ Thayer 6, Tabor 3: Thayer doubled up Tabor 6-3 at Canton, Mass. Sophomore John Barry (2g, 1a), junior Jonathan Sheedy (1g, 2a) and freshman Lincoln Griffin (4a) led the way offensively for the hosts. Senior Matthew Salhany (2g, 1a) figured in all three Tabor goals. Thayer, after enduring a 13-game losing streak, has now won two straight.

@ Groton 2, Brooks 0: Sophomore goalie Matt Pompa’s 31-save shutout led Groton over Brooks. The hosts scored both of their goals on the powerplay. Brooks – once firmly in control of the Eberhart Division – has lost two league games in eight days and are now tied with Rivers in the loss column (Rivers has one more win).

Canterbury 5 @ Williston-Northampton 4: Canterbury junior forward Jeff Celniker’s third goal of the game gave Canterbury the win at 2:07 of overtime. Norwegian post-grad Ole Setsaas scored twice for Williston in defeat. The Saints have come on strong late in the season, going 7-2 in their last nine games.

Cushing 3 @ Andover 3: Cushing and Andover skated to a 3-3 tie. Junior forward Jason Nawrocki scored twice for the hosts. Both teams had 35 shots on goal.

Westminster 8 @ Loomis-Chaffee 1: Senior Emilio Audi and junior Vincent Gisonti (1g, 3a) each had four points in Westminster’s blowout win over Loomis. Sophomore Zac Hamilton got the nod and played well in place of Patrick Spano, making 25 saves.

Salisbury 14 @ Kingswood-Oxford 0: Salisbury showed no mercy in beating Kingswood-Oxford by two touchdowns. K-O junior goalie Anthony Giordano saw 80 – yes, 80 – shots, stopping 66.

St. George’s 5 @ Roxbury Latin 0: Senior Jimmy Ferretti’s hat-trick led the way as St. George’s blanked RL. St. George’s Alex Hope made 30 saves to record the shutout.

Dexter 2 @ Berwick 2: Ricky Kramer’s 6-on-5 goal with 34 seconds left tied the game, and overtime could not separate Dexter and Berwick. Dexter probably feels they let one get away, as they led 2-0 going into the third and outshot Berwick 43 to 24. Berwick PG Jay Finch was strong between the pipes, making 41 saves.

@ St. Sebastian’s 1, St. Paul’s 0: St. Sebastian’s senior Gordon Donnelly had a 33-save shutout and senior David Loughborough scored the game’s only goal in a 1-0 win over St. Paul’s.



Mon. 2/13/12

This Week’s Schedule
Mon. Feb. 13
Nichols @ St. Andrew's College, 3:30 pm
St. Sebastian's @ Noble & Greenough, 4:45 pm
Brewster Academy @ Exeter, 5:00 pm
Berkshire @ Millbrook, 5:15 pm
Wakefield HS @ Malden Catholic, 7:00 pm

Wed. Feb. 15
Millbrook @ Trinity-Pawling, 2:00 pm
Kimball Union @ Proctor, 2:00 pm
Hotchkiss @ Kent, 2:30 pm
South Kent @ Gunnery, 2:30 pm
Avon Old Farms @ Choate, 2:30 pm
Westminster @ Loomis-Chaffee, 2:30 pm
Brooks @ Groton, 3:00 pm
Stanstead College @ Rice Memorial, 3:00 pm
Cushing @ Andover, 3:15 pm
Middlesex @ Portsmouth Abbey, 3:30 pm
St. Paul's @ St. Sebastian's, 3:30 pm
St. George's @ Roxbury Latin, 3:30 pm
Holderness @ Winchendon, 3:30 pm
Hoosac @ Vermont Academy, 4:00 pm
Salisbury @ Kingswood-Oxford, 4:00 pm
Northfield - Mt. Hermon @ Exeter, 4:00 pm
Tabor @ Thayer, 4:00 pm
New Hampton @ Hebron, 4:00 pm
Kents Hill @ Bridgton Academy, 4:00 pm
Dexter @ Berwick, 4:00 pm
St. Mark's @ Rivers, 4:00 pm
Delbarton @ LaSalle College HS (PA), 4:00 pm
Deerfield @ Taft, 4:00 pm
Berkshire @ Pomfret, 4:00 pm
Canterbury @ Williston-Northampton, 4:15 pm
Tilton @ Brewster Academy, 4:30 pm
Harvey @ King-Low, 4:30 pm
St. Thomas More @ Rye Country Day, 4:45 pm
BB&N @ Noble & Greenough, 5:00 pm
Milton @ Belmont Hill, 5:00 pm
Lawrence Academy @ Governor's, 5:45 pm
Albany Academy @ Worcester Academy, 7:30 pm

Thurs. Feb. 16
Brunswick @ Hebron, 5:00 pm
BC High @ Reading HS, 7:45 pm

Fri. Feb. 17
King-Low @ St. Thomas More, 3:00 pm
Brunswick @ Kents Hill, 3:00 pm
Holderness @ Proctor, 4:30 pm
Middlesex @ Pingree, 5:00 pm
Belmont Hill @ Noble & Greenough, 5:00 pm
Delbarton @ Pomfret, 5:00 pm
Northfield - Mt. Hermon @ Loomis-Chaffee, 6:00 pm
North Yarmouth @ Dexter, 6:00 pm
Kingswood-Oxford @ Trinity-Pawling, 6:00 pm
Brooks @ Roxbury Latin, 6:15 pm
Tilton @ Lawrence Academy, 6:30 pm
Andover @ Tabor, 6:30 pm
Shady Side Academy @ Lawrenceville, 6:30 pm
Stanstead College @ Vermont Academy, 7:00 pm
Williston-Northampton @ Deerfield, 7:00 pm

Sat. Feb. 18
North Yarmouth @ Kents Hill, 1:00 pm
Framingham HS @ Malden Catholic, 1:00 pm
BC High @ Hingham HS, 1:00 pm
Shady Side Academy @ Lawrenceville, 1:30 pm
New Hampton @ Proctor, 2:00 pm
Albany Academy @ Gunnery, 2:00 pm
Choate @ Taft, 2:00 pm
Tabor @ Holderness, 2:00 pm
St. Mark's @ Lawrence Academy, 2:00 pm
Milton @ BB&N, 2:00 pm
Middlesex @ Rivers, 2:30 pm
Groton @ St. George's, 3:00 pm
Andover @ Brooks, 3:00 pm
Harvey @ Portsmouth Abbey, 3:30 pm
Hotchkiss @ Trinity-Pawling, 3:30 pm
St. Sebastian's @ Governor's, 4:00 pm
Brewster Academy @ Vermont Academy, 4:00 pm
Avon Old Farms @ Salisbury, 3:00 pm
Kimball Union @ Cushing, 4:00 pm
St. Paul's @ Thayer, 4:00 pm
Deerfield @ Exeter, 4:00 pm
Worcester Academy @ Pingree, 4:00 pm
Hebron @ Tilton, 5:00 pm
Hoosac @ Millbrook, 7:00 pm
Canterbury @ Kent, 7:00 pm
Berkshire @ Westminster, 7:00 pm
Hill School @ Delbarton, 8:00 pm

Sun. Feb. 19
South Kent @ Winchendon, 12:00 pm
Northfield - Mt. Hermon @ Choate, 2:00 pm

Mon. Feb. 20
Albany Academy @ Berkshire, 4:15 pm
Gunnery @ Canterbury, 4:30 pm
Kingswood-Oxford @ Avon Old Farms, 4:30 pm


JSPR Rankings Explained
Two weeks ago, we shared with you an explanation of the RPI and how those numbers are calculated. The RPI, however, is not the only thing that is considered when choosing which teams are selected for the Stuart/Corkery or ‘Elite Eight' tournament. The other vital component in determining who gets into the top tournament is the JSPR Rankings. This article will attempt to explain how these numbers are arrived at.

It starts with the RPI, as it is necessary to take the top 16 teams in the RPI. Those are what are called the "teams under consideration" and those 16 teams are put through a second level of number crunching -- based on four criteria that will be discussed later - in order to arrive at the JSPR Rankings. This system is necessary, and helpful, because it enables a deeper comparison of the top RPI teams. Only 16 teams are put into the JSPR system and analyzed because 16 teams gives a large enough sample size to determine the top eight teams overall. It would be extremely time-consuming (and not that beneficial) to evaluate all NEPSIHA teams under the JSPR system because if a team is out of the top 16 in RPI, there is virtually no chance that they would crack the top eight in the JSPR system. They simply would not have won enough games against the top teams. 

So how does the system work? Essentially, the JSPR Rankings are a means of doing a virtual comparison between any two teams. The ideal, of course, would be to have a large tournament, where each of the top 16 teams play each other but, as that is not going to happen, we use the JSPR system which uses statistical data to figure out which team would win any theoretical matchup. It would be great to set up a computer simulation, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of every player on each team, or maybe even design a computer game simulation, but since that also is not possible, we can only look at the numbers to which we have easy access. The JSPR, then, uses four categories to compare any two teams, and therefore to determine who wins this ‘simulated game.'  

The four categories that are included in the JSPR are:

1.     Head-to-head result (i.e., if the teams have actually played each other on ice the winning team gets credit for that).

2.     Comparing the two teams' RPI (i.e., how do the two teams stand against all other NEPSIHA teams, so that the RPI is still a critical component of the JSPR Rankings.)

3.     Record against mutual opponents (i.e., if the two teams have played the same opponents on the ice, the results against those teams are factored in.)

4.     Record against teams under consideration (i.e., how have the two teams played against other top 16 teams as determined by the RPI.)

Anyway, after the two teams being considered are compared in these four categories, a virtual winner is declared and a JSPR point is awarded to the winning team. 

The easiest way to show how the JSPR works is to do a comparison based on some current data. Let's compare Nobles and Salisbury, the current first place and third place teams in RPI.

These two teams have not faced each other this year on the ice, so neither team wins the first comparison. Nobles currently has a higher RPI, so they win that comparison and get a point. Nobles also has a better record against mutual opponents so they win that comparison and earn another point. And, finally, Nobles has a better record against teams under consideration - i.e. the top 16 teams in RPI -- and thus also earns a point in that category. In summation, in this virtual comparison between Salisbury and Nobles, Nobles is declared the winner as they are ahead in three categories and Salisbury is not ahead in any.  




0 Wins

Head to Head

0 Wins





Mutual Opponents



Teams Under Consideration



Total Points















Since there is an even number of categories being compared, there is always a chance that the two teams will be tied in our simulation. If that is the case, the first tiebreaker is head- to-head record (the best indicator of comparative strength of the two teams), the second is RPI (the most all-encompassing category), the third is record against mutual opponents, and the fourth is record against teams under consideration. This entire process is then carried out for Nobles against each of the other 14 teams, and they are awarded their ‘JSPR points.' In the end the ‘winner' of each virtual comparison is shown in a table similar to the one you can link with here.

JSPR Hypothetical Grid

Each team is therefore involved in 15 comparisons and, once the table is completed, the total number of ‘wins' for each team is then added and the teams are ranked by their number of JSPR points. The team with the most matchup points garners top seed in the tournament, the team with the second highest amount of points gets the second seed, and so on. In the case of  teams winding up tied in points in the final table, the winner of their individual JSPR comparison gets the higher seed.  At the end of the computations, the top eight teams in the JSPR are ranked -- regardless of school size -- for the Elite 8 Tournament. At that point, the remaining NEPSIHA teams (Including the eight that were looked at in the JSPR and did not get into the Elite 8 tournament) are compared solely by RPI and school size. The top remaining large schools in RPI are selected to play in the large school tournament, while the top remaining small schools in RPI are selected to play in the small school tournament. 

In summary, the RPI portion of the playoff calculation system takes the results on the ice, and finds the teams that get the best results out of the most difficult schedule. Then the best teams are compared to each other through the JSPR, which rewards teams for winning games on the ice against the best teams in New England. In the end, the greater number of games that your team wins against the best teams in the league, the better off that you will be. That is the very heart of the system.

Please keep in mind that when USHR publishes the current RPI or playoff standings they are for that week only. In other words, the teams in the top 16 based on RPI can change each time a new set of games is played.  In fact, just one added game played can affect the rankings on a number of different levels. There's a real ripple effect. When teams in the top sixteen play each other it can change their comparisons and, quite possibly, their  JSPR ranking. The final JSPR ranking can only be calculated when the season is over since the more games that are left to be played, the greater the potential volatility in the rankings. When the final accounting is made, the most-deserving teams will have reached the playoffs and now, with three tournaments, a greater number of teams will experience the joy of making the playoffs.



JASPR Rankings

Here are the current unofficial JASPR Rankings, up-to-date through games of Sunday Feb. 12.

For a full explanation of how the JASPR Rankings work see the article below.

Current Teams Under Consideration:
 1. Nobles--15 points
 2. Lawrence 14 points
 3. Exeter--13 points
 4. Salisbury--12 points
 5. KUA--9 points (wins tiebreaker over both Gunnery and Avon)
 6. Avon--9 points (loses to KUA but wins tiebreaker over Gunnery)
 7. Gunnery--9 points (loses tiebreaker to both KUA & Avon)
 8. Belmont Hill--8 points
 9. St. Paul's--6 points (St. Paul's wins over Kent, but loses to Berkshire.  Kent wins over Berkshire but loses to St. Paul’s.  Berkshire wins over St. Paul’s but loses to Kent….Must go to RPI rank for tiebreaker)
10. Kent--6 points
11. Berkshire--6 points
12. Cushing--5 points
13. Albany--3 points (wins tiebreaker over Choate)
14. Choate--3 points
15. Holderness--2 points
16.  St. Sebastian's--0 points
So, if the season ended at noon today (Mon. Feb. 13) the  Elite 8 Tournament would look like this:

1. Nobles
2. Lawrence
3. Exeter
4. Salisbury
5. KUA
6. Avon
7. Gunnery
8. Belmont Hill
Now, back to the RPI for the large and small school tournaments, the large school tournaments would look like this if the season ended at noon today (Mon. Feb. 13):
Large School Tournament
1. Berkshire
2. St. Paul’s
3. Kent
4. Choate
5. Cushing
6. Albany Academy
7. St. Sebastian’s
8. Westminster
Small School Tournament
1. Holderness
2. Dexter
3. Kents Hill
4. South Kent
5. Winchendon
6. Brooks
7. St. Mark's
8. Millbrook


Sat. 2/11/12

Sat. Feb. 12 Highlights

-- Holderness Stuns #2 KUA

@ Holderness 3, Kimball Union 2:
Junior forward Tyler Mathieu’s third period goal was the difference as Holderness upset #2 KUA, 3-2. Holderness junior defenseman Gavin Bayreuther had a goal and an assist, and was the only player in the game to record multiple points. Holderness senior Andrew Munroe was strong in net, making 30 saves on 32 shots. It’s the first loss for Kimball Union since a 3-2 decision at Cushing on Jan. 7. For Holderness (17-6-2), it’s a season-defining win in what has been an impressive campaign. Look for them in the small school tournament.

@ Deerfield 4, Avon 3: In the second upset of the day, leading scorer Alex Gonye’s strike with just over two minutes remaining gave host Deerfield a 4-3 win over #7 Avon. Deerfield sophomore Trevor Yates (2g, 2a) had a hand in all four Deerfield goals. The Big Green outshot Avon 29-20 but, more importantly, found a way to get four shots past Avon senior goaltender Michael Santaguida. Deerfield is only the third team to score four goals against Santaguida this season.

Thayer 5 @ BB&N 3: Junior forward Jonathan Sheedy scored twice for Thayer in a 5-3 road win over BB&N. Thayer sophomore goalie Rob McGovern kicked out 20 shots to pick up the win, with two of BB&N’s goals coming late in the third with the outcome already decided.

Governor’s 4 @ Pingree 2: Governor’s Academy bounced back from a 4-2 loss at Andover with a 4-2 win over Pingree. Junior forward Ryan Scarfo scored the game-winner on the powerplay at 12:30 of the third period.

@ Proctor 5, St. Paul’s 4: Senior Ryan Kangas (1g, 2a) scored at 11:35 of third period to push host Proctor past St. Paul’s, 5-4. Proctor sophomore goaltender Merrick Madsen gave up three goals in the first period but settled down and only let in one the rest of the way, finishing with an impressive 51 saves.

Exeter 6 @ Northfield-Mt. Hermon 1: Matt Beattie had his way with NMH to the tune of three goals and two assists, and fifth-ranked Exeter rolled to a 6-1 road win. Post-grad Matt Rubinoff – who doesn’t usually get his due behind star forwards Beattie and Brian Hart – had a goal and two assists and now has 42 points on the season. Exeter PG Nolan Daley kicked out 30 of 31 shots to earn the win.

@ Lawrenceville 5, Hill 3: Lawrenceville PG Jess Norman’s two goals led his team past Hill 5-3. Shots favored Lawrenceville by a 52-27 margin.

Hotchkiss 6 @ Taft 3: Six different players scored for Hotchkiss in a 6-3 victory over Taft. Hotchkiss senior Daniel Viger made 29 saves on 32 shots to pick up the win. Taft sophomore forward Andrew Gaus had two goals in a losing effort.

@ Williston-Northampton 2, Millbrook 1: Williston held on for a 2-1 win over Millbrook thanks to 30 saves from senior goalie Tim Keegan. Seniors Mike Dupont and Mike Grassi had the goals for Williston.

@ Rivers 4, Roxbury Latin 1: Rivers took care of business against RL with a 4-1 win. The Red Wings capitalized on their powerplay opportunities, scoring three times with the man advantage. Rivers freshman goalie Ryan Colena could be forgiven if his concentration lapsed: he only faced eight shots.

@ Kents Hill 8, New Hampton 4: Kents Hill junior Rikard Keussen and PG Devin Murray each had a pair of goals in an 8-4 victory over New Hampton. PG Max Woods scored twice for New Hampton, who were outshot 38-27.

@ Gunnery 4, Pomfret 1: Two second period shorthanded goals for Gunnery – from freshman Ryan Dmowski and junior Robert Darrar – sunk Pomfret in a 4-1 loss. Gunnery had ten different players all record one point. Pomfret didn’t beat Gunnery junior Anton Frondelius until there was only one second left – and an extra attacker on the ice.

Westminster 2 @ Choate 2: Westminster and Choate skated to a 2-2 tie in a Founders’ League matchup. Junior David Hallisey had both goals for Westminster, which had a 34-25 edge in shots but had trouble solving Choate freshman Sam Tucker.

Middlesex 3 @ St. Mark’s 3: 59 minutes couldn’t separate Eberhart rivals Middlesex and St. Mark’s in Southborough. Middlesex senior Michael Pigula kept his team in the game with 49 saves on 52 shots, and junior forward Will Kreitler (2g, 1a) had a hand in all three of Middlesex goals. For St. Mark’s, Mike Pontarelli’s 3-points-per-game average took a hit as he only scored two goals.

Kent 4 @ Trinity-Pawling 2: Senior forward Ryan Rosenthal scored twice as Kent beat T-P 4-2. Last season’s prep runners-up are unbeaten in their last seven and making a late season push, but may have to run the table to get into the Elite Eight playoff picture.

Berkshire 3 @ Winchendon 2: Trailing 2-1 entering the third period, #9 Berkshire scored twice to rally for a 3-2 win. Post-grad Greg Smart’s unassisted goal at 13:05 of the third was the winner for the Bears, who are eighth in New England in RPI. Berkshire outshot Winchendon 36-17.

Berwick 8 @ Portsmouth Abbey 1: Sophomore James Winkler had a hat-trick in Berwick’s 8-1 thrashing of Portsmouth Abbey. Berwick junior Ricky Kramer had four assists. Shots were 51-12 Berwick.

Hebron 4, Albany Academy 3: In a neutral site game played at Phillips Exeter, junior Kale Johnstone scored with just one second left in regulation to lift Hebron to a 4-3 win over Albany Academy. Junior Guillaume Breton had two goals for Hebron. Albany outshot Hebron 39-29, but Lumberjacks goalie Alex Bitsakis stood tall in net, making 36 saves. Things just aren’t going well for the Cadets recently, who have lost six of eight.

Salisbury 7 @ Loomis-Chaffee 1: Seniors Philip Zielonka (2g) and Zach Pryzbek (1g, 2a) and junior Jacob Hand (1g, 2a) led the way as third-ranked Salisbury beat up on Loomis. Salisbury junior Tim Ernst made 19 saves on 20 shots to earn the win in net.

Belmont Hill 5 @ Milton 0: Belmont Hill senior netminder David Cunningham’s 18-save shutout paced Belmont Hill to a 5-0 win at Milton. Senior Stephan Brennan had two goals and junior Carl Hesler added a goal and two assists to pace the visitors’ offense.

Brooks 3 @ St. George’s 0: Brooks broke open a scoreless game with three third period goals. Senior forward Nick Potter had two assists for Brooks, and freshman goalie Max Prawdzik made 21 saves to record the shutout.


Fri. Feb. 10 RPI
Here are the RPI figures as of Friday morning.

 1. Nobles  .62605
 2. Lawrence  .61798
 3. Salisbury  .61478
 4. Exeter  .61161
 5. KUA  .60404
 6. Gunnery  .59609
 7. Avon Old Farms  .59016
 8. Berkshire  .58154
 9. St. Paul’s  .58041
10. Cushing  .57441
11. Albany Academy  .57072
12. Belmont Hill  .56628
13. Kent  .56476
14. Choate  .56353
15. St. Sebastian's  .55523
16. South Kent  .55044
17. Holderness  .55039
18. Dexter  .54708
19. Westminster  .54260
20. Governor's  .54114
21. Brunswick  .53634
22. Winchendon  .53094
23. Kent’s Hill  .52955
24. Tabor  .52262

Wed. Feb. 8 Highlights
-- Gov's Upsets #1 Nobles

@ Governor’s 6, Nobles 0:
In one of the most shocking scores of the season, Governor’s upset top-ranked Nobles 6-0 at Byfield. Junior forwards Ryan Scarfo (2g) and Nathan Ferriero (3a) paced the Govs offense, while junior goalie Brendan McMenimen kept the potent Bulldogs’ offense off the board with a 32-save shutout. While Nobles is all but assured of making the elite postseason tournament, the loss puts them behind Lawrence in the Keller Division standings, and – having already played both games in the season series – they need to hope the Spartans slip up down the stretch.

Canterbury 4 @ Trinity-Pawling 1: Canterbury sophomore goaltender Christian Short made 37 saves in a 4-1 win over T-P. Short was less than a minute away from the shutout when T-P sophomore Kyle Zacharewicz beat him at the 17:16 mark. Four different players scored for the Saints, who used three third period goals to pull away from T-P. Shots were 38-28 in favor of the home side.

@ Avon 3, Gunnery 1: #7 Avon won its fifth straight beating Gunnery 3-1 at home. Senior goalie Michael Santaguida continued his strong play, stopping 31 of 32 Gunnery shots. Avon junior Sean Deverin (1g, 1a) figured in two of the Winged Beavers’ three goals.

@ Westminster 4, Hotchkiss 3: Westminster senior Patrick Spano made 36 saves to help his team hold on for a 4-3 win over Hotchkiss. Westminster only registered 23 shots on goal, but they made them count, with junior David Hallisey lighting the lamp twice.

@ Holderness 4, Tilton 2: Holderness bounced back from a tough week with its second win in three days. Senior goalie Andrew Munroe made 25 saves, and junior Tyler Mathieu recorded a goal and an assist for the hosts. For Tilton, senior Blaise Healy made things respectable, scoring twice in the third period.

@ Exeter 8, Proctor 2: Exeter – perhaps awakened by a 4-2 upset loss at the hands of Milton – blasted Proctor 8-2. The high-scoring duo of Brian Hart (3g, 1a) and Matt Beattie (2g, 1a) led the way once again for Exeter. Both Proctor goals were powerplay tallies from post-grad Bucky Surette.

Lawrence 3 @ Thayer 2 (OT): ISL powers should take Thayer lightly at their own risk; the Tigers pushed yet another top team to the limit in a 3-2 overtime loss to Lawrence Academy. Senior Devin Tringale got the OT winner just 37 seconds into the extra session. Thayer actually led this game 2-0 in the second period before the Spartans tied things up with late-second and early-third period goals. Sophomore Rob McGovern was strong in net for Thayer, making 37 saves while taking the loss.

Millbrook 5 @ Albany Academy 2: Albany Academy’s struggles continued with a 5-2 setback at the hands of Millbrook. Millbrook senior Evan Marek had a pair of goals in the win. Millbrook outshot Albany 40-25. The Cadets have now dropped three in a row and five of six.

Rivers 4 @ St. George’s 3: Rivers led 2-0 after two and held on for a 4-3 win after a wild third period in Newport. Rivers senior defenseman Jack Rautiola scored two powerplay goals for the visitors. Rivers had a 30-19 edge in shots.

Kent 2 @ Berkshire 1: Boo Nieves scored with 5:02 left in regulation to break a 1-1 deadlock and lift Kent past #9 Berkshire 2-1. Nieves assisted on the other Kent goal (a Brendan Soucie powerplay tally) and junior goalie Charlie Fennell made 30 saves for the Lions in net. Kent has come on strong in the second half, having only dropped one game – a 1-0 affair with Salisbury – since January 4th.

Berwick 4 @ Hebron 3: Berwick freshman forward Lucas Michaud’s second goal of the game proved decisive in a 4-3 win over Hebron. Hebron captain Shane Hearn (2g, 1a) can’t be blamed for the loss, as the senior figured in all three of the Lumberjacks’ goals. Hebron outshot the visitors 46-28, but Berwick freshman Joseph Lazzaro stood tall in goal, making 43 saves.

@ Deerfield 4, Loomis-Chaffee 1: Deerfield junior forward Alex Gonye had two goals and an assist to lead his team to a 4-1 victory over Loomis. Junior Adam Ellison picked up the win between the pipes, making 26 saves.

@ Kimball Union 4, Andover 2: Fourth-ranked KUA kept rolling with a 4-2 win over Andover. Four different players scored goals for the hosts, and junior goaltender Ryan Lund got the win with 18 saves.

@ St. Mark’s, 4 Brooks 2: St. Mark’s clouded the Eberhart picture with a 4-2 win over Brooks. St. Mark’s senior Brett Lawson had a goal and two assists in the win, while junior goalie Tanner McPhee kicked out 34 of 36 shots.

@ Kents Hill 5, Vermont Academy 1: Junior Mark Dufour scored twice as Kents Hill took care of Vermont 5-1. Shots were relatively one-sided, with the hosts holding a 34-17 advantage.

@ Williston-Northampton 3, Northfield-Mt. Hermon 3: Trailing 3-0 after two periods, Williston scored three times in the third to salvage a point against NMH. Senior Alex Paolo scored two of those third period goals, and junior goalie Tim Keegan (32 saves) kept his team in it until the offense got going.

Brunswick 7 @ Lawrenceville 6 (OT): Sophomore Nicholas Sanchez’s goal just 39 seconds into overtime lifted Brunswick to a 7-6 win over Lawrenceville. Brunswick senior Kevin Duane (2g, 2a) had four points for Brunswick, while Lawrenceville junior Robert Cerepak (2g,2a) matched him. Shots were lopsided in favor of Brunswick, 54-21.

@ Salisbury 7, Taft 0: Salisbury smacked Taft 7-0 behind goals from seven different scorers. Salisbury junior Justin Nichols only needed to make 15 saves to post the shutout.

@ Middlesex 3, Roxbury Latin 2 (OT): Middlesex junior Chris Jellison’s goal with 30 seconds left in overtime was the difference in a 3-2 win over RL. Roxbury Latin senior goalie Dylan Clearly was under siege all afternoon, facing 61 shots, but he managed to keep his team close until freshman defenseman Billy Malloy’s first goal of the season tied it up at two with just 33 seconds on the clock. RL scored more than one goal for only the fourth time all season.

@ Tabor 7, Cushing 4: #10 Cushing continued its up-and-down season, falling 7-4 to Tabor in Marion. Tabor led 6-1 after two thanks in part to a hat-trick by junior forward Zachary Sabatini. Senior forward Matthew Salhany had two goals and two assists for the hosts.

@ BB&N 4, Groton 2: BB&N scored three unanswered goals in the third period to come away with a 4-2 home win over Groton. Amazingly, BB&N did not score a conventional even strength goal in the game, scoring three times on the powerplay and adding an empty-netter. The game featured six different goal scorers. BB&N held an ever-so-slight 26-25 edge in shots.

Choate 5 @ Pomfret 1: Choate seniors Bill Seligman (1g, 3a) and Ben Foster (2g) paced the offense for the Wild Boars in a 5-1 win over Pomfret.

@ Winchendon 3, Brewster 2: Nick Marin more than doubled his season goal total, scoring all three Winchendon goals in a 3-2 win over Brewster. Marin’s third goal came shorthanded with only 14 seconds left in the game.

St. Sebastian’s 5 @ Belmont Hill 1: Sophomore Corey Ronan had two goals and an assist and St. Sebastian’s picked up a big 5-1 win at Belmont Hill. Senior Gordon Donnelly got the win between the pipes, turning aside 24 of 25 Belmont Hill shots.

@ Dexter 5, Pingree 3: Dexter scored four times in the third period to overcome a 3-1 deficit and beat Pingree 5-3. Senior Mark Fidler had a goal and two assists to pace the Dexter offense. Pingree senior goalie Dan Prawdzik faced 45 shots in a losing effort, kicking out 40 of them.

St. Paul’s 2 @ Milton 1: Sophomore Luke Babcock’s goal at 4:26 of the third period lifted St. Paul’s to a 2-1 win over Milton. St. Paul’s senior forward Josh Dickman assisted on both of his team’s goals. St. Paul’s junior goaltender Michael Pinios came up big today, kicking out 19 of the 20 shots he faced to earn the win.@ Kingswood-Oxford 6, Harvey 4: K-O senior captains Austin Bronson (3g, 1a) and Taylor Waybright (2g, 2a) paced the offense in a 6-4 win over Harvey. Harvey trailed 5-0 entering the third but made things very interesting by scoring four consecutive goals in the final period before Bronson’s empty-netter iced the game.


RPI Rankings
Here are the RPI numbers through games of Sat. Feb. 4

1. Nobles  .63825
2. Lawrence  .62049
3. Salisbury  .61441
4. Exeter  .61363
5. Gunnery  .60545
6. KUA  .60441
7. Berkshire  .59096
8. Avon   .58659
9. Cushing  .58584
10. Albany Academy  .58238
11. St. Paul’s  .57635
12. Belmont Hill  .57171
13. Choate  .56289
14. Kent  .55603
15. South Kent  .55141
16. Holderness  .55072
17. St. Seb’s   .54865
18. Dexter  .54702
19. Westminster   .53807
20. Brunswick  .53683
21. Governor’s  .53225
22. Kents Hill  .52948
23. Winchendon  .52603
24. Brooks  .51917

This Week’s Schedule
Mon. Feb. 6
Holderness @ New Hampton, 4:30 pm
Dexter @ Andover, 5:00 pm
Wyoming Seminary @ Portledge, 5:30 pm
St. George's @ Portsmouth Abbey, 6:15 pm
Malden Catholic @ Bishop Guertin, 8:00 pm

Tues. Feb. 7
Bergen Catholic @ Delbarton, 4:45 pm

Wed. Feb. 8
Rice Memorial @ Ulysse Prep, 12:30 pm
Kents Hill vs. Vermont Academy, 1:30 pm (@ Rinks at Exeter)
Tilton @ Holderness, 2:00 pm
Canterbury @ Trinity-Pawling, 2:30 pm
Gunnery @ Avon Old Farms, 2:30 pm
Hoosac @ Northwood, 3:00 pm
Hotchkiss @ Westminster, 3:00 pm
St. Andrew's College @ Appleby College, 3:00 pm
Portledge @ St. Anthony's, 3:30 pm
Andover @ Kimball Union, 3:45 pm
Millbrook @ Albany Academy, 4:00 pm
Proctor @ Exeter, 4:00 pm
Taft @ Salisbury, 4:00 pm
Lawrence Academy @ Thayer, 4:00 pm
Kent @ Berkshire, 4:00 pm
Brewster Academy @ Winchendon, 4:00 pm
Cushing @ Tabor, 4:15 pm
Brooks @ St. Mark's, 4:15 pm
Roxbury Latin @ Middlesex, 4:30 pm
Northfield - Mt. Hermon @ Williston-Northampton, 4:30 pm
Berwick @ Hebron, 4:30 pm
Rivers @ St. George's, 4:30 pm
New Hampton @ Stanstead College, 4:30 pm
Rye Country Day @ King-Low, 4:30 pm
Loomis-Chaffee @ Deerfield, 4:30 pm
Groton @ BB&N, 5:00 pm
Brunswick @ Lawrenceville, 5:00 pm
Pingree @ Dexter, 5:00 pm
Harvey @ Kingswood-Oxford, 5:00 pm
St. Sebastian's @ Belmont Hill, 5:00 pm
Marshfield HS @ Xaverian, 5:00 pm
St. Paul's @ Milton, 5:00 pm
Don Bosco Prep @ Christian Brothers Academy, 5:00 pm
Noble & Greenough @ Governor's, 5:15 pm
Choate @ Pomfret, 6:00 pm
Catholic Memorial @ Malden Catholic, 6:00 pm

Thurs. Feb. 9
BC High @ Springfield Cathedral, 6:30 pm

Fri. Feb. 10
Pingree @ Roxbury Latin, 3:30 pm
Academie St. Louis, Quebec @ Kents Hill, 3:45 pm (S)
Tilton @ St. Paul's, 4:00 pm
Fieldston Prep @ Harvey, 4:00 pm
Winchendon @ Vermont Academy, 4:30 pm
New Hampton @ Kimball Union, 4:30 pm
St. Sebastian's @ Lawrence Academy, 4:45 pm
Cushing @ Canterbury, 5:00 pm
BB&N @ Middlesex, 5:00 pm
Thayer @ Belmont Hill, 5:00 pm
St. George's @ Worcester Academy, 5:00 pm
Loomis-Chaffee @ Gunnery, 5:00 pm
Brunswick @ Kent, 5:30 pm
Brewster Academy @ Milton, 6:30 pm
Governor's @ Andover, 6:45 pm
Don Bosco Prep @ Pope John, 7:00 pm
South Kent @ Hebron, 7:30 pm
Rye Country Day @ Portsmouth Abbey, 7:30 pm
Nichols @ Upper Canada College, 7:30 pm
Albany Academy @ Berwick, 8:00 pm

Sat. Feb. 11
Roxbury Latin @ Rivers, 12:00 pm
St. Andrew's College @ Ridley College, 1:00 pm
Governor's @ Pingree, 1:30 pm
Kimball Union @ Holderness, 1:30 pm
Berwick @ Portsmouth Abbey, 1:30 pm
Thayer @ BB&N, 2:00 pm
Avon Old Farms @ Deerfield, 2:30 pm
Xaverian HS @ Westford Academy, 2:30 pm
Hill School @ Lawrenceville, 2:30 pm
Kingswood-Oxford @ Vermont Academy, 3:00 pm
New Hampton @ Kents Hill, 3:15 pm
Brewster Academy @ North Yarmouth, 3:15 pm
St. Paul's @ Proctor, 3:30 pm
Middlesex @ St. Mark's, 3:30 pm
Dexter @ Tabor, 3:30 pm
Exeter @ Northfield - Mt. Hermon, 4:00 pm
Brooks @ St. George's, 4:00 pm
Berkshire @ Winchendon, 4:00 pm
Pomfret @ Gunnery, 4:00 pm
Belmont Hill @ Milton, 4:15 pm
Hotchkiss @ Taft, 4:15 pm
Hebron vs. Albany Academy, 4:15 pm (@ Exeter)
Millbrook @ Williston-Northampton, 4:30 pm
Hingham HS @ Malden Catholic, 5:45 pm
Rye Country Day @ St. Thomas More, 6:00 pm
Westminster @ Choate, 6:00 pm
Salisbury @ Loomis-Chaffee, 7:00 pm
Kent @ Trinity-Pawling, 7:00 pm
South Kent @ New England Wolves, 7:30 pm (S)

Sun. Feb. 12
Salisbury vs. Cushing, 2:30 pm (@ UMass-Amherst)

Mon. Feb. 13
Nichols @ St. Andrew's College, 3:30 pm
St. Sebastian's @ Noble & Greenough, 4:45 pm
Brewster Academy @ Exeter, 5:00 pm
Fieldston Prep @ Rye Country Day, 5:00 pm
Berkshire @ Millbrook, 5:15 pm
Morristown Beard @ Portledge, 5:30 pm
Providence Capitals @ St. Thomas More, 6:00 pm
Wakefield HS @ Malden Catholic, 7:00 pm


Sat. Feb. 4 Highlights
@ Milton Academy 4, Exeter 2 – In the upset of the day, host Milton gave up a goal to Exeter’s Brian Hart in the first two minutes of play, but the Mustangs came right back with three straight goals en route to a 4-2 upset of #2-ranked Exeter. Goals from sophomore Scott Majkowski and junior Jimmy Haddad, the latter off a Rob O’Gara rush, made it 2-1 at the first intermission. In the second, Milton went up 3-1 when a centering pass by junior Elliott Vorel deflected in off the skate of an Exeter defenseman. But Exeter PG Matt Beattie came right back, scoring high blocker side off a nice shot from the top of the right faceoff circle. In the third period, Milton went up 4-2 when freshman Sean Brennan, on a penalty shot, scored a nice goal on a high wrister. Earning the win in the net for Milton was junior Andreas Graham (18/20); senior Nolan Daley (18/22) was in net for Exeter. Milton worked hard and created their own breaks in this game, winning the battles for loose pucks. In addition, while Hart and Beattie each scored a goal – as you would expect – the rest of the team was shut down.    

Brunswick 4 @ Hoosac 2: Junior Sean MacTavish and sophomore Stephan Seegar each had a goal and two assists to lead visiting Brunswick to a 4-2 road win over Hoosac. The game was tied at two until Seegar’s powerplay tally at 4:30 of the third pushed the Bruins ahead to stay. Brunswick outshot their hosts by a substantial 43-25 margin.

 @ Kimball Union 5, Holderness 2: KUA got two-goal efforts from junior Brandon Cole and senior Elie Vered in a 5-2 win over Holderness. Shots were 40-20 in favor of the home side. Holderness will be glad that this week, which featured games against prep powers Exeter, Cushing, and KUA back-to-back-to-back, has come to a close.

@ Northfield-Mt. Hermon 7, Vermont Academy 1: NMH blasted Vermont Academy 7-1 behind strong efforts from senior Tim DiPretoro (2g, 1a), sophomore Carlos Fornaris (1g, 3a) and juniors Ryan Gouveia (2g, 1a) and Bron Loiselle (3a). Vermont junior goaltender Eric Alexander saw a lot of rubber – 51 shots to be exact – and turned in a 44-save effort despite taking the loss.

@ St. George’s 8, Roxbury Latin 2: St. George’s jumped out to an 8-0 lead over Roxbury Latin before the game was even halfway through and rolled to an easy 8-2 win. High-scoring sophomore Tim Doherty (2g, 3a) led the Dragons, who were efficient in burying eight of their 35 shots on goal.

@ Brooks 5, Middlesex 1: Brooks – trailing 1-0 in the second period – used a three-goal outburst in just over three minutes to take control in their 5-1 win over Middlesex. Brooks poured 40 shots on net while only allowing 13 shots to reach goaltender Colin Langham. This game looks like a case of two teams headed in opposite directions as Brooks has been much improved since dropping a 2-1 decision in Concord in December (Brooks’ only league loss of the year).

@ Portsmouth Abbey 8, St. Thomas More 0: Senior captain Jeff Salvatore was clearly fed up with losing (his Ravens stood at 0-12-1 yesterday); Salvatore (4g, 1a) scored the first three goals of the game, and his natural hat-trick was the spark that his team needed in an 8-0 thrashing of St. Thomas More. The Abbey turned the tables on St. Thomas More, who had beaten them 7-1 earlier this year.

@ Lawrence 8, BB&N 0: Lawrence dominated BB&N start to finish in an ISL matchup that is far more compelling on the gridiron than it is on the ice. Lawrence playmaker Tyler Whitney picked up five assists to run his total to 30 on the season. Shots were 40-22 Lawrence.

@ Groton 4, St. Mark’s 2: Senior Mike Doherty (3g, 1a) had a hand in all four Groton goals as the school with presidential alumni upset the school with cup-winning alumni. Senior defenseman Luke Turchetta added three assists for the hosts. Groton sophomore Matt Pompa made 35 saves to earn the win.

Tilton 6 @ Proctor 3: Junior Harry Brockman (2g) and senior Anthony Flaherty (1g, 2a) led the way for Tilton as they beat Proctor by a score of 6-3. Tilton junior Matt Faye turned aside 25 of 28 to pick up the W in net.

Governor’s 4 @ Thayer 3: Junior Nathan Ferriero scored at 11:07 of the third period to break a 3-3 tie and give Governor’s  the win. Senior tri-captain Bryan Sullivan was the offensive star, figuring in three of Gov’s four goals (1g,2a). Governor’s outshot Thayer, 36-28.

@ Winchendon 5, Albany Academy 3: Winchendon trailed Albany Academy by 3-2 after one period today, but came back with three unanswered goals in the second period – two from junior Colin Clapton and one from PG Danyil Medvedev – to take the 5-3 decision. Albany Academy has hit a rough spot, losing four of their last five games.

Wed. Feb. 1 Highlights
Gunnery 9 @ Millbrook 0: #6 Gunnery blasted Millbrook 9-0 behind two-goal efforts from junior Anthony Luzzi and seniors Jarrid Privitera and Benjamin Hjalmarsson. Junior goalie Dawson Sprigings was only called on to make 18 saves, but he made them all to post the shutout.

@ Avon 2, Westminster 0: Seventh-ranked Avon made it two wins over Westminster in 10 days with a 2-0 home victory. Senior Michael Santaguida turned away all 31 Westminster shots, and junior Vincent Russo (1g, 1a) figured in both goals for the hosts. Avon has won four in a row.

Cushing 5 @ Tilton 3: Cushing overcame an early 2-0 deficit to beat Tilton by a score of 5-3. Cushing forward Garrett Hehir (2g, 2a) was involved every time that the Penguins beat Tilton goaltender Matt Faye, only failing to record a point on Mike Walker’s unassisted empty-netter. Cushing senior Chad Hardy had a strong day in goal, making 35 saves on 38 shots and helping negate Tilton’s 38-34 shot advantage.

@ Albany Academy 4, South Kent 3: PG Alec Mansfield made 35 saves to help #8 Albany Academy squeak by South Kent, 4-3. Albany senior Tyler Hynes and junior Derek Barach each had a goal and an assist in the win. South Kent senior Yannick Crete had a pair of goals. Albany snapped a two-game losing streak.

Kimball Union 6 @ Northfield-Mt. Hermon 3: Kimball Union – ranked #3 in the most recent Prep Poll – jumped out to a 3-0 first period lead and never looked back in a 6-3 win over NHM. Six different players found the back of the net for KUA. Junior defenseman Will Blazer scored twice for NMH in a losing effort. KUA is unbeaten since January 7th.

@ Salisbury 6, Trinity-Pawling 3: #4 Salisbury doubled up T-P to earn its sixth consecutive win. Senior captain Marc Biega led the offense from the blue line, with a goal and two assists. Salisbury held a decisive 39-14 shot advantage.

Choate 5 @ Hotchkiss 1: Choate junior Alex Rauter (2g, 2a) and senior Bill Seligman (2g, 1a) both had big days in the Wild Boars’ 5-1 victory over Hotchkiss. Choate freshman netminder Sam Tucker kicked out 31 of 32 shots to earn the win, and now boasts an impressive .936 save percentage.

@ Brunswick 8, Portledge 2: Senior Kevin Duane had a hat trick in the second period and Brunswick cruised to an 8-2 home win over Portledge. Brunswick had 54 shots on goal compared to only 20 for Portledge.

@ Pingree 6, Vermont Academy 2: Pingree senior forward Matt Mattie had two goals and two assists in a 6-2 win over Vermont Academy. The hosts led by only one entering the third period, but three consecutive powerplay goals made the outcome a foregone conclusion. Shots were 36-27 Pingree.

@ Berkshire 6, Canterbury 2: #9 Berkshire picked up a 6-2 home win over Canterbury. Sophomore forward Craig Puffer had two goals – one on the powerplay and one shorthanded. Berkshire had a dominating 47-18 shot advantage. The Bears got back on track after last Saturday’s setback at Salisbury halted a seven-game winning streak.

Lawrence 1 @ Belmont Hill 1: In a game with significant Keller Division implications, Lawrence and Belmont Hill battled to a 1-1 tie. Lawrence junior defenseman Michael Russo scored just 21 seconds in, but the Belmont Hill defense tightened up and kept it close until junior Carl Hesler tied the score with 17 seconds left in the second. Both goalies – Belmont Hill’s Ryan McConnell (24 saves) and Lawrence’s Nathaniel Heilbron (33 saves) – played well in a game without much margin for error.

@ Dexter 10, Pomfret 2: Dexter blasted Pomfret 10-2. The hosts scored three times in the first five minutes of the game. Shots were 40-29 in favor of Dexter.

Holderness 3 @ Exeter 3: A 6-on-5 goal by post-grad defenseman Austin Caito saved second-ranked Exeter from an upset at the hands of Holderness. Senior forward Andrew Walsh scored twice for Holderness, which sports an impressive 14-4-2 record but lacks a signature win this season. This was Exeter’s second tie in a week, but they remain unbeaten since December 4th.

St. Paul’s 5 @ Governor’s Academy 2: St. Paul’s went to Byfield and earned a convincing win over Governor’s Academy. The visitors got goals from five different players and had 12 players record points in a balanced offensive effort. Junior forward James Murphy had both goals for Governor’s. St. Paul’s held a 41-26 edge in shots.

Nobles 3 @ Thayer 2: Senior captain Andrew Doane’s third-period powerplay goal lifted Nobles over Thayer 3-2. It was the second consecutive game in which the Bulldogs – prep hockey’s top-ranked team – needed a late goal to beat a weaker opponent, and both times Doane was the one to come through. The sky is hardly falling in Dedham however: Nobles is unbeaten since December 3rd, 16-1-1 and the consensus best team in New England.

@ Worcester Academy 6, Portsmouth Abbey 3: Worcester sophomore forward Joe Caico scored four times as his team beat Portsmouth Abbey 6-3. The game was tied entering the third period before Caico struck twice to put the Hilltoppers on top to stay. Shots were 49-24 in favor of the hosts.

@ Rivers 4, Groton 2: Rivers’ junior captain Patrick Young scored a pair of goals and the Red Wings doubled up Groton 4-2 at home. Groton senior Mike Doherty matched Young with two goals of his own, but that was all the offense Groton could manage. Rivers owned a significant 36-16 shot advantage.

@ Andover 5, Deerfield 2: Senior Tim Driscoll’s hat-trick helped Andover beat Deerfield 5-2. Junior Eddie Ellis assisted on all three of Driscoll’s goals, and junior goalie Ross Bendetson picked up the win in net, making 30 saves.

Milton 4 @ St. Sebastian’s 2: A Teo Camadella goal at 14:53 of the third period broke a 2-2 tie and propelled Milton to a 4-2 upset win over St. Sebastian’s in Needham. Milton held the edge in shots (36-24). St. Seb’s is now 3-7-1 in its last 11 games.

@ Kent 5, Taft 2: Kent picked up a 5-2 home win over Taft. The Lions got goals from five different scorers, and outshot Taft 45-26. Kent junior goaltender Charlie Fennell turned aside 24 of 26 shots to earn the victory.

@ Middlesex 5, St. George’s 2: Freshman Eric Shaw (1g, 2a) and senior Jonathan Milne (2g) led the way as Middlesex beat rival St. George’s 5-2. Shots were even at 35, but Middlesex senior Michael Pigula made 33 saves to backstop his team to victory.

@ Tabor 6, BB&N 3: Tabor – trailing 2-0 in the second – scored three times in less than two minutes and never looked back in a 6-3 win over BB&N. Senior forward Kevin Salvucci had two goals and an assist to lead the offense for the hosts.

@ St. Mark’s 7, Roxbury Latin 1: St. Mark’s junior Mike Pontarelli’s hat trick led the way as St. Mark’s rolled over RL 7-1. Junior forward JT Lynch also chipped in a goal and two assists for the Lions.

Berwick 2 @ Brooks 1: Berwick PG Jaret Canney broke a 1-1 deadlock at 5:07 of the third period and Berwick beat Brooks 2-1. Brooks has dropped two games in a row since their big upset win over Governor’s last week. Berwick PG goalie Jay Finch (23 saves) picked up the win in net.

@ Winchendon 9, Hoosac 1: Winchendon blasted Hoosac by a score of 9-1. The hosts got four-point efforts from seniors Ryan O’Toole and Michael Restuccia. Winchendon junior Simon Jasmin made 23 saves in the win.

@ Hebron 9, North Yarmouth 0: Hebron blasted Maine rival North Yarmouth 9-0. Hebron junior goalie Alex Bitsakis picked up the rare single-digit-save shutout, making nine saves to keep the clean sheet.