Tuesday January 2, 2018

The Hill School 5, Kents Hill 4 (OT)

Teams ScoringPenaltiesTeam Record*
Kents Hill 0 1 3 0 = 44-8 3-8-1
The Hill School 1 1 2 1 = 55-10 3-5-1
HillDavid Hill (Michael Rockovich, CJ Duvall) 14:21
HillAlex Kiviniemi 5X4 2:28
KHSGrady Friedman 6:44
KHSMarc Thibodeau (Jackson Aldrich) 4:37
HillDavid Hill (Ville Wilpola) 6:11
HillPatrick Neiswender (Tanner Kontir) 7:09
KHSFrank Vitucci (Jay Gallagher) 6X4 12:53
KHSJoey O'Leary (Jay Gallagher, Frank Vitucci) 6X4 13:29
HillDavid Hill (CJ Duvall) 5X4 2:02
Hill Ville Wilpola Minor (2 min) for Tripping06:05
KHS Grady Friedman Minor (2 min) for Boarding01:45
Hill Jay Luce Minor (2 min) for Roughing03:03
Hill Carter Page Minor (2 min) for Tripping09:44
KHS Grady Friedman Minor (2 min) for Slashing10:59
Hill CJ Duvall Minor (2 min) for Slashing01:54
KHS Olivier Lemire Minor (2 min) for Roughing07:09
Hill Michael Rockovich Minor (2 min) for Interference09:18
KHS Miles Kirby Minor (2 min) for Unspecified02:00
KHS Marc Valence (45:00) 24/29 5 (GA)
Hill Dalton Jerzak (45:00) 23/27 4 (GA)
Scoring Totals
Kents HillThe Hill School
Frank Vitucci112
Jay Gallagher022
Joey O'Leary101
Marc Thibodeau101
Jackson Aldrich011
Grady Friedman011
David Hill303
CJ Duvall022
Alex Kiviniemi101
Patrick Neiswender101
Ville Wilpola011
Tanner Kontir011
Michael Rockovich011
* Team record is based on submitted game results as of 01/02/2018. Scrimmages are not included in displayed team record.

(Team record only includes NEPSIHA results as this is an RPI eligible game).