Wednesday January 17, 2018
at Pottstown, PA

The Hill School 6, The Hun School 3

Teams ScoringPenaltiesTeam Record*
The Hun School 1 0 2 = 30-0 9-6-1
The Hill School 0 3 3 = 62-4 10-5-1
HunKyle DePalma (Matt Argentina, Brendan Mrotchek) 3:14
HillDavid Hill (Patrick Neiswender, Jay Luce) 5X4 1:40
HillAlex Kiviniemi (Henry Gartner, Patrick Neiswender) 5:40
HillRyan Long (Patrick Neiswender, Ross Morrison) 5X4 17:59
HillDavid Hill (Alex Kiviniemi, Wade Ashford) 0:30
HillRyan Long (JJ Szlavik, Will Donato) 0:50
HunKyle Mandleur (Aidan McDowell) 3:52
HunBrian Nelson (Joey Corcoran) 11:22
HillRyan Long (Jay Luce, Alex Kiviniemi) 5X3 12:00
Hill JJ Szlavik Minor (2 min) for Tripping10:30
Hill Ryan Long Minor (2 min) for Roughing16:16
Hill Sean Parker (54:00) 19/22 3 (GA)
Hun Jackson Cole (54:00) 39/45 6 (GA)
Scoring Totals
The Hun SchoolThe Hill School
Kyle DePalma101
Brian Nelson101
Kyle Mandleur101
Aidan McDowell011
Matt Argentina011
Brendan Mrotchek011
Joey Corcoran011
Ryan Long303
Alex Kiviniemi123
Patrick Neiswender033
David Hill202
Jay Luce022
Henry Gartner011
Wade Ashford011
Will Donato011
Ross Morrison011
JJ Szlavik011
* Team record is based on submitted game results as of 01/17/2018. Scrimmages are not included in overall team record.