March 14, 2016

Académie Saint-Louis Hockey Results


Result Game Details Date
W vs. Académie Le Sommet 5-3 (Double OT)09/19/2015Box Score
L vs. Académie Le Sommet 3-709/20/2015Box Score
W vs. Bishop's College School 5-310/23/2015Box Score
L @ Northwood Prep 5-6 (Double OT)10/28/2015Box Score
L @ Northwood Prep 1-610/29/2015Box Score
L @ Stanstead College 3-610/31/2015Box Score
W @ Bridgton Academy 3-111/06/2015Box Score
W @ Bridgton Academy 6-311/07/2015Box Score
L @ Taft 3-511/20/2015Box Score
W @ Groton 8-7 (S) 11/21/2015Box Score
L @ Kuper Academy 0-111/22/2015Box Score
L vs. St. Michael's College School 5-6 (OT)11/27/2015Box Score
L vs. Appleby College 2-711/27/2015Box Score
L vs. Everest Academy 4-511/28/2015Box Score
L vs. Ulysse Prep 1-411/28/2015Box Score
L @ Holderness 2-512/04/2015Box Score
L @ New Hampton 1-412/05/2015Box Score
L @ Avon Old Farms Varsity B 0-612/06/2015Box Score
L @ Williston Northampton 1-812/11/2015Box Score
W @ Canterbury School JV 4-012/12/2015Box Score
L @ Hebron 1-401/08/2016Box Score
L @ Brewster Academy 4-601/09/2016Box Score
W @ Lawrenceville 4-301/15/2016Box Score
T @ Hill School 4-3 (Shootout)101/16/2016Box Score
L @ Tilton 0-301/22/2016Box Score
W @ Kimball Union Academy - JV 9-101/23/2016Box Score
W @ Hoosac 3-001/24/2016Box Score
L @ Kents Hill 2-602/07/2016Box Score
W @ North Yarmouth Academy 4-302/08/2016Box Score
W vs. Clarkson University 6-5 (OT)02/12/2016Box Score
W @ Vermont Academy 2-102/13/2016Box Score
W @ Proctor Academy JV 8-202/14/2016Box Score
W @ South Kent Varsity B 9-002/19/2016Box Score
W @ Belmont Hill JV 3-102/20/2016Box Score
W @ South Shore Kings U18 4-002/21/2016Box Score
L vs. College Claretain 2-402/25/2016Box Score
T vs. The Hill Academy U16 2-202/26/2016Box Score
W @ College Mont Sainte Anne 3-202/27/2016Box Score
L @ Hill Academy U16 1-302/28/2016Box Score
* based on submitted game results.

1 Holiday tournament games decided after 5 minute mark of OT count as a tie.
Record '15-16
Elite Prep/High School
Other Independent
Head Coaches
Christian Alain
@email contact
Dany Faucher
@email contact
Team Manager
Christian Alain
School Location
1500 del la Rive Boisée Sud
Québec, QC