Saturday November 25, 2017

Hoosac 5, Wyoming Seminary 3

Teams ScoringPenaltiesTeam Record*
Hoosac 3 1 1 = 510-36 2-1-0
Wyoming Seminary 1 2 0 = 36-20 1-1-1
HoosacAustan Bellefeuille (Antoine Lefebvre, Jacob Desjardins) 5X4 1:29
HoosacWilliam Daniel (Noah Dontigny, Killian Shea-Smith) 5:19
WSZachari Trepanier (Kellum Foster-Palmer, Gabriel Jodoin) 10:27
HoosacLuca Ragosta (Jacob Desjardins) 15:36
WSZachari Trepanier (Michael-Anthony Deslauriers) 2:26
WSMichael-Anthony Deslauriers (Gabriel Jodoin, Zachari Trepanier) 6:27
HoosacTyler Grill (Maren Lancaster, Richard Colarusso) 12:30
HoosacAustan Bellefeuille (William Daniel) 5X4 10:59
WS Connor Dennis Minor (2 min) for Tripping00:31
WS Joshua Moses Minor (2 min) for Holding01:50
Hoosac Jacob Turenne Minor (2 min) for Slashing03:49
Hoosac Olivier Lacroix Minor (2 min) for Delay Of Game10:48
Hoosac Simon Delden Minor (2 min) for Unsportsmanlike Conduct12:31
Hoosac Richard Colarusso Minor (2 min) for Tripping01:01
Hoosac Austan Bellefeuille Minor (2 min) for Cross Checking01:41
WS Connor Dennis Minor (2 min) for Roughing04:35
WS Kellum Foster-Palmer Minor (2 min) for Interference06:50
Hoosac Richard Colarusso Minor (2 min) for Tripping08:09
WS Jack Stamp Misconduct (10 min) for Unsportsmanlike Conduct09:13
Hoosac Austan Bellefeuille Minor (2 min) for Interference09:13
Hoosac Alex Demin Minor (2 min) for Charging10:24
Hoosac Alex Demin Misconduct (10 min) for Charging10:24
WS Connor Dennis Minor (2 min) for Slashing11:38
Hoosac Antoine Lefebvre Misconduct (10 min) for Unsportsmanlike Conduct11:38
Hoosac Olivier Lacroix (48:00) 27/30 3 (GA)
WS Armand Charland (47:00) 26/31 5 (GA)
Scoring Totals
HoosacWyoming Seminary
Austan Bellefeuille202
William Daniel112
Jacob Desjardins022
Tyler Grill101
Luca Ragosta101
Maren Lancaster011
Richard Colarusso011
Antoine Lefebvre011
Noah Dontigny011
Killian Shea-Smith011
Zachari Trepanier213
Michael-Anthony Deslauriers112
Gabriel Jodoin022
Kellum Foster-Palmer011
* Team record is based on submitted game results as of 11/25/2017. Scrimmages are not included in overall team record.